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IIM Ranchi: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi Scholarships Details

  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 15

Saurav Anand

IIM Ranchi Scholarship  

At present times the cost of professional courses is skyrocketing. Your concern about meeting the tuition and residential expenses is reasonable. In fact, both the government and private industries have recognized the need for assistance in the educational sector. The government of India has allotted around 3% of its budget to assist the students in meeting their educational expenses. IIM Ranchi Scholarship schemes and awards have been initiated by the government of India to facilitate the aspirants of professional courses. The participants of the MBA and PGP programs can avail themselves of assistance from the IIM Ranchi Scholarship programs and private scholarship schemes for meeting their educational expenses.  

IIM Ranchi doesn’t offer any integrated scholarship to its participants. The participants of IIM Ranchi courses who are seeking financial assistance for their education will have to take help of alternative sources. In this article by Form Fees, we will go through a wide range of sources that can be utilized for availing financial assistance for their educational endeavor and that can be an ideal alternative for IIM Ranchi scholarship. 

The educational sector receives investments from both the private and public sectors. There are a number of factors encouraging these institutions to invest in the educational sector. Some of these factors are mentioned below:

  • The graduates from professional courses serve the economy and fulfill the needs of the society
  • These leaders contribute to the GDP through their pursuits
  • The economy is in a growing period and the sector needs qualified personnel for its operations
  • These qualified personnel directly influence the growth of the economy

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship was initiated under The Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Protsahan for College and University Students. This IIM Ranchi scholarship program was formed with the objective of providing financial assistance to meritorious students from poor families to meet their day-to-day expenses while they are on their journey to higher studies.

The students can apply for this IIM Ranchi scholarship online from The applicants are evaluated for the allotment of this scholarship on the basis of the results of their Higher Secondary / Class XII Board Examination. The Central Sector scheme of scholarships for College and University Students is designed to facilitate the participants of Postgraduate degrees in college and universities for professional courses.  The Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students alone assists 82,000 fresh applicants per annum through its IIM Ranchi scholarship.  

The total number of scholarships registered under this scheme is divided among the State Education Boards based on the demography in the age group of 18-25 years, after segregating the share of CBSE and ICSE on the basis of the number of students passing out from various boards in the country. Out of these IIM Ranchi Scholarship, 50% is earmarked for girls. The number of scholarships allotted to the State Board of Education is divided among pass-outs of the Humanities, Science, and Commerce Streams in the ratio of 3:3:1.  

IIM Ranchi Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Students who come under the top 20 percentile of successful candidates in the relevant stream from the respective Board of Examination in class XII of 10+2 pattern or equivalent are eligible for availing the benefits of this scholarship. Applicants whose gross parental/family income is not exceeding Rs. 4.5 lakh per annum are eligible for IIM Ranchi Scholarship under the scheme.

The fresh applicants are required to provide an income certificate. The IIM Ranchi scholarship can be renewed each year given the condition that the applicant gets at least 50% marks in the Annual Examination. Attendance compulsion of 75% has been made which is to be maintained by the recipient of this scholarship.

The student's history is checked for any possible indiscipline or criminal record, including and record stating that the applicant indulged in ragging will disqualify the applicant’s IIM Ranchi scholarship. The fresh applicant or renewal shall apply from the online portal itself, any application sent directly to the Ministry of Education will not be accepted.

The central reservation policy states that 15% of the Central Sector Scheme of scholarship under The Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Protsahan is reserved for SCs, 7.5% for STs, and 27% for OBCs, and 5% horizontal reservation for persons with disabilities. If the slots under a specific group are left unoccupied then after considering all the States/UTs, the vacant slots will be allotted to other categories so that maximum benefits can be reaped from the IIM Ranchi scholarship, subject to the overall ceiling of slots.

The Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship is only one of the many sources of government offering financial aid to the students. Plans, awards, policies, and scholarships have been made available at all levels of education to facilitate the student in every step of his/her education.  The Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship can be a very helpful alternative to IIM Ranchi Scholarship.

There are several private companies and institutions that offer financial assistance to students. These institutions or companies conduct personal interviews or conduct exams to evaluate the applicant. A list of private companies that offer financial aid that can be alternatives for the IIM Ranchi Scholarship. Brief details on the following IIM Ranchi scholarship offered by the private companies mentioned below are given further in this article by form fees.

  • Aditya Birla scholarship
  • Society General Global Solutions Centre India Scholarship
  • IIMB PGP Alumni First Catch (1976) Scholarship
  • Renewal Education Trust scholarship
  • Hindustan Unilever/ T Thomas scholarship
  • YES bank scholarship
  • NTPC Scholarship Scheme
  • Ministry of tribal affairs scholarship
  • Ministry of social justice and empowerment scholarship
  • Ministry of social justice and empowerment Department of persons with disabilities
  1. OPJEMS: The OP Jindal engineering and management scholarship is an IIM Ranchi scholarship awarded to PGP students of the second year on the basis of Merit. The scholarship is awarded to the second-year students after evaluation of their academic performance in the previous year that is students who score excellent and are under the top 10 students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Every year one student will be awarded the scholarship. The aspirants for the IIM Ranchi scholarship can compete for the benefits of this scholarship. The amount of the scholarship goes up to INR 1.50 lakh.
  2. Aditya Birla scholarship: the Aditya Birla Scholarship is also a merit-based IIM Ranchi scholarship which is awarded to the students of the PGP program both from the 1st and the 2nd year, that can be acquired for IIM Ranchi Scholarship. In the first year, students are awarded the scholarship on the basis of Merit however if they want to continue to take advantage of this scholarship for education the participant will have to rank under the top 25%  only then will they be eligible to continue receiving the benefits of IIM Ranchi scholarship. The scholarship amount is INR 1.50 lakh.
  3. Society General Global Solutions Centre India Scholarship: this IIM Ranchi scholarship is awarded to a specific group of participants, i.e. participants who belong to the economics finance and accounting core courses. This scholarship is awarded to the student who it is on the director’s merit list it is the highest CGPA. This award also includes a medallion and a certificate for IIM Ranchi Scholarship participants.
  4. IIMB PGP Alumni First Catch (1976) Scholarship: This is another specially design IIM Ranchi scholarship that is awarded only to a differently able female student of a PGP program at IIMs,  and in case there is no differently able female student in a PGP program then this award goes to a differently abled me a student. The existence of this award goes back to 1976, the PGP year this award was established in memory, and the applicants of IIM Ranchi scholarship benefit from it. The scholarship carries a fair amount of INR 100,000, a medallion, and a certificate.
  5. Renewal education trust scholarship: students from the Indian Institute of Management can avail of this IIM Ranchi scholarship designed for PGP students that is awarded on the basis of the academic performance of the student in the first year. In order to avail the benefit of this IIM Ranchi Scholarship the applicant’s financial needs are considered. Participants who have applied for the scholarship are evaluated by the issuing authority of this IIM Ranchi scholarship. The amount awarded in the scholarship is INR 100,000.
  6. Hindustan Unilever/ T Thomas scholarship: This is also a merit come means scholarship that is given by the HUL to a PGP student in the second year only. The participants of this IIM Ranchi scholarship have to undergo a rigorous selection process to avail the benefits of this scholarship. The award amounts to 1,00,000.
  7. YES bank scholarship: The selection criteria of participants who are awarded the scholarship have to meet the defined factors governing the IIM Ranchi Scholarship. The first-year students can avail YES bank scholarship if they belong to the top 20 students as per the admission criteria. If the students wish to continue to avail the benefits from the IIM Ranchi scholarship by studying in a PGP program at IIM Ranchi, the participant must fall under the top 20% of their batch on the basis of the current CGPA and the participant should also be a member of at least one community group.  The amount awarded in this IIM Ranchi scholarship is INR 2 lakh.
  8. NTPC Scholarship Scheme: This IIM Ranchi scholarship belongs to the reserved section of students only. The amount of the scholarship is INR 48,000 for every academic year at the PGP course, which can be used for paying the tuition fee as an alternative to the IIM Ranchi Scholarship.  Participants belonging to SC/ST/PWD categories are eligible to avail the benefits of this IIM Ranchi scholarship in the second year. Given that they successfully pass the first-year examination in a single attempt.
  9. Ministry of tribal affairs scholarship (ST): This IIM Ranchi scholarship is an initiative by the government of India and the Ministry of tribal affairs that invites applicants for the National Scholarship for Higher Education for the scheduled tribe. As the name states this scholarship covers the tuition fees of the PGP program in full. This is one of the most lucrative IIM Ranchi scholarships offered by the government for the growth and betterment of the tribal community.  
  10. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment scholarship (SC): this IIM Ranchi scholarship is another government initiative, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment invites applicants for the national scholarship for higher education for students of the PGP program for meritorious SC students. This IIM Ranchi scholarship is the initial policy for an aspiring student in the first year. This scholarship covers the tuition fee in full.
  11. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Persons with disabilities: if a person has disabilities and more than 40% of his body then that participant is eligible to take advantage of this IIM Ranchi scholarship. The participant who will be awarded the scholarship is to receive INR 2,55,000  per year.

These were brief information related to the IIM Ranchi scholarship offered by private companies. In the table below, more details regarding these scholarships offered by the private companies are given:

Table of Indian Institute of Management Ranchi scholarship offered by private companies:

Name of the scholarshipIndian Institute of Management Ranchi ScholarshipAmount
Aditya Birla ScholarshipSelection for this Indian Institute of Management Ranchi scholarship is strictly merit-based.Rs.175,000 per student
Uday Nayak ScholarshipA second-year student is shortlisted each annual year for this IIM Ranchi scholarship based on merit.Rs.10,000
T Thomas ScholarshipA second-year student is shortlisted for this IIM Ranchi scholarship based on merit.Rs.100,000
OPJEMS ScholarshipThree students for the IIM Ranchi scholarship are shortlisted on the basis of academic excellence, leadership qualities, and willingness to serve the community and study further in the same field.Rs.125,000 per student
Rajesh Kaushik Memorial ScholarshipThree students for the IIM Ranchi scholarship are shortlisted on the basis of academic excellence, leadership qualities and willingness to serve the community and study further in the same field.Rs.150,000 per annum
Cognizant Technology Solutions - B’izard ScholarStudents in need are nominated by the institute and are shortlisted for the IIM Ranchi scholarship on the basis of interviews conducted by the issuing authority.Winner: Rs.3 lakhs, 1st Runner-up: Rs.2 lakhs and 2nd Runner-up: Rs.3 lakhs
Societe Generale Global Solution Centre India ScholarshipTwo students are shortlisted for this IIM Ranchi scholarship one each from the first and second year considering the participant’s academic discipline.Full tuition fee waiver

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi Scholarships for Class 12th 

The government of India provides IIM Ranchi scholarships to students or aspirants who are in need of financial aid and assistance for their higher education. These scholarships play a crucial role in the education sector of India. Students who are not financially sound enough to pay for the educational fees of premium education institutions like IIM Ranchi are eligible to avail the benefits of these scholarships offered by the government of India for higher education.

These scholarships are awarded only to selected deserving candidates on the basis on the basis of academic performance, CGPA, family situation, and family income in the previous year. The student’s situation is analyzed for different spectrums. The scholarships can be merit-based or examination-based. Hence in order to avail of the benefits the IIM Ranchi Scholarship student will have to strive hard, prepare, and practice for winning the scholarship part offered at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi scholarship by the government.

These IIM Ranchi scholarships can help students ease the burden of the increasing educational fees and make way for them to move ahead and achieve the dreams we are studying in the best colleges that offer premium education. There are a number of IIM Ranchi scholarships offered to students of standards 1 to 12.

The integrated program in management at IIM Ranchi is a five-year integrated program specially designed for students who have just passed the Class 12 examination. IIM Ranchi scholarship covers the fee for this integrated program is a combination of two courses, the first three years are for a bachelor's, and the next two years are for a Master's in business administration and two degrees are awarded to the graduates of this course. This course is designed especially for young students and admission in this course is done through the IPMAT Exam. The students of this course are promoted to the Master at IIM Ranchi in business administration without a CAT exam.  Nevertheless, the fee structure remains the same. Indian Institute of Management Ranchi scholarships are designed to encourage participation from students right after their plus two examinations. The young minds get a platform through the IPMAT exam to assess their intelligence and rank their intellectual abilities through rigorous competition.

In order to avail of the benefits of the IIM Ranchi scholarship for standard 12th the candidates can enroll in the following examinations:

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi Scholarships for students of 12th

Exam NameEligibility CriteriaScholarship AmountApplication Dates
SSwami Vivekananda Scholarship (SVMCM)Classes 11 and 12, graduates, post-graduates, M.Phil and Doctoral studentsScholarship ranging from Rs 1000/- Rs 8000/- per monthJuly 12, 2023 - August 2023
Schindler Igniting Minds ScholarshipClass 12 in Science with a minimum of 65% marks,Family income must be less than 2 lakh p.a.Amount of around Rs. 20,000
Chaatravriti Scholarship YojanaClass 12 with at least 60% marksGirls: Rs. 3000 per monthBoys: Rs. 2500 pm
Merit-Cum-Means ScholarshipMinimum 50% marks in 12 class and must belong to Minority, must get admission in the professional course through a Common Admission processMonthly reward of Rs. 1,000 for 10 months, Additional reward of ₹ 20,000 to pay the tuition fee.October
Inspire ScholarshipIf among the top 1% in Class 12, Top 10,000 rank in JEE or the NEET examRs. 80,000 on an annual basis to pursue Bachelor's and Master's in Science.Mid-October
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme (For minority sections of society)At least 50% in the last examFor Class 11 & 12 Students –Rs. 7,000 paFor technical Courses at Higher Secondary Level - Rs.10,000 pa
Central Sector ScholarshipPassed class 12 with 75% marksFor Graduation- Rs. 1,000 p.m. for 3 yearsFor Post-Graduation- Rs. 2,000 per month
AICTE Pragati Scholarship for GirlsFemale candidates in 1st-year courses from any of the AICTE-approved collegesTuition fee waiver,Rs. 30,000/- may be reimbursed for the purchase of books, vehicles, laptops
Combined Counselling Board (CCB) ScholarshipClass 10 & Class 12 with a minimum aggregate of 33% to 50%Rs.60,000 - Rs.70,000 for higher educationFirst week of July
Foundation for Excellence (FEE) ScholarshipRs. 80,000 on an annual basis to pursue Bachelor and Master's in Science.Will fund the course feesJuly to December
Vidyasiri ScholarshipPost-matric students from backward classesRs 1500/- per month--

IIM Ranchi Cut off CAT

IIM Ranchi cut off the CAT exam is around 92 percentile for the general category. The candidate also has to meet the IIM Ranchi cut-off for the SSC, HSC, and graduation cut-off percentile. The scores earned in these academic pursuits by the candidates are also evaluated in the IIM Ranchi cut-off.

IIM Ranchi no longer takes the Written Ability test from its applicants. After being shortlisted in the first round through meeting the IIM Ranchi cut-off for the CAT exam, the student is eligible for the Personal Interview Round. For the personal Interview round the candidates are reached out by the Institution via mail for updates.  

However, first and the foremost criteria of the IIM Ranchi cut-off remain the CAT exam scores. A list of individual section-wise cut-offs and overall cut-offs for IIM Ranchi shortlisting is given in the tables below. IIM Ranchi cut-off in the initial round is met by meeting the following scores in the CAT exam by the respective categories:

After the declaration of the CAT exam result the candidate visits the official website of IIM Ranchi to verify if they are shortlisted or not. The candidates can log in by entering their CAT 2023 registration ID and Password. IIM Ranchi doesn’t publish its list of the cut-off criteria in any public domain.  Those can only be accessed by the students after logging into the official website.

A total of 100,716 candidates from the general category were selected by IIM Ranchi as their CAT preference, out of which 8998 were shortlisted by the institution for an interview and 2210 received the final offer. The CAT Exam is one of the most challenging examinations conducted in India. The students who aspire to participate in the CAT exam can consider the following tips for preparation of the CAT exam:

  • Study the CAT exam Pattern seriously and be updated thoroughly with the CAT syllabus
  • Practice solving the previous year’s CAT question paper to minimize the scope of mistakes, it will also help the candidate in presenting the idea of question pattern and intensity of difficulty.
  • Reading books, newspapers, and editorials will improve your vocabulary and develop precise brevity of words and reading skills.
  • Solve a dozen sample papers and as many CAT Mock tests as you possibly can to increase the chances of shortlisting.
  • Choose a number of standard reference books for practice.

It must be kept in mind that the respective candidates of IIM Ranchi admission from various categories will be shortlisted based on the updated list for the cut-off. This updated list will be designed after combining all the eligible candidates from the first cut-off list. The scores of these shortlisted candidates of IIM Ranchi will be merged to construct the final shortlist for further consideration in the IIM Ranchi Admission process.

IIM Ranchi Cut-off of individual sections for various categories is given below:

CategoryQuantitative Aptitude (QA)Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

The table mentioned above shows the CAT Exam cut-off of individual sections in the exam for IIM Ranchi admission. If the student fails to meet the IIM Ranchi cut-off requirement of any of these sections then they won’t find their name in the first shortlist of the selected applicants for further admission process.

 IIM Ranchi Cut Off of CAT exam final scores are considered after the IIM Ranchi cut-off requirements of the individual sections are successfully met. In the table mentioned below, IIM Ranchi cut-off for CAT exam final scores are mentioned:

CategoryEstimated CAT 2023 Qualifying Cutoff
IIM Ranchi cut off CAT for General93

It must be noted that the IIM Ranchi cut-off mentioned above is only an estimated date for shortlisting. The candidates for IIM Ranchi admission will be selected from the pool of applicants on the basis of the table mentioned above. However, the candidate who finds themselves to be eligible for being shortlisted as per the data mentioned above may not find their name on the first shortlist. Another list of IIM Ranchi cut-offs will be released after combining the applicants for IIM Ranchi admission. This list will be released in mid-January 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ranchi Scholarships

Q. Does IIM Ranchi provide a scholarship?

Ans. As IIM Ranchi has already been acknowledged as the 9th IIM, it provides a range of scholarship programs in collaboration with the government of India and the Ministry of Education.

Q. What is the stipend for IIM Ranchi? 

Ans. The average stipend at IIM Ranchi amounts to INR 1.24L. The MBA-BA IIM Ranchi summer internship witnessed 48 students receiving offers from the top 26 companies. The highest stipend offered to the participants of II Ranchi of MBA-BA program amounted to INR 2.8 lakh, with an average stipend of INR 96,895. 

Q. Does OBC get a scholarship in IIM? 

Ans. There is no specific scholarship for the OBC category given by the IIM Ranchi. However, through the schemes and programs by the Government of India and the Ministry of Education, financial assistance can be availed. 

Q. What is the highest CTC in IIM Ranchi? 

Ans. According to the placements in IIM Ranchi in 2023, the highest CTC stood at INR 35.50 L in MBA. And it went up to INR 32. 20 lakh per annum in MBA HR programmes. The average CTC stood at INR 17.30 lakh per annum in MBA  at IIM Ranchi and INR 16.30 lakh per annum in MBA-HR. 

Q. Is it easy to get into IIM Ranchi? 

Ans. Qualifying CAT cut-off for the batch of 2023-25 is expected to be 93 percentile as per IIM CAP criteria. However, the institute will not conduct a Written Ability Test (WAT) and the selection will be based on Personal Interview (PI) and other criteria as per IIM CAP.

Q. Is it worth doing an MBA from IIM Ranchi?

Ans. The placement offered at IIM Ranchi is excellent the highest salary package was around 30 LPA and the lowest was 12 LPA. The internship opportunities that we are offered at IIM Ranchi are best in giving us the best practical learning to implement our learning in the future.

Q. What is the CAT rank for IIM Ranchi?

Ans. IIM Ranchi Admission Cut Off 2023

IIMs                          CAT cut offs 2023 (percentile)
IIM Raipur 94-95
IIM Rohtak     92-94
IIM Tiruchirappalli 94-95