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Doon Business School B.Com Admission 2023, Fees, Placement
Doon Business School B.Com Admission 2023, Fees, Placement

Doon Business School B.Com Admission 2023, Fees, Placement

Doon Business School also known as DBS is located in Uttarakhand. This college is rated a top B School in India and the best B school in Uttarakhand. Doon Business School is also affiliated with the All India Council For Technical Education(AICTE) and also approved by UGC. In comparison to other universities, the overall fee Structure  for Doon Business School is affordable.

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 Saurav Anand 24/11/2022
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Doon Business School also known as DBS is located in Uttarakhand. This college is rated a top B School in India and the best B school in Uttarakhand. Doon Business School is also affiliated with the All India Council For Technical Education(AICTE) and also approved by UGC. In comparison to other universities, the overall fee Structure  for Doon Business School is affordable. This is one of the Top most Business school in Uttarakhand. B.COM is one of the popular courses in this college.  This college provides a good placement every year. This college campus has good infrastructure which is required nowadays. The most interesting thing about this college is the fees are very low, Fees for this course are 

Doon Business school Fees:


Admission Fees20k(Nonrefundable)
Tuition Fees, Career Development cell, Soft skills, Clubs Membership1st Sem:50k2nd Sem: 50k3rd Sem: 58k4th Sem:58k5th Sem:62k6th Sem:62k
Security( Refundable)7.5k
University Examination Fees1st Sem:2.5k2nd Sem:2.5k3rd Sem:2.5k4th Sem:2.5k
Total Fees3.68 Lakhs
CDC Membership7.5k(5th Sem)
3 days Outbound Tour9.5k
Book Bank4.5k
Alumni Registration5000(4th Sem)
Charges for Uniform8800

B.COM at Doon Business School:

B.COM (Hons.) is a three year undergraduate program. The program is affiliated with Sri Dev Suman University – this is a  State Government University. The program offers a various of specialization, reciprocal learning experiences and a strong materialistic  grounding in business. Students get aan dvantage for certification program which grow students industry placement and convert students degree to launch their career in effectively any field, anywhere in this world.The three-year, full-time program provide students with a well grounding in areas such as Accounting, Business Statistics, Project Planning, GST, Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, as well as leadership skills and a global mindset. DBS  Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) cooperate theory and practice studensts  how bthe usiness operates. They will also develop students problem-solving skills to apply knowledge effectively in the business world. The same curriculum is used by Delhi University(DU).

B.COM(Hons) in Doon Business School:

  •  Students get Degree from State Govt. University.
  • Similar curriculum follow by JNU & DU.
  • Value Added Industrial Certification which help them for future.
  • Combination of University degrees with CMA-US preparation makes the course job oriented course.
  • As always DBS’s location gives an added advantage for some life projects as the institute is located next to the green industries housing Samsung, Videocon, Rasna, Woodland, Elder Pharma, etc.
  • Scholarship is a most important criteria for students 50% scholarship for students securing 90% and above in class XII; Merit based scholarship for students securing 85% and above in class XII.

4 importance Skills which is required for Commerce Students:

1. Financial Technologies (FinTech)

2. Banking and Insurance

3. Capital Market

4.CA/CS Foundation & Intermediate

Financial Technologies,

 In World the Fintech Industry is growing fastly with the help of alernation and technology. The industry required highly skilled professionals who can manage the FinTech in  business world which is filled with amazing opportunities. DBS offers specialization in fintech which  make the students market ready who want  to make their career in Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, Insurance, Management, and Technology and wish to lead FinTech initiatives in their organization or want to start their own business.
Courses Offered:E commerce

Website Designing

  • Advance Excel
  • AI & Blockchain
  • Payment Technologies
  • Tableau

Banking and Insurance:

Banking and Insurance value added program for BCOM graduates which help them getting jobs in  the Banking& Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector. As per industry terms, less than 40% of the graduates passing out of the colleges are ready for corporate. This program challenges for graduates a for a successful career and  industry looking for skilled employees. The curriculum of this, students with new-age and in-demand topics to get them industry-ready. After getting this certificate,they can apply different roles in banks, finance companies and insurance companies. The Banking and Insurance course prepares students for the challenging customer-facing roles in sales,  operations which offer maximum career opportunities and a handsome growth prospects.

Courses Offered:

  • Retail Banking
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Payment Technologies
  • AI and Blockchain
  • Credit Management
  • Advance excel

Capital Market :

 Capital Market value added programfor those student to function in capital market. The program make that the professionals skills in the stock market meet up with the minimum common knowledge to trade stocks, bonds, currencies, and other financial assets. This course  of this program is basically NISM based and make  students for different certification programs provided by SEBI. The program prepares students to take the challenges of the Stock and Debt market.After completing this who can apply for different roles in Capital Market like stockbroker, fund manager, Credit Analyst, underwriter etc.

Courses Offered:

  • Financial education certification
  • Security Market Foundation
  • Equity sales
  • Mutual fund distribution
  • Stock and Bonds
  • Advance Excel

CA/CS Foundation & Intermediate :

The CA (Chartered Accountant) is one of the desir  career fields of Finance,Taxation, Accounting and Auditing with numerous opportunities as career path. A Company being multi-disciplinary professional renders services in the areas of Corporate Legal World, Secretarial Audit, Representational Services etc. DBS  integrates the subjects of CA/CS Foundation & Intermediate and CA-IPC/ CS Executive within its curriculum to enable student to pursue both the courses side by side in a plannedmanner.

Courses Offered:

  • Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Business Law, Correspondence and Reporting
  • Business Economics
  • Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning
  • Corporate Laws
  • Cost and Management Accounting

Value added Certificate:

  • Building E-Commerce Platform
  • Data Visualization through Advanced Excel & Tableau
  • Data Representation through Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics Tools
  • NISM Mutual Fund
  • SAP Navigation
  • French Language
  • Digital Marketing
  • NISM Stock Market Operation
  • NISM Stock Trading
    or any other certificate program introduced from time to time.

Admission Process For Agriculture  Students:

 DBS admission in undergraduate courses is based on merit and a personal interview process. Early admission means before getting final results if the students need to register at Doon Business School, their registration is evaluated by their X and XI academic results and in the interview process which is most important for this student. For the regular admission process, students register themselves, and after they appear for the interview process. If students meet all of the criteria that colleges most need then they are selected for their dream college. To apply, students need to feel the application form which fee is 750

People Ask Question:

1.What is the difference between PGDM and MBA? 

Ans. PGDM at DBS is an AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management similar to any other PGDM given by IIMs, XLRI, SP Jain, IMI Delhi, FORE School. All PGDM institutes are autonomous bodies which are given permission to run specialized management programs since these are specialized management autonomous bodies and not Universities. Hence, in place of university degrees, an AICTE approved PGDM is granted. For all corporate jobs, PGDM is generally preferred over MBA, because of exhaustive and specialized nature of training.

 2. Of the two courses PGDM and MBA offered by DBS, which is better?

Ans. 1. PGDM is a much more exhaustive course. It has 48 courses spread over 2 years, whereas MBA will have 32 courses. 2. With more courses the student is able to cover his specialization more comprehensively and in much greater depth, and is more likely to get better placements. 3. The courses in PGDM are latest and incorporate current trends in syllabus. In fact in DBS the PGDM curriculum includes the certification courses from the industry as a part of the curriculum itself. For example: • NISM certificate course in stocks and shares from National Stock Exchange is part of the course in trimester II • CII Certificate in International Logistics is a part of trimester IV. Whereas, in MBA+BASE/ BASE STAR, the certificate courses are not part of the main course. 4. PGDM is a trimester program and each course is completed in 3 months time, which takes 4 months to complete in MBA. Hence, it is a fast paced course and covers more bandwidth in 2 years time than MBA.

3 .What are the various specializations being offered in post graduate courses?

Ans.MBA from UTU offers dual specialization (Major and Minor) to be selected from Finance, Marketing, HR & IB. 2. PGDM offers one major and one minor specialization from the core subjects and a super specialization from any of the functional areas. For example the student can choose Major& Minor from Finance, Marketing, HR, IB and super-specialization from: Energy Management, Knowledge Management, International Logistics Management, Media and Advertising Management, Luxury Brand Management, Political Management, Agri Business, SAP & Communication.

4.What is SAP? 

 Ans.SAP is the most popular ERP package. Today more than 10,000 companies spanning across 80,000 business users and 140 countries use SAP to run their businesses. SAP at DBS starts with the basics of SAP and ASAP methodology. This is further enhanced with TERP10 and SAP modules like SD, CRM, HCM, FSCM etc which are in line with the specializations chosen by the students. SAP certification conducted by SAP Germany is offered to all students who take SAP courses at the end of the course at very nominal rates.

5. What is Six Sigma?

 Ans. Six Sigma is a certification related to lean management product and process quality. DBS students undergo a rigorous training conducted by experts of black belt at the end of which they understand the significance and process of quality, quality improvement, and measurement. Students are encouraged to complete the basic certification of ‘Green Belt’ at the end of the course.

6. Why is French Language included in the program? 

 Ans. French is the second highest spoken language in the world. Learning French increases your place-ability not only in good companies in India but also abroad.The French Language program at Doon Business School, is designed keeping in mind the latest expectation of the industry, and allows students to have a professional edge in today’s competitive environment. DBS has entered into an MoU with the Embassy of France for teaching French language. A French national, an expert in the teaching of French, teaches French to the students at the end of which a globally recognized due certification is provided.

7.What is the minimum percentile, graduation percentage required for applying to DBS? 

Ans. Admission in DBS is on the basis of performance in Online PI, percentile in written examination Class XII and Graduations Marks. So if you perform well in Online PI despite having secured a low percentage in graduation, you still stand a good chance at getting admission in DBS. You may apply irrespective of whatever marks /score you have got.

8. I have not given any written examination so far, can I still apply for DBS? 

 yes. Your selection will be on the basis of graduation marks, Online Interview and you will be offered a conditional admission. You can appear in the UKSEEE examination to be conducted by the Uttarakhand Technical University in Aug/Sept, and subject to your securing a specified percentile your admission will be regularized.

9. What is the last date of registration? 

 Ans. DBS Group follows a rolling admission policy. If you apply early and cross the threshold of merit in Online PI, entrance exam and graduation marks, you will be offered a seat. On the basis of total acceptance the admissions can be closed at any time. Hence, there is always a better chance if you apply early.

10. What is the Maximum/Average package offered to a DBS Student from Campus placements? 

Ans. Over 150 plus companies visited the campus in 2020-21. The maximum take home salary has been Rs.20.5 Lac & CTC 23 Lakhs. The average salary on offer was 6.69 Lacs.

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