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MAT Exam Centers 2023: State-Wise PBT and CBT Test Centers

MAT Exam Centers The MAT test is given in about 50 cities across India that have been designated as test centres. At MAT exam centres, Paper Based Tests (PBT) and Computer Based Test (CBT) is given. Internet-Based Tests (IBT), on the other hand, are taken at the home. After the COVID-19 pandemic spread and the […]

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MAT Exam Centers

The MAT test is given in about 50 cities across India that have been designated as test centres. At MAT exam centres, Paper Based Tests (PBT) and Computer Based Test (CBT) is given. Internet-Based Tests (IBT), on the other hand, are taken at the home. After the COVID-19 pandemic spread and the whole country was locked down in May 2020, MAT IBT was put into place. In 2023, the MAT will be given in three different ways: IBT, PBT, and CBT.

The registration process for the MAT 2023 exam started on December 27, 2022, and is still going on for all three modes. Candidates should know that the MAT application form cannot be changed after it has been submitted. So, they have to be careful when choosing the cities where MAT test centres will be set up. AIMA won’t let you change where you take the MAT test after you sign up.

MAT Test Cities for PBT 2023: 

The MAT test will be given in person in about 39 cities in February 2023. Check the list below to see where this year’s MAT tests will be held:

MAT Test Cities for PBT

Delhi (NCR)Raipur

Cities for the CBT Mode of the MAT in 2023

The places where people take the MAT have computers for each person taking the test. The MAT CBT will be given in the cities below:

MAT Test Cities for CBT 1MAT Test Cities for CBT 2
Delhi (NCR)Delhi (NCR)

MAT Exam Center Guidelines: COVID-19 SOPs

Since the MAT exam in both PBT and CBT modes is being run according to COVID-19 guidelines, the group in charge of running the exam, AIMA, has put out rules that must be followed at MAT exam centres.

  • At the MAT test centre, candidates are given different times to show up so that they are physically far apart. Test-takers must show up at the test centre during the time window listed on their MAT admit card.
  • Candidates for MAT 2023 must sign a self-declaration form that says they do not have COVID-19-like symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who tested positive. This form is attached to the admit card. The same will be collected at the main entrance to the test centre by the staff. Candidates will only be allowed to enter if they submit the same and after they do so.
  • If a candidate is sick or has signs of sickness, like a fever, cough, cold, headache, etc., they should not go to the MAT test centre. If they do the same thing, they won’t be let into the test centre.
  • At the gate, a thermo gun will be used to check each candidate’s body temperature. If a student’s body temperature is higher than usual, they will not be allowed to take the MAT.
  • As part of getting ready for MAT 2023, the test centres will be cleaned well. Also, before entering the test centre, the candidates will have to put on masks that cover their noses and mouth and keep them on until they leave the building.
  • Before entering the test centre and as needed during the test, the candidates will have to wash their hands with soap and water.
  • They will also have to keep a safe distance from both other test takers and the staff at the test centre. Only touchless pat-downs will be allowed by test centre staff.
  • The staff at the test centre will check the MAT admit card 2023 and any other documents at the door. The lower part of your admit card will be given back to you with a stamp from the test centre.

Things to Bring to the MAT Center

  • Standard mask to properly cover the nose and mouth
  • Hand sanitiser in a clear bottle for personal use
  • Ball-point pen (black/blue)
  • Drinking water in a transparent bottle

What to Bring to the MAT Test Center

  • The paper version of the MAT 2023 admit card
  • Self-declaration form filled out and signed on paper
  • A valid, original photo ID, such as a voter ID card, PAN card, driving license, Aadhaar card, or passport.
  • Any government agency can make a photo ID card.
  • Photo ID from a school that is recognized by the government
  • PwD candidates must also bring a copy of their disability certificate from a competent authority.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MAT Exam Centers 2023 

Q. In India, how many MAT cities are there?

Ans. The MAT PBT test is given in 39 cities, and the MAT CBT test will be given in 27 cities during the February 2023 phase. At least one or two MAT test centres will be in each city.

Q. Can I choose where I want to take the MAT?

Ans. MAT test takers can choose the city they want to take the test in, but the test centre is given by the organization in charge of the test based on who signed up first. Candidates have to list two cities where they would like to take the test so that the exam authority can give them a test centre in the city they prefer.

Q. How many cities can I choose on the application form for the MAT test centre?

Ans. On the MAT 2023 application form, candidates can choose two cities in which they would like to take the test. Candidates should choose their home city as their first choice since the exam authority tries to give everyone a test centre in their first choice city.

Q. Where is the MAT IBT test given?

Ans. The MAT IBT is a remote-proctored test, which means that you can take it from home or anywhere else. AI and a human proctor watch the test from afar. For MAT IBT, candidates do not have to go to a test centre.

Q. Can I change the location of my MAT test after I get my admit card?

Ans. Once the MAT admit card has been sent out, there is no way to change the exam site. Candidates must take the test at the same location listed on their admit card. This is why it is important to choose test cities carefully on the MAT application form.

Q. How will I know where to take my MAT test in 2023?

Ans. The address and location of the MAT test centre are written on each candidate’s admit card. Candidates must take the MAT at the location written on their admit cards.

Q. What should I bring with me to the MAT test centre?

Ans. Candidates must bring two copies of their MAT admit card, two passport-sized photos, one valid ID card, hand sanitiser in a clear bottle, drinking water in a clear bottle, and a blue or black ballpoint pen.

Q. Do MAT CBT and MAT PBT exams take place in the same places?

Ans. No, the test centres for MAT CBT and MAT PBT are not the same. Both tests are given on different dates at different test centres. Less people take MAT CBT than MAT PBT.

Q. How long does the MAT test last? How many hours before the test should I get there?

Ans. The MAT test takes 2.5 hours. Candidates must arrive at their test centres at least two hours before their tests, or at the time listed on their admit cards.

Q. Will there be a place to store bags at the MAT test site?

Ans. No, there won’t be a place to store bags at the test site. So, people taking the MAT can’t bring bags or valuables with them.