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IIM Ahmedabad- Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Placement: Average Package, Highest Package, Top Recruiters

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Recognized by the MHRD
  • Private

Alisha Kumari

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2022

Which IIM has the highest placements? Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad provides the highest placement packages amongst all the IIMs. In the year 2022, the placement drive was very successful and placed more than 300 students with a very good starting salary. Students were recruited by various leading companies.

In IIM Ahmedabad companies from the fields like Conglomerates, Consumer Goods & Durables, Consumer Services, Pharma & Healthcare, and Retail B2B & B2C recruited graduates. The highest placement offered was INR 61.48 LPA and the average package was INR 32.79 LPA. IIM Ahmedabad's top recruiters are Amazon, Udaan, eShakti, Flipkart, Airtel, Asian Paints, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Synergy Consulting, Auctus Advisors, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, TCS, and many more.

IIM Ahmedabad conducts transparent and authentic placements. The reports of this B-school are conducted by IPRS Initiative The Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS), through the means of audited placement reports.

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad

Approvals & Accreditation - MHRD Location - Ahmedabad, Gujarat



24.61 lakhs

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Highlights 2022

IIM Ahmedabad placed more than 300 students in the world’s leading companies with a very good starting package. The key highlights of IIMA Placement 2022 are:

  • Average CTC: INR 32.79 LPA
  • Highest Domestic CTC: INR 61.48 LPA
  • Highest International CTC: USD 140599 PA
  • Total Recruiters: 190
  • No. of Domestic Placement: 382
  • No. of International Placement: 7
  • Top Recruiters: Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, TCS, PayTM, Kearney, Bain & Co., Aditya Birla Group, C.K., etc.

IIM Ahmedabad Placement  2023 Highlights

IIM Ahmedabad placement cell has been known to offer students opportunities in some of the country's highest-earning companies. Moreover, the IIM Ahmedabad placement cell organizes a placement drive every year for students of all programs. 

During IIM Ahmedabad placement drive 2023, about eight students managed to secure international placements. 

Highlights for IIM Ahmedabad placements 2023 are listed below.

Total Number of Recruiters188
Total Number of Offers280
Number of International Offers8
IIM Ahmedabad Highest Package (International)INR 1.15 CPA
IIM Ahmedabad Highest Package (Domestic)INR 75.2 LPA 
IIM Ahmedabad Average PackageINR 34.36 LPA 

What is the average package of IIM Ahmedabad?

With 188 companies participating, 280 job roles were offered at IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023. There were 34 offers made by Mckinsey & Co., followed by 33 from BCG. Based on Formfees' research, IIM Ahmedabad's highest package in 2023 was INR 1.15 crores, while its average package was around INR 34.3 lakhs.

IM Ahmedabad Placements 2023 are now concluded. 

There were two stages to the placement process. Applicants with prior experience were offered mid-level managerial positions as part of the laterals process. There were 36 companies participating from various sectors, including technology, banking, finance, consulting, and analytics. A total of 188 firms participated in the placement drive, with Emaar offering the highest package of INR 1.15 Crore.

The highest domestic package at IIM Ahmedabad was INR 61.49 LPA for the batch 2022, and the highest international package was US $140,599, with an average domestic package of INR 32.8 LPA and an average international package of $ 108,405 for the batch 2022.

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Sectors and Packages Offered 2022

IIMA Recruiters visit the campus for the placement drives. IIMA Placements have placed hundreds of its students in different top companies from various sectors with a good starting salary. IIM Ahmedabad sector-wise placement and CTC offered are given below:  

IIM Ahmedabad PGP placements in different sectors and the average package offered are given below in the table:

SectorsAverage Package
Enterprise TechINR 40.60 LPA
Engineering / TechnologyINR 36.37 LPA
ConsultingINR 34.25 LPA
Online ServicesINR 32.11 LPA
Retail B2B & B2CINR 29.35 LPA
ManufacturingINR 28.44 LPA
Consumer ServicesINR 28 LPA
ConglomeratesINR 27.56 LPA
Real EstateINR 27 LPA
Pharmaceutical/HealthcareINR 25.56 LPA
Hospitality & TechnologyINR 25 LPA
TelecomINR 24.09 LPA
Media / CommunicationsINR 24.49 LPA
EdTechINR 21 LPA

IIM Ahmedabad PGP-FABM placements in different sectors and the average package offered are given below in the table:

SectorsAverage Package
ConsultingINR 25.05 LPA
Online ServiceINR 21.55 LPA
Food ProcessingINR 20 LPA
EngineeringINR 18.99 LPA
Agri InputINR 18.35 LPA
LogisticsINR 18 LPA
Food Production & PlantationINR 18 LPA
ConglomerateINR 17 LPA
Others (Cooperative) INR 12.85 LPA

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX placements in different sectors and the average package offered are given below in the table:

SectorsAverage Package
Media / EntertainmentINR 48 LPA
Online ServicesINR 45.55 LPA
E-CommerceINR 38.99 LPA
AutomotiveINR 37.81 LPA
Pharmaceutical / HealthcareINR 36.50 LPA
Environment & EnergyINR 36 LPA
ConglomerateINR 35 LPA
ConsultingINR 33.83 LPA

IIM Ahmedabad Year-wise Placement

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the Best MBA Colleges in India. As per the latest update, IIM Ahmedabad recently had its PGP Cluster 3 placements 2023 on Feb 20th. 

The IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 3 placement drive 2023 (PGP batch) had received placement offers in BFSI, Consumer Tech, Analytics & Consulting, Enterprise Tech, Core Manufacturing and Infrastructure, and many others.

IIM Ahmedabad Average Package 2023

As of 2023, IIM Ahmedabad PGPX placements had an average package of 35.58 LPA, while IIMA PGP and PGP-FABM placements had an average package of 32.79 LPA and 21.49 LPA, respectively.

CourseAverage Package (2023)
PGPINR 32.79 LPA (2022)
PGP FABMINR 21.49 LPA (2022)

Some Facts about the IIM Ahmedabad Placement - 

  • The average PGPX package given in 2023 fell by about 8% as compared to 2022.
  • The average PGP package issued in 2022 increased by more than 19% as compared to 2021.
  • The average PGP FABM package issued in 2022 increased by about 21% as compared to 2021.

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023 Highlights:

  • IIM Ahmedabad placements recorded a 100%  success rate for its PGP and FABM batch for 2022 placements
  • IIM Ahmedabad placement's highest package and average offered during IIM A PGP placements in 2022 were Rs. 61.48 LPA and Rs. 32.79 LPA respectively.
  • IIM Ahmedabad highest international salary offered was INR 1.14 CPA & highest domestic salary offered was INR 75.2 LPA
  • The median package has increased by 21% to INR 36.2 LPA.
  • A total of 121 students enrolled for the placement drive, and participating recruiters provided 172 placement offers.
  • The information technology and healthcare sectors received the most bids.
  • At IIM Ahmedabad, 20 new recruiters took part in the 2022 placement process.
  • Asian Paints, The Coca-Cola Company, Loreal, Kimberly Clark, and Wipro Consumer Care, as well as Adani Group, Aditya Birla Group, CK Birla Group, Tata Administrative Services, Piramal Group, Bajaj Finserv, and JSW One Platforms Limited, made job offers to PGP graduates.

IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 3 PGP Placement 2023 Highlights:

  • TCS 15 was the top recruiter in Consulting & Analytics, with offers including PPO.
  • The BFSI vertical Cluster 3 summer placements for the 2022-24 class finished on November 7, 2023 with the second-highest number of offers received.
  • During the hybrid placement procedure for IIM Ahmedabad PGP FABM placements 2023, 47 candidates were placed. 

IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 2 PGP Placement 2023 Highlights:

  • Conglomerates, Consumer Goods & Durables, Consumer Services, Pharma & Healthcare, Retail B2B & B2C got placement offers for cluster 2 PGP placement 2023. 
  • During the IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 2 PGP placements 2023, the Essar Group received the most offers. 
  • During IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 2 PGP 2023 placements, the Conglomerate cohort received the most offers, closely followed by the FMCG / FMCD cohort. 
  • Asian Paints, Wipro, Adani Group, and Aditya Birla Group were among the top recruiters.

IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 1 PGP Placement 2023 Highlights:

  • Cluster 1 international offers grew by 50% at IIM Ahmedabad in the past year. 
  • There were 50 recruiters that took part in the placement process.
  • McKinsey was the most successful recruitment firm, closely followed by BCG.
  • During the IIM Ahmedabad cluster 1 2023 final placements, they offered 18 offers to students.

McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group were the organizations that made the most offers on campus during the IIM Ahmedabad Placement Finals placements procedure. At the completion of the final placement process, McKinsey & Company made the most offers, including PPOs, with 34 offers, followed closely by Boston Consulting Group with 33 offers. Overall, the placement process at IIM Ahmedabad had a good response from recruiters across industries, showing the institute's expanding need for talent.

Summer Placements for 2022-2024 Batch

  • A total of 35 organizations participated in the IIM Ahmedabad summer placement campaign for the 2024 cohort.
  • TCS was the top recruiter during the summer placements for the 2022-24 class, with 11 offers.
  • During the IIM Ahmedabad cluster 3 summer placements, students received offers from 11 industries.
  • Among these industries were BFSI, Consumer Technology, EdTech, IT Consulting, and Analytics.
  • During the PGP summer placement drive, Boston Consulting Group emerged as the top recruiter, making 28 offers. BCG was closely followed by Bain and Company, which made 23 offers.
  • Around 50 organizations participated in the Cluster 2 summer placement drive at IIM A.
  • With 16 offers, Adani Group was the top recruiter during the summer placements for the 2022-24 class.

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023

IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023 has been concluded with 200 recruiters participating. Around 8 International offers were made and the maximum number of students being placed in the Indian Business Conglomerate followed by Consulting conglomerates. More details for the 2023 batch are awaited.

BatchPGP 2023
Number of Recruiters188
Number of Offers280
Number of International Offers8
HIghest PackageINR 1.15 Cr
Major CohortIndian Business & Consulting
Top RecruiterMckinsey & Co.

Since the 2023 Placement report is not yet released, following is the year wise placements trends at IIM Ahmedabad:

YearsHighest Package
2022INR 1.14 CPA
2021INR 1.16 CPA
2020INR 78.5 LPA

IIM Ahmedabad Average Package

IIM Ahmedabad Average Packages by YearsAverage Package
In 2022 IIM Ahmedabad Average PackageINR 36.2 LPA
In 2021 IIM Ahmedabad Average PackageINR 27.4 LPA
In 2020 IIM Ahmedabad Average PackageINR 26.1 LPA

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Report 2023

The key highlights of IIM Ahmedabad PGPX placements 2023, PGP and PGP-FABM placements 2022 are presented below:

ParticularsPGP Placement Statistics (2022)PGP-FABM Placement Statistics (2022)PGPX Placement Statistics (2023)
Highest packageINR 61.48 LPAINR 33.83 LPAINR 1.08 crore per annum
Average packageINR 32.79 LPAINR 21.49 LPAINR 35.68 LPA
Median packageINR 31.49 LPAINR 20 LPAINR 33.05 LPA
Lowest packageINR 17.50 LPAINR 12.85 LPAINR 18 LPA
Offers accepted / Students Placed38247128
Eligible students38248140
Students opted out3110
Students not placed002

IIM Ahmedabad Placement - Top Recruiters

With 185+ companies from various sectors, IIM Ahmedabad placements 2023 saw a major growth in terms of companies coming in for the placement drive which included consulting, investment banking, consumer goods and services, BFSI, etc. 

During the placement drive at IIM Ahmedabad, the following recruiters visited the campus.

PWCGoldman SachsHSBC
Asian PaintsITCHUL
Colgate PalmoliveNestleP&G
Samsung ElectronicsWipro Consumer careAmazon
TCSOYOAmerican Express


PGP Offers Accepted374 (9 international)382 (7 International)
PGP Placement Rate100%100%
PGP Highest Domestic CTCINR 55 LPAINR 61.48 LPA
PGP Highest International CTCUSD 1,54,355 per annumUSD 1,40,599 per annum
PGP Average Domestic CTCINR 27.54 LPAINR 32.79 LPA
PGP Average International CTCUSD 98,962 per annumUSD 1,0


PGP FABM Offers Accepted4447 (1 International)
PGP FABM Placement Rate100%100%
PGP FABM Highest Domestic CTCINR 27.82 LPAINR 33.83 LPA
PGP FABM Highest International CTCUSD 1,26,523 per annumUSD 49,000 per annum
PGP FABM Average Domestic CTCINR 17.79 LPAINR 21.49 LPA
PGP FABM Average International CTCUSD 80,901 per annumUSD 49,000 per annum

IIM Ahmedabad placements 2022 and 2021 Statistics:

IIM Ahmedabad Top Recruiters 2022

Who are the top recruiters at IIM Ahmedabad? In the 2022 placement process of IIM Ahmedabad, 190 firms participated with around 220 different roles. Here is a list of all the top companies that visited IIMA from different cohorts for the placement process are:

