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IIM Ahmedabad- Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Facilities Details

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Recognized by the MHRD
  • Private

Aditi Chaurasia

IIM Ahmedabad Facility

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad campus has been regarded as imposing and durable, but it also reflects the three elements of IIMA's educational philosophy: critical thinking, real-life orientation, and active intellectual self-reliance. Rooms for debate and interaction are as vital as classes in 1962 when famous architect Louis Kahn began development on the campus. Few people are aware that Kahn included sustainability in his designs 60 years ago. The IIMA campus is a place where history comes alive. With its gardens, trails, playgrounds, cutting-edge sports facilities, performance areas, meditation corners, and cafes, the campus caters to a wide range of interests and abilities. It is a lived environment with the goal of producing leaders who will transform the world.

Iconic architecture, enormous green expanses, populated with the world's liveliest brains. Situated across 102 lush acres in the heart of Ahmedabad, the IIMA. The campus has everything an academic community might want: cutting-edge infrastructure, amenities that encourage physical activity, and the opportunity to get outside and improve the world.

IIM Ahmedabad Infrastructure Highlights

IIM Ahmedabad has iconic architecture with vast green spaces and is spread over 102 acres. The campus provides all the facilities to create a healthy environment. Here is a list of facilities provided at IIMA:

IIM Ahmedabad Academic Blocks

Both the main campus and the west campus contain it. This block has classrooms, seminar rooms, faculty offices, and administrative department offices. To deliver top-notch, contemporary training, every classroom on the IIMA campus is furnished with mounted LCD projectors and audio/visual aids. The classrooms have internet connectivity and are totally air-conditioned. Seminar and conference halls are equipped with audio/video facilities, internet connectivity, and air conditioners.

IIM Ahmedabad High-tech Administrative Block

The institute features multiple computer laboratories that are equipped with thousands of computer systems so that every student can easily access them. There is a sophisticated ICT infrastructure that includes fast-speed Wi-Fi, computer labs, an e-library, and FPM labs. The administrative blocks of the IIMA are built to offer productive, cutting-edge, and cozy working spaces.

IIM Ahmedabad Auditoriums

The RJ Matthai Auditorium, the institute's most famous venue, as well as the brand-new, cutting-edge auditoriums in the JSW-SPP building are both equipped to hold major events of a national and worldwide scope. P.G Gupta Auditorium is another auditorium. The auditoriums are equipped with audio/video facilities, internet connectivity, and air conditioners. 

IIM Ahmedabad Libraries

One of the most well-known libraries in the IIM system is the Vikram Sarabhai Library at IIM Ahmedabad. Over 1,94,704 books, 19815 online and 146 print journals, 46,024 bound volumes, 2624 working papers, 349 theses, and 2187 student project reports are housed in the houses, enhancing their collections. To meet the information demands of the academic community, it provides access to current, worldwide, and pertinent material in a variety of formats (print & non-print). The library's digital collection of 71 databases, which can be accessed from any networked computer on campus and offers scholarly, business, and industry information, is one of its strongest assets. Specialized tools like EBSCO Discovery are available in the IIMA library. Current students and professors can also use the RemoteXS facility. It is accessible to students 24*7, and they can use its amenities for improving their assignments, research practices, and more.

IIM Ahmedabad Laboratories

IIMA has a Computer Lab, Clinical Lab, and FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) Lab.

IIM Ahmedabad Dormitories & Flats

Spacious single-room dorms with common areas, student rooms, and occasionally snack bars for those midnight cravings... In addition to single-room dorms, married students can also rent apartments.

It contains 25 student residences with a total seating capacity of roughly 740. For married candidates, there are other accommodation options available in addition to the dorms. Each floor of the dormitory has ten single rooms set around a stairwell and a tea area. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available. The rooms come equipped with everything you need, including a phone line. There is a TV, washing machine, and refrigerator in the dorms as well.

The boy's and girls' hostels at IIM Ahmedabad offer excellent dorm accommodations for the students. They arrive with all amenities, including fully furnished dorm rooms, television, internet access, bathrooms, refrigerators, and many more.

IIM Ahmedabad Faculty Housing

As the IIMA faculty has grown, the need for lodging has increased past the original 110 housing units of the heritage site. All faculty now live on campus thanks to freshly built residential blocks.

IIM Ahmedabad Outdoor Sports

Several tennis, volleyball, frisbee, and basketball courts are available outside. The outdoor spaces are as stunning as the classrooms thanks to a large football field, cricket field, and running and cycling trails. It has Badminton Court, Basketball Court, Cricket Ground, Football Ground, Squash Court, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, and Table Tennis.

