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IIM Ranchi: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi Placement Average Package, Highest Package, Top Recruiters

  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 15

Saurav Anand

IIM Ranchi Placements

The participants of IIM Ranchi placements benefit mutually from the placement process. The companies acquire skilled and qualified working personnel. And the students enjoy lucrative salary packages from notable companies. The highest international package offered during the IIM Ranchi placement MBA is INR 67.00 LPA.  The highest domestic package offered during IIM Ranchi placements MBA is INR 35.00 LPA. Some prominent companies in India have been a participant in IIM Ranchi placements.  Sony Pictures, Airtel, Adani Groups, Tata Steel, and The Times Group offer impressive CTCs. The top 10 percent of the students of IIM Ranchi placements HR were offered an average package of INR 25 LPA. Likewise, the average package offered to the top 10 percent of the students in IIM Ranchi Placements MBA was INR 30 LPA. And IIM Ranchi Placements BA programs were INR 21.30 LPA.

The top 25% of the students in IIM Ranchi Placements HR were offered an average Package of IMR 22.40 LPA. Likewise, the top 25% of the students in IIM Ranchi placements MBA were offered an average package of INR 24 LPA, being the highest. The top 25% in IIM Ranchi Placements BA were offered an average package of INR 20.30 LPA. In the Academic year of 2020, the highest package offered during IIM Ranchi placement was INR 59.36 LPA. There has been a significant rise in the number of companies approaching the Institute for hiring purposes. 

IIM Ranchi has come to the realization that a few companies seek to recruit from IIM Ranchi but are unable to visit the campus. Due to certain unavoidable reasons leading to this misfortune, the institute has initiated a Mobile Campus. During this IIM Ranchi Placement program, the companies interview the students through Video Calls and Skype chats. The students are analyzed by the companies in the offline mode. The companies evaluate the performance and potential of their candidates during this IIM Ranchi placement through Mobile Campus.  This program was designed considering the requests by the companies for accommodation in the IIM Ranchi Placements process.

This article by FormFees shares an overview of the IIM Ranchi Placements in recent years. The statistics given in this article present a clear idea of the promising opportunities that the institute has to offer. Highlights of IIM Ranchi placements during the year 2023 and 2022 are given in the following table for comparison.

Key Highlights of IIM Ranchi Placements of MBA Students in 2023 Compared with 2022:

ParticularsMBA Placement Statistics (2022)MBA Placement Statistics (2023)
Average packageINR 16.17 LPAINR 17.30 LPA
Batch size253399
Highest domestic packageINR 32.21 LPAINR 35.50 LPA
Highest international packageNAINR 67.00 LPA
Median packageINR 15.50 LPAINR 16.50 LPA
Number of PPOsNA76
Number of recruiters77124

IIM Ranchi is one of the most renowned IIMs among various companies and industries for placement endeavors. Ranchi has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of infrastructure and services in recent years. A number of multinational companies have set up their outlets in Ranchi. The city is becoming a central market of the entire state. To assist this fast pace of growth, these companies look for qualified and skilled professionals to manage their day-to-day operations. The IIM Ranchi serves the requirements of these national and multinational industries through the training and education of IIM Ranchi participants.

Compared to the academic year of 2023, the previous year of placements witnessed a growth of 7% in the packages offered to the MBA participants. Not only this, but 2023 witnessed a rise of 61% in the number of companies that had visited the campus of IIM Ranchi for placements. These statistical conclusions are evidence of the fact that IIM Ranchi has witnessed huge growth in recent years. The prospect of growth for IIM Ranchi Participants is promising.

The highest and average stipend offered to the MBA students of IIM Ranchi during the summer placements for the 2021-23 batch stood at INR 3,50,000 and INR 1,00,193 respectively. In addition to it, 165 companies visited the IIM Ranchi campus to recruit MBA students for summer placements.  The data shows the growth of IIM Ranchi and gives an idea of its potential in the future. 

During the summer internship of the previous academic year, the highest stipend offered to the IIM Ranchi MBA participants amounted to INR 3.60 LPA. The MBA students acquire more than this generous stipend during the summer internship program. The experience of working in a company makes the participant more familiar with the requirements of the industry. Contemporary corporate trends are instilled in the participant during the summer internship period. The average stipend offered to the participants of the MBA Program during the IIM Ranchi summer internship 2023 was INR 1 LPA.

The average stipend offered to the top 10% of MBA and MBA-HR participants of the IIM Ranchi summer internship was INR 2.54 LPA and INR 2.43 LPA respectively. The extent to which the companies are hospitable and generous towards the students during IIM Ranchi Placements is clear from these statistics. The reason behind this could be the pleasant nature that the students of IIM Ranchi maintain during their working period. The students of IIM Ranchi continue to maintain their calm and collected self which they have put together in their journey on the campus of IIM Ranchi.

The institute operates at a prime level in terms of relevancy. The institute strives to meet the needs of the companies and industries in order to boost the productivity of the nation. But in addition to it, IIM Ranchi also caters to the needs of its students. The students of IIM Ranchi benefit greatly from the IIM Ranchi Facilities. The campus of IIM Ranchi offers its participants a state-of-the-art sports complex that facilitates the health and fitness of its participants. Also, the residence of IIM Ranchi which is located in Khelgaon also offers various management opportunities to aspiring managers. The Research centre facilitates in intellectual pursuits of students and faculties alike. These factors contribute to shaping the overall personality and skills of its participants. 

Studying the previous trends of IIM Ranchi Placements normalized statistics of the IIM Ranchi Placements have been evaluated. A wide range of companies from a variety of sectors come to IIM Ranchi to offer IIM Ranchi Placements to its participants. According to the Normalized statistics, students falling under the top 10 percentile group are offered an average IIM Ranchi package of INR 33.60 LPA. Students falling under the top 25 percentile group are offered IIM Ranchi placement packages up to INR 26.20 LPA.

The table below shows normalized IIM Ranchi placement statistics of MBA students in 2023 under a hypothetical situation where the batch strength doesn’t exceed 250.

ParticularsMBA Normalized Placement Statistics 2023
Batch size250
Highest packageINR 67.00 LPA
Median packageINR 18.00 LPA
Average packageINR 19.40 LPA
Top 10 percentile packageINR 33.60 LPA
Top 25 percentile packageINR 26.20 LPA

Note:  The objective of calculating the table given above is to present a comparative estimation of IIM Ranchi placements. The companies that participate in the placement process chronically have been considered only. This hypothetical data is expected to be close to accurate for the upcoming IIM Ranchi placement process. 

IIM Ranchi Placements Package

Being one of the nine members of now IIMs, IIM Ranchi placements are among the best. The companies seeking to recruit from this renowned institution visit the campus yearly. These companies are among the most notable national and multinational companies operating in India that offer impressive IIM Ranchi Placement Package. As mentioned earlier, Ranchi has witnessed a tremendous growth in the recent years. Various companies have set up their outlets and showrooms that maintain very high working standards. These companies need qualified and skilled personnel to handle and manage the daily work of their outlets.

The various departments work in cooperation for the overall growth and prosperity of the company or an organization. Departments like Human Resources, Strategy making, Marketing, Advertising, Data Analytics, and Public Relations require well-qualified personnel. Obviously, experience goes a long way, but the students of IIM Ranchi have a good hold on the ground. Not only do the IIM Ranchi courses offer an in-depth study of these fields but also instill a clear idea of how all these various sectors cooperate for mutual prosperity through the IIM Ranchi placement package. 

Due to some unfortunate reasons, companies that are not able to visit the IIM Ranchi Campus take the help of Mobile Placements. This is a new initiative by the institution to facilitate the companies in offering IIM Ranchi Placement packages. 

