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Gravitas 2024 at SIBM

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Gravitas 2024 at SIBM
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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management hosts the annual Sports event called Gravitas 2024, The sports committee of the institution puts on numerous efforts for the event with whole vibrant energy and sports man ship however , Gravitas 2024 will continue for three days with various sports events such as basket ball, tennis, badminton, football and much more. Sports events in college play a pivotal role in holistic development. Beyond physical fitness, they foster teamwork, leadership, and discipline. Engaging in sports nurtures a competitive spirit, essential for facing challenges in academic and professional realms. Moreover, these events cultivate a sense of camaraderie among students, building a supportive community.

Participating in sports enhances time management skills, as athletes must balance training with academic responsibilities. The discipline instilled through sports contributes to better focus and resilience, qualities crucial for success in any field. College sports events provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Furthermore, sports contribute to mental well-being by reducing stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The lessons learned on the field such as resilience in the face of defeat prepare individuals for real-world setbacks.

All together SIBM sports events are not just about physical activity, they are a cornerstone of character development, instilling values and skills that extend far beyond the playing field. They create a well rounded educational experience, preparing students for the challenges of life beyond academia.

More about the Educational Institution:-

A leader in management education, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) is well-known for its dedication to developing the next generation of business leaders. Under the auspices of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), SIBM was founded in 1978 and has continuously worked to promote academic excellence and a well-rounded learning environment.

Pune, Maharashtra-based Symbiosis Institute is well known for it’s amazing Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. The faculty at the institute is made up of seasoned academics and business experts who provide students with a combination of theoretical understanding and real world application. This guarantees that graduates have the necessary skills to negotiate the intricate and ever changing corporate environment. SIBM stands apart due in part to its focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition to training students for success in corporate careers, the institute fosters a spirit of creativity and critical thinking that helps them create and launch their own businesses. By giving students a place to explore and nurture their company ideas, SIBM’s entrepreneurial environment promotes an innovative culture.The educational tenets of Symbiosis Pune are centred around collaboration and global exposure. The institute has collaborated on cooperative research projects and student exchange programmes thanks to collaborations with prominent foreign institutions. The students’ comprehension of various business contexts is improved by this global perspective, which also equips them for leadership positions in a globalised society.

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