GMAT Application Form 2023: Fees, Eligibility Criteria
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GMAT Application Form 2023: Fees, Eligibility Criteria

GMAT Application Form GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) application forms for 2023 will be accessible on the GMAC website. Candidates who intend to take the examination must first register online in order to gain access to the application form. If the candidate has previously registered, they need only input their login details. After logging in, […]

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GMAT Application Form

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) application forms for 2023 will be accessible on the GMAC website. Candidates who intend to take the examination must first register online in order to gain access to the application form. If the candidate has previously registered, they need only input their login details. After logging in, applicants can begin filling out their application form and complete the application process.

While taking out the GMAT 2023 application form, a candidate must include accurate information regarding his or her high school and college education, as well as the topics chosen as majors in college, such as Biology or Mathematics, Arts or Commerce. Candidates may schedule the GMAT exam on any date of their choosing.

Exam dates for the GMAT entrance exam can be viewed on the official website.

How to Register for the GMAT in 2023?

The GMAT can be taken online at the candidate’s leisure. Applicants can submit their GMAT applications online by following the instructions outlined below.

Application Process for the GMAT: GMAT Exam Enrollment

Candidates can register for the GMAT online, offline, over the phone, or by mail.

Step 1: Navigate to the GMAT’s official website.

Step 2: Candidates who are registering for the first time must create an account by filling out the information given in the image. If the candidate already has an account, they need only provide their password and ID to log in.

Step 3: After making an account, use those credentials to log in again and enter your personal information, such as your name and address.

Step 4: It requires candidates to indicate their preferred methods of contact. Candidates will receive the most recent GMAT information via this mode of contact.

Step 5: Include past academic and/or professional experience details. Validate and submit the information.

Step 6: Schedule the desired date and time for the GMAT examination, as well as the test location.

Step 7: Pay the USD 275 GMAT registration cost online using a debit or credit card.

A candidate has successfully registered to take the GMAT after completing all of these processes.

GMAT Application Form Information for 2023

Important details regarding the GMAT 2023 application form are provided below.

  • Students can submit GMAT applications throughout the year.
  • Students will find the GMAT guidebook available on the GMAT exam’s official website to be informative.
  • It is a test for admissions into an MBA programme (Master of Business administration).
  • GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) is the organisation responsible for administering the international GMAT examination.
  • Interested potential candidates must initially register on the relevant website.
  • If an applicant fails to achieve a high score on the GMAT, they can retake the exam.

Note: Applicants should keep their registration number and payment receipt for future reference.

GMAT Payment Options

There are multiple acceptable payment methods for the GMAT application fees.

The GMAT examination fees include all applicable taxes and fees. The GMAT examination price is 275 US dollars (INR 20,546).

In this section, the numerous methods of payment have been discussed:

MasterCard, American Express, JCB, as well as credit and debit cards, are accepted for payment of the GMAT fee online.

If the credit card or debit card is not accepted, the candidate’s registration will be automatically cancelled, and he or she will be required to reschedule with a legitimate method of payment.

Offline GMAT Fee Payment Methods (applicable only if the application is mailed):

The GMAT also allows applicants to submit their applications offline. This includes Cashier’s checks, Money Orders, and Personal checks.

Note: Certain debit cards issued by Indian banks that do not meet the Verified Visa or Master Card Secure codes will not be accepted.

GMAT Application Fee for 2023

The following table contains all information on the GMAT online application form and exam fee.

ParticularsFee (USD)GMAT Application fee in India
GMAT Exam feeUSD 275INR 20,546

Cancellation Fees

ParticularsFee (USD)GMAT Application fee in India
Cancellation Fee (Before 60 Days of Appointment)USD 100 (Refund)INR 7513
Cancellation Fee (Between 15-60 Days of Appointment)USD 75 (Refund)INR 5634
Cancellation Fee (Less Than 15 Days of Appointment)USD 50 (Refund)INR 3756

Rescheduling Fees

ParticularsFee (USD)GMAT Application fee in India
Rescheduling Fee (More Than 60 Days Before Appointment)USD 50INR 3756
Rescheduling Fee (Between 15-60 Days Before Appointment)USD 100INR 7513
Rescheduling Fee (Less Than 15 Days Before Appointment)USD 150INR 11269

Points to remember

  • The payment methods must be made payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT in US dollars.
  • It must be drawn on a U.S. bank and include the candidate’s reference number.
  • Payment for the GMAT application fee must contain the total amount, including any applicable taxes, and the date of cash withdrawal.
  • A candidate must ensure that the front of the bank cheque bears the official signature of the bank, the bank’s name, and its address.
  • The check must be received by Pearson VUE at least 10 days prior to the examination date.
  • If a check is returned owing to insufficient funds in the account, Pearson VUE may electronically deduct a service fee from the account. If a candidate’s cheque is returned, the appointment will be cancelled and the individual will be required to reschedule the GMAT Exam.
  • Before making payment, candidates should have a thorough understanding of the eligibility requirements and application procedure.

GMAT Information Required on Application

The application form will contain various fields for candidates to complete.

Name of the Candidate: Candidates taking the GMAT must give their entire names (as they appear on their SSLC/10th Grade Marks Card). If a candidate’s name has been altered for whatever reason, the original documentation must be presented at the time of admission.

Date of Birth: Candidates must give their date of birth in dd/mm/yy format, exactly as it appears on their High School or equivalent examination certificate.

E-mail: Candidates are required to provide their valid email addresses. This address will be used to contact you throughout the examination/admissions process.

Contact details: Candidates are required to provide their mobile phone number. Then, candidates must input the OTP received to validate the entered mobile number. In the future, do not turn off your phone permanently in case you receive a call or text message regarding a test change.

Proof of the applicant’s unique identification: A candidate must select from the offered list the form of identification that he or she will present in original form during the exam and admissions procedure.

GMAT Online Registration

Registration for the GMAT Online is comparable to registration for the traditional GMAT exam. Candidates must ensure that their personal computers or laptops meet all system requirements for the GMAT Online assessment before submitting an application.

However, if a candidate resides close enough to an exam centre for it to be conveniently accessible, they are urged to take the exam there, as the authorities have ensured that all safety rules have been adhered to for the benefit of test takers and test centre personnel.

Changing or Canceling the GMAT Exam Date

By login into their account, candidates can reschedule or cancel their examination up to 24 hours before the scheduled exam time. The rescheduling and cancellation fees differ based on when the candidate chooses to do so. Within twenty-four hours of the exam’s beginning, no alterations are permitted. 

Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT 2023 Application Form

Q. How much does the GMAT examination cost?

Ans. Registration for the GMAT in 2023 is $275. Also, the candidate will be charged if they wish to cancel or reschedule the exam. The cancellation price for the GMAT examination is $200, while the candidate must pay an extra $150 to reschedule.

Q. What is the distinction between the GMAT and GRE?

Ans. The GMAT is a standardized test required for admission to top business schools throughout the world. Additionally, several business schools have begun to accept the GRE. Similar to the GRE, the GMAT consists of a quantitative and verbal section. In addition, two portions of the GMAT are merged to yield a total score of 800.

Q. How do I register for the GMAT in 2023?

Ans. Since the GMAT exam is administered throughout the year, anyone can take it at any time. 

Registration steps for GMAT 2023:

  • Register on the GMAT’s official website.
  • Complete the required fields. Create a username and password
  • Pay the registration fee US $275
  • Candidates can pay electronically or physically
  • After completing all steps, candidates must log in and schedule the exam day and location.

Q. How can I register to take the GMAT?

Ans. Applicants must create an account on the GMAT’s official website. After registration, individuals must provide certain information such as test date, time, etc. In addition, individuals may register by phone by phoning GMAT customer service and paying a $10 charge.

Q. How frequently may I take the GMAT?

Ans. Candidates may repeat the GMAT exam 16 days after their initial try. A candidate may take the GMAT examination up to five times during one year (12 months). An individual can take the GMAT exam eight times in their lifetime.

Q. Am I permitted to retake the GMAT?

Ans. Candidates may retake the GMAT exam 16 days after their initial attempt. In addition, nearly 20% of candidates repeat the GMAT, which has little bearing on B-school admissions.

Q. When can I schedule a GMAT online exam appointment?

Ans. The online GMAT exam is offered on a rolling basis. In order to pursue admission to a graduate business school, candidates can take the GMAT online.

Q. Can I switch from a GMAT test center appointment to a GMAT online exam appointment if I have a test center reservation but cannot take the exam in my area?

Ans. If a candidate has reserved a time slot at the test center, the attempt cannot be rescheduled to a different mode. To retake the GMAT online exam, candidates must register for it again.

Q. Can I register to take the GMAT online with accommodations?

Ans. Those who have already scheduled the GMAT exam and been approved for GMAT testing accommodations are not required to reapply for the GMAT online exam. The accommodation approval is valid for two years. To register for the online GMAT exam with accommodations, students must verify their eligibility by clicking the link in the GMAC email they will receive.

Q. The GMAT appointment can be rescheduled ?

Ans. Candidates who pay a fee may reschedule their GMAT appointment. Candidates must log in to their official GMAT account ( and pay the cost to reschedule the GMAT exam. If they reschedule the exam within seven days of the appointment, they will receive a $50 refund. If you reschedule the exam within seven days of the scheduled appointment, you must pay a $200 fee.

Q. How long do I need to prepare for the GMAT?

Ans. There is no particular time to study for the GMAT exam. Typically, candidates must develop a study plan for 3 to 4 months (14 to 16 weeks) in order to achieve a satisfactory score. Also, it depends on your abilities; some candidates must study for six months, while others achieve a high score with less but consistent study time. Those who are unable to attend to the GMAT test facility because to COVID-19 restrictions can view the GMAT exam online and learn everything there is to know about it.

GMAT Application Form 2023: Fees, Eligibility Criteria
GMAT Application Form 2023: Fees, Eligibility Criteria
GMAT Application Form 2023: Fees, Eligibility Criteria
GMAT Application Form 2023: Fees, Eligibility Criteria