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DBS Dehradun Q&A on Admission, Fees, Placements & Cutoffs

  • Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Private

Saurav Anand

DBS Dehradun Questions & Answers

1. Which college is best for getting a BBA, Doon Business School or IP University?

Ans: Doon Business School is one of the top and most highly rated Management Colleges in North India. Due to its teaching method well-trained and experienced faculty, and advanced classes and degree courses such as BBA.

  1. BBA in DBS is among the top courses offered by any institution of higher learning across the country, as they follow the guidelines of a central government institution (HNB Garhwal University) which is on par with other universities such as DU, Symbiosis, Christ, NMIMS, etc.
  2. They also offer advanced courses with BBA including Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence for Business, Big Data, Digital Marketing, French Language share market certifications Business English, etc. It is different and more effective than other colleges.
  3. BBA students are able to choose up to six advanced courses in the course.
  4. DBS is listed as the No.1 college for commerce and management courses due to its high-end facilities. BBA pupils are taught by identical faculties who instruct MBA/PGDM students, which provides an unrivalled learning experience for students.
  5. There are separate hostels for girls and boys on campus, as well as separate messes for both. Hostels are equipped with Wi-Fi, and all student is able to use the internet. The gym is equipped with zones for activities, and an infirmary to provide emergency medical aid. The facility for sports is accessible to both students and hustlers. There is a basketball court, an indoor sports facility for table tennis, and badminton as well as other indoor games and separate areas for cricket and football. College also organizes an annual sports event called “DBS premier league” where several colleges are involved.
  6. The campus has a job development center which ensures that each student is placed. About 150 firms visit the campus each year. The most lucrative package that is offered for BBA students is 12 LPA.
  7. You must fill out an online form in order to apply in the BBA program. Once you have completed the application you’ll need to select a candidate through an interview with a group or case study in the case of an online interview. It isn’t easy to get in, as there are a number of applicants.

Based on the above, it’s safe to say it is safe to say that Doon Business School offers a more effective BBA program.

2. It is it worthwhile to pursue the MBA in HRM at Doon Business School, Dehradun?

Ans: Doon business school MBA program is part of Uttarakhand Technical University, and this MBA program is very industrially oriented.

Doon Business School is one of the top business schools located in Uttarakhand. It gives its students the chance to secure an excellent job in a different industry.

Doon offers global certification in SAP with five different modules, and also dual certification in PGDM. Doon gives you life skills that helps you to grow internally.

Pros of MBA at Doon Business School –

  1. The curriculum is enhanced by industry-related lectures by industry professionals.
  2. The location of DBS is an additional benefit for projects that require a life as DBS is situated next to green industry that house Samsung, Videocon, Rasna, Woodland, Elder Pharma etc.
  3. Scholarships are attractive for highly-rated students.
  4. At DBS each student is given the chance to be a part of more than 100 companies every year. Every student has the chance to receive the highest possible placement.

Here’s a quick overview on the MBA course provided by DBS.

Total costs6.12 - 8.01 Lakhs
Placement percentage100%
The highest payINR 18 LPA
Average salaryINR 5.5 LPA
Lowest salaryINR 3 LPA

The top companies for recruiting include Flipkart, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Byju’s, and Upgrade.

3. Which school is the best for Jims Doon or Kalkaji the business college for PGDM in IB?

Ans: Doon’s business school is the best choice to pursue an MBA.

  1. This college offers dual specialization and an industry-focused program.
  2. The college also provides a variety of types of programs to be certified for MBA students that will assist you to improve their skills.
  3. It is a good place to get a job. Each year, around 100 companies come to the campus for interviews. MBA IB branch students get accepted into Export Houses & International Logistics Firms.

The number of students who have been accepted into Doon the business school is as follows.

Most lucrative salary availableINR 23.5 LPA.
Average CTC providedINR 6.69 LPA.
Maximum dealsSales and marketing.
Companies were involved140
Top recruitersGodrej, Axis bank, ICICI bank Vodafone, Amazon.

DBS is among the oldest colleges of management in the nation. It is well-equipped and has well-equipped classrooms. The faculty members are highly skilled and knowledgeable. The college also offers more return on your investment.

4. How is Doon Business School for a BCA?

Ans: BCA of Doon Business School is an excellent choice if you’re attracted by Computer Science and its applications and has a wide range of possibilities for employment and further studies. The following points provide an outline of the institution as well as the main highlights associated with the CS department as well as it’s BCA degree.

  1. Doon Business School offers a three-year BCA undergrad degree. It is affiliated with the HNB Garhwal University situated in Srinagar city, which is located in the Garhwal district in Uttarakhand. It is a university with a central location.
  2. For BCA students Convocations for BCA students are held in HNB Garhwal University. HNB Garhwal University at the beginning of the course.
  3. Doon School of Business is fully equipped with all the required equipment. It boasts a cutting-edge computer facility that includes computers that are of the Dual Core class. The systems are all connected to a Local Area Network (LAN).
  4. You’ll have unlimited access for access to computers within your department to work at any time in time.
  5. The institute has high-speed internet access across the entire department, which is accessible via connections to the internet via LAN. The students can have access to huge academic resources to aid in their curriculum as well as overall growth.
  6. The BCA department BCA offers several important pieces of instruction in areas like digital marketing, management of websites web, etc. to their students and their place-making courses.

Thus, Doon Business School offers an outstanding program in BCA and comes with all the facilities and instruction needed as well as a certain amount of potential placement at the end this course.

5. Which is the better option for the best job? BBA, Amity Noida or DBS Dehradun?

Ans: One of my students in the Doon Business School mentioned that it’s in a tranquil area with a good industrial exposure.

  1. BBA from Doon Business School is definitely superior to Amity University, as the students get the right experience and gain practical expertise.
  2. They also have a knowledgeable faculty, including teachers who are extremely accommodating and supportive.
  3. Additionally, BBA students at Doon have the option of dual specializations in Finance, Marketing, along with Human Resource Management.

There are a few things that are different between them, which further support the truth it is Doon Business School is better than Amity University.

CategoriesBBA at Amity NoidaBBA at DBS Dehradun
Course Fee10.83 lakh4.13 lakh
Placement Percentage80%-
Highest CTC9 LPA12-15 LPA
Average CTC5.5-6.5 LPA5 LPA
Recruiting CompaniesDeloitte, Jaro Education, Infosys, Dell, etc.PnB, ICICI, Parle, Oyo, etc.

Doon can help you develop relevant skills that will help shape your future and provide you gain industrial experience for the future career.

6. Are there any discussions in a group session for the BBA in the Doon Business School?

Ans: Yes, there’s the Discussion round. Discussion round. Along with an interview with a personal representative (PI) it is mandatory go through a group Discussion (GD) session in order to be chosen for BBA. This is also applicable to other courses, like PGDMs as well as MBAs. Performance on GD and PI is also considered along with your academic performance and your entrance test score.

BBA acceptance into DBS will be based upon a combination of merits that include an “minimum of 60 percent in class 12” academic score as well as a written and personal test score that is conducted through the Institute. The applicant must apply online for an interview at DBS and the college will call you within two days.

7. Is Doon Business School a good alternative to pursue a BSc in agriculture?

Ans: Doon Business School is an excellent alternative to pursue BSc in Agriculture. There are a few top Govt schools to pursue B.Sc in Agriculture, being a private institution, DBS offers good facilities. Here are a few advantages of choosing DBS to pursue a BSc in Agriculture. The campus is far from the bustle and noise of the city and provides an excellent academic environment. The faculty at the center of the institution is remarkable. Even though the tuition isn’t cheap but it doesn’t charge the capitation fee. The course also offers scholarships that can be up at 50% cost of the course for students who are highly regarded. The course’s design is recognized through ICAR (Indian Council for Research in Agriculture). It is UGC approved, meaning that students can be employed everywhere in the nation and internationally. The course has been developed to meet the demands of the business. There is an agricultural farm connected with the school. The DBS BSc agricultural program is definitely a good choice and is worth the time and money you spend.

8. How is DOON B SCHOOL for MBA?

Ans: The MBA program at Doon Business School. Doon Business School is affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University, and it offers a great orientation to industry. Here are a few advantages of choosing DBS to pursue your MBA. Doon Business School is one of Uttarakhand’s top business schools. It offers students the opportunity to secure a job in different sectors. Five distinct modules are offered. Doon provides the world’s largest SAP certification as well as the double PGDM specialization. DBS invites industry professionals to participate in talks through their interface for industry. DBS is situated near green industries such as Samsung, Videocon, Rasna, Woodland, Elder Pharma This is an additional advantage for students. If you are a deserving candidate the opportunity to receive attractive scholarships is available. Each student at DBS is able to participate in more than 100 corporate interviews on campus during the placements. Here are the most recent highlights of the placements. Average CTC 7.40 LPA Highest CTC 23 LPA Top Recruiters Uniqlo, Flipkart, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Byju’s, etc. I hope this will give you an idea of the MBA program that is offered by DBS.

9. How is the Doon Business School for B.Com?

Ans: My brother completed the B.Com through Doon Business School, so I’m able to provide you with an outline of the curriculum. Doon Business School’s B.Com Curriculum includes CA training with high-tech, job-oriented certificates and high-tech development programs.

This program is part HNB Garhwal University – a University of Central Government. DBS students who are enrolled in the B.Com program acquire the necessary understanding and skills needed to understand the trade, market and accounting concepts to apply in various circumstances.

Here are some benefits from taking the DBS BBA course.

  1. The location of Dehradun is a gorgeous city that is also an educational hub.
  2. The institute offers a variety of certificate programs that integrate industry and value.
  3. The group of peers is diverse and includes students from 5 states and 23 states. countries.
  4. The school has a great track record of placement. Students are offered multiple placement opportunities.
  5. You’ll be able to be exposed to the world.

Together with the advantages of a degree earned from the Central Government University, and the possibility to take advantage of using the Choice Based Credit System, B.Com at DBS is a highly skilled program.

10. Which is your weightage requirement DBS Dehradun?

Ans: The weightage requirements of DBS Dehradun is listed below:

Graduation: 20%


GD/ Case Analysis: 20%

Personal Interview:20%

The weightage of participation in extra-curricular, sports, and other Activity: 5%

11. What sort of job am I able to get after completing BBA at Doom B-School?

Ans: BBA is among the most sought-after courses at DBS The 3-year undergraduate program focuses on the extensive studies of management in organizations and the latest business theories as well as managerial abilities. Each year, a significant amount of students are placed into top positions such as Development Managers Business Consultant, Administrative Researcher as well as Human Resource Management.

12. What is PGDM with SAP? What is the PGDM offered by DBS?

Ans:  Doon Business School is considered as one of the top business schools to study PGDM SAP. The program consists in Global Management, Enterprise Resources as well as International Law Study. The course develops students’ abilities to become efficient international business managers or consultants.

13. Can Institute make arrangements for the granting of a Bank loan to fund Mass Communication studies?

Ans: Yes At Doon Business School, money isn’t the only factor that can prevent a student from pursuing their studies. All nationalized banks will provide you with a loan after you’ve got the admissions note from DBS. The assistance and required documents are offered by the school upon request.

14. Do it happen that the DBS Dehradun provide scholarships?

Ans: Yes there is a scholarship program. DBS Dehradun provides scholarships on merit to deserving students.

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