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MBA Colleges with Good Placements Average & Highest Packages, NIRF Rankings, Fees
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MBA Colleges with Good Placements: Average & Highest Packages, NIRF Rankings, Fees 

MBA Colleges with Good Placements opportunities are one of the factors students should look out for whether an MBA course is worth a shot, as the degree not only costs money but it also costs us a lot of time and effort. Further, there are many top B-schools in India where candidates can apply after […]

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 Saurav Anand 26/09/2023
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MBA Colleges with Good Placements opportunities are one of the factors students should look out for whether an MBA course is worth a shot, as the degree not only costs money but it also costs us a lot of time and effort. Further, there are many top B-schools in India where candidates can apply after passing management entrance exams. However, in order to ensure a good return on investment, it is very important to find out about the placement records of the MBA colleges. 

In this article, we have mentioned the MBA Colleges with Good Placements: Average & Highest Packages, NIRF Rankings, Fees for aspirants who plan on pursuing an MBA degree.

MBA Colleges with Good Placements in India 2023 

When choosing an MBA college, aspirants should pay close attention to the placement opportunities provided by the institution they will be applying to. In India, most B-schools charge exorbitant MBA and PGDM course fees, so aspirants must be very cautious when choosing an MBA program. 

There are various top MBA Colleges with Good Placements in India where candidates can apply after appearing for management entrance exams like CAT, MAT, etc. In order to ensure a good return on investment, it is very important to find out about the placement records of the MBA colleges.

When choosing MBA colleges, quality education, decent infrastructure, and accreditations are some of the most important factors to take into account. Moreover, MBA admissions in India can also be influenced by the average, highest, and number of domestic and international packages offered at B-schools. We have covered everything MBA aspirants need to know about the best MBA colleges in India 2023 in this article.

There is no doubt that Placements determine the popularity and rankings of a B-school! Thus, it's not surprising that MBA aspirants scrutinize MBA placement trends before making final admission decisions. However, this data is not easily accessible and is often outdated. In order to resolve this issue, has prepared the MBA Placements Report 2023 with the latest information from all the top B-Schools in India. 21 IIMs, FMS Delhi, IITs, XLRI, SPJIMR, MDI, IIFT, JBIMS, MICA and other top business schools are featured in the article

What’s new at the MBA Colleges with Good Placements in India?

  • Newcomers to the list of the top 20 business schools: Masters Union, BITSoM, IIM Rohtak, and XIM Bhubaneswar,  have joined the exclusive club of the top 20 MBA Colleges with Good Placements this year, thanks to their high average compensation in placement 2023. Interestingly, the 2023 placements for the first MBA cohort at BITSoM Mumbai astonished several elite B-schools, with an average compensation of Rs. 23.85 LPA, which is greater than many long-established top MBA universities, including IIMs.
  • IPRS Auditing at IIMs and Other Top B-Schools: Top IIMs such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, Udaipur, and Rohtak, as well as other B-schools such as XLRI, SIBM Pune, and SPJIMR Mumbai, provide pay statistics in accordance with the IPRS standard. While IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore disclose placement data after an IPRS audit, other B-schools release it immediately after placements are completed and update it after the audit of placement reports. 

Which MBA college has the highest average package?

IIM Calcutta had the highest average pay, followed closely by ISB (Indian School of Business). The top ten schools in terms of average pay are shown below.

Top MBA Colleges in India 2023Average Salary Offered
IIM CalcuttaINR 34,20,000
ISB (Indian School of Business)INR 34,08,000
IIM BangaloreINR 33,82,000
IIM AhmedabadINR 33,81,865
FMS Delhi**INR 32,40,000
SPJIMR MumbaiINR 32,05,000
IIM LucknowINR 31,03,000
XLRI Xavier School of ManagementINR 30,70,000
IIM IndoreINR 25,01,000
MDI Gurgaon – Management Development InstituteINR 23,80,000

MBA Colleges with Good Placements 2023 at Top B-Schools in India

Top MBA Colleges with Good Placements in India 2023

Top MBA College by Average SalaryMBA Average Salary 2022MBA Average Salary 2023
IIM BangaloreRs. 33.82 LPARs. 35.31 LPA
IIM CalcuttaRs. 34.20 LPARs. 35.07 LPA
FMS DelhiRs. 32.40 LPARs. 34.10 LPA
ISB HyderabadRs. 34.08 LPARs. 34.21 LPA
IIM AhmedabadRs. 32.80 LPAAwaited
SPJIMR MumbaiRs. 32.05 LPARs. 33.02 LPA
XLRI JamshedpurRs.30.07 LPARs. 32.70 LPA
IIM LucknowRs. 31.03 LPARs. 32.20 LPA
IIM KozhikodeRs. 29.50 LPARs. 31.02 LPA
IIM IndoreRs. 25.01 LPARs. 30.21 LPA
IIFT Delhi & KolkataRs. 25.16 LPARs. 29.10 LPA
SJMSoM IIT BombayRs. 25.93 LPARs. 28.88 LPA
JBIMS MumbaiRs. 27.63 LPARs. 28.02 LPA
MDI GurgaonRs. 26.65 LPARs. 27.67 LPA
TISS MumbaiRs. 23.97 LPARs. 27.22 LPA
IIM ShillongRs. 23.10 LPARs. 26.96 LPA
SIBM PuneRs.23.06 LPARs. 26.77 LPA
DMS IIT DelhiRs. 21.90 LPARs. 25.82 LPA

Top B-Schools in India with Placement 2023

As well as the MBA colleges listed above, there are several other colleges that offer decent placement opportunities that candidates should consider when applying for MBA admission. By including these colleges, candidates will be able to diversify their choices and also gain a better understanding of the different types of requirements they must meet to pursue higher education in the management field. Check out the table below to see which MBA colleges have the best placements:

Top MBA colleges ranked as per the Average MBA Package in India as contained in the MBA Placement Report 2023 are as below:

MBA CollegeAverage Salary 2022Average Salary 2023
BITSoM Mumbai--Rs. 23.85 LPA
SCMHRD PuneRs. 20.40 LPARs. 23.83 LPA
IIM RaipurRs. 17.73 LPARs. 21.04 LPA
IIM TiruchirappalliRs. 17.00 LPARs. 20.55 LPA
IIM UdaipurRs. 17.80 LPARs. 20.32 LPA
DoMS-IIT MadrasRs. 16.66 LPARs. 20.19 LPA
XIM BhubaneswarRs. 17.54 LPARs. 20.03 LPA
MICA AhmedabadRs. 19.01 LPARs. 20.09 LPA
IIM RohtakRs. 16.06 LPARs. 18.73 LPA
IIM KashipurRs. 15.21 LPARs. 18.11 LPA
IMT GhaziabadRs. 15.28 LPARs. 17.35 LPA
IIM RanchiRs. 16.17 LPARs. 17.30 LPA
IMI New DelhiRs. 15.23 LPARs. 17.01 LPA
IIM NagpurRs. 14.94 LPARs. 16.74 LPA
IIM AmritsarRs. 14.63 LPARs. 16.51 LPA
IIM SambalpurRs. 12.64 LPARs. 16.64 LPA
IIM JammuRs. 13.53 LPARs. 16.43 LPA
IIM Bodh GayaRs.12.36 LPARs. 16.00 LPA
IRMA AnandRs.14.33 LPARs. 15.50 LPA
IIM VisakhapatnamRs.14.60 LPARs. 15.47 LPA
TAPMI ManipalRs.12.60 LPARs. 14.60 LPA
FORE New DelhiRs.14.04 LPARs. 14.50 LPA
Great Lakes ChennaiRs.12.50 LPARs. 14.50 LPA
IIM SirmaurRs.12.74 LPARs.14.45 LPA
SDA Bocconi Asia Center, MumbaiRs.13.74 LPARs. 14.30 LPA
GIM GoaRs.12.14 LPARs. 14.87 LPA
LBSIM New DelhiRs.11.30 LPARs. 12.42 LPA
K J Somaiya Institute of Management, MumbaiRs.10.67 LPARs. 12.23 LPA

The ranking of business schools is contingent upon a multitude of elements, including the caliber of infrastructure, the faculty members recruited by the institution, the academic achievements of students, the reputation of the business school within the industry, and the impact of its alumni network. The placement of an object is also significantly influenced by these considerations.

