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IIM Ranchi: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, Admissions, Courses, Fees, Placements, Cut Off, Ranking 2024

  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 15

Saurav Anand

IIM Ranchi

Are you looking for an IIM that considers its candidate's potential to grow and develop? IIM Ranchi can prove itself to be an ideal destination for this purpose.  Ranchi has a very pleasant climate. The refreshing topography of its hills provides an ideal environment for students. IIM Ranchi was founded in the year 2009 and it was the 9th IIM established. With the support of The government of India, the Ministry of Education, and IIM Calcutta, it was built. 

The logo of IIM Ranchi shows a forwarding crow and tells various key features of the Institution. The crow is the epitome of a community living, caring, and sharing. These are the guiding principles of IIM Ranchi. In some cultures, it is believed that crows are knowledge keepers. Nothing escapes a crow's eyes. A top-tier trait is that crows are very adaptable and can survive in most fierce environments. 

The institution has identified the void that exists in management education. IIM Ranchi seeks to deliver effective and efficient to the industry. These managers strive to find ways for the prosperity of organizations. IIM Ranchi seeks to bridge the gap between what is taught and what is required in management education. 

Multinational companies are demanding skilled and qualified management resources. These companies look for somebody who can handle the diverse needs of a company and its people.  And be in tune with the customs of a complex society like India. 

The management program makes its participants conscious of the needs of the society. And also encourages them to be an active participant in it. The necessary adequate of a manager is installed in its participants. Participants of IIM Ranchi's management program are equipped with the necessary values of management. They are aware of the guiding principles for creating and maintaining a brand's image. 

The modern era is driven by technology. The education offered at IIM Ranchi has preserved the essence of classroom teaching. Institutions educate their participants to identify the opportunities present in the modern age.  It encourages its participants to engage in communication, networking, and collaborative activities.

The Khelgaon at Ranchi serves to be the state-of-the-art sports complex. It provides co-curricular opportunities to the IIM Ranchi program. This multi-sports complex is a host to a variety of sports, competitions, and events. The students are encouraged to participate in these sports events. Participants can become active in the sports community. Boost their team spirit, and inculcate coordination through sports. 

 The programs at IIM Ranchi are inclusive of contextual information and knowledge. Programs are designed in a manner to enhance the participant's critical thinking and problem-solving. IIM Ranchi has the vision of producing world-class managers capable of handling tough situations and leaders who can guide an organization and its members toward prosperity. 

 IIM Ranchi offers a two-year MBA in General Management, which is its flagship program. The institution has realized the demand for skilled and educated Human resource personnel; the MBA-HR at IIM Ranchi offers a sophisticated course for the training and education of its candidates to fulfill the requirement of Human Resources by the firms. Along with the FPM, IIM Ranchi offers a fellow program that is funded by the government. 

The participants of the IIM Ranchi program are exposed to problem-solving activities and questions to push the problem-solving capabilities of a candidate. This B-school provides the opportunity for its students to acquire experience in real-life projects relevant to their course. IIM Ranchi offers relevant industry experience to its participants. 

IIM Ranchi Aim

  • Producing creative and efficient managers for enhanced performance and productivity of the industries and firms in the economy. 
  • Shaping the aspiring participants and transforming them into leaders.
  • IIM Ranchi seeks to equip its participants to develop the necessary skills that will assist them in their growth and have an uplifting influence on the organization and society. 
  • The institute strives to inculcate the right morals and values in its candidates. It ensures that the participant is conscious of the right attitude to be adapted for work efficiency. 
  • The problem-solving activities and management training boost the participant’s potential, making them capable of managing or handling a tough situation. 

In the business world, forming connections, maintaining associations, and keeping the network of sources in check go a long way. IIM Ranchi encourages communication and group activities among its participants to build the necessary skills for building relations. 

IIM Ranchi pays keen interest in cultivating team spirit among its participants. The institution embeds in its participants the importance of group effort. The participants are encouraged to participate in standard competitions on all platforms. The participants engage in a diversity of group activities and get in tune with working in coordination with team members. 

IIM Ranchi makes efforts to prepare teaching methods for courses that are optimized with emerging techniques and trends. The carefully designed curriculum of IIM Ranchi, its values-oriented approach, and its contemplative learning environment assist IIM Ranchi in fulfilling these objectives. The goal of IIM Ranchi is to transform its participants' capability to face challenges and come up with an objective approach to an issue or problem. 

IIM Ranchi aspires to produce efficient leaders who are grounded and humble. The participants are made conscious of the importance of excellence, instead of fixating on achievements. The competent faculty at IIM Ranchi in association with the bright students address the major elements functioning in the operation of a firm or a business. 