The average IIM Ranchi Placement package offered by these notable companies that visit the IIM Ranchi Campus is given in the table below

CourseIIM Ranchi Placements 2023 (Average)

The students who perform well in the academic year are preferred by the companies offering the highest IIM Ranchi Placement Package. The candidates ranking under the top 10 percentile from MBA, MBA-BA, and MBA-HR courses are offered higher IIM Ranchi placement packages as compared to the students ranking under the top 25%. The competition for securing the top 10% rank in IIM Ranchi is fierce. This competition itself is what motivates the participants to push their limits and expand the boundaries of their capabilities.

The table mentioned below gives a clear depiction of the Average IIM Ranchi placement package offered to students from different departments that fall under two categories based on their ranking.

ParticularsAverage Package (2023)
MBA BA top 10 percentile average packageINR 21.60 LPA
MBA BA top 25 percentile average packageINR 20.30 LPA
MBA HR top 10 percentile average packageINR 25.60 LPA
MBA HR top 25 percentile average packageINR 22.40 LPA
MBA top 10 percentile average packageINR 30.00 LPA
MBA top 25 percentile average packageINR 24.00 LPA

Due to some events that took place during the pandemic period, several companies could not visit the campus of IIM Ranchi. The classified B-school has initiated the mobile placement program to assist in the process of allotting the IIM Ranchi Placement Package. The statistics of the IIM Ranchi Placement Package have shown a considerable amount of growth in recent years. The Average package has evidenced significant growth at IIM Ranchi Placement Package.

The top placements package offered varies from year to year, but the average IIM Ranchi Placement Package has shown consistent growth through the years as stated in the table below:

CourseAverage Package (2021)Average Package (2022)Average Package (2023)
MBAINR 14.69 LPAINR 16.17 LPAINR 17.30 LPA

IIM Ranchi Placements Course-Wise

The courses offered at IIM Ranchi are inclusive of the overall aspects of working together in a company or an institution. The syllabuses of these courses are relatively similar but the core subject to the discussion varies from course to course. The IIM Ranchi Placement package of each of these courses also varies only a little from each other. This article by FormFees presents the statistics of various industries and a wide range of fields that offer the IIM Ranchi Placement Package. The table given below presents data related to the number of recruiters that visit the campus, the number of students that are recruited, the Highest and median IIM Ranchi Placement package, and the international and national domestic package. Every crucial detail related to the IIM Ranchi Placement package offered to the students of different courses offered at IIM Ranchi is given in the table below

Average PackageINR 17.3 LPAINR 16.3 LPAINR 16.4 LPA
Highest Package (Domestic)INR 35.5 LPAINR 32.2 LPAINR 22.3 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA--
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 16 LPAINR 16 LPA
Number of PPOs76136
Number of Recruiters1242925
Number of Students3996935
Top 10% Average SalaryINR 30 LPAINR 25.6 LPAINR 21.6 LPA
Top 25% Average SalaryINR 24 LPAINR 22.4 LPAINR 20.3 LPA

IIM Ranchi Summer Internship Placements

Summer internships are mandatory for every student MBA student of IIM Ranchi to enroll in. This summer internship program is a part of the IIM Ranchi curriculum. Students benefit greatly from the experience of working in a company. The IIM Ranchi Summer Internship program exposes its participants to contemporary working trends. This enlightens a student on the needs of the industry and the areas where their skills can be utilized for the best result. The students get a better idea of where they need to work on themselves to be eligible to acquire a high post and be a recipient of IIM Ranchi Summer Internship placements.

After the duration of this IIM Ranchi Summer internship, the students from different courses are allotted internship opportunities. The IIM Ranchi placement committee facilitates the IIM Ranchi Summer Internship Placements. The students from different courses have the flexibility of selecting the specific area for their internship. This way the students get expertise in the area they want to be the leaders in.

The following table presents statistics related to IIM Ranchi Summer Internship Placements of IIM Ranchi Courses:

Number of Recruiters1652736
Number of Students3993569
Highest StipendINR 3.50 LakhsINR 2.43 LakhsINR 2.84 Lakhs
Average StipendINR 1 LakhsINR 92 KINR 1.21 Lakhs
Median StipendINR 80 KINR 77 KINR 1.20 Lakhs
Top 10% Average StipendINR 2.54 LakhsINR 2.17 LakhsINR 2.43 Lakhs
Top 25% Average StipendINR 1.93 LakhsINR 1.80 LakhsINR 2.04 Lakhs

IIM Ranchi Placements Committee

Participants of the IIM Ranchi Program have the facility to present their IIM Ranchi Placement-related queries to a committee especially designed to manage it. The IIM Ranchi Placement Committee was designed to facilitate the students in having a defined target or goal during their academic year. Dr.Varun Elembiassery is the Chairperson of this placement committee. The honorable is an Assistant Professor in the HR department of IIM Ranchi. Dr.Varun is a dedicated personality with remarkable admiration for the ambitions of the students of IIM Ranchi. Students of IIM Ranchi are eligible to contact Dr.Varun Elembilasser by mailing him at However, students are requested to associate with the IIM Ranchi placement committee first for queries related to IIM Ranchi Placement. The doctor is there to give his sophisticated guidance at his disposal. The mail for communicating with the IIM Ranchi Placement Committee for the IIM Ranchi Students is

IIM Ranchi Placement Committee has deployed Dr.Saitab Sinha as the Head of the placement committee. The respected Doctor has a great deal of expertise in Human Resource Management. She has the eye of an eagle while evaluating the potential of the IIM Ranchi Placement Program Participants. The IIM Ranchi students contact her through her mail: And she has also given her number in the public domain which is only for queries and guidance related to IIM Ranchi Placement. As the head of the IIM Ranchi Placement Committee, it is indeed a bold move to display her dedication to the student's placements. Her official contact number is P: +91 7903938338.

IIM Ranchi Placements Companies

IIM Ranchi is located in the heart of Jharkhand, the capital of the state. The city is increasingly becoming recognized as the center of corporate and economic activities. In recent years, various companies have visited the IIM Ranchi campus with placement offers. These IIM Ranchi Placement companies vary from national to multinational corporations. There are various outlets and showrooms in Ranchi that are operated by qualified and skilled personnel. The scope of placement opportunities for the students is very wide due to the demand of these IIM Ranchi placement companies. Tata Steel, Microsoft, and Godrej are only a few of the notable names of the IIM Ranchi Placement Companies.

Companies from diverse sectors visit the IIM Ranchi campus to offer placement. These companies seek different candidates that fulfill the eligibility criteria of their recruitment demand. Companies require candidates with a specific set of skills sometimes so the hiring process can be quite unpredictable. Nevertheless, the IIM Ranchi Placement companies offer lucrative career paths to the students.

The names of the most notable companies participating in the IIM Ranchi Placements are given in the table below:

IIM Ranchi Placement Companies

AccentureTata Steel
Godrej Consumer ProductsMcKinsey & Company

IIM Ranchi Placements Percentage

In the above section it is mentioned that companies from a diversity of sectors offer IIM Ranchi Placement Opportunities to the students. These companies may have a predetermined set of skills that they seek from a candidate. These set of skills can vary from one IIM Ranchi placement company to another, every year. Hence, IIM Ranchi Placement Percentage across different sectors changes yearly. IIM Ranchi is renowned among IIM Ranchi Placement Companies for offering impressive CTCs to the IIM Ranchi Students.

Various sectors have various management skill requirements in common. So the hiring procedure can be rigorous and very unpredictable. The IIM Ranchi Placement statistics can vary yearly.

A table presenting the IIM Ranchi Placements percentage in the previous academic year is given below.

IIM Ranchi Placements Percentage During Summer Internship

Digital Media & Ads6.50%
IT / IES23.60%

IIM Ranchi Placements Stats

This article by FormFees has provided adequate IIM Ranchi Placements Statistics. Furthermore, in this section, data related to the various sectors that participate in the IIM Ranchi Placement process has been provided in detail. The IIM Ranchi Placements Stats informs that the sector that had recruited the highest percentage of students was the IT/IES sector (23.60%). And the sector that employed the smallest lot of students is the Agriculture Sector (1.30%). The manufacturing sector has followed the IT sector by employing 13% of the students during IIM Ranchi Placements in the previous academic year.

Furthermore, the distribution of these percentages across various sectors can change every year. Hence, the statistics provided below should not be considered as definite IIM Ranchi Placement Stats. It is very dynamic to decide what proportion of IIM Ranchi Placements will be allotted across various sectors.

The table given below this section gives the IIM Ranchi Placement Stats of the previous academic year

IIM Ranchi Placements Stats Sector-Wise

SectorPlacement Percentage SectorPlacement Percentage 
AgriTech1.30%Pharma & Healthcare2.50%
BFSI11.30%Oil / Gas2%
Digital Media & Ads6.50%Others4.60%
E-Commerce3.30%Logistics & Supply Chain2.80%
IT / IES23.60%Ed-Tech3.50%

The various domain of IIM Ranchi programs offer mastering in a specific area of management. The IIM Ranchi Placement companies offer impressive packages to the students. Given that the students qualify for the requirement of the specific set of skills by the company. The programs of IIM Ranchi equip the students with skills as per the requirements of the market. The students are updated and the curriculum is optimized for enhanced relevancy during the placement process.

The IIM Ranchi Placement stats are an effective moderator in communicating the idea of the packages offered to students from various domains. The students mastering their skills in these major domains are offered the IIM Ranchi Placements Package accordingly.

The table given below gives a detailed idea of the IIM Ranchi Placement stats across various domains.

IIM Ranchi Placements stats Domain-Wise

ParticularsIT AnalyticsSales & MarketingFinanceStrategy & ConsultingOperations
Highest StipendINR 3.50 LakhsINR 3.36 LakhsINR 2.51 LakhsINR 2.50 LakhsINR 2.27 Lakhs
Average StipendINR 1.23 LakhsINR 89 KINR 1.39 LakhsINR 95 KINR 85 K
Median StipendINR 1 LakhsINR 77 KINR 1.20 LakhsINR 60 KINR 70 K
Top 10% Average StipendINR 3.20 LakhsINR 2.30 LakhsINR 2.51 LakhsINR 2.50 LakhsINR 1.56 Lakhs
Top 25% Average StipendINR 2.40 LakhsINR 1.67 LakhsINR 2.35 LakhsINR 2 LakhsINR 1.36 Lakhs

IIM Ranchi Placements HR

A qualified and skilled HR is the requirement of every organization, every industry, including IIM Ranchi. HR handles the work across various sectors and departments in an organization or a company. This person oversees the daily functioning and cooperates with various departments for the best output. The demand for a Good HR is increasing constantly in the market. The companies are expanding their business, new corporate infrastructures are being set up every day and the market in India is flourishing better than ever before. In a situation like this, companies rely on IIMs to provide skilled and talented HRs to manage their workforce.

A HR is given a set of serious responsibilities. IIM Ranchi prepares the students to keep their calm and handle the tough times smartly. The participants of the IIM Ranchi MBA-HR program continue to expand the boundaries of their capabilities and excel in the field of Human Resources.

The table given below presents a general idea of the distribution of the students during IIM Ranchi Placements HR. Note that the distribution of this IIM Ranchi Placements Percentage is not rigid, it can fluctuate across various sectors.

IIM Ranchi Placements HR

SectorStudents PlacedSectorStudents Placed
FMCG20%Digital Media & Ads3.3%
Manufacturing23.3%Oil & Gas6.7%

IIM Ranchi Placements IPM

The IPM at IIM Ranchi is a five year integrated program of management. This course offers two degrees to the students. It is a combination of a bachelor's program in management and a master's MBA program. The students are admitted to the IPM at IIM Ranchi through the IPMAT exam. The biggest benefit of this program is that it prepares the students well to excel in the MBA program by strengthening their base. The ethics and principles of management are integrated into the students in the IIM Ranchi IPM.

The IIM Ranchi Placements IPM statistics is technically the same as the IIM Ranchi placements stats of the MBA and MBA BA program. The same batch of students are promoted to the master’s course and are offered IIM Ranchi Placements IPM by the same companies mentioned in the section above. General IIM Ranchi placements IPM stats are given in the table below for the benefit of your understanding.  

IIM Ranchi Placements IPM in General

AdaniINR 21-23 LPA
Aditya Birla GroupINR 15-18 LPA
AirtelINR 13 LPA
DCM ShriramINR 17 LPA
TolaramINR 67 LPA

The CTCs offered to the students varies from different company to company. These companies visit the IIM Ranchi Campus seeking skilled and qualified personnel to assist or manage their workforce. There is plenty of demand for talented and efficient managers across various sectors.

The companies in the table given below offer a range of IIM Ranchi Placements Packages that are given in detail.

L&TINR 12-14 LPA
Sony PicturesINR 18 - 20 LPA
TATA SteelINR 20-21 LPA
The Times GroupINR 15 LPA
Ultra Tech CementINR 13-14 LPA
VedantaINR 20-21 LPA

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ranchi Placement

Q. Does IIM Ranchi provide 100 placements?

Ans. A total of 124 companies had participated in the IIM Ranchi placements process in the previous academic year. There was an incredible 62% increase in the number of recruiters compared to last year. These companies hired 100% of IIM Ranchi students.

Q. Is IIM Ranchi MBA worth it?

Ans. The placement of IIM Ranchi is promising. The highest salary package was around 30 LPA and the lowest was around 12 LPA. The internship opportunities that we are offered at IIM Ranchi are the best in giving the students practical learning experience to implement those learning in their future endeavors.

Q. What is the stipend for IIM Ranchi?

Ans. The average stipend at IIM Ranchi amounted to INR 1.24 LPA in the previous academic year. Similarly, MBA-BA summer internships at IIM Ranchi witnessed that 48 students received offers from 26 top IIM Ranchi companies. The highest stipend offered in the MBA-BA program amounted to INR 2.80 LPA, with an average stipend of INR 96,895.

Q. Is getting into IIM Ranchi difficult?

Ans. The IIM Ranchi MBA Cut in 2023 was 92 percentile for the General Category. The sectional cut offs are of 70 percentile for each. Please note that the cutoffs mentioned above are the official qualifying cut off released by IIM Ranchi.

Q. What is IIM Ranchi famous for?

Ans. IIM Ranchi is renowned for its flagship MBA and IPM program. Admission in these IIM Ranchi courses is done on the basis of the CAT, SAT, and IPMAT. The institute has a wide range of facilities that it offers to its students for focused and professional education.

Q. Which is better IIM Trichy or Ranchi?

Ans. This becomes the key criterion in selection out of many factors. IIM Ranchi tops the list with an average IIM Ranchi placement package of Rs. 12.67 LPA, while the information shared by IIM Trichy is its average placement package was Rs. 12 LPA plus followed by IIM Rohtak.

Q. What are the hostel fees in IIM Ranchi?

Ans. IIM Ranchi Hostel fees range from INR 1,20,000 to INR 2,46,000 including canteen charges. IIM Ranchi Hostels fees for each term are INR 20,000. The hostel facilities are facilitated at the state-of-the-art Khelgaon campus. 

Q. What is the highest CTC in IIM Ranchi?

Ans. In the IIM Ranchi placements 2023, the highest CTC stood at INR 35.50 LPA in the MBA and INR 32.20 LPA in the MBA -HR program. The average CTC stood at INR 17.30 lakh per annum in IIM Ranchi MBA and INR 16.30 LPA in MBA-HR.

Q. Do IIM graduates earn a lot?

Ans. The average CTC offered to candidates by companies in top IIMs ranges from INR 20-25 INR. The average CTC of newer IIMs ranges from INR 10-20 LPA. The highest salary offered at major IIMs - A, B, and C has been recorded at up to INR 70 LPA to INR 1 crore.