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IIMs in India Fee Structure

IIMs in India Fee Structure

IIM MBA fees ranges between INR 11 and INR 23 lakh. MBA fees of the main three IIMs – Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta is most elevated at INR 23 lakh while MBA fees of the fresher IIMs like Trichy and Sirmaur is between INR 11 to INR 16 lakh. The error in the fee design of the old and the new IIMs is because of the way that more seasoned IIMs don’t take assets from the public authority for upkeep and other consumption, while the new IIMs are monetarily upheld by the public authority.

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IIMs in India Fee Structure

IIM Fees for MBA range between INR 10 lakh and 23 lakh for complete course. Look at the MBA fee structure for all IIMs, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Indore.

The dream of every student is to attend one of India's top IIMs. If we are discussing the history of IIM, the original IIM was established in 1961. The premier business school for management teaching and research in India is the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

The dream of every student is to attend one of India's top IIMs. If we are discussing the history of IIM, the original IIM was established in 1961. The premier business school for management teaching and research in India is the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

The U.G., P.G., Doctoral, and Executive education programmes are primarily offered by the IIMs. While some programmes are the same across all IIMs, others offer particular courses tailored to their respective missions. The gender diversity theory was first presented by IIMs. The IIMs in India will give female applicants more consideration starting in 2020.

Candidates chose IIM as their ideal college for getting an MBA because of the high calibre of instruction, excellent infrastructure, and chances of landing a high-paying job with one of the greatest corporations.

One of the best management schools from which to earn a Business administration degree, or really any degree, is the IIMs.Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), which are renowned for their strong placement rates and offer top-notch post-graduate management programmes,

The visibility a Scholar receives throughout his or her employment is unmatched, along with the excellent chances for research and development. In India, IIMs are regarded as elite universities that help students get ready for life’s challenges. They have long carried a solid reputation. It is seen as a dream come true as a result of all of these aspects and more.

This post-graduate programme at IIM in India will expose students to a variety of expertise, and given the constrained amount of time between presentations, assignments, discussions, and trainings, it may not be your typical Master in Business programme.

 Indian IIMs equip you for the hectic business world. The programmes are made to satisfy various demands for management education that will help students reach their long-term objectives.

IIM Fees

IIM MBA fees ranges between INR 11 and INR 23 lakh. MBA fees of the main three IIMs – Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta is most elevated at INR 23 lakh while MBA fees of the fresher IIMs like Trichy and Sirmaur is between INR 11 to INR 16 lakh. The error in the fee design of the old and the new IIMs is because of the way that more seasoned IIMs don’t take assets from the public authority for upkeep and other consumption, while the new IIMs are monetarily upheld by the public authority.

In 2020, IIM BangaloreIIM Lucknow and IIM Rohtak expanded course fee of lead MBA program. IIM Bangalore raised the MBA fees from INR 21 lakh to INR 23 lakh. IIM Lucknow expanded its MBA fees from INR 14.16 to walloping INR 19 lakh. Over the most recent two years, IIM Rohtak has expanded its fees from INR 13.8 lakh to INR 15.2 lakh and again to INR 16.10 lakh.

In the event that you intend to seek after a postgraduate administration course at any of the IIM grounds, you should know its fees and admission models. Albeit, the IIMs offer grants and give help with getting training credits, it is astute to check prior to applying, regardless of whether the IIMs fit in your financial plan.

In this article, you will find subtleties of MBA fees the 20 IIMs alongside the grants advertised. This article likewise contains the rundown of grounds wise itemized articles on IIM Ahmedabad fees, IIM Bangalore fees, IIM Indore endlessly fees of other grounds. You will likewise track down the accompanying information:

Parts of IIM MBA Fees

  • Yearly course fee of two-year MBA/PGP program of each IIM
  • PGP fee design and grant of each IIM
  • Grant plans presented by each IIM

IIM MBA Fee Schedule: Important Elements

The IIM Fees for MBA are composed of ten or eleven important parts. While the admission cost, which ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 2,50,000, must be paid by the deadline after accepting an admission offer, the remaining IIM fees must be paid semester by semester.