The perceived standing of a college within the business significantly influences the success of its graduates in securing employment opportunities. Organizations recruit students from institutions that have consistently shown exceptional performance in both academic and research domains. The primary goal of the organization is to attract and enroll students who possess a strong capacity for flexibility and have significant potential to contribute to the organization's growth and success.

Given the proliferation of emerging management universities in India on an annual basis, it becomes imperative to familiarize oneself with the leading MBA colleges that has the potential to enhance one's professional trajectory. Furthermore, it is important to consider the financial implications of pursuing MBA and PGDM programs, since they sometimes come with substantial costs. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the college or institution you are considering to verify that it will provide the anticipated return on investment. It is essential to use discernment while compiling a list of potential schools.

MBA Placements 2023 at IIMs

IIM MBA Placements 2023 have registered high packages and IIM Salary as released in their placement reports, has gone up in all the IIMs. Key trends in IIM Placements are as below:

  • Old IIMs maintained their top rankings and had the highest average wage in Placements 2023. While IIM Calcutta has the highest average income at Rs.35.07 LPA, IIM Lucknow comes next with an average salary of Rs.32.20 LPA, closely followed by IIM Kozhikode at Rs.31.02 LPA and IIM Indore at Rs.30.21 LPA. No other IIM has broken the Rs.30 LPA barrier for average placement remuneration.
  • New IIMs Earn a Greater Percentage Salary Increase: Leaving behind their elder brothers, new IIMs such as IIM Sambalpur have had the greatest rise in average income of 31.6%, followed by IIM Bodhgaya with a 29% increase. The average wage at IIM Indore and IIM Jammu has increased by 21%.
  • IIM Ahmedabad to provide Placement Data Following IPRS Audit: IIM Ahmedabad adheres to IPRS standards and will provide wage data following the IPRS audit in October, despite having completed its placement 2023 as early as February. IIMs and a few other top B-schools took the IPRS initiative to share placement data after auditing placement reports. IPRS standardizes data on placement reports, making them more comparable and dependable.

MBA Placements 2023 in IIMs

MBA CollegeAverage Salary 2021 (Rs. in Lakhs)Average Salary 2022 (Rs. in Lakhs)Average Salary 2023 (Rs. in Lakhs
IIM BangaloreRs. 28.98 LPARs. 33.82 LPARs.35.31 LPA
IIM CalcuttaRs. 29.00 LPARs. 34.20 LPARs.35.07 LPA
IIM AhmedabadRs. 27.54 LPARs. 32.80 LPAAwaited
IIM LucknowRs. 26.00 LPARs. 31.03 LPARs.32.20 LPA
IIM KozhikodeRs. 22.53 LPARs. 29.50 LPARs.31.02 LPA
IIM IndoreRs. 23.60 LPARs. 25.01 LPARs.30.21 LPA
IIM ShillongRs. 19.17 LPARs. 23.10 LPARs.26.96 LPA
IIM RaipurRs. 15.11 LPARs. 17.73 LPARs.21.04 LPA
IIM TiruchirappalliRs. 14.85 LPARs. 17.00 LPARs.20.55 LPA
IIM UdaipurRs. 13.42 LPARs. 17.80 LPARs.20.32 LPA
IIM RohtakRs. 13.74 LPARs. 16.06 LPARs.18.73 LPA
IIM KashipurRs. 14.05 LPARs. 15.21 LPARs. 18.11 LPA
IIM RanchiRs. 14.69 LPARs. 16.17 LPARs. 17.30 LPA
IIM NagpurRs. 13.21 LPARs. 14.94 LPARs.16.74 LPA
IIM AmritsarRs. 12.68 LPARs. 14.63 LPARs.16.51 LPA
IIM SambalpurRs. 11.21 LPARs. 12.64 LPARs.16.64 LPA
IIM JammuRs. 10.34 LPARs. 13.53 LPARs.16.43 LPA
IIM Bodh GayaRs.  9.92 LPARs. 12.36 LPARs.16.00 LPA
IIM VisakhapatnamRs. 12.62 LPARs. 14.60 LPARs. 15.47 LPA
IIM SirmaurRs.  9.60 LPARs. 12.74 LPARs. 14.45 LPA