It is claimed by the IIM Ranchi that the institute is blessed with a vast pool of qualified academicians and sharp minds. IIM Ranchi seeks to offer an all-around development to the participants of IIM Ranchi courses. The programs at IIM Ranchi are equipped with a host of clubs, committees, and special interest groups engaging in versatile activities round-year. 

IIM Ranchi experiences a humid subtropical climate. The topography is rich with greenery and the air quality is fairly good. Ranchi is popularly known for its pleasant climatic conditions. These features of IIM Ranchi contribute greatly to providing an appropriate environment not only for contemplative learning but also for growth. 

The Institute’s most omnipresent feature is that every participant is hostile to each other. The aggression level of participants at IIM Ranchi is minimal, and there is an essence of positive aspirations radiating among its participants. 

IIM Ranchi has two core objectives:

  • To educate and support its participants in transforming into leaders who can contribute immensely as professional entrepreneurs, managers, and stewards of emerging or existing enterprises in the social, private, and public sectors. 
  • To engage in research, consultancy, publication, and advisory world to embark on new ideas and innovative techniques provided through leadership in management theory and practice.

IIM Ranchi is committed to supporting excellence in management, education, and research for enhanced performance resulting in a positive impact on people, organizations, and society as a whole. 

IIM Ranchi Highlights

Acronym Events 
Founded on December 15th, 2009
Began ClassesJuly 6th, 2010
NIRF Rank15
Campus size90.14 acres
Type of coursesPG, Doctoral
Admission CriteriaCAT/GATE/GRE/GMAT and NET-JRF (UGC/CSIR)
No. of international partnerships12
Tuition FeeINR 15,10,000
Total SeatsPGDM- 120     PGH-HRM - 60 
CAT Registration 2nd  August - 20th  September 

Courses at IIM Ranchi

Courses at IIM Ranchi offer a good range of management and doctoral programs. There are specialized courses at IIM Ranchi designed to serve specific sectors of contemporary private, public, and other corporate companies. The participants of programs accessible through Courses at IIM Ranchi will be exposed to the management techniques and methodologies, and how to use them efficiently for the best possible results.  

The courses at IIM Ranchi offer excellent management education, training, and research, utilizing contemporary participant-centric pedagogies and teaching methods. Classes at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi address contemporary management practices and encourage the participants to expand the boundaries of their capabilities.  

Along with the MBA courses IIM Ranchi offers several other specialized courses which are designed to cater to the contemporary needs of students to become successful leaders and excellent managers.

The following courses are elaborated in brief: 

  • PGP at IIM Ranchi
  • MBA-HR at IIM Ranchi
  • MBA-Business Analytics at IIM Ranchi
  • IPM at IIM Ranchi 

PGP at IIM Ranchi

The PGP at IIM Ranchi is a full-time residential program with an MBA degree to its participants. The participants of this program are selected through a rigorous process, which includes an admission test, and written active ability test, and a personal interview. At present, there are 185 students admitted to this program. The PGP at IIM Ranchi is a carefully designed program based on the inputs divine by stakeholders students industrial experts and faculty.

The key features of PGP at IIM Ranchi are that it is conscious of its candidates to learn and apply the key concepts and analytical tools that are taught in the program. In addition to this, the program also provides the opportunity for the students to develop their communication, interpersonal relationships, networking skills leadership qualities.

In the contemporary fast-growing and developing world it is necessary to be equipped with modern techniques and methods to remain competitive in the global economy. IIM Ranchi equipped a student with the requisite knowledge and skills required for paying leadership roles in the manufacturing and service sector of India and abroad leadership role

The PGP at IIM Ranchi is a two-year program, divided into six trimesters, with a summer project in between.  The course is reviewed and optimized annually so that it remains effective and relevant. At present first-year students are exposed to basic concepts of principles in the areas of Marketing Management, economics, information systems, accounting and finance, human resource management, and organizational behavior along with strategic management. 

The second year of the program offers specialized learning. The participants get to choose the courses of their interest in the second year.  Students who want to develop a deeper understanding of any of the subjects can choose the paper of their interest.

MBA-HR at IIM Ranchi

This program is designed to inculcate human behavior that will have an influence overall functioning of an organization or a firm. For the overall well-being of its participants and the organization. The MBA-HR integrate business schedule with strong ethical and social concern. This program injects strong ethical and social concerns into its participants.  

The industry and the contemporary business world have witnessed a hike in demand for these excellent managers of human resource management. The participant of MBA-HRM becomes capable of identifying communication lapses, and operational threats and coming up with relevant solutions for the problems.  

The objective of the MBA-HRM course is simple, to produce HR professionals that will immensely contribute to the growth and prosperity of the organization they operate in. The participants are trained to cooperate with various levels of management and operations in the hierarchy of the organization. 

The objectives of PGP-HRM at IIM Ranch are mentioned in brief below:

  • It assists its participants in understanding the business of any given organization and the various factors active in its functioning 
  • It helps its participants in understanding the connection between the business and its human resource 
  • it assists its participants he understanding the role of HR and the importance of building an image that is not only accepted but also respected.
  • it helps it is participants to grasp the value of being credible by an organization and guides them to be capable of being in that position.
  • It helps the participant to understand the mindset of its employees, and how to address their aspirations for the mutual benefit of the employees and the organization. 
  • how to analyze and implement on test strategy developed in the organization and achieve the organizational goals and objectives. 

MBA-Business Analytics at IIM Ranchi

MBA-Business Analytics at IIM Ranchi is a two-year full-time residential program that aims to prepare a student for careers that utilize and manage modern data science to come up with solutions for critical business challenges.  With the growing importance of business analytics, the demand for such talents who can analyze data is greater than ever. The institution seeks to produce excellent HR for the optimum performance of these public, private, and socio-economic organizations. 

The MBA-Business Analytics at IIM Ranchi exposes its participants to the study of business models, identifies internal and external threats to the business, and plays a leading role in this continuously evolving field. 

The program is revised,  updated, and modified yearly so that the program remains relevant and effective. MBA-Business Analytics at IIM Ranchi enables its participants to define business and other real-life problems, take the help of the techniques and tools of data analysis to identify patterns, develop insights, and form strategies through making effective and efficient management decisions. The MBA-Business Analytics core feature is to make its participants aware of management disciplines and provide an in-depth understanding of DATA science. 

Objectives of IIM Ranchi

Sharpen the participant's skills and understanding to think critically and identify important happenings in a business organization through rigorous data analytics. Acquiring this skill can tremendously influence the survival and growth of any organization or firm. 

Equip the participants with emerging technologies and assist them in practicing the next-generation analytics for complex data analysis. The business world is fast growing and developing, and acquiring these skills is not only beneficial but can give a manager an upper hand in the fierce competition in the business arena. 

Inculcate the understanding and skills necessary for making sound decisions. Through the power of data analytics, identifying pivotal happenings and becoming an effective manager. 

Offering the academic research of management theories and techniques, thesis, and other research papers by the professors, faculty, and students for in-depth study and management-related research purposes or knowledge pursuits. 

IPM at IIM Ranchi 

The IPM at IIM Ranchi is a five-year full-time program. The program offers two degrees, one bachelor's and another master's. The Fee for IPM is also divided into two segments, one for the first three years of a bachelor's and another for two years of a master's. 

The IPM At IIM Ranchi is a multidisciplinary foundation, inclusive of social science, humanities, arts, and science. This program’s diversity of business and management offers a strong basis to the participants at its core. The subjects in IPM cover management, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, information, data analysis, and strategic management. Hence, the IPM at IIM Ranchi exposes its candidates to a diversity of factors that play a crucial role in the operation of a business, society, and the economy as a whole.  

The program enrolls its participants in a series of activities like lectures, classroom discussions, case analysis, experimental lessons, simulations, group projects, internships, and mentorships, creating a learning environment that is active and immersive. The IPM at IIM Ranchi offers life-skill courses that focus on their participants' development as professionally and socially responsible individuals. 

The IPM is designed for the young student.  Students who have just passed their standard 12th exam sit for the IPMAT exam. The IPM is the most convenient and beneficial way of enrolling in business administrative courses. The admission in this course is done based on IPMAT exam scores and student's performance in Standard 10th and 12th. During the first three years of the IPM Program, the participants' capabilities are sharpened by strengthening their base on familiarity with management theories and principles. The participants are made conscious of the important elements that play crucial roles in the operation of the business. 

 The participants of IPM at IIM Ranchi can show remarkable skills during their master's years at the IPM as they are already equipped with the basics of management principles and techniques. For any young student aspiring to be a successful manager or a leader the IPM could be the most convenient option for pursuing higher education.

The fee for the courses at IIM Indore is given below along with the Eligibility Criteria:

CoursesTotal Tuition FeesEligibility
MBA/PGDM(4 courses)   14.9 L - 15.5 L        10+2: 60 %Graduation: 50-60 %
BBA(1 course)    15.5 LCAT+IPMAT+1 More         10+2: 60 %

IIM Ranchi Admission

The IIM Ranchi admission process starts with filling out the CAT application form available online. However, the application remains incomplete until official IIM Ranchi admission entrance test scores are submitted. The application fee (non-refundable) is INR 2,300 for the general and INR 1,150 for the reserved category.

A total of 100,716 candidates from the general category were selected IIM Ranchi as their CAT preference, of which 8998 were shortlisted by the institution for interview and 2210 received the final offer.

The admission criteria of IIM Ranchi for all three of its 2-year full-time programs are defined by the Common Admission Process (CAP). IIM Ranchi has assigned 40% weight to the CAT exam and the rest 60% of the weight is held by other components of evaluating a candidate namely Academics, Diversity, work experience, and performance in PI-WAT.

The candidates for IIM Ranchi admission participate in the Common Admission Process (CAP) which is a common personal interview and written ability test round for the nine participating new and baby IIMs. IIM Ranchi admission is granted on the basis of the candidate’s performance in the CAP round and other components like CAT exam scores, work experience, and academic and diversity factors. The final merit list is prepared on the basis of these by IIM Ranchi for its admission process. 

In order to be eligible for applying at IIM Ranchi, the candidate should have passed the secondary(10th) and senior secondary(12th) exams with a minimum of 60% marks (55% for reserved class) or more. The percentage of marks of the candidates will be calculated in standard 10th and 12th and will be based on the board’s regulations. If no specification is forwarded by the concerned board, then the aggregate marks of all the subjects mentioned in the grade sheet are considered for calculating the passing percentile. There is no age limit for applying for IIM Ranchi Admission. 

Brief Information on IIM Ranchi Admission is given in the table below:

IIM Ranchi ParticularsDetails
Application ProcessInterested candidates must fill out the CAT application form and apply to IIM Ranchi on the same condition.
CAT ExamThe applicants will have to appear for the CAT Exam.
The shortlist for PIThe applicants will be shortlisted for PI based on the CAT cut-off.
PI Process through CAPThe personal interview will be conducted virtually through CAP.
Final SelectionThe final selection of the candidates will be done based on the CAT score, PI score, and profile of the candidate.

Important Highlights for IIM Ranchi Admission are Mentioned Below. 

  • Overall CAT exam cut off has been reduced to 92 percentile for the shortlisting process.
  • The sectional cut off is reduced to 70 percentile for the shortlisting process. 
  • In the final selection process 40% of the weight is awarded to the CAT exam scores
  • IIM Ranchi will continue to utilize the Common Admission Process (CAP), conducted for the new IIMs for its final selection process. 
  • Depending on the Covid status or any hike in Covid cases, the Written Ability Test may not be conducted in the CAP Round for IIM Ranchi Admission
  • 30% of weightage in IIM Ranchi admission goes to the candidates’ profile in generating the final merit list
  • IIM Ranchi reserves the right to change CAT exam Cut off criteria after considering the meeting with the CAP IIMs’ directors. 

Some important dates related to IIM Ranchi admission are given below:

CAT 2023 Registration StartsAugust 02, 2023 
CAT 2023 Registration ClosesSeptember 13, 2023
CAT Admit Card ReleaseOctober 25, 2023
CAT 2023 ExamNovember 26, 2023
Last date for CAP ApplicationJanuary 22, 2024 (Tentative)
CAP PI Week 1February 13 - 18, 2023 (Tentative)
CAP PI Week 2February 20 - 25, 2024 (Tentative)
CAP PI Week 3February 27 - March 4, 2024 (Tentative)
Submission of Confirmation of InterestMarch, 2024
Final Admission OfferMay 10, 2024 (Tentative)
Session CommencementJuly, 2023

After the personal interview process for IIM Ranchi admission is completed, admission at IIM Ranchi is offered after evaluating the candidate by Consolidated Merit List (CML), which is prepared on the basis of the CAT exam scores, PI Score, and candidates’ profile.

In the final selection round, only 40% of the weight is assigned to the CAT exam. 30% weight is allotted to the PI score and the rest 30% is allotted to the candidate’s profile.

Distribution of Marks in the final round of IIM Ranchi Admission is given in the table below:

CAT Exam Scores40%
PI Score30%

The profile of the candidate is evaluated for IIM Ranchi Admission following the methodology given below:

ProfileOut of 30 Marks
Academic Profile13
Work Experience7
Academic Diversity5
Gender Diversity5

Marks allotted to a candidate for IIM Ranchi Admission on the basis of work experience are given below.

Duration of Work ExperienceMarks
Up-to 12 Months0
13 to 18 Months5
19 to 24 Months6
25 to 30 Months7
31 to 36 Months4
37 to 42 Months3
43 to 481
Greater than 48 Months0

IIM Ranchi Fees

After the candidate has accepted the offer of IIM Ranchi admission, a fee if INR 1,00,000/- is to be deposited. This amount will be adjusted against the 1st term fee. The tuition fee for the first term is inclusive of the amount paid as admission and tuition fees.

IIM Ranchi fee for the mess facility to be given for the duration of each term is INR 15,000/-

The admission fee of INR 1,00,000 has to be paid online and the balance of the first term fee of Rs 1,80,000/- plus the first term mess expenses of INR 15,000/- total of which is amounting to Rs. 1,95,000/- is to be paid before the date of registration, that is to be communicated by the PGP Office.

IIM Ranchi fees include a caution deposit of INR 10,000 that is refundable at the time of leaving the institute subject to the adjustment, if any.

The term-wise amount mentioned in the table below is payable at the beginning of each term.

IIM Ranchi Fee for MBA and MBA-HR Program

Particulars1st Term2nd Term3rd Term4th Term5th Term6th TermTotal
Admission fee1,00,000     1,00,000
Tuition fee85,0001,85,0001,85,0001,85,0001,85,0001,85,00010,10,000
Course Material24,00024,00024,00024,00024,00024,0001,44,000
Computer Charges20,00020,00020,00020,00020,00020,0001,20,000
Library Fee12,00012,00012,00012,00012,00012,00072,000
Room Rent9,0009,0009,0009,0009,0009,00054,000
Caution Deposit10,000--------  --10,000
Alumni Fee10,000--------  --10,000
Student Activities10,000--------  --10,000

IIM Ranchi Cut off

There are several factors which play important role in determining IIM Ranchi Cut off. Some prominent factors of the IIM Ranchi cut off are given below.

  • The number of candidates appearing in the CAT Exam in that year.
  • Total number of candidates qualifying for the CAT exam.
  • Total number of seats
  • Level of difficulty of the CAT exam.
  • Reservation criteria (generally remain unchanged)
  • Trends of the previous year cut off

All the above-mentioned factors are considered by the institution for preparing IIM Ranchi Cut off criteria. 

The last date of registration for the CAT exam, which is a prerequisite for IIM Ranchi admission has been extended to September 20th,2023. IIM Ranchi admission to the MBA course is done on the basis of the CAT exam scores, followed by a personal interview round. As mentioned by the Common Admission Process (CAP), the qualifying CAT exam Cut Off for batch 2023-25 is expected to be 93% for the general category students. For information regarding other categories please refer to the table below.

For IIM Ranchi admission 2024, the total CAT exam cut off will be higher than the sectional CAT exam cut off. The CAT exam comprises three sections: Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC). The aspiring candidate must aim to meet the CAT Cut off criteria first. The qualifying CAT exam cut off in 2022 stood at 90% for general students.

The CAT exam is one of the most competitive exams conducted in the country. The participant aspiring to pursue their higher education from top B-schools in the country might have to invest their time and energy in focused preparation for cracking the CAT Exam. 

IIM Ranchi cut off for the CAT exam section-wise for respective categories is given below.

CategoryQuantitative Aptitude (QA)Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)Verbal & ReadingComprehension (VRC)

Estimated CAT Exam Cut off for IIM Ranchi Admission is given in the table below:

CategoryEstimated CAT 2023 Qualifying Cutoff
General/ EWS93

Note: The data mentioned above is not the actual CAT 2023 Qualifying Cutoff. It is the estimated data based on the previous year's qualifying cutoff. The actual data might be on the higher side than this for 2023 based on the factors responsible for the CAT exam cut off.

The CAT exam cut off for IIM Ranchi admission in the year 2021 is given below.

CategoryQADILRVARCTotal (Overall)

IIM Ranchi Facilities

IIM Ranchi offers a refreshing environment for contemplative studying. The campus is situated in the midst of the rich flora and fauna in Jharkhand. Jharkhand is popularly known for its moderately cool environment, and the city receives rainfall for most part of the year. The hostel offered by IIM Indore facilities is situated on the outskirts of the city in a soothing and serene location.

IIM Ranchi offers a variety of facilities which makes the experience of life on campus pleasant and engaging for the participants. The Institute encourages sports and other co-curricular activities. Khelgaon is a state-of-the-art sports complex with an arena of sports facilities the access of which can be acquired after enrolling into the membership. The sports complex is also equipped with a fascinating art museum.  Other IIM Ranchi facilities include classrooms, a library, a play arena, an auditorium, an IT department, a gym, and many more.

The housing of IIM Ranchi facilities consists of a mix of three and four-bedroom shared rooms that are fully furnished. Proper consideration is given to the hygiene of these hostels, cleaners are active within these hostel blocks to maintain the hygiene standards of IIM Ranchi. IIM Ranchi Facilities offers separate hostels for boys and girls. The cafeteria and snack bar offer 24X7 services so the participants of IIM Ranchi do not have to worry about food supplies. IIM Ranchi facilities give serious attention to the nutrition of its participants. You know what they say “A well-fed bunch of crows can be troublesome for an eagle”.

The day-to-day facilities include access to Wi-Fi along with access to its sophisticated collection of e-books in the IIM Ranchi e-library. The Library at IIM Ranchi is frequently updated with the latest books and magazines. The Library has subscribed to a variety of newspapers and journals in multiple languages. IIM Ranchi facilities are equipped with a medical room that is hospitable towards all its participants in offering medical aid to any participant in need of medical assistance.

Lists of IIM Ranchi facilities are mentioned in brief below:

  • Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi
  • Girls Hostel at IIM Ranchi
  • Classrooms at IIM Ranchi
  • Gym at IIM Ranchi
  • Library at IIM Ranchi
  • Sports at IIM Ranchi
  • IT at IIM Ranchi
  • The cafeteria at IIM Ranchi

Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi

The hostel accommodation for students is available as IIM Ranch facilities at the Residential Block of the Sports Village, which also goes by the name Khelgaon. The Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi is located at the Sports Village which has a huge area designed beautifully into various locks. A map of the arena is flagged at several places inside the periphery of Khelgaon. The infrastructure of this sports village has become a domestic tourist attraction and some exciting events and shows take place in its huge multi-purpose hall on a yearly basis.

The hostels are situated within this beautiful infrastructure. So residence for the Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi is a potential flex for its participants. The rooms offered as IIM Ranchi facilities are equipped with three and four bedrooms that are fully furnished. The hygiene is up to the standards of this reputed infrastructure. Canteen facilities and snack counters are available for services around the clock.

IIM Ranchi Hostel fees total to INR 60,000 per year.

Girls Hostel at IIM Ranchi

The Girls' hostel at IIM Ranchi is separate from the boy's hostel. The shared flats are equipped with flats, each with three or four beds. In addition to the bedrooms, these flats each have a common room and a well-furnished kitchen. The hostel rooms are visited daily by the housekeeping staff. No male faculty or staff enters the Girls' hostel block.

The entire area of the Sports village is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. The girls’ hostel at IIM Ranchi has the security service of Khelgaon at its disposal. The security is active 24X7, they are present at various places and corners of the Khelgaon Ranchi’s Infrastructure.  

Classrooms at IIM Ranchi

The classrooms at IIM Ranchi facilitate contemplative teaching to its participants. The aesthetically designed classrooms are equipped with modern teaching tools. In addition to air-conditioners to have full climate control in the classrooms at the academic block at IIM Ranchi, computers, speakers, projectors and aesthetic lighting facilitate the participants in having a conductive learning experience.

The participants of IIM Ranchi address major social and economic concerns. These teaching aids facilitate in presenting the concepts of management and in visualizing the methods and principles being taught in the IIM Ranchi Courses.

Gym at IIM Ranchi

The common Room of IIM Ranchi is a place where students can participate in informal meetings, relax, and entertain themselves with games in not one but two game rooms. The place also enclosed a Fitness center which serves the function of the gym at IIM Ranchi.

The equipment at the gym of IIM Ranchi is sufficient for fitness workouts and exercises.  The participants will also have access to the canteen for about 20 hours a day, it also offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and a protein-rich diet. The candidates who are health cautious need not worry about the facilities at IIM Ranchi to be meager in any way in meeting their needs. 

Library at IIM Ranchi

The “Athenaeum-The Learning Resource Centre” serves the purpose of the Library at IIM Ranchi. The Athenaeum is a learning center that facilitates its participants for various academic, research, or knowledge-related pursuits. At present the library is equipped with 3,356 books, 22 print periodicals, 372 CD/DVDs, 36 e-resources (databases), around 17,000 e-journals, 22 print periodicals, above 43,00,000 e-books, and 17,00,000 + e-dissertations.

The library also offers online services to the participants of the IIM Ranchi program. The online library also offers a wide range of services for management-related research and study:

  • Electronic Resources       
  • E-Journals                        
  • E-Databases
  • E-Books
  • E-Dissertations
  • E- Newspapers and Magazines
  • Research Support

These IIM Ranchi facilities are available to its participants both on and off campus. The Online library at IIM Ranchi is fully automated with VTLS which is a Virtual Library Management Software.

The Institute maintains a digital repository to record, archive, preserve, and disseminate the intellectual outputs of its students, professors, or faculty. This department provides a backup for valuable research papers and theories by the participants of IIM Ranchi.

Sports at IIM Ranchi

The state-of-the-art complex of sports at IIM Ranchi offers the opportunity to have a wide range of co-curricular activities. The Khelgaon is equipped with separate stadiums for respective sports like football, volleyball, lawn tennis, basketball, badminton, swimming, and many or. The sports arena is a host for many sports events, both regional and national level games take place in Khelgaon Ranchi.

The students can utilize the perks of these premium IIM Ranchi facilities for co-curricular activities and go headway with their sports ambitions or skills. The Institute encourages its participants to participate in sports competitions conducted yearly. Sports activities are a great way of engaging in group activities cultivating team spirit and inculcating team coordination skills.

IT at IIM Ranchi

The Information Technology department of IIM Ranchi takes care of its computing and communication needs. There are five rack-mounted servers on the campus and three blade servers host various applications utilized by IIM Ranchi, including its sophisticated Academic Information system. To increase security and protection from any cyber breach, the institute has installed an Anti-Virus server for the protection of its academic servers.

Microsoft Windows Server license and Red Hat Linux Enterprise License are subscribed by the IIM Ranchi for deep study by the participants. An independent desktop networking system operates on the campus to facilitate instant data sharing and printing purposes, assisting its faculty and staff to complete their daily tasks. The single-mode fiber optics cable used for connection from the main office to hostel blocks acts as a network backbone for the institution.

A combination of the core switch is installed for switching networks and helps in managing the access of data and its distribution across the International Network Infrastructure. 

A combination of core switches and supporting Network switches helps to manage data access and distribution across the Internal Network infrastructure. A combination of LAN and WI-FI helps to provide 12X7 internet access in the entire campus. The NKN connectivity provides 1GBPS internet to its participants. IT at IIM Ranchi has a 40-user capacity computer lab the students can utilize to access all registered Academic Software owned by the institution along with the broadband facility for academic purposes. 

The Cafeteria at IIM Ranchi

The food requirement of participants of the IIM Ranchi program is met by the facilities of the cafeteria at IIM Ranchi. The Cafeteria at IIM Ranchi provides service for around 20 hours throughout the day. It offers food with an abundance of nutrition, providing a healthy diet to its consumers. The cafeteria at IIM Ranchi offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus to its participants.

IIM Ranchi caters to its participant’s nutrition through its cafeteria. In addition to the mainstream food items, it also offers snacks and juices. The hygiene of its kitchen is given precious attention by the institution. Any complaint or recommendation is given due consideration and it is even encouraged the participants to do so. The cafeteria is hospitable towards its participants in catering to their personalized needs. The items offered are flexible and the cook can add customization to an extent for a better experience for the participant.

Auditorium at IIM Ranchi

The auditorium at IIM Ranchi facilitates the students and faculty members for a variety of events and occasions. It is a go-to place for hosting seminars, workshops, speeches, guest meetings, and other such events. Equipped with modern-day presentation equipment the auditorium at IIM Ranchi is accessible to staff and students for managing and conducting all the events.

The auditorium is designed aesthetically and the beautiful lighting arrangements make it all the more preferable destination for hosting general events. The Auditorium is equipped with multiple ACs for having full temperature control. The sound systems are world-class and can even replace the need for a theater at IIM Ranchi.

Wi-Fi at IIM Ranchi

The institute is well known for its unique all-campus internet connectivity, even the hostels at IIM Indore have full Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi at IIM Ranchi gives 1GBPS internet speed to its users to facilitate them in management-related research purposes. A combination of the core switch is installed for switching networks and helps in managing the access of data and its distribution across the International Network Infrastructure. 

A combination of LAN and WI-FI helps to provide 12X7 internet access in the entire campus with the help of NKN connectivity assisting in giving 1GBPS internet to its participants.

Medical at IIM Ranchi

The medical room at IIM Ranchi is hospitable in catering to its participant’s medical needs. The Institute provides fast assistance to its participants in case of emergency. The staff at the Medical room are experienced and can look after a patient at the time of emergency. For general medical assistance, the staff in the medical room is sufficient to meet the medical needs of its participants.   

IIM Ranchi Placements

IIM Ranchi evidenced 100% placements in the year 2023. Around 124 top recruiters took part in the placement drive at IIM Ranchi and offered jobs to 399 students.

beings recognized as the next biggest economic hub. The city is attracting investors and big corporate bodies every year, it is holding one of the highest growth rates in GDP and job creation. Various national and multinational companies are being attracted to the capital of Jharkhand for setting up their companies. These companies look for qualified managers and human resource personnel to manage their outlets.

Participants of IIM Ranchi were offered the highest package of INR 67 LPA and an average package of INR 17.3 LPA. The median package of IIM Ranchi stood at INR 16.5 LPA. The MBA-BA and BA-HR batch of 69 students secured the highest package of INR 22.3 LPA and 32.2 LPA. The MBA-HR batch secured offers from 29 top recruiters while the MBA-BA batch of 35 students received offers from 25 Recruiters.

The highest stipend in the batch 2023 stood at INR 3.50 lakh offered at IIM Ranchi Summer internship. The average stipend and medium stipend stood at INR 1 lakh and 80K respectively.  

Details on IIM Ranchi Placements are given in the table below.

ParticularsIIM Ranchi Placements 2023IIM Ranchi Placements 2022
Number of Recruiters12477
Number of PPOs76-
Number of Students399253
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 15.50 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA-
Highest Package (Domestic)INR 35.5 LPAINR 32.21 LPA
Average PackageINR 17.3 LPAINR 16.17 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA-
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 15.50 LPA
Top 10% Average SalaryINR 30 LPAINR 25.16 LPA
Top 25% Average SalaryINR 24 LPAINR 22.02 LPA
Top RecruitersMicrosoft, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Capgemini, Deloitte, Genpact, L&TGoogle, Dell, Deloitte, Amazon, Wipro, Cognizant, Capgemini

Life at IIM Ranchi

Ranchi is known for various things to a wide range of people. The most prominent of all is that it is the hometown of the famous cricketer MS Dhoni. After that Asia’s largest mental hospital is situated in Ranchi. The hospital was set up right where the tropic of cancer crosses. Ranchi experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. Earlier it used to be a tourist attraction for its beautiful landscape filled with rich greenery and a dozen waterfalls around the outskirts. 

The Campus of IIM Ranchi is just as aesthetically built to preserve the essence of the lands of Jharkhand. The participants of IIM Ranchi savor the option of studying in a city where everything is available nearby. The distance from the station to the airport is hardly 4-5 km. Anything that you can need from food to gadgets can be found within a 2 km radius of the city. 

The statistics display that nearly eighteen percent of the national mineral resources are from Chotanagpur Valley, situated at an altitude of 2,150 feet above sea level. The location is picture-perfect with abundant hills, lush green valleys, and waterfalls. Its cool climate and historical importance make it a popular tourist destination.  

In recent years, the city has witnessed a tremendous transformation. A good number of industries from marketing, media, education, fashion, and healthcare have been set up. Ranchi is receiving significant investment and recognition from both government and businesses. 

Located in the southern part of the Chotanagpr plateau, Ranchi is rich with mesmerizing natural beauty and a picturesque environment. It offers several waterfalls and lakes. Since the city has a hilly topography, people at Ranchi enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year. In addition to these, the city is well connected with other metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai. 

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ranchi

Q. What is the CAT exam score for IIM Ranchi? 

Ans. CAT exam score for IIM Ranchi mentioned below:

IIMsCAT cut offs 2023 (percentile)
IIM Ranchi 94-95
IIM  Raipur94-95
IIM Rohtak92-94
IIM Tiruchirappalli94-95

Q. Is IIM Ranchi Worth it? 

Ans. IIM Ranchi has secured 24th rank in the NIRF. It has been considered in the list of premium institutions in the country offering MBA. So the answer to that question is yes, IIM Ranchi is worth it as an institution for MBA and MBA-HR courses. 

Q. What are the fees of IIM Ranchi?

 Ans. A list of courses and their fees for IIM Ranchi is given below.

MBA₹17.2 Lakhs (Total Fees)Graduation
EMBA₹12.7 Lakhs (Total Fees)Graduation
IPM₹33.5 Lakhs (Total Fees)10+2

Q. Can I get in IIM with 87% in CAT?

Ans. In CAT Exams, 85-95% is considered to be good. However, to have an edge in the competition 97-98% is the requirement. It is certainly very difficult but not next to impossible. There are more criteria for evaluation followed by the IIMs, but the CAT exam remains the foremost shortlisting criterion. 

Q. Which Is the Easiest IIM to Get Into? 

Ans. A list of IIMs and their CAT Exam cut off is given below:

Qualifying CAT Cutoffs 2021 (Percentile)Percentile
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A) Ahmedabad80%ile
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B) Bangalore85%ile
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C) Kolkata>=85%ile
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-K) Kozhikode85%ile

Q. Can an underprivileged study in IIM?

Ans. Yes, they can, given the requirements to be fulfilled of academic background, any aspiring candidate can study in IIM. Some numerous awards and scholarships offer financial assistance to its participants. Students also have the option of taking a student loan for their education which can be repaid after employment. 

Q. Which Baby IIM is the best?

Ans. A list of baby IIMs is given below:

IIM CollegeRanking BodyRanking
IIM Nagpur RankNIRF 202140
IIM Trichy RankNIRF 202117
IIM Amritsar Rank
Outlook-ICARE 2021
IIM Kashipur RankNIRF 202133