Section 1: Academic Fee

  • Tuition fee
  • Course material
  • Library
  • Internet facility
  • Computer and laptop
  • Study Trips
  • International Immersion (If applicable)
  • Student fees

Part 2: Living Expenses and Other Costs

  • Hostel charges depending upon single occupancy or double occupancy
  • Mess expenses
  • Non-essential costs
  • Personal Expenses

Part 3:

  • Clothing, attire, and travel costs
  • Expenses for personal stationery
  • Maintenance & Laundry Costs

IIM Fee Structure: Components of MBA Fees

MBA wannabes should know what is the yearly program fee of IIMs with the goal that he/she can make monetary plans, whenever required, as needs be. The IIM course fee incorporates boarding and housing as well as different costs for administrations and utilities. Some IIMs permit possibility to take up confidential home external the grounds after the primary year of the program. The course fee is to be paid semester-wise. 

IIM fee incorporates following costs

  • Educational expense
  • Individual costs
  • Boarding
  • Travel
  • Course material
  • Wreck charges
  • Library
  • Web
  • PC and PC
  • Graduated class action and
  • Random costs

IIM Fees for MBA/PGP

The following is the rundown of MBA/PGP program fees of each IIM. The sum referenced here is course fee of full-time MBA/PGP (two years) 2021-2023. The fees might increment in the new scholarly meeting.

IIM AhmedabadINR 23.00 lakh
IIM BangaloreINR 23. 00 lakh
IIM CalcuttaINR 23.00 lakh
IIM LucknowINR 19.00 lakh
IIM KozhikodeINR 20.50 lakh
IIM RaipurINR 14.20 lakh (barring boarding charges)
IIM UdaipurINR 19.00 lakh
IIM RohtakINR 16.10 lakh
IIM VisakhapatnamINR 16.79 lakh
IIM TrichyINR 17.00 lakh
IIM SambalpurINR 13.03 lakh
IIM RanchiINR 16.30 lakh
IIM BodhgayaINR 12.95 lakh
IIM SirmaurINR 11.75 lakh (barring fees for global inundation program)
IIM JammuINR 15.56 lakh
IIM AmritsarINR 13.20 lakh
IIM ShillongINR 14.60 lakh
IIM KashipurINR 15.42 lakh
IIM NagpurINR 18.00 lakh
IIM IndoreINR 21.60 lakh

Campus wise IIM Fee Details

IIM MBA fee sum contrasts for each organization. A portion of the IIMs have high fees, while some of them have moderate fees. For grounds wise MBA fee construction of the IIMs, check the connections referenced in the table underneath

IIM Fees of Executive MBA Programs

Actually look at the table beneath for a portion of the famous Executive MBA programs presented by the IIMs and their fees

IIM Ahmedabad - PGPXINR 30.00 Lakh
IIM Bangalore - EPGPINR 29.00 Lakh
IIM Calcutta - MBAExINR 27.00 Lakh
IIM Indore - EPGPINR 22.11 Lakh
IIM Lucknow - IPMXINR 23.50 lakh
IIM Kozhikode-PGP BLINR 22.50 lakh

The initial move towards getting into the IIMs is taking the CAT test. The CAT 2021 was hung on November 28 and the outcome was reported on January 3, 2022. The IIM admission process for 2022-2024 MBA/PGP cluster started not long after with shortlisting of possibility for Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) adjusts. The vast majority of the IIMs have delivered their PI waitlists, and the meetings are supposed to be held in February.

Consistently, north of two lakh MBA hopefuls take the CAT for admission to a sum of around 5,000 MBA seats across the 20 grounds of the IIMs. For CAT 2021, the quantity of candidates was 2.32 lakh and the quantity of test takers was 1.92 lakh. In 2020, around 2.30 lakh up-and-comers applied for the test and 1.90 lakh applicants showed up for it. In CAT 2019, the complete number of applications got was 2.44 lakh while over 2.09 lakh up-and-comers took the test.

IIM Admission Criteria 2022-24

The IIM admission standards and determination process 2022 not just incorporates choice of up-and-comers in view of their CAT percentile yet in addition based on their WAT/GD and PI performance, scholