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IIM Ranchi: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi Facilities Details

  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 15

Saurav Anand

IIM Ranchi facilities are popular among IIMs for various factors. It serves the needs of its students in a diversity of ways. IIM Ranchi facilities thrive for students to have a pleasant experience on campus. It provides a world-class education, the classes take place in a beautiful infrastructure. IIM Ranchi facilities pay wholehearted attention to the eclectic needs of its participants.

The campus of IIM Ranchi is situated in the capital of Jharkhand. The city is known for its refreshing environment and soothing climate. The campus is situated in the midst of the rich flora and fauna in Jharkhand. The city receives rainfall for most part of the year so the temperature stays on the cooler side for most part of the year. These pleasant characteristics of IIM Ranchi qualify it as an ideal destination for intense academic pursuits.

The hostel facilities offered by IIM Ranchi are situated on the outskirts of the city in a soothing and serene location. The residence for students is facilitated in the state-of-the-art multi-sports complex of Khelgaon Ranchi. The Khelgaon Ranchi offers world-class security to the students as IIM Ranchi facilities. The hygiene of its rooms is taken seriously by the staff, so the students get a clean and healthy environment.

The Institute also encourages sports and other co-curricular activities. Khelgaon is a state-of-the-art sports complex offering an arena of sports facilities. Access to these sports facilities can be acquired after enrolling in the membership of Khelgaon. The sports complex is also equipped with a fascinating art museum equipped with magnificent artifacts.  Other IIM Ranchi facilities include classrooms, a library, a play arena, an auditorium, an IT department, a gym, a healthy canteen, and many more.

The housing of IIM Ranchi facilities consists of a mix of three and four-bedroom shared rooms that are fully furnished and clean. Proper consideration is given to the hygiene of these hostels as cleaners are active within these hostel blocks to maintain hygiene standards. IIM Ranchi Facilities offers separate hostels for boys and girls with twenty-four-hour security. The cafeteria and snack bar offer services for around twenty hours so the participants of IIM Ranchi do not have to worry about food supplies. IIM Ranchi facilities give serious attention to the nutrition of its participants. The canteen offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus to the students.  You know what they say “A well-fed bunch of crows can be troublesome for an eagle”.

The day-to-day facilities include full-time access to Wi-Fi along with access to its sophisticated collection of e-books in the IIM Ranchi e-library. The Library at IIM Ranchi is frequently updated with the latest books and magazines, and it is also open for recommendation. The Library has subscribed to a variety of newspapers and journals that come in multiple languages. IIM Ranchi facilities are equipped with a medical room that is hospitable towards both the students and faculty in offering medical aid to any participant in need of medical assistance.

A list of IIM Ranchi facilities is discussed in brief below:

Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi

The hostel accommodation for students is available as IIM Ranch facilities at the Residential Block of the Sports Village, which is also known by the name Khelgaon. The Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi is located at the Sports Village which has a huge area designed beautifully into various blocks. IIM Ranchi facilities offer both three and four-bed sharing rooms to the students. A map of the arena is flagged at several places inside the huge periphery of Khelgaon. The infrastructure of this sports village has become a domestic tourist attraction. Some exciting events and shows take place in its huge multi-purpose hall on a yearly basis. Games and tournaments in various sports frequently take place in its multi-sports stadium.

The hostels are situated within the beautiful infrastructure of Khelgaon. So residence for the Boys Hostel at IIM Ranchi is definitely a potential flex for its participants. The rooms offered as IIM Ranchi facilities are equipped with three and four bedrooms that are fully furnished along with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. The hygiene is up to the standards of this reputed infrastructure. Canteen facilities and snack counters are available for services for around twenty hours a day.

Since entertaining events and shows frequently take place in the residences of IIM Ranchi facilities, the students enjoy the perks of residence at Khelgaon Ranchi. The multipurpose arena is a lucrative tourist attraction, both domestic and international tourists visit to witness the beauty of the area.  

IIM Ranchi Hostel fees total to INR 60,000 per year.

Girls Hostel at IIM Ranchi

The Girls' hostel at IIM Ranchi is separate from the boys' hostel. The shared flats are equipped with flats, each with three or four beds in one room. In addition to the bedrooms, these flats each have a common room accessible to the students and a well-furnished kitchen. The hostel rooms are visited daily, sometimes twice a day by the housekeeping staff. No male faculty or staff is allowed to enter the Girls' hostel in any case.

The entire area of the Sports village is under twenty-four-hour surveillance by CCTV cameras. The girls’ hostel at IIM Ranchi has the security service of Khelgaon at its disposal. The security is active twenty-four-seven, and they are present at various places and corners of the Khelgaon Ranchi’s Infrastructure for scouting.

The IIM Ranchi facilities of residence for girls have provided the entire Khelgaon arena for walking and relaxation. Since the  Girls Hostel at IIM Ranchi is situated on the outskirts of the city, taking casual walks is always a pleasant experience. There are various gardens, both small and big in size around the campus. The design of these areas is very picturesque so the girls can go all out for a photo shoot. 

Classrooms at IIM Ranchi

The aesthetically designed classrooms at IIM Ranchi are equipped with modern teaching tools. The classrooms at IIM Ranchi facilitate contemplative teaching to its participants for productive classes. In addition to this, the air-conditioners have full climate control in the classrooms at the academic block at IIM Ranchi. Computers, speakers, projectors, and aesthetic lighting facilitate the participants in having a conducive learning experience.

The participants of IIM Ranchi address major social and economic concerns and seek possible solutions. The teaching aids facilitate in presentation of the concepts of management and in visualizing the methods being taught. Management Principles that are taught in the IIM Ranchi Courses are conveyed efficiently through the help of these IIM Ranchi facilities.

IIM Ranch has utilized round table seating arrangements in some classrooms for more interactive study. The Institute invites prominent leaders and successful corporate personalities for question-and-answer sessions. These interactive sessions help the students in getting a contemporary idea of the industry. These guests share in-depth information related to the needs of the industry and how those needs can be met.

Classroom at IIM Ranchi facilities pushes its participants to discover their creative side. The participants are encouraged to speak out about their innovative ideas. The curriculum of these classrooms at IIM Ranchi expands the potential of its participants. The students undergo a number of activities that boost their communication skills and confidence to speak their ideas.

The participants’ capability of working in a group is polished. The activities that the students participate in are designed to influence the student’s presentation skills. Convincing power of its participants is evaluated and mutual growth through cooperation is encouraged in classrooms at IIM Ranchi.

Gym at IIM Ranchi

The common Room of IIM Ranchi is a place where students can participate in informal meetings, relax, and entertain themselves with games. IIM Ranchi facilities offer not one but two game rooms. The place also enclosed a Fitness center which serves the function of the gym at IIM Ranchi. The Sports Center of IIM Ranchi is extended to state-of-the-art Khelgaon. The Sports Complex is inclusive of a wide range of sports stadiums and courts. The Institute has hired various professional coaches for the training of its members. The Sports Complex offers guidance to its embers in various fields of sports like cycling, badminton, volleyball, football, cricket, Kho-Kho, kabaddi, and several other sports.

The equipment offered at the gym of IIM Ranchi is sufficient for fitness workouts and exercises. The trainer is a qualified professional in bodybuilding. This trainer is not only concerned with the appearance of the body but also the overall health of the human. The trainer recommends relevant exercises and stretching techniques to the members for maximum flexibility. Regular yoga sessions are conducted which offers a number of mental and spiritual benefits to the participants of these sessions.

The participants will also have access to the canteen for about 20 hours a day and it offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The menu is cooked in a hygienic kitchen which offers a clean and protein-rich diet. The candidates who are health cautious need not worry about the facilities at IIM Ranch being inadequate in any way in meeting their needs.

