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IIT Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Admission, Courses, Fees, Placement, Cutoff, Ranking 2024

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Saurav Anand

If you seek to get admission to an engineering university where skilled, innovative, and excellent participants are present, then IIT Delhi should be your target destination. You might already know that IIT Delhi has been ranked 2nd in the list of engineering colleges in India. However, you should also know that IIT Delhi is recognized as the best engineering college in India. IIT Delhi has been declared to be an institute of national importance. Hence, globally ranking universities like Harvard and Cambridge visit this institute on an annual basis. 

On a global sphere, the institute is ranked 197 under global universities and by QS world ranking. You must have seen videos or films where students push the boundaries of innovation and experimentation in the field of engineering, you must’ve seen them building bots, gadgets, toys, and other such exciting gadgets. IIT Delhi is one such institution that can bring your vision into reality. IIT Delhi offers more than 80 courses in UG, PG, and PhD levels.

If you have ambitions for creating something that catches people's eye, and you want to be surrounded with excellent minds and hyperactive personnel IIT Delhi is the place for you. If the thought of studying with a brilliant mind is tying your stomach into knots and you are getting anxious thinking about the institution and being a part of its rigorous and highly sophisticated curriculum worry not, this article by FormFees will provide you with the necessary insights regarding admission, cut off, courses and placement at IIT Delhi.  

IIT Delhi courses cover the fields of both engineering and management. B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc, Ph.D, PGDM, MBA, and MA are the major domains of IIT Delhi courses. Candidates interested in the respective courses can apply from the official website. The and are globally recognized courses at IIT Delhi courses. The participants of Computer science and technological programs offered by IIT Delhi enjoy numerous benefits.

The degrees offered after the completion of these IIT Delhi courses is in demand by top-tier companies. The most elite personnel in the field of engineering and innovation visits IIT Delhi. These professionals give remarkable insights to the participants and participate in discussions related to contemporary needs and demands. The institute organizes a very popular fest known by the name Rendezvous. This event is joined by a wide range of highly qualified professionals who seek innovation and creativity. The participants not only enjoyed and had a great time in this mega event but it also shed light on the performance and creativity level of the participants on the IIT Delhi courses. 

This information gives you a brief idea about the performance of the participants of IIT Delhi courses, but we have only looked at it from the lens of engineering. However, the institute’s Management course is equally appreciated and recognized. Ranked 15 by the NIRF the management course at IIT Delhi is shoulder to shoulder with the IIMs in terms of growth and engagement of its students. The participants of IIT Delhi management courses enjoy the same perks as engineering courses and an equal level of exposure.   

 IIT Delhi Highlights

ParticularsIIT Delhi Highlights 2024
Establishment year | Ownership type1961 | Public
Also known asIIT Delhi
Campus size325 acre
Student intake7,784
Number of courses- 3 under 'Overall'
Total faculty- 5 under 'Management'
Total collaborations85 courses under 16 departments
Official website750+
Number of extended campuses2 (Sonepat and Jhajjar)
NIRF Rankings 2023- 2 under 'Engineering'

By now you must have gotten curious to by the eligibility criteria for admission to IIT Delhi courses. You might also be wondering if admission to this premium institute is difficult, am I right? The institute conducts the shortlisting of IIT Delhi Cut off based on two examinations, the JEE Advance for CSE and the CAT exam for admission in management courses. The institute releases the cut off for the first round based on application, generally the first selection for admission in the B.Tech CSE round demands ranging from 100 to 120. I know this may sound extreme as ranking under 120 in JEE Advance could easily be a very challenging benchmark. But as mentioned earlier IIT Delhi is an institute of national importance so the participants ought to be the top performers and the elite candidates in the national-level entrance exam.

IIT Delhi cut off for management courses ranges between 97-99 percentiles. More information in regards to the cut off is shared later in this article, you can scroll down and find the table that tells about the individual cut off trend of various IIT Delhi courses. The answer to the previous question, is it difficult to get admission to IIT Delhi? The answer is yes, it is very challenging to get admission to IIT Delhi.

Do you know why IIT Delhi is so famous? Well, the answer can be in variations. A few factors that contribute to the popularity and standards of IIT Delhi are Its highly qualified faculty, top ranking nationally and global recognition, its research and innovation methods and results, its influential alumni network, and its optimum curriculum. Another contributing factor can be the marvelous infrastructure of the IIT Delhi campus. 

If you haven’t already you should go and check the pictures and videos of the IIT Delhi campus go and see it now! The campus is designed aesthetically, it is very spacious and open. The environment of this college is excellent for giving the ambiance for proper headspace that facilitates the contemplative study of its participants.

By now you must have a good idea about the institute and the standard of its functioning and it is most likely you are wondering about IIT Delhi Admission. Wait no more, this article by FormFees will address most of your queries regarding the institute and its objectives. Again IIT Delhi is a global ranking institute so it is very reasonable that IIT Delhi admission is rigorous and very narrow. I advise you to only continue reading this article if you are seriously pursuing excellence in the field of management and training or computer engineering and innovation. 

IIT Delhi doesn’t tolerate ignorance or afford lethargic responses or performance. If you are not seriously seeing yourself creating among the top minds and pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation then now is the time to reconsider your options.

Want to know about the IIT Delhi Fee structure?

So you decided to continue reading. This shows that you have got a decent level of resilience. So let me share with you a list of IIT Delhi courses. These courses are designed for the best education of its participants. Updated each year, the curriculum is designed to meet the present needs of the world and it addresses matters of current affairs. As mentioned earlier the is the most demanded and competitive of all IIM Delhi courses.

The table below gives a list of IIM Delhi fee structure and Courses.

IIT Delhi CourseIIT Delhi Fees
B.E./B.Tech8 L - 8.7 L
M.E./M.Tech3 L - 8.7 L
M.Sc.30 K - 3 L
B.Des8 L
Certificate65 K - 2.4 L
M.A.3 L
M.Des3 L
Executive MBA/PGDM12.6 L
PG Diploma2.3 L

From the table given above, you can derive that the MBA and at IIT Delhi are the most demanded courses. The M.Sc. is surprisingly available in a very affordable range. The at IIT Delhi is known to be a proven beneficiary for its participants. If you are interested in computer science or technology-related courses, the course at IIT Delhi has much to offer. You can take the help of the research and data available at the campus to broaden your understanding. Also, there are skilled and experienced tech people on the campus who will delightfully help you with your projects and experiments.

The faculties in the management department are very skilled along with being hospitable towards the participants of the IIT management program. The participants of the MBA program at IIT Delhi benefit in multiple ways. The professors of management principles and theories are themselves enthusiasts of these principles and try to implement them for effective and efficient working in their daily lives. These professionals will teach you the importance and relevancy of management theories and principles.

Another reason why IIT Delhi is among the most popular institutes in the country for MBA is that the institute itself is managed in a very well-organized manner. The industrial and corporate relation of the institute helps the participants in getting better exposure during their academic years. This piece of information is relevant to both courses. Both in and in MBA the students benefit from these intra-firm relations for the best results of the participants. Renowned personnel from various prominent industries and companies visit the campus to interact with the participants of the IIT Delhi program. The students can benefit from these visits to a great extent. They can associate personally with these professionals to get better insights regarding the needs of the economy or the contemporary industry. Also, the students can get a much better insight into the functioning and the present scenario of these industries and the functioning of the economy.

Are you looking for information related to IIT Delhi Admission?

The criteria for admission to IIT Delhi are very simple. For admission in any Masters's course, the candidate will have to clear their UG with at least 60% of courses along with acquiring a good ranking in the GATE for and CAT for MBA courses at IIT Delhi. For admission to bachelor's courses at IIT Delhi, the candidates must obtain a rank that is less than 200 to get on the safe side in the admission process. The students who obtain rankings ranging from 400-800 are still eligible for admission but the chances of their shortlisting are very uncertain.

If you are interested in pursuing engineering courses at IIT Delhi then you must clear JEE mains. You will get a call from the counselor who will ask you the names of your preferred colleges. For getting registered in IIT Delhi you must mention that IIT Delhi is your preferred college. The participants can also apply for merit-based admission to IIT Delhi. For merit-based admission to IIT Delhi, the candidate must score more than 8 CGPA in the course.

However, if you are interested in studying management at IIT Delhi then things are slightly different. The candidates will have to appear in the CAT exam. While registering for the CTA exam the participants have to prefer colleges in which they look forward to pursuing an MBA. The candidates must register IIT Delhi as one of their preferred colleges to get registered as a candidate applying for MBA courses.

The table given below provides details regarding IIT Delhi admission and IIT Delhi eligibility.

IIT Delhi CoursesEligiblity Criteria
B.Tech10+2 with 75% + JEE Advanced
M.TechGraduation with 60% + GATE
Ph.DPost Graduation with 60%
B.Tech + M.Tech10+2 with 75% + JEE Advanced
MBAGraduation with 60% + CAT
M.SGraduation with 60% + GATE
M.DesGraduation with 60% + CEED

The table above states that for admission in the M.S and M.Des course the candidates has to register in the CEED and GATE exam. The institute doesn’t grant admission based on any private examination. All these exams are conducted at the national level and are highly competitive. It must be noted that the admission committee reserves the right of admission. The candidates are analyzed and evaluated from various predetermined procedures but each candidate is evaluated individually by the admission committee to verify the authenticity of the information or see if they are eligible to be present in the campus of IIT Delhi.

IIT Delhi Placements

You might expect since this is a top-ranking institution it must be visited by reputed top-ranking companies, yes you are right. Highly renowned companies and prominent industries visit the campus for IIT Delhi placements. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Intel, and many such renowned companies visit the campus during IIT Delhi Placements.

IIT Delhi CourseIIT Delhi Placement statistic 2023
IT and Analytics23.5%
Sales and Marketing22.1%
Strategy and Consulting17.2%
Supply and Operations11.5%
General Management and Human Resource10.7

There are two facts stated above that are sufficient to give you a good idea about the IIT Delhi placements. These reputed companies offer very impressive packages to the participants of the IIT Delhi program. Companies from various technological and industrial sectors visit the campus with placement offers. IIT Delhi has a record of providing skilled and innovative graduates to these companies through its sophisticated and well-designed curriculum. In the previous IIT Delhi placement season the Highest CTC reached 41.3 and the Lower Mean CTC was 25.82 L.  

The IIT Delhi placement season of 2023 has witnessed a groundbreaking IIT Delhi placement record. More than 50 participants were offered CTC of more than 1 Crore. During this IIT Delhi placement season around 650 full-time job offers were made by recognized companies and approximately 550 participants were offered unique job selection.

Companies that participated in day one of the IIT Delhi Placement Season

  • American Express
  • Bajaj Auto
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Enphase Solar Energy
  • Intel
  • Praxis Global Alliance
  • Strategy&

During IIT Delhi Placements the 50 students who had bagged domestic offers with CTC of more than Rs. 1 Cr per annum were hired by the companies that had visited the campus during IIT Delhi placements seeking capable, skilled, and excellent candidates. Around 20 students have received international job offers from geographies during IIT Delhi Placements.

These companies participating in the IIT Delhi placements were

  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

More information regarding IIT Delhi Placements is given in the table below, this will give you a better insight

ParticularsPlacement Statistics (2022)Placement Statistics (2023)
Total job offers received1,3001,300
No. of unique job offers1,1001,150
No. of companies600500
No. of international offersNA30
Placement rate82%84.94%
Total PPOs230260

IIT Delhi Cut Off

It has been mentioned earlier that IIT Delhi is considered to be an institution of national importance. It is one of the earliest institutes in India to offer and courses. Not only this but the result of its participants are worth appreciating. The pass-outs go on to excel in whatever field they decide to pursue their career in. Now if you haven’t previously heard about IIT Delhi cut offs then this might come as a bit of a shock. Candidates falling under the rank of 200 are much more likely to get admission in IIT Delhi. But not all top ranker choose IIT Delhi as their preferred college. So getting a ranking under 800 will also grant you a better probability of getting admission to IIT Delhi.

Nevertheless for students aspiring to get admission in the MBA program at IIT Delhi, they must register themselves for the CAT exam first. The Cat exam has 3 sections and each of these sections has an individual cut-off to meet along with the overall cut off. The candidates of the MBA program seeking admission to IIT Delhi must score a minimum percentile of 80 in each section of the CAT exam. But that’s not all, the candidates will have to score at least 90 percentile to be certain about being considered in the shortlisting for IIT Delhi admission.

IIT Delhi CourseR1Closing round
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering115118
Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering185185
B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing Engineering350352
Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing429429
B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering576582
B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation)792828
B.Tech. in Energy Engineering17571791
Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering23612365
B.Tech. in Engineering Physics25622783
B.Tech in Energy Engineering27853273
Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering39964472
B.Tech. in Production and Industrial Engineering32132910
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering42374362
B.Tech. in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology23612365
B.Tech. in Materials Engineering25622783
B.Tech. in Textile Technology27853273

IIT Delhi Notable Alumni

As mentioned earlier, IIT Delhi is considered to an institute of national importance in India. Not only the institute is at the top among all other engineering and management colleges in India, but it is also mentioned among the best institutes across the globe. I’m revising these points to make my point clear that it is only natural for powerful people to come out of this powerful institute.

As an institute of national importance, below is a list of the most notable alumni of IIT Delhi.

  • Sachin Bansal
  • Chetan Bhagat
  • Vinod Khosla
  • Deepinder Goyal
  • Raghuram Rajan
  • Kiran Bedi
  • Sameer Gehlaut
  • Mohit Aron
  • Jayant Sinha
  • Padmasree Warrior
  • Somnath Bharti
  • Amol Parashar
  • Yashish Dahiya
  • Vikrant Bhargava
  • M. S. Banga
  • Binny Bansal
  • Tushar Raheja
  • Swami Mukundananda
  • Venkata Padmanabhan
  • Subir Sachdev
  • Anurag Dikshit
  • Anupam Garg
  • Soumitro Banerjee
  • Vipin Kumar Tripathi
  • Nemkumar Banthia
  • Lov Grover
  • H. V. Jagadish
  • Rajat Gupta
  • Predhiman Krishan Kaw
  • Shammi Narang
  • Sushil Tyagi
  • Arvind Saxena
  • Krishan Sabnani
  • Subhash Kak
  • Arogyaswami Paulraj
  • Rajendra Singh Pawar
  • Sanjeev Barnwal
  • Vidit Aatrey
  • Rajat Khare
  • Pranay Chulet
  • Harshita Kejriwal
  • Sugata Mitra
  • Sashi Reddi

Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Q. Is it hard to get into IIT Delhi?

Ans. Yes, getting admission in at IIT Delhi is very tough. IIT Delhi is one of the most prestigious engineering universities in India. It is considered to be an institute of national importance and it attracts lakhs of applicants each year both from national and international candidates. The IIT Delhi admission process is highly competitive, and only a selected few students who perform excellent in the competitive exams are admitted to the courses offered by the IIT Delhi.

Q. How can I qualify for IIT Delhi?

Ans. Now, to make you understand let's have a glance at IIT Delhi courses. Eligibility is that the candidates should pass Class 12 in Science stream (PCM), with 75% aggregate (65% for SC/ ST candidates), and along with it they must acquire a good Rank in JEE Advanced to be eligible for B. Tech admissions. For admission in the MBA course, the candidate must score more than 90 percentile in the CAT exam and more than 80% in individual sections of the CAT exam.

Q. What is IIT Delhi famous for?

Ans. Academic excellence would be the most contributing factor to its popularity. IIT Delhi's ranking is 2 among all the Engineering and technical universities in India and less than 400 in the world. It is known for its rigorous curriculum and its highly qualified faculty and staff. The research output department that facilitates IIT Delhi research is one of the most renowned research centers in India.

Q. Is IIT Delhi costly?

Ans. The fees for the entire course at IITs generally vary from Rs 8-10 lakh for general category students. Over the past six years, the course has witnessed a steady increase in demand. The annual fees for general category students pursuing a B.Tech degree at IITs have gone up significantly, rising from Rs 50,000 per year to Rs 3 lakh per year. Considering the opportunities IIT Delhi offers and the top-of-the-class education, the fee for the courses of IIT Delhi can be said fair considering the present trend of fees among various institutes.

Q. Can I get IIT with 15000 rank?

Ans. Students who achieve a rank of less than 15,000 in the JEE Advanced examination are eligible for admission to any IIT in the country. However, it is not always enough. Scoring less than 15,000 in JEE advance may make you eligible but you still need to perform even better for having better chances of getting shortlisted. Target to score less than 800 in JEE advance. All the best.!!

Q. How can I join IIT Delhi without JEE?

Ans. Apart from JEE, there are 5 other competitive exams that you can look up for and register for admission to IIT Delhi.

These exams are also accepted by IIT Delhi for admission in various courses.

Q. Can I study in IIT without JEE?

Ans. Obtaining admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) without relying on the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is indeed possible, though through alternative routes. While the JEE is the most common option for admission in engineering colleges, exceptional students can explore other avenues to secure a seat at any IIT, there are other ways like JAM, CEED, GAT, CAT, etc.

Q. What is the lowest rank to get into IIT Delhi?

Ans. The lowest rank to get into IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi coursesRanking required
Computer Science and Engineering61
Electrical Engineering369
Engineering Physics1452
Mechanical Engineering1406

Q. Why IIT fees is so high?

Ans. The IITs and NITs are costly even after being a government institute because the IITs are renowned for their good placements, good infrastructure, and also highly skilled faculties. It is costly because it does provide such facilities that will enhance a participant’s knowledge and understanding of the present industry, and also make them capable of contributing to further growth and prosperity. The IITs are known by every industry and every company for providing quality education.

Q. What is the highest package of IIT Delhi?

Ans. Since the institute is of national importance, renowned people from renowned companies and institutes visit the campus of IIT Delhi for placements. The highest package offered was seen at INR 41.13 LPA, while the average package at IIT Delhi was seen at INR 25.82 LPA. The placements predominantly saw opportunities in domains such as IT and analytics, marketing, and sales. The companies seek skilled candidates from both the sectors that is management and computer science.

Q. Can I join IIT after the 10th?

Ans. It is nice that you are aiming for IIT after completing 10th. However, students are not eligible to get admission into IIT in any course. He/she has to pass 12th first with 75 percent at least for candidates belonging to the General, OBC-NCL category. And for candidates falling in the other categories, the qualifying percentile is 65 percent.

Q. Can I choose my IIT?

Ans. Yes, definitely! You will get a call from the counseling center after you crack the JEE advanced exam. You can name multiple preferred colleges and the counselor will record your preference. This decision is almost entirely made by the previous year's opening and closing ranks of any respective IIT. Usually, students make choices based on the rank they obtain and the opening and closing rank inputs of the IITs.

Q. Can poor students crack IIT?

Ans. Do you know that the daughter of a shopkeeper, Lucknow's Shipra Kimari, is also a JNV student? She cracked the JEE mains with a score of 132 and was invited to the IIT to pursue her further education with excellence. See for anyone who seeks premium education, do not let financial barriers rob you of the opportunity. There are many ways from which you can get some financial assistance like educational loans or scholarships.