Top 10 B-Schools in India: MBA Highest Package in India 

The highest wage provided on a college campus often generates press headlines. The highest domestic wage reported by B-schools in MBA placements 2023 is taken into consideration in chart-2 below.  

Top 10 B-schools in India: MBA Highest Package

Top 10 MBA Colleges by Highest Salary in Placements 2023 are as below. It should be noted that IIM Bangalore has not revealed its maximum wage, and IIM Ahmedabad will provide compensation data following the IPRS audit in September 2023. As a result, none of these top B-schools has been included among the top MBA institutions by highest salary in 2023.

Top MBA College by Highest SalaryHighest Salary 2023
FMS Delhi PlacementsRs.1.23 Crore
IIM Indore PlacementsRs.1.14 Crore
SPJIMR Mumbai PlacementsRs.77.80 LPA
IIFT Delhi & Kolkata PlacementsRs.75.60 LPA
XIM Bhubaneswar PlacementsRs.71.50 LPA
IIM Shillong PlacementsRs.71.30 LPA
IIM Raipur PlacementsRs.67.60 LPA
IIM Kozhikode PlacementsRs.67.02 LPA
MDI Gurgaon PlacementsRs.60.00 LPA
IIM Lucknow PlacementsRs.58.00 LPA

Frequently Asked Questions about MBA Colleges with Good Placements

Q. Which is the Top business school in India?

Ans. IIM Bangalore has been recognized as the top business school in India according to a highly esteemed rating, widely regarded for its credibility in assessing B-schools inside the country. The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta has the second position, while the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad holds the third position, making them two of the top three business schools in India.

Q. What are the top MBA colleges according to placements?

Ans. The list below consists of the MBA Colleges that doesn't include IIMs - 

Best Placement MBA colleges in India :

  1. SIBM Pune.
  2. IIM in all cities.
  3. DYPIMS Pune.
  4. XLRI Jamshedpur.
  5. XIM Bhubaneswar.
  6. SPJIMR Mumbai.
  7. FORE New Delhi.

Q. What are the best MBA colleges with good placement and less cutoff?

Ans. MBA Colleges with Good Placements - Over the course of the last several years, we have had the opportunity to see several cohorts successfully completing their academic programs at several prestigious institutions in India.

Several reputable universities are known for their strong placement records, particularly in the field of MBA. The placement outcomes of MBA graduates are often seen as a significant indicator of the degree's worth. The value of a degree is enhanced by the quality of its placement. The following is an overview of the final placements for the year 2023 at prominent MBA institutions in India, including both Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and non-IIMs.

MBA Colleges with Good Placements 

  1. All old IIMs
  3. ISB, Hyderabad and Mohali
  4. MDI Gurgaon
  5. FMS Delhi
  6. SIBM
  7. XLRI
  8. IBS Hyderabad
  9. UBS Chandigarh
  10. Great Lakes, Chennai.

Certain entities have been included in the aforementioned list by virtue of their extensive lineage and enduring presence, whilst others have achieved recognition within a very little timeframe by virtue of their commendable and consistent performance.

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