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IIM Ahmedabad- Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Reviews On Facilities & Placements

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Recognized by the MHRD
  • Private

Aditi Chaurasia

IIM Ahmedabad Reviews

Rishi Gaharwar

Campus: The classrooms were nice and pleasant. High-speed Wi-Fi was installed throughout our campus. The library had a good selection of journals and publications for self-study. The hostel facilities were adequate. The canteen was prohibitively expensive. There were medical and sporting amenities provided.

Our college teachers were helpful, qualified, and informed. They cleared up the pupils' concerns. The course curriculum was relevant and prepared pupils for employment. Semester tests were not difficult. Those who study diligently throughout the year will easily pass the tests. Almost 90% of students passed their tests.

The hostel's facilities should be upgraded. Our college hosted a number of festivals and scholarship programs.

Placements: Almost all of our pupils were placed at our college. The highest domestic wage package was worth 70 LPA, the lowest was worth 40 LPA, and the average salary package was worth 50 LPA. Microsoft, Axis Bank, Adani Group of Industries, Larson & Toubro, and others are among the top recruitment firms. In the last two months, students apply for internships. This college places nearly all of its students in internships with well-known organizations such as TCS, Fluorite, and Reliance Industries.

Rishabh Singh

Campus: Our campus's infrastructure was excellent. The classrooms were well-equipped and inviting. Wi-Fi was installed throughout our campus. The library was well-stocked with books, generals, and other self-study materials, as well as a quiet area to study. The hostel was adequate. The canteen cuisine was unsanitary, but the sports and medical aid were excellent.

Our college's teachers were well-qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about the subject. They taught students using various methods. The course curriculum was relevant and prepared pupils for employment. The semester tests were moderately difficult, but all students passed. Pupils must study for an entire year in order to pass tests with ease.

Because the food supplied in the mess is unsanitary, the hostel should improve it. Our college organizes multiple fests every year. Many scholarships were provided for toppers and poor students.

Placements: Almost 100% of students were placed at this college with good pay packages. The highest compensation package available was 70 LPA, the lowest was 40 LPA, and the average wage package was 45 LPA. Students were placed at well-known companies like Boston, Amazon India, TCS, Adani Group, Axis Bank, and others. Our college prepared pupils for employment. In their last year, students must complete two months of internships. In our college, nearly all students received internships. TCS, HDFC General Insurance, Larson and Toubro, Sunsilk, and Amazon India were among the top internship companies.

Rahul Rathore 

Campus: Our college's infrastructure was pleasant. Wi-Fi was installed throughout our campus. The classrooms were really comfortable. Our college has a library where students could study quietly. The hostel's infrastructure was excellent, however, the food served in the mess was unsanitary. The hostel included sports and medical facilities.

Instructors at our college were well-trained and experienced in the classroom. They answered all of the students' questions but were not pleased with them. The course curriculum was relevant, and it prepared students for employment. The semester exams were mediocre. Students must study throughout the year in order to pass the semester exam.

The campus had a welcoming atmosphere. I chose this course because I loved to work in the management sector.

Placements: Our college placed nearly all of its pupils. The highest compensation package provided was 60 LPA, the lowest was 38 LPA, and the average salary package was 50 LPA. TCS, Amazon, SBI General Insurance, Credit Suisse, Asian Paints, and others were among the top recruitment firms. Almost all of our students received internships in well-known organizations such as Larson and Toubro, Kavincare, Samsung Electronics, Axis Bank, and others.

Dhruti Sharma

Campus: On campus, life is quite decent. There are numerous clubs, such as the finance club, marketing club, and human resources club, as well as other committees, such as the placement committee, cultural committee, and infrastructure committee. It is mostly a student-driven college. The infrastructure is inadequate. You may encounter difficulties conducting lectures since the projector is not working properly and several chairs are broken.

The course is excellent. And the faculty are likewise excellent. The faculties urge you to be better. I've learned a lot from the faculty members, and their teaching methods are also very distinctive.

Placement: The college's placements are exceptional. If you are a marketing professional, I believe you will find work. There are many organizations and considerably greater competition in finance, but there may not be many prospects in HR specialization. The highest package this year is 13.65 lacs, and the average package is 5.00 lacs.

Siddhant Tiwari

Campus: The faculty is quite warm and welcoming. There are around 10 students per professor, and they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for either athletics or academics. The atmosphere here is fairly relaxed, with friendly competition. Annual events such as Chaos and T-Night make life at IIMA incredibly interesting and entertaining. Likewise, the IIMA clubs continue to organize events on a weekly or monthly basis, which is critical for your relaxation. The hostels are the best you can hope for. There are personal accommodations with adjoining washrooms and air conditioning for everyone. Also, there are workers assigned to clean, so the staying facility is adequate.

Placement: The placements are excellent, and the greatest part is that the placement report is audited by an approved authority, which is unique to IIMA. FABM packages typically range between 18 and 20 lakhs per year. It is, however, significantly greater for PGP students.

Ashish Agrawal

Campus: I picked this program because I wanted to pursue an MBA in agriculture, and the IIMA FABM program is the best in the world for agricultural MBAs. The faculty is outstanding. The majority of the lessons are case-based. In two years, there are six terms. There are mid-term and final-term exams in each term. Renowned for its unexpected quizzes.

Yearly festivals such as Chaos and Krishi Manthan are held on a regular basis. The library's services are good (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week). The classrooms are fantastic, with enough seating. The necessary features, such as a projector and microphone, are available. Most sports have their own facilities. Frisbee is a major legacy sport in this area. There are almost 50 clubs.

Bed, desk, and chairs. AC Almirah: All of these amenities are available in the rooms. Food is tasty even when it is sloppy. On campus, there are also more than seven food vendors. Hostels are inexpensive.

Placement: Summer placement is available for two months after the first year, with the application process beginning in November. There is a track record of 100% placement with an average package of 21 lakhs for PGP-FABM and about 34 lakhs for PGP.

Shubham Kumar

Campus: In total, five periods are finished in a year. In an institute, the faculty-to-student ratio is 10:1. IIMA uses a case-based approach to teaching, and everyone on the faculty holds a Ph.D. Examinations are virtually daily, and the course is rigorous.

Throughout the year, there are numerous groups and events. The Red Brick Summit is an annual technology festival. Chaos Institute also has football, cricket, a gym, a badminton court, lawn tennis, and a squash court.

Placement: Students are placed on campus by the institute. The placement period begins in November and concludes in March. Placement takes place on a rolling basis. All of the major consulting and technology firms come for placements. Around 97-98% of students get placed, with an average CTC of 33L and a median of 30L.

Aman Chhatrapati

Campus: I chose this college since it is one of the most well-known and well-managed MBA colleges in India, and I also like the facilities all around. As a result, they have the most placements every year with good packages. I'm studying for an MBA since this is a great college, and you know that IIMA is one of the best in the world, therefore I'm studying here. To be admitted, you must submit admission documentation.

The university has all of the necessary infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. All of the facilities in our classroom are well-maintained and used. All of the living areas are clean, and the food is sanitary. We also offer Wi-Fi and a Smart TV.

Placement: The college's placement quality is exceptionally high; nearly all students are placed. If the course is MBA, the largest compensation package provided is approximately 1.34 crore. The average monthly income offered was $200,000.00. The placement procedure was simple and enjoyable.

The college was quite helpful. Every year, the maximum number of students was placed.

Deepak Patidar

Campus: I enjoy playing cricket and kabaddi. I compete at the district level in kabaddi thanks to a school-sponsored scholarship. Students will compete for the school team in another district-level competition.

College events include republic day, Independence Day, Diwali festival, Holi festival, and several cultural performances such as Garba. All of the college programs are quite popular with the students. The most important festival is matkiford, which commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna.

I don't live in a hostel, but I make accommodations for my rent. The accommodation does not have many amenities, but it is still convenient for me because it is less expensive. I cannot afford to spend too much money because my father's income is insufficient to do so.

Placement: When we talk about placement and career chances, there are many firms that visit colleges for placement, such as TCS, Mahindra,, Idea, or various banks such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and Bandhan Bank. Absolutely, the college offers internships in banks and businesses.

Manisha Jain

Campus: Students represent 5-6 nationalities, with 20% being female. More than half of the students have 3+ years of overseas job experience in places such as South Africa, Canada, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and others.

Dormitories are air-conditioned and fully equipped. Married students are also given the option of living in Married Housing. There is a dining facility for single students. it is ok.

Placement: A wide range of businesses visit campus. The average income offered is more than 25 lakh rupees. Accenture, Bain, Tata Telecom, Tata Capital, BCG, Bank of America, Aditya Birla Group, and many more.