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DBS Dehradun: Admission 2024, Courses, Fees, Placement, Cutoff

  • Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Private

Saurav Anand

DBS Dehradun Overview

Doon Business School Spreads across a sprawling 4 acre campus, DBS College in Dehradun is one of the top business schools in the northern regions of India and is also known by the name of DBS Dehradun it is an AICTE-accredited institution in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University for MBA/MBS HNB Garhwal University for MBA-IB/MA; HNB Garhwal University for BA (Hons) Mass Communication). Sri Dev Suman University for BBA/BCA/B.Com; Garhwal University for B.Com Hons; Sri Dev Suman University for all Doon business school courses 2023. 100% placement at Doon Business School 2022/2021. There is a salary package of 23 LPA for the highest level and a salary package of 6 LPA for the lowest level Doon Business School MBA average package 2022/2021 INR 6.25 Lacs.

Doon Business School cut off 2022/2021/2020 accepting CAT scores in the range of 60 to70 percentile

It is DBS primary objective to provide high-quality education, but also to produce intelligent managers and employees who will become future leaders and have an impact on both the business world and other areas of society. Doon business school fees 2023 are Rs 6.4 lakh for the two-year PGDM program. Doon Business School ranking 2022/2021/2020,  on The Week’s list of 63 best business schools in India for 2020. 

DBS University (DBS) faculty members have been educated and have taught at top educational institutions such as Harvard, FMS, and IIM, as well as other top-quality institutions. Doon business school Dehradun faculty members offer a method of teaching unique to the school, which includes simulations, case studies, assessments, role-plays, and reports. One of the top-ranked businesses schools located in Northern India; Doon school of Business offers both UG and PG programs taught with faculty members who have worked in the teaching of business schools in other countries. The college offers classes in commerce, management computers, computer programming, and agricultural sciences. Commerce, management computers, computer programming, and agricultural sciences are offered at the college.

People Also Ask :

Q. Is an MBA from Doon Business School Worth It?

Ans. Yes, the value for the money is worth it the fee structure varies from 6 to 7 lakhs for MBA STUDENTS. Yes I personally feel that I am getting my money's worth. Doon Business school is good enough for post graduation students.

Q. What is Doon Business School famous for?

Ans. Ranked among the Top 10 B-Schools of North India by All India Management Association (AIMA) Most Innovative Business School of India by UTV Boomerang. Ranked among the top 35 B-Schools in India by Business Barons.

Q. Is Doon Business School a good college?

Ans. 4th Best Management College in India for Industrial Interface by Careerlinks. 5th Best Pvt. Management Institution in India for 'Value for Money Education' by India Today Nielsen Survey. 32nd Best Business School in 'Overall Performance' by Business Today, India Today Nielsen Survey.

Q. Is DBS is NAAC accredited?

Ans. The college is NAAC accredited and is a Centre with Potential for Excellence of UGC.

Q. Is Doon Business School UGC approved?

Ans. No capitation fee. Scholarships up to 100% in tuition fee for meritorious students. Course structure as per ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) approved syllabus. UGC recognized / Affiliated with Govt.

Q. Which university has the highest NAAC A ++ grade?

Ans. MUMBAI: A deemed university in Bhubaneswar has pipped India's top-ranked university of 2022, the Institute of Science, in its NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) score. The University, ranked outside the top 15, has scored 3.88, the highest ever awarded in the country, compared to IISc 3.67.

Q. Which is better Doon University or Doon Business School?

Ans. Doon Business School Discontinued (Oct 2022)- Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Global PGDM) course is rated 3.5 out of 5 by 20 genuine verified students while Doon University same course is rated 3.6 out of 5 by 9 students at Shiksha.

Q. Is Doon Business School private or government?

Ans. Extensive Industry Interface Lectures from industry personnel make the program one of its kind, and thus Doon Business School is ranked as the Top Private College in North India.