Library at IIM Ranchi

The “Athenaeum-The Learning Resource Centre” facilitates the purpose of the Library at IIM Ranchi. The Athenaeum is a learning center that facilitates its participants for various academic, research, or knowledge-related pursuits. At present the library is equipped with 3,356 books, 22 print periodicals, 372 CD/DVDs, 36 e-resources (databases), around 17,000 e-journals, 22 print periodicals, above 43,00,000 e-books, and 17,00,000 + e-dissertations.

The library also offers online services to the participants of the IIM Ranchi program. The online library at IIM Ranchi also offers a wide range of services for management-related research and study:

  • Electronic Resources  
  • E-Journals                          
  • E-Databases
  • E-Books
  • E-Dissertations
  • E- Newspapers and Magazines
  • Research Support

These IIM Ranchi facilities are available to its participants both on and off campus. The Online library at IIM Ranchi is fully automated with VTLS which is a Virtual Library Management Software operating for providing an optimised collection.

The Institute maintains a digital repository to record, preserve, archive, and disseminate the intellectual outputs of its, professors, students, or faculty. This department provides a backup to the IIM Ranchi students for valuable research papers and theories by the participants of IIM Ranchi.

Sports at IIM Ranchi

The state-of-the-art complex of sports at IIM Ranchi offers the opportunity to its participants to have a wide range of co-curricular activities. The Khelgaon is equipped with different stadiums for respective sports like football, volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, swimming, and many more. The sports arena is a host for a number of sports events, both regional and national level games take place in Khelgaon Ranchi.

The students can utilize the perks of these premium sports at IIM Ranchi facilities for co-curricular activities and go headway with their sports ambitions. The Institute encourages its participants to participate in sports competitions conducted on a yearly basis. Sports activities are an effective way of engaging in group activities cultivating team spirit. It helps in inculcating team coordination and forming a team spirit.

The best thing about this IIM Ranchi facility is that it not only offers the arena to its participants but also qualified and skilled professionals to guide its participants. Almost all sports fields have a professional trainer employed for the training of its participants. These coaches are hospitable towards their sports candidates and available at all times for sports enthusiasts.

Sports equipment is of top-notch quality. The guides keep a scrupulous look at these sports equipment. Any damaged equipment is replaced instantly. And any special requirement is always open for recommendation. The Khelgaon Ranchi is a famous destination for Sports events not only in Ranchi but the whole of Jharkhand.

IIM Indore Facilities encourages its participants to take the initiative in participating in the events taking place in this state-of-the-art sports complex. The IIM Ranchi participants of these sports events are honored with certificates and awards. Sometimes these awards are handed over by notable people or well-known politicians. The value of these sports certificates never goes obsolete as Khelgon Ranchi is the biggest and most prominent sports arena in the entire state of Jharkhand.

IT at IIM Ranchi

The Information Technology department of IIM Ranchi takes care of the computing and communication needs of its participants. There are five rack-mounted servers established across campus and three blade servers host various applications utilized by IIM Ranchi. It also includes a sophisticated Academic Information system. To increase the security of data and protection from any cyber breach, the institute has installed an Anti-Virus server for the protection of its academic servers.

Microsoft Windows Server license and Red Hat Linux Enterprise License are subscribed by the IIM Ranchi for deep study by the participants. An independent desktop networking system is operating throughout the campus to facilitate instant data sharing and printing purposes, assisting its faculty and staff to complete their daily tasks. The single-mode fiber optics cable is used for connection from the main office to hostel blocks and acts as a network backbone for the institution.

A combination of the core switch is installed for switching the high-speed networks and helps in managing the access of data. The network’s distribution across the International Network Infrastructure. This high-speed data system serves the participants of the full-time on-campus courses in the efficient and effective exchange of data for premium productivity and smooth operations. 

 A combination of core switches and supporting Network switches are established that helps to manage data access and distribution across the Internal Network infrastructure. A combination of LAN and WI-FI helps to provide 12X7 internet access in the entire campus of IIM Ranchi. The NKN connectivity provides 1GBPS internet to its participants. IT at IIM Ranchi has a 40-user capacity computer lab the students can utilize to access all registered Academic Software owned by the institution and the broadband facility for academic purposes.

The Cafeteria at IIM Ranchi

The food requirements are a major concern of parents and students alike. It is a widely evidenced fact that students have a hard time getting access to quality meals outside the home. It is very uncommon to find a kitchen with cooks’ healthy meals in a clean environment for the destined consumers. Obviously, the cook and staff working in the canteen do not have genuine concerns for the health of their students. In the busy life outside the home, children too lose their consciousness of health. This is why IIM Ranchi Facilities has invested overtime for the health and prosperity of its participants. The institute has formed strict guidelines and policies to be implemented by the staff of the canteen.

 The food requirement of participants of the IIM Ranchi program is met by the IIM Ranchi facilities of the cafeteria. The people working here are not only qualified cooks but also standard operators of the canteen. The Cafeteria at IIM Ranchi provides service for about 20 hours throughout the day. IIM Ranchi facilities of cafeteria offer food with an abundance of nutrition, providing a healthy diet to its consumers. The cafeteria at IIM Ranchi offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus to its participants. The staff working in the cafeteria has to follow strict guidelines for maintaining hygiene at all times in the cafeteria. The meals cooked in the neat and clean environment of this cafeteria are healthy and rich in nutrition. Not only the canteen, but a snack bar is also available to cater to the snacking needs of its participants. The snack bar offers its participants delicious snacks like bakery products and some other packaged products.

IIM Ranchi caters to its participant’s nutrition through its cafeteria. In addition to the mainstream food items, it also offers snacks and juices. The hygiene of its kitchen is given precious attention by the institution. Any complaint or recommendation is given due consideration and it is even encouraged the participants to do so. The cafeteria is hospitable towards its participants in catering to their personalized needs. The items offered are flexible and the cook can add customization to an extent for a better experience for the participant.

Auditorium at IIM Ranchi

The auditorium at IIM Ranchi facilitates the students and faculty members for a variety of events and occasions. It is a go-to place for hosting seminars, workshops, speeches, guest meetings, and other such events. Equipped with modern-day presentation equipment the auditorium at IIM Ranchi is accessible to staff and students for managing and conducting all the events. The screen offers quality imaging for presentation. The auditorium has a full temperature control feature. The speakers are of premium quality and are capable of offering surrounding sound.

The auditorium is designed aesthetically and the beautiful lighting arrangements make it all the more preferable destination for hosting general events. The ambiance is professionally designed by a skilled architect for better sound control. The Auditorium is equipped with multiple ACs for having full temperature control so that the participants can be at ease. The sound systems are world-class and can even replace the need for a theater at IIM Ranchi.

The beautiful seating of the auditorium is so comfortable that you can sit for hours at a stretch without feeling uneasy. There are two separate seating stages one ground level and the other a club. Overall lighting setup is very high standard. The auditorium at IIM Ranchi is very well equipped for facilitating multiple occasions and events.

The Tex X had organized an event in collaboration with IIM Ranchi. A video of this event is uploaded on various social media platforms and the pages of Ted X. The curious ones can search for the video and see for themselves how well-equipped the auditorium of IIM Ranchi is for such entertaining events.

Wi-Fi at IIM Ranchi

The institute is well known for its unique all-campus internet connectivity, even the hostels at IIM Indore have full Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi at IIM Ranchi gives 1GBPS internet speed to its users to facilitate them in management-related research purposes. A combination of the core switch is installed for switching networks and helps in managing the access of data and its distribution across the International Network Infrastructure.

A combination of LAN and WI-FI helps to provide 12X7 internet access in the entire campus with the help of NKN connectivity assisting in giving 1GBPS internet to its participants. The institute is one of those few IIMs which offers internet connectivity on the entire campus.

The networking system of IIM Ranchi is well interconnected. The setup is sophisticated for quick and timely exchange of data and information. The participants of IIM Ranchi enjoy this high-speed data networking for their day-to-day operations.

Medical at IIM Ranchi

The medical room at IIM Ranchi is hospitable in catering to the medical needs of its participants. The Institute provides quick assistance to its participants in case of emergency. The staff available in the Medical room are experienced and can look after a patient at times of emergency or general consultancy. For general medical assistance, the staff in the medical room is sufficient and capable of meeting the medical needs of its participants.  

In case of emergency, the transport facilities of IIM Ranchi are available to assist the medical staff. The staff of these medical at IIM Ranchi are hired after a predesigned procedure that meets the overall medical needs of IIM Ranchi’s participants.  

IIM Ranchi Placements

IIM Ranchi evidenced 100% placements in the year 2023. Around 124 top recruiters took part in the placement drive at IIM Ranchi and offered jobs to 399 students.

beings recognized as the next biggest economic hub. The city is attracting investors and big corporate bodies every year, it is holding one of the highest growth rates in GDP and job creation. Various national and multinational companies are attracted to the capital city for setting up their companies or industries. These companies are looking for qualified managers and human resource personnel to manage their outlets.

Participants of IIM Ranchi were offered the highest package of INR 67 LPA and an average package of INR 17.3 LPA. The median package of IIM Ranchi stood at INR 16.5 LPA in 2023. The MBA-BA and BA-HR batch consisting of 69 students secured the highest package of INR 22.3 LPA and 32.2 LPA at IIM Ranchi. The MBA-HR batch secured offers from 29 top recruiters while the MBA-BA batch of 35 students received offers from 25 Recruiters in 2023.

The highest stipend in the batch 2023 stood at INR 3.50 lakh offered at IIM Ranchi internship. The average stipend and medium stipend stood at INR 1 lakh and 80K. 

Details on IIM Ranchi Placements are given in the table below for your kind consideration.

ParticularsIIM Ranchi Placements 2023IIM Ranchi Placements 2022
Number of Recruiters12477
Number of PPOs76-
Number of Students399253
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 15.50 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA-
Highest Package (Domestic)INR 35.5 LPAINR 32.21 LPA
Average PackageINR 17.3 LPAINR 16.17 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA-
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 15.50 LPA
Top 10% Average SalaryINR 30 LPAINR 25.16 LPA
Top 25% Average SalaryINR 24 LPAINR 22.02 LPA
Top RecruitersJP Morgan Chase & Co., Capgemini, Microsoft, Genpact, Deloitte, L&TGoogle, Dell, Amazon, Deloitte, Wipro, Cognizant, Capgemini

IIM Ranchi Hostel Fees

The Hostel accommodation in IIM Ranchi is made available at Khelgaon. The hostel is situated on the outskirts of the city with state-of-the-art infrastructure. There are separate hostels for boys and girls and the campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled with high-speed internet.

The hostels offer flats that are well-furnished to the students of IIM Ranchi. IIM Ranchi hostel facilities offer three and four shared beds in each room. Each of these flats has a separate attached kitchen. The roommates are free to cook as per their needs. 

Each of these hostel blocks is equipped with a mess and a canteen which works consistently for almost 20 hours a day. These also provide healthy meals with a wide range of menu to the students.

IIM Ranchi mess menu offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. The canteen pays focused attention to the hygiene of its canteen and the food it prepares. IIM Ranchi mess menu is equipped with healthy and nutritious meals.

IIM Ranchi Hostel FeesIIM Ranchi Hostel Fees 1st-YearIIM Ranchi Hostel Fees 2nd-YearIIM Ranchi Hostel Fees 3rd  Year
Hostel FeesINR 60,000INR 60,000INR 1,20,000
Mess ChargesINR 63,000INR 63,000INR 1,26,000

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ranchi Facilities

Q. What are the hostel facilities in IIM Ranchi?

Ans. IIM Ranchi hostels are facilitated with common rooms in each block, these common rooms have adequate seating and offer a variety of board games. The Wi-Fi provides high-speed data throughout the campus.  The mess facilities are very hygienic and offer a wide range of meals that are rich in nutrition. It also offers a variety of dispensaries and many more amenities. IIM Ranchi fees for the hostel range from INR 1.20 Lakhs to INR 2.46 Lakhs depending upon factors like room occupancy type etc.

Q. What is special about IIM Ranchi?

Ans. IIM Ranchi has been ranked 24 by NIRF 2023 among the top Management colleges in the country. IIM Ranchi is known for its flagship program of MBA and IPM, and admission to these courses is done on the basis of the CAT, SAT, and IPMAT. The institute has a wide range of facilities that it offers to its students for a pleasant life experience of IIM Ranchi students.

Q. Is it worth doing an MBA from IIM Ranchi?

Ans. The placement of IIM Ranchi is excellent the highest salary package was about 30 LPA and the lowest was 12 LPA. The internship opportunities that we are offered at IIM Ranchi are best in giving us the best practical learning to implement our learning in the future.

ParticularsIIM Ranchi Placements 2023IIM Ranchi Placements 2022
Number of Recruiters12477
Number of PPOs76-
Number of Students399253
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 15.50 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA-
Highest Package (Domestic)INR 35.5 LPAINR 32.21 LPA
Average PackageINR 17.3 LPAINR 16.17 LPA
Highest Package (International)INR 67 LPA-
Median PackageINR 16.5 LPAINR 15.50 LPA

 Q. Do we get single rooms in IIM?

Ans. All students of IIM Calcutta are allotted rooms in either of the four hostel complexes at Khelgaon. Usually, they are provided with single rooms with shared bathroom facilities of three or four beds. The hostel rooms offered are well furnished and each flat has a kitchen for the domestic use of the students.

Q. Do IIM hostels have AC?

Ans. IIM Lucknow facilitates fully air-conditioned rooms for the best experience of its participants. The hostel accommodation for both boys and girls caters to a wide range of needs. IIM Lucknow Hostels offers basic amenities like water purifiers, a library on campus, a common room, a recreation room, a mess, a television, a theatre, laundry services, a high-standard security and surveillance system, and many more.

Q. Which is better IIM Trichy or Ranchi?

Ans. This becomes the key criterion in the selection of many IIMs. IIM Ranchi tops the list of new IIMs with an average placement package of Rs. 12.67 lacs per annum, while the information shared by IIM Trichy is that its average placement package was Rs. 12 lacs plus followed by IIM Rohtak.

Q. Can I do an MBA from IIM if I am poor?

Ans. Yes, you can do an MBA in IIM and you will get some Financial Assistance/Scholarships not only from IIMs but also from the Government of India and the Ministry of Education itself. You have options for an Educational Loan, which also comes in minimum interest rates, which you can pay back after getting into employment.

Q. Do IIM graduates earn a lot?

Ans. The average CTC offered to candidates in top IIMs generally ranges from INR 20-25 INR whereas the average CTC of newer IIMs hovers between INR 10-20 LPA. The highest salary offered at major IIMs - A, B, and C has been recorded at INR 70 lakh to INR 1 crore as CTC to the IIM Participants.

Q. Does IIM give preference to girls?

Ans. Yes, there a gender diversity marks for female candidates and a female candidate could fetch an extra 5 to 8 marks in the final selection process. These extra marks make a huge difference in overall composite scores and make entry into IIMs relatively easier and more likable. All the best and keep working hard with consistency.

Q. Can I stay outside in IIM?

Ans. Yes, if you enroll in the PGPM program of the IIMs, you must reside in a hostel for the first year. You are eligible to choose to live off campus in the second year, but no one generally does. It is truly beneficial that one must live in a hostel; it is very convenient otherwise, it is extremely difficult to complete all of the submissions and work in groups. Working in cooperation is a necessary element for a skilled and qualified manager.