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IIM Bangalore- Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Reviews

  • Bangalore
  • Private
  • 2nd by NIRF

Aditi Chaurasia

IIM Bangalore Reviews

Ananya Sharma, PGP

Placement: In the second semester, the Summer Internship Process is carried out. Students complete an internship during the summer between their first and second years of study. After internships, close to 50% of students receive pre-placement offers. Typically, the final placement process occurs in Term 6.

Campus Life: The library, classrooms, washrooms, hostels, sports center, and other infrastructure facilities at IIM Bangalore are among the finest. IIM Bangalore hosts the Eximius and Vista business festivals, as well as the Unmad cultural festival. The flagship MBA program at IIM Bangalore is a residential one, with on-campus housing. Each student is provided with a single-occupancy room furnished with a bed, table, shelves, closets, and soft boards. Some rooms even have attached balconies. The mess serves four meals per day, and the menu for the week is communicated in advance.

Rishita Raj, MBA

Placement: Internship opportunities are available after the third term, for which interviews are conducted in the second term. Finals and lateral placement occur during the sixth and final term. One hundred percent of students are placed in prestigious companies.

Campus Life: The campus is sufficiently green with adequate facilities for everything. There is sports equipment and space for every sport, as well as high-tech classrooms with all digital equipment. There are numerous sports, technology, and business clubs. It is possible to stay in a single room with the proper amenities provided in the room. The rooms are fully furnished and equipped with Internet access. The mess provides four servings of various cuisines. Costly are the rooms for rent in the area.

Shivam Raj, MBA

Placement: Summer placements happen in term 2. PlaceCom provides exceptional assistance throughout the resume-writing and freezing processes. As per policy, the names of the companies that visit the campus cannot be disclosed, but all of the top placement recruiters visit the campus, with some being exclusive to the Bangalore campus.

Campus Life: There are three to four major and ten to fifteen minor fests/events held on campus annually. Each week, numerous guest speakers from business, government, and society visit. Our sports culture is embodied by the inter IIM ABC sports championship Sangharsh and the inter IIM BKVT sports championship Sangram. Each classroom is air-conditioned and outfitted with contemporary teaching materials. There are roughly 30 available clubs, societies, and committees. The hostel's facilities are excellent. The mess food is tasty and familiar. The weekly menu changes frequently. Students with locomotor disabilities are provided with air conditioning, a refrigerator, and, if necessary, a separate room for an attendant.

Shaurya Deep, PGPM

Placement: Opportunities for internships are available at the end of the first year. After their first year, students participate in two-month internships before returning to college to continue their third term. The third semester follows the summer internship.

Campus Life: There are a variety of clubs on campus. The callous contains at least twenty clubs and societies. Everything is perfect. There are numerous sports facilities on campus, allowing students to make the most of everything. The food served within the dining hall is of high quality. The menu is changed weekly so that students do not become bored with the menu. Three to four times a week, meat is served. Some of them are optional and require payment. The annual Hostel Fee is INR 30,000 per year.

Chhaya Chetri, PGPM

Placement: Excellent placement opportunities are provided by IIM Bangalore. The university has provided excellent placement opportunities with numerous top-tier companies. Tata, Google, McKinsey, Microsoft, and Uber are just a few of the companies that use the platform. Companies should be commended for the placement compensation packages they offer. The rate of placement for seniors has reached an all-time high. In recent years, the average compensation package has been between 35 and 40 lakh rupees per year.

Campus Life: The campus life at IIM Bangalore is both productive and energizing. As a voracious reader, I spend the majority of my time in the campus library, which is one of the college's finest features. In addition to academic excellence, the institute allows students to participate in as many extracurricular activities as they wish. The IIM Bangalore sports facilities are worth utilizing. The campus is not only beautiful but also a healthy and productive environment for students.

Navneet, PGP

Curriculum: My heightened interest in the fields of business administration and strategic management prompted me to enroll in this course. Excellent professors with a Ph.D. and more than ten to fifteen years of industrial experience. Each faculty member is highly educated and qualified. They are extremely approachable and possess an excellent teaching style. It is easier to pass exams with well-taught preparations and competent preparations. As a result, it has been fantastic for me, as I have aced nearly every exam by paying close attention in class. The class size is 50.

Campus Life: The campus life at IIM Bangalore is both productive and vibrant. As a voracious reader, I spend the majority of my time in the campus library, which is one of the best aspects of the university. In addition to academic excellence, the institute allows students to participate in as many extracurricular activities as they wish. The sport facilities at IIM B should be utilized. In addition, the college's entire campus is equipped with WiFi. There is a gym on campus as well. Eximius is the cultural festival of IIM B. The campus is without a doubt a healthy and productive environment for students, in addition to its beauty.

Jefferon Abraham, MBA

Curriculum: Courses were divided into core and elective categories. The curriculum for the first two trimesters consisted solely of foundational courses in marketing, operations, finance, organizational structure, and accounting.

Placement: IIMB has one of the best placements in the nation. During my tenure, all 375 students in the cohort were placed within three days. Except for investment banks, all other companies listed for summer internships also offer final placements. The annual salaries range from 20 lakhs to 1 crore.

Campus Life: Unmaad, the primary cultural festival, is one of the nation's largest campus celebrations. Chapters of Spicmacay organize various events. There are regular athletic competitions between the other IIMs. Vista is the annual summit for international business. The gender ratio is well maintained due to the admissions process's efforts to recruit more women. Additionally, the incoming profile is somewhat diverse, as opposed to primary engineers. B.Com/CA candidates comprise the second-largest proportion of candidates. There are a substantial number of students from each state, and there is no religious or philosophical hostility. There are numerous parties; the Lsqaure parties are renowned. As part of the curriculum for several courses, industry speakers are brought in, and there are regular coffee gatherings with alumni. Each individual occupies his or her room in a hostel. No rentals are available, and lodging is included in the fees. The rooms feature data cables, fans, cots, lights, and closets. The rooms are quite roomy for a single traveler.

Shreya Jain, MBA

Internship Opportunities: All college students have access to internship opportunities. A designated internship season exists. Companies from all industries, including consulting, finance, and marketing, come to recruit. You may sit for anything that interests you.

Campus Life: Infrastructure of high quality. Single-room hostels. The mess food is too tasty. The sports facilities are also exceptional. Numerous events are occurring throughout the year. The clubs are lively. The library has many books and also provides access to an online library.