Q. Is Doon good for MBA?

Ans. Yes doon school is good for MBA finance and marketing. This college has state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped labs to fulfil all MBA requirements. This college offers the best placement for MBA, and the curriculum is also updated from time to time.

Q. Is there any scholarship at Doon Business School?

Ans. Conditions of Scholarship for 2022-2023 Intake Batch.

Scholarships are applicable for all Full time undergraduate admitted students of the Doon Business School Group, in accordance with the following scheme.

Doon Business School:

Doon Business School is one of the premier management institutes in Northern India, DBS brings students an educational experience par excellence.  Doon Business School's main motto is to be a part of an education that not just creates by employees or managers but creates leaders who are going to big institutions and leave a lasting footprint on the business as well as the social sector.

DBS offers their students combined studies which include managerial as well as technology skills so that's why students have combined knowledge that they have gained from DBS. Nowadays technology tools are the backbone of any business and hence this is the main part of this B-school. Doon Business School constantly upgrades its course material to face changing global business patterns so that when its students go out and work in the corporate environments they are fully ready with the required managerial and technological skills which are must be needed for the job. All students of DBS have a deep understanding of national and international economics. Doon Business School has great educational and training facilities supervised and coordinated by highly trained coordinators. Many of their faculty members have international relations and have years and years of experience by working with prestigious institutions like IIM, FMS, XLRI, MIT Sloan etc. Teachers are interacting with their students including role-plays, simulation exercises, case studies analysis, and real-life project management and reporting. Doon Business School is one of the best places for multicultural environments to study in.

Doon Business School NIRF:

  • This B school is ranked in the Top 10 universities in North India by the All India Management Association (AIMA).
  • Ranked Top 35 business schools in India by Business Barons and one noticeable rank is the most innovative business school by UTV Boomerang.
  • According to The Week 2020, BW Business world 2020 this college ranked 1 in Uttarakhand. 
  • BW Business world 2020, announced the 22nd-best MBA school in North India and 63rd B school in India. 
  • This institution also gets the India excellence award for Best upcoming Management Institute in India.
  • According to Business Baron, 2nd amongst the top emerging B schools in India. 
  • The week Hansa Research Survey, awarded the top 15 Private best business schools in North India.
  • According to, The Week 20, this B school is No 1 in Uttarakhand.
  • 15th Best B school in North India, The week 20
  • 22nd Best B school In North India, BW Business World 2020
  • 63rd best B school in India, The week 2020
  • 67th Best Private B school in India, according to BW Business World
  • BW Business World recognised them as the 87th Best B school In India
  • India Today Nielsen Survey announced 2nd best institute after IIM- A, In Future Operation Management course
  • Carrerlinks awards them for 4th best management college for Industrial Interface.
  • By Business Today, this college gets the 32nd best B school for overall performance
  • AIMA gives 10th rank to this college
  • According to The week  2020, this college is the Top 4 the best college for mass communication
  • Business India, provides Top 50 B school in North India
  • According to India today 2018, 5th Best Business school in North India for management
  • In India Today Nielsen Survey,5th Best private management institution in India Value for money education
  • According to Career Links 6th best B school for Top Faculty
  • UTV Bloomberg awarded them as a Most innovative B school in India

Why is Doon Business School Famous?

Doon Business School has a big campus which is 40 acres and they have every modern facility . DBS has transport services, a cafeteria, medical service, wifi, the facility most needed for students. Doon Business School is a centre of excellent management studies and consultancy. At this B school learning is vigorous, there is every program designed to involve each and every student in their live project, and lots of activity and management cravings are put into them. DBS has excellent teaching faculty, they are experienced and give proper guidance to students. This B school provides students to interact with various industry leaders. The location of this college gives students peace of mind for their studies and the beautiful weather of the hill station. This college is always ready to innovate new things, new technologies , new and facilities that help students. If anyone goes through this program they will find differences in teaching patterns and teaching resources. This college provides IT support which helps students to make things easier. This is a great place for learning. There are many clubs that help to enhance students' knowledge. Doon Business School helps to change the educational culture in Uttarakhand. Not only education they also provide learning programs, students enjoy dance, music, drama, sports, specific club they have for this. This college provides tommorows knowledge today, a proper skill set that make students a next-generation Business leaders. DBS mainly focus on key skill like critical thinking, interaction with people, creativity,  king new business project which helps students gain knowledge in the business filed. This college help students to make project by using data science which the is most required skill the in industry. College provide guidance to each and every students, in this college there is a mentor for students they help students to find their weakness and work on these particular skills. Colleges always make a good relationship with corporate, many corporate leaders come to their college for conferences and mock interviews which help students to grow in their field. No doubt this is a good place for students. This college provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Many students come from many states, this is a very good place to reunite every culture.

Here are some of the reason why should join in Doon Business School:

Doon Business School always tries to make their students the best, that's why provide some provides some skills which are most important to the ow in the future. Those skills are- Emotional intelligence, Adaptability, Working with and managing remote teams, and Data science expatriates.

Emotional Intelligence:

This is a skill that helps people to control themselves. Technical skill helps to be promoted in the workplace but not always prepares you for an accepted situation. If anyone wants to be a leader in the future, this is one of the key elements for them. This skill helps maintain a team, manage stress, deliver things to others and share neutral feedback which helps to progress this team. Some times every people mentally break down, the reason behind this is

Lack of self-awareness, Social Awareness, self-management, and most importantly, relationship management.

The process of Emotional Intelligence is:

Self Awareness:

  • Understand yourself
  • Always appreciate yourself
  • Conscious about what to do
  • Control emotion

Self Management:

  • Always maintain discipline
  • Fixed a goal
  • Always stay positive
  • Always fixable for every situation and accept things

Relationship Management:

  • Developing relationship with others
  • Focus on team bonding
  • Always influence others to do right things which help for team

Social Awareness:

  • Always appreciate others and motivate others
  • Always ready for handling any situation
  • Maintain a holistic communication


This is one of the most important leadership quality which is adaptability. Being a leader you must be available all the time when your team member needs support. It's a technological period where every day new technologies come into the market and managers need to learn all those things and give proper training to the team. Not only managers but also the team members need to adapt new things otherwise survival is not possible in nowadays market. When the interviewer comes to choose people they mainly focus on three things which is adaptability, flexibility and the candidates desiring to learn new things.

Working with and Managing Remote Team:

After COVID, the work industry changed. They believe in remote work, work from home is the most popular nowadays. For remote working employees must have proper knowledge to create things and Doon Business School always implements these skills to their students for remote working. Remote working is not easy, for this needs a proper leadership quality. Some points for managing remote staff:

  • Set clear expectation
  • Be available
  • Give example how to complete this work
  • Communication must be 2 ways
  • Ask feedback 
  • Be transparent
  • Trust to the workers
  • Monitor progress regularly

Data Science Expertise:

Data science is a very famous cause and dream career for many students. Data scientist are analyse large sets structure. This subject is a best combination with technology and statistics. Every company hire them for some jobs roles which are

  • Data Scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Big Data engineer
  • Machine learning expats
  • Business analysis specialist
  • Data visualization Developer
  • Analytics Manager
  • Statistician

Doon Business School Hostel Fees 2024-2026

What is the hostel fees of Doon Business School?

Hostel for : Male Fee ₹76.75 K – ₹1.12 L

Particular1st Installment 01/08/2020 to 31/01/2021Total Hostel Fee
Admission Fees (Non-Refundable) 10000
twin-double (4-seater chummery accommodation) with attached Bathroom & Toilet.2700081750
Triple Seater with Common Washroom2700081750
Triple Seater with Attached Washroom3600096750

Doon business school address Mi-122, Behind Pharma City, Selaqui, Dehradun Uttarakhand, India – 248011 · Doon Business School Contact – Tel, 0135-2699166 & 7060111029. Account Office, 7060111027

Spread across a sprawling 4-acre campus, Doon Business School is one of the top business schools in the northern regions of India and is also known by the name of DBS it is an AICTE-accredited institution located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University for MBA and Integrated MBS; HNB Garhwal University for MBA-IB/MA and BA (Hons) Mass Comm; HNB Garhwal University / Sri Dev Suman University for BBA/BCA/B.Com Sri Dev Suman University for B.Com Hons; Sri Dev Suman University for all courses in science).

The primary goal of DBS is that they provide high-quality education, but also ensure that they produce intelligent managers and employees who will develop into future leaders, leaving an impression that lasts for a long time and make an impact on the business world as well as the other sectors of society.

Doon Business School (DBS) faculty members are educated and have teaching experience at top educational institutions like IIM, FMS, and Harvard as well as other top-quality institutions like Harvard, FMS, and IIM. The faculty members of DBS offer a distinctive method of teaching that includes diverse activities, including simulations cases, case studies, assessment as well as role-plays and reports. One of the top-ranked businesses schools located in Northern India; DBS offers both UG and PG programs taught with faculty members who have worked in the teaching of business schools in other countries. The college offers classes in commerce, management computers, computer programming, and agricultural sciences. 

Vision of Doon Business School

To become a Nationally Recognised Management Institution focused on the development of business leaders.

Mission of Doon Business School

The goal is to provide a transformative learning experience that is centred around deep disciplinary expertise and leadership skills, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, as well as overall health and well-being.

Dehradun Business School (DBS) or the Doon Business School is an Indian management school that was established by the government of Uttarakhand. The Institute is renowned for its best educational experience for students studying management. Its Doon Business School earned approval from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU). Doon Business School Ranking is No.1 in Uttarakhand. The week featured Doon Business School Ranking in Dehradun as the best B-School in Uttarakhand as well as it was also noted that the All India Management Association (AIMA) identified Doon Business School Ranking among the top 10 B-Schools in Northern India. Doon Business School Placement has achieved more than 100 percent placement offers each year for students through building strong relationships with corporations and enhancing their abilities. Doon Business School average placements were 5 lacs. Doon Business School’s highest package is around ten lakhs. Doon Business School highest package exceeds ten lakhs.

Doon Business School (DBS) Highlights

Type of Institution/ UniversityPrivate
Accredited/Approved byAICTE & UGC approved
Entrance ExaminationMAT/ CAT/ CMAT/ XAT/ GMAT
Courses and Curriculum12 courses spread across 5 streams
Lodging FacilityHostel accommodation is available
LibraryLibrary well-stocked
Campus InfrastructureLibrary, Hostel, Auditorium, Sports
Modes of EducationFull-time
Highest Salary OfferedRs. 23.5 LPA
Average Salary OfferedRs. 7.4 LPA
Scholarships OfferedMerit-based
Gender IntakeCo-educational
Apply ThroughFormsADDA (up to 80% Discount)
InternshipSummer Internships available
DirectorDr. Nitin Balwani


Industry Integration Awards 2020

  • Presented by Education Post, Conferred at FWA Annual Industry Conclave 

The Week 2019

  • 1st Best B-School in Uttarakhand

India Today Nielsen Survey

  • 2nd Best Institution in India (After IIM-A) in ‘Future Orientation of Management Courses’ 

India Today (June 2018)

  • 5th Best Institution in North India for Management Programs

Doon Business School Ranking

  • 1st as Business India November 2020 as No. 1 B-School in Uttarakhand and also ranked it as one of the top 50 B-Schools with the best reputation in India.
  • 1st as Business India November 2020 as No. 1 B-School in Uttarakhand and also ranked it as one of the top 50 B-Schools with the best reputation in India.
  • The Week 2020 Doon Business School Ranking as the 1st B- School in Uttarakhand, 15th Best B- School in North India and 63rd Best B- School in India. It was ranked DBS as one of the Top 14 Most Excellent Mass Communication Colleges in All India Ranking.
  • BW Business World 2020 Doon Business School Ranking: DBS as the 1st B- School in Uttarakhand, 22nd Best B- School in North India, 67th Best Private B- School in India and 87th Best B- School in India.
  • In the India Today Nielson Survey, Doon Business School Ranking: DBS, was placed 2nd as the best School within India (after the IIM A) in the category of ‘Future Orientation for the Management Program’. The survey also identified Doon Business School as the 5th most prestigious Private Management Institution in India in “Value for Money Education’.
  • Careerlinksranke, Doon Business School Ranking as the 4th Best Management College in India for Industrial Interface and the 6th Best Business School in India for “Top Faculty”.
  • Doon Business School Ranking in India Today as the 5th Best Institution in North India for Management Programs in June 2018.
  • All India Management Association (AIMA)ranked Doon Business School as one of the top Ten B- Schools in North India.
  • UTV Bloomberg Doon Business School Ranking: DBS ranked as the most innovative Business School of India.
  • In Business India Doon Business School Ranking: DBS ranked among the top 50 private Management Schools in India.
  • The Week-Hansa research survey Doon Business School Ranking as one of the top 15 private B-Schools located in North India.
  • Business Baron Doon Business School Ranked 2nd in the top B-schools to be emerging in India
  • The India Excellence Award recognizes Doon Business School as one of the top management schools in India.

Why Doon Business School

  • Its city Dehradun provides a fantastic student experience. It’s a vibrant city with a vibrant and cosmopolitan scene. Trekking and adventure sports within the Himalayas are among the popular weekend vacations.
  • Experimentation with different cultures by taking excursions to Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
  • Learning through experience is made possible through the existence of numerous non-polluting industries.
  • There is a group for 22+ activities at Doon Business School. Doon Business School campus.
  • All over campus the student committees are responsible to manage Learning by Empowering.
  • The case study method and outcomes-based learning are utilized in the classroom that helps the student be able to apply their knowledge.
  • There are seasoned faculty members of IIMs, FMS, XLRI, and more. and numerous international faculty members who are visiting.
  • In addition to regular degree programs, DBS offers international certifications, such as the University Alliance Partnership for SAP-Germany Certification Alliance Francis Elementary French along with NSE certification.
  • An array of opportunities to intern available to PG as well as UG students is available at DBS.
  • DBS has a track record that has been 100% successful in its placements, since its inception. ‘
  • DBS is focused on developing world-class leaders.

Motives that make Doon Business School a big deal in the field of education

  • The students in the Doon Business School are taught management skills and technology skills to ensure that they are able to achieve an advantage in this fast-paced world. Technology tools for enterprise level are a vital component of the school’s program since they form the foundation of medium-sized and large-sized businesses.
  • The curriculum is swiftly altered and improved in line with the demands of the global business environment. Students are also provided with a thorough knowledge of the economics of both international and national economies.
  • Doon Business School Doon Business School has a high-tech educational and training facility directed by highly skilled faculty members. The faculty members of the school have worked at world-class institutions, such as Harvard Business School, IIM, FMS, XLRI, MIT Sloan, and many other.
  • Doon Business School’s faculty Doon Business School communicates with students using highly developed techniques including role-plays and exercises in simulation, the study of case studies, as well as real-world project management and reporting. The aim of the course is to share knowledge and experience which will aid students’ advancement to become leaders in their field.
  • High-quality computer equipment is accessible with the latest versions of the software employed by educational institutions as well as businesses. The faculty uses multimedia aids and interactive learning activities to make sure that students learn as efficiently as they can.
  • The business school is home to an enormous library that is available to students to consult or research. You can also search through the online library.

Admission Process

U.G. DBS adheres to a roll-by-day admissions policy. The steps to be taken for admission are:

  1. Complete the online form via FormsADDA as well as pay the registration fee
  2. Candidates who have been shortlisted must register themselves for a personal interview (online/offline).
  3. A letter of offer is issued.
  4. Accept the letter and pay the fee.

PG DBS has an admissions policy with a rolling process. The Doon Business School Admission 2022  procedures include:

  1. The basis for admission for Postgraduate programs is CAT/XAT/CMAT/MAT/GMAT scores, marks in graduation and online interview.
  2. The registration form must be filled in and payment of fee for registration and selecting the most convenient date for the online interview. The applicant must complete the following documents within the three days prior to the scheduled interview once they have completed the online registration form:

Photographs of passport size

The 10th and 12th marks sheets and certificate of passage

Scorecards for CAT/CMAT/MAT/GMAT

Graduation marks sheets. For students in their final year, students can upload their mark sheets from previous years.

The Doon Business School Admission 2023 list that is final is created based on below provided the parameters:

  1. Graduation-20%
  3. Written Test/GD/Case Analysis – 20%
  4. Personal Interview – 20%
  5. Participation in extra-curricular sports and activities 5 percent

Students shortlisted for admission be able to confirm their admission using the above information and pay the admission fee as per chosen course, which will allow the institute to issue the pro forma admissions letter.

Student who has paid admission fees are required to pay the remainder amount for the initial year within the timeframe.

Doon Business School Admission 2022-23

  • Doon Business School offers programs that include B.Com, BBA, BCA, BA (Hons.) as well as B.Sc as well as full-time PGDM, MBA, MSc, MA in Journalism courses for post-graduate level. Anyone interested in applying may apply on the school’s official website. There is more information regarding Doon Business School Admission 2022 criteria here: 

Doon Business School Admission 2023 for Undergraduate Courses

  • In all UG as well as PG Integrated courses admission is determined by merit and is followed by an appointment (PI). 

Doon Business School Admission 2023 for Post- Graduate Courses

To gain Doon Business School Admission 2023 to MBA and PGDM programs, candidates must score a valid mark in the CAT/MAT/ CMAT/ XAT/GMAT test, and also pass the GD and PI rounds to be selected. The admission of a student to other PG courses is dependent on the results of graduation.

This is a listing of the criteria for selection in Doon Business School courses that are used by the institute in preparing the merit list.

Course NameEntrance Exams Accepted
Integrated BBA+MBA
Academic record and online personal Interview (PI)
MBAResults of MAT/CAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT, academic performance, Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview
PGDMThe MAT/CAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT scores, academic scores, and GD and PI scores
MA (Mass Communication), MScGraduation merit, group discussion, written test and personal interview
DBS Dehradun

DBS Dehradun

Approvals & Accreditation - AICTE, UTU Location - Dehradun, Uttarakhand



7.32 Lakhs

Courses available by the Doon Business School (DBS)

To become an Nationally Recognised Management Institution focused on the development of business leaders.

UG Programmes

Doon Business School CourseDoon Business School EligibilityDoon Business School Fee Structure
BA – Mass CommunicationCandidates must have at least 45 percent of their overall in their class 12 as well as English should be among their compulsory subjects.Rs 3.2 Lakhs
BSc – Forestry,
The applicant must have passed their class 12 exam for Science and Mathematics with at least a points of 50%.Rs. 4.2 Lakhs
BCom – Regular, Honours
Integrated BBA+MBA
The minimum grade in class 12 must be 50% in addition, English as a subject should be included as a subjectRs. 2.8 Lakhs
Rs. 8 Lakhs
Rs. 4.55 Lakhs
BCAStudents must have completed English as well as Mathematics in the 12th grade.Rs. 2.23 Lakhs

Programs for PG

CoursesEligibility CriteriaCourse Fees
Human Resource Management,
International Business
A degree from an undergraduate institution with an average grade point of 50% is required.Rs 4.1 lakhs
Human Resource,
International Business Agribusiness
Any graduate degree that includes working experienceRs. 6.4 lakhs (All specialisations)
Rs. 7.5 Lakhs (International Business)
MA –
Mass Communication
Graduating with at the minimum of 50% the aggregateRs. 1.8 Lakhs
MSc –
Minimum of 55% for BSc in an accredited agricultural institutionRs. 1.8 Lakhs
DBS Dehradun

DBS Dehradun

Approvals & Accreditation - AICTE, UTU Location - Dehradun, Uttarakhand



7.32 Lakhs

Doon Business School Selection Process

In addition to the MAT/CAT/CMAT/XAT/GMAT and graduation marks, a personal interview follows the admissions process for our Postgraduate Management programs.

The list of merits will be released online based on the following requirements

GD/CASE Analysis20%
Personal Interview20%
Participation in extracurricular activities, sports5%

Doon Business School Admission 2024

Doon Business School PG Admissions 2024

Doon Business School also offers MA in Mass Communication and M.Sc Agriculture Programs at the postgraduate level. Each program lasts two years. MA Mass comm. is affiliated with HNB Garhwal University whereas M.Sc Agriculture is affiliated with Sriv Dev Suman University. For more details, refer to the table above.

CourseEligibilitySelection Criteria
MA Mass Communication M.Sc AgricultureGraduation Graduation in Agriculture and allied coursesGroup Discussion & Personal Interview

The program is open to those who have passed their final exams successfully. The Doon Business School interview and group discussion will determine the admission to the program.

Doon Business School UG Admissions 2024

For undergraduates, DBS offers B.Com, B.Com (Hons), B.Sc Agriculture, B.Sc. Forestry B.A. (Hons) with a focus on Mass Communication as well as Journalism, BBA and BCA programs that run in full-time mode. The duration of these courses is three years, and each program can accommodate 180 seats.

CourseEligibilitySelection Process
B.Com (Hons) B.Sc Agriculture B.Sc Forestry BA (Hons) in Mass Communication & Journalism BCA BBA10+2 with at minimum 60 marks or moreThe selection will be made on the basis of how well you perform in Personal Interview and Group Discussion. Interview

To be admitted to the undergraduate programs provided by DBS applicants must attend Group Discussions and Personal sessions with the institute.

Doon Business School PG Admissions 2024

The Institute also provides MA In Mass Communication and M.Sc Agriculture Program at postgraduate level. Both programs last two years. MA Mass comm. is affiliated with HNB Garhwal University whereas M.Sc Agriculture is associated with Sriv Dev Suman University. For more details, refer to the table below.

CourseEligibilitySelection Criteria
MA Mass Communication M.Sc AgricultureGraduation Graduation in Agriculture and allied coursesGroup Discussion & Personal Interview

The program is offered for those who have completed their exams for graduation successfully. The Doon Business School interview and group discussion will determine the admission to the program.

Doon Business School PGDM and MBA Admission 2024

It is affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University and offers an MBA program which is approved by AICTE.

Postgraduate management courses offered by Doon Business School include:

  • PGDM – SAP
  • PGDM- Global
  • PGDM – Agribusiness Management
  • MBA
  • MBA- Base
  • MBA- IB

Key Features

  1. PGDM or MBA students are educated to work in SAP (Germany) as well as ERP working environments, leading to DBS SAP University alliance certification.
  2. A unique approach to ongoing work experience, frequent visits to industry, and problem-solving-based learning and promoting learning through empowerment.
  3. Specialized services in International exchange, certifications and international exchange as well as foreign trips.
  4. International internship opportunities to promote global thinking.
  5. French classes in French to help provide international employment opportunities.
  6. Maximum amount of 23.5 LPA.
  7. Ranked Best B-school in Uttarakhand by India Today, and The Week.