IIM Ahmedabad Indoor Sports

A sparkling pool, squash courts, a billiards area, indoor badminton courts, table tennis, and a variety of board games are available.

IIM Ahmedabad Gym and Yoga Rooms

The campus has a number of gyms as well as yoga studios so that students can either work out to their heart's content or find inner peace via yoga and meditation. The IIMA campus supports preserving physical wellness through the gym, exercise areas, and sports facilities.

IIM Ahmedabad Cafeteria & Mess

There is a canteen available for both staff and students at IIM Ahmedabad. The canteen offers wholesome, clean cuisine at affordable prices. There are numerous cafes there, including TANSTAAFL CAFE, Food King, and a Coffee Express shop. Mess facilities are available at the institution for students enrolling in various degrees.

IIM Ahmedabad Dispensary & Pharmacy

The campus community consults full-time residential doctors at IIMA's on-campus pharmacy for minor injuries and common health problems. When necessary, the dispensary refers patients to specialists in city hospitals in addition to offering basic medical care. Also, a pharmacy is available to provide the fundamental or even urgent need for medications.

IIM Ahmedabad Basic Utilities

Knowing how valuable time is, the IIMA has designed all of its facilities so that nobody needs to leave campus to do routine tasks. The campus is home to its own cafes, banks, ATMs, kids' creche, general store, courier, laundry, and other services.

IIM Ahmedabad Accessibility for the Differently Abled

IIMA seeks to create a supportive environment in all ways. For children with limited vision, this has meant not only building ramps and rails but also installing high-powered lighting and highly contrasted signage. Students who are blind or visually handicapped can use the library's customized setup to access all resources in the Braille language.

IIM Ahmedabad Eco-Friendly Approach

Green Living at IIMA educates students and residents living on campus on sustainable practices and behaviors. The campus has Solar Power Plant, Solid Waste Management, Rainwater Harvesting, and Nursery.

IIM Ahmedabad Social Approaches

  • SMILE: As a part of its community outreach program, IIMA along with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has set up a supplementary education/resource center called Student-Mediated Initiative for Learning to Excel or SMILE for the benefit of underprivileged students living in and around Vastrapur, where the Institute is located.
  • PRAYAAS: Via this social project, the IIMA community assists poor children in taking the first step towards a fulfilling education, a happy childhood, and a better future. It has been in operation since 2003.
  • PAWSIBLE: IIM Ahmedabad's student organization, this initiative promotes the welfare of animals. The love and concern that the community has for the animals of IIMA is a characteristic of the IIMA community that will appeal to everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ahmedabad Facilities

Q. Is IIM Ahmedabad a government university?

Ans. An independent public business school called the Indian Institute of Management is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Twenty public, independent institutions for management education and research make up the IIMs group in India. The best management institute in India, both public and private, is IIM Ahmedabad. The institution is situated in Gujarat's Ahmedabad. Some major ranking organizations, like the NIRF 2022 and The Week 2022, have given it the top spot in the "Management" category.

Q. What are the facilities provided at IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad is 102 acres campus with every facility available for the ease of students as well as faculties. The facilities provided are Academic Blocks, High-tech Administrative Blocks, Auditoriums, Libraries, Dormitories & Flats, Faculty Housing, Outdoor Sports, Indoor Sports, Gym and Yoga Rooms, Cafeteria & Mess, Dispensary & Pharmacy, ATM, Post Office, Courier Services, Solar Power Plant, Solid Waste Management, Rainwater Harvesting, Nursery, Elevators, Ramps and many more.

Q. Where is IIM Ahmedabad located?

Ans. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat, INDIA.

Q. How many beds are available at the IIM Ahmedabad hostels?

Ans. IIMA has 25 student dormitories with a total capacity to hold about 740 occupants. Apart from the dormitories, there are separate housing facilities available for married candidates. The dorms have ten single rooms on each floor arranged around a stairway and a tearoom.

Q. What are the hostel fees at IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad hostel fee structure:

PhasesMarried Student HostelSingle Student
First Commitment FeeINR 2,00,000INR 2,00,000
Second Commitment FeeINR 12,00,000INR 12,00,000
Balance Programme FeeINR 18,00,000INR 16,00,000
Caution Money (refundable)INR 70,000INR 35,000

Q. Is there any swimming pool at IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. Yes, IIM Ahmedabad has an Olympic standard swimming pool.

Q. What is the average package offered in IIM Ahmedabad placement?

Ans. IIMA 2022 placement offered an average package of INR 32.79 LPA.

Q. How can I directly contact IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad contact details

Phone No.: 079-2630 8357/ 71523456 

Official website: