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IIM Calcutta- Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Reviews on Facilities & Placements

  • Calcutta, West Bengal
  • Private
  • 3rd by NIRF

Aditi Chaurasia

IIM Calcutta Reviews

Akshay Jain, PGPEX-VLM

Campus: The college boasts excellent facilities including a library. Students also benefit from purchasing magazine subscriptions. The local sports facilities are average. It is an outdated business school with limited space for activities. The college features a dedicated sports team as well as numerous exceptional pupils. The college has a variety of clubs. Although the infrastructure in hostels is somewhat dated, you still have access to air conditioning. The hostel's other amenities are good as well.

Curriculum: Older professors are very wonderful people. Although some people are highly rigorous, this is often not a problem. They all have a lot to teach you. They work really hard at instructing. They have a wealth of experience and provide numerous assignments for learning. The course is fairly busy. The equivalent of two years of study is condensed into around four months.

Placements: The places are good. 90% of pupils were assigned. The offered median yearly pay was somewhere between 16 and 17 LPA. Placement for this program can be difficult, although the 2018–19 class had excellent placement results. Some of the fields where positions were available included IT and consulting. With this curriculum, an internship is required. The institute will also interview candidates for internships. The pay for internships ranges from 25K to 50K.

Soham Verma, PGBDA

Campus: ISI Cal has a Wi-Fi-enabled campus, a fantastic library, and labs. The classrooms are equipped with all current conveniences. One and only Museum, has a lovely campus atmosphere, extremely helpful personnel, and quite a few students.

Curriculum: To be honest, the professors here are gods. Every single one of them has the capacity to resolve any analytics-related uncertainty. Very modest and knowledgeable (especially ISI). Six months will be allotted to you for a graded internship (also paid). That should be plenty to prepare you for the industry and for starting a business, in my opinion. A lot can be learned from peers because each and every one of your peers will be a highly accomplished individual. The curriculum is routinely revised to reflect the most recent theories, technology, etc. Within the Analytics sector (both Industry and Academics).

Placements: 100% of those placed received PPO; 100% of those placed. The average package was 25 LPA, and the highest package was 40 LPA. MasterCard, DE Shaw, EXL, PwC, ITC, Amazon, and others are top recruiters for internships and final placements. Top positions include business consultant, senior analytics manager, data scientist, solution architect, and others.

Hritik Kashyap, PGBDA

Campus: The course is offered by three institutions. In ISI Kolkata, the IIM and IIT facilities are excellent and acceptable, respectively. The situation is identical at IIT KGP, with the exception of the hostels, which are only passable. Hostels at IIM Calcutta are exceptionally good with attached ACs, Wi-Fi, and a sports complex. Although the ISI campus has modest classrooms, the accommodations are also quite decent. IIT KGP and ISI Kolkata provide decent food, whereas IIM Calcutta's is excellent.

Curriculum: All of the professors at IIM Calcutta are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and the institution is exceptionally professional in all aspects of teaching. Every student at ISI Kolkata is treated like a child, and the institute is willing to repeat any concepts you don't fully grasp. Good teachers can be found at IIT KGP. Of course, there are situations when a professor falls short of your expectations.

Placements: There are no placement gaps. The average package is 26 LPA, the lowest package is 20 LPA, and the maximum package is 42.5 LPA. The top hiring firms include Deshaw, Amazon, Ebay, Playgames, and Mastercard. Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Analyst, Business Analyst, Consultant, and Analytics Consultant are the available positions. Every student received an internship.

Chirag Kumar, MBA

Campus: Well-maintained academic building with centralized air conditioning. has a microphone and speaker so the teacher may be heard properly by the students. There are many places for students to unwind, with the Jetty being the most popular. For the sake of dignitaries and parents who are hosting students, a separate 3-star hotel is available. Wonderful experience. LITT, parties are insane. There are coed hostels and a good male-to-female ratio. Here, you'll experience one of the craziest parties and best days of your life. People here know how to throw a party, and the alcohol flows!

Curriculum: A-rated professors who emphasize learning based on industry. Working on cases in class with peers provides a significant learning advantage since it allows students to hear from a variety of experts from different fields and career trajectories.

Placements: Nearly all reputable businesses come to campus and make a significant number of hires. The typical packet is 25LPA. Although placement is demanding, it provides students with equal benefits. The three most prominent sectors are general management, Technology, and consulting.

Sanjana Kumari, MBA

Campus: We haven't actually utilized much of the infrastructure as a result of COVID because we've been taking classes online. Nonetheless, I believe that because they are so old, the hostels and mess could be renovated to provide better amenities.

Curriculum: The teachers are quite competent and have a solid understanding of the subject. Due to the nature of online learning, there have been a few snags, but the professors have been very kind and accessible to all of our questions.

Placements: Even when COVID hit, the placements have had an incredible track record over time. It's nice that our batch had successful summer placements and that our seniors' batch was also completely placed with excellent offers.

Harshit Chauhan, MBAEx

Campus: The college infrastructure is lovely but outdated, yet you can still use all the amenities there, including wifi, 24-hour libraries, lovely dorms, plenty of lab space, and delicious food.

Curriculum: The happiest days of my life have been spent studying there for an Executive MBA; the instructors are like guardians who will always encourage and assist you, and the curriculum is excellent and frequently changes to prepare us for the workforce.

Placements: There are many opportunities to choose your favorite organization and take its recruiting test. Almost all students were hired, and the highest salaries range from 7 lahks to up to 14-18 lakh per year. 2 lakhs plus, but you have numerous internship opportunities.