Consulting Domain

  • Alvarez & Marsal
  • Arthur D. Little
  • Auctus Advisors
  • Bain & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Coopers and Strategy
  • GEP Consulting
  • Kearney
  • KPMG
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Pricewaterhouse
  • Synergy Consulting

Investment Banking and Marketing Domain

  • Avendus Capital
  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • Credit Suisse (India)
  • Edelweiss Wealth Management
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HSBC
  • JP Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nomura

Private Equity and Venture Capital Domain

  • Blackstone
  • Gaja Capital
  • I Squared Capital
  • MYRA SHS Renewables
  • The Xander Group
  • True North
  • White Oak Capital

Consumer Services Domain

  • AB InBev
  • Airtel
  • Asian Paints
  • Coca-Cola, Colgate
  • Dabur
  • HUL
  • ITC
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Lenovo
  • Mondelez
  • Nestle
  • P&G
  • Puma
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Tata Sky
  • Wipro

Conglomerates Domain

  • Adani
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Bajaj Group
  • JSW
  • Mahindra Group
  • RPG Group
  • Tata Administrative Services

Retail B2B & B2C Domain

  • Amazon
  • E-Shakti
  • Flipkart
  • Purplle
  • Udaan

Pharma & Healthcare Domain

  • Apicore
  • Dr. Reddy’s
  • MedTeI Healthcare
  • Optum United Healthcare
  • PhableCare
  • Stryker India

Consumer Tech Domain

  • Electronic Arts
  • Gameskraft
  • Winzo

Enterprise Tech

  • Adobe
  • Atlassian Corporation
  • Ikigai Labs
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Sprinklr

Renewable Energy and Green Tech Domain

  • Re-New Power
  • Banking & Insurance Domain
  • ICICI Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Axis Bank

IT Consulting Domain

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Info Edge

Core Manufacturing & Infrastructure Domain

  • Vedanta
  • Ola Electric

Along with the above-listed companies 53 new companies visited this year, some of them are listed below:

  • Electronic Arts
  • Himalaya
  • Troha Investment Management
  • Landmark Group
  • Mondelez
  • Pharm Easy
  • Jupiter Capital
  • Venture Highway

IIM Ahmedabad Salary Trend Year-wise

The Highest and Average Salary Package offered in IIM Ahmedabad placements are:


  • IIMA placements Highest Domestic Package- INR 61.48 LPA
  • IIMA placements Average Domestic Package- INR 32.79 LPA
  • IIMA placements Highest International Package- USD 1,40,599 PA
  • IIMA placements Average International Package- USD 1,08,405 PA


  • IIMA placements Highest Domestic Package- INR 55 LPA
  • IIMA placements Average Domestic Package- INR 27.54 LPA
  • IIMA placements Highest International Package- USD 1,54,355 PA
  • IIMA placements Average International Package- USD 98,962 PA

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Guides

1. IIMA Alumni Network

More than 40,000 IIMA alumni are distributed across the globe, with occupations spanning numerous industries and functions. Most importantly, they retain the spirit of brotherhood that they experienced as IIMA students. Throughout their careers, they remain ready to guide, assist, and share their knowledge with one another. It's a nice feeling for recent grads to know that IIMA alumni can be found everywhere and that their seniors would help them go where they want to go.

Whether a fellow graduate is navigating the entry-level job search process, exploring new career paths, or looking for their next challenge, the IIMA Alumni Association provides a ready source of career-related help.

2. Mentorship and Industry Insights

Professional clubs are all about giving their members the tools they need to access information, make decisions, seek help, and enhance their abilities. Many student groups on campus are geared towards specific management areas, and they assist students in planning and strategizing to achieve their career objectives. These groups typically invite industry experts for casual discussions throughout the year. Insights, anecdotes, and an insider's view of specific organizations and functions. The interactions are priceless for students looking for a more complete image of their chosen professional path. And there's always the risk that when it comes time for placement, this same speaker will be back on campus as a recruiter.

3. Summer Internships

IIMA students develop new skills, tone up existing abilities, and get insights through experience through internships. Students intern for eight to ten weeks with organizations of their choice at the end of the first year, during the months of May, June, and July. Summer internships provide students with hands-on experience in a certain industry. These weeks are essential to the Post-Graduate Programme (PGP), since they provide an opportunity to apply — and challenge — ideas and approaches learned in the first year. As an intern, the student has the opportunity to create while also getting a detailed look at market needs. As their internships come to an end, most students have a better sense of what field of study they want to pursue.

IIM Ahmedabad PGP Summer Internship Placement for 2021-23 Batch: 

Total Students 389
No. of Recruiters 132
No. of New Recruiters 53
No. of Roles Offered 219 
Total Dream Applications220
Top Recruiters BCG, Bain & Company, Pwc, GEP, Synergy Consultant, Goldman Sachs, True North, Xander Group, HUL, Samsung Electronics, Airtel, Amazon, TCS, Ola Electric, etc.

IIM Ahmedabad Function-Wise Placement 2022:

FunctionsDomestic OffersInternational OffersTotal Offers
Business Development202
General Management23326
Marketing/ Sales24024
Program Manager101
Project Appraisal & Monitoring101
Product/ Category Management58260
Supply Chain Management011

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Process

Year after year, the best organizations in India and around the world visit the school in January and February to find the best talent in the graduating class. With significant positions in leading corporations around the world, the Institute's alumni enable firms that choose to recruit students from our campus to develop a durable competitive advantage. Demand for the Institute's graduates is high since newly placed recruits have been shown to routinely live up to the organizations' expectations. This tremendous demand has been ongoing for many years.

At the same time, the level of job experience of each individual candidate has increased with each batch. IIMA students are increasingly choosing various work descriptions.

IIMA has opted from a day-based to a cohort-based system. The new system was created with the stated goal of improving student-recruiter fit. The method, along with numerous other modifications in the design, enables recruiters to evaluate candidates over a longer period of time while also providing them with more opportunities to investigate alternative career options. 

The Final Placement Process takes place in the following phases:

Corporate PresentationsEarly Jan-Mid Feb
Submission of ResumesMid Jan-Mid Feb
ShortlistingEarly Feb-late Feb
Pre-processes & InterviewsMid Feb-Mid March
IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode

Approvals & Accreditation - AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB Location - Kozhikode, Kerala



20 Lakhs

IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore

Approvals & Accreditation - EQUIS Location - Bangalore



24.5 Lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ahmedabad Placement

Q. Does IIM Ahmedabad offer the best placement?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad is one of India's best MBA programs. IIM Ahmedabad placement statistics are quite higher in comparison to other IIMs like IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Kozhikode

Q. What was the highest package of IIM Ahmedabad in 2022?

Ans. At the IIM Ahmedabad PGP, FABM, and PGPX placements 2022, the highest domestic package offered was INR 61.48 LPA, INR 33.83 LPA, and INR 75.20 LPA, respectively. The greatest domestic salary trends seen during IIM A placements over the last three years, each course.

Q. How many overseas offers were made during IIM Ahmedabad's final placements in 2022?

Ans. According to the final placement report 2022 of IIM Ahmedabad, seven international offers were made to PGP candidates. These seven bids were made for four different locations. Three bids were made for Dubai, two bids for Mexico City, and one bid each for Hong Kong and Asia Pacific locations.

Q. Which companies come for placement in IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. Top companies recruiting candidates from IIM Ahmedabad include Accenture Strategy, Boston Consulting Group, Kearney, Bain & Co., Aditya Birla Group, C.K., Troha Investment Management, Landmark Group, Mondelez, Pharm Easy, Jupiter Capital, Venture Highway, and many more.

Q. What are the fees for courses at IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. Some top courses and their fees are listed below:

CourseTotal Fees
ePGPINR 20.0 L
Ph.D.INR 1.25 L

Q. What are the fees of IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad provides 9 different courses with an average fee of INR 12 LPA.

Q. What is the average package offered in IIM Ahmedabad placement?

Ans. IIMA 2022 placement offered an average package of INR 32.79 LPA.

Q. What are the facilities provided at IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad is 102 acres campus with every facility available for the ease of students as well as faculties. The facilities provided are Academic Blocks, High-tech Administrative Blocks, Auditoriums, Libraries, Dormitories & Flats, Faculty Housing, Outdoor Sports, Indoor Sports, Gym and Yoga Rooms, Cafeteria & Mess, Dispensary & Pharmacy, ATM, Post Office, Courier Services, Solar Power Plant, Solid Waste Management, Rainwater Harvesting, Nursery, Elevators, Ramps and many more.

Q. How can I directly contact IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad contact details

  • Phone No.: 079-2630 8357/ 71523456 
  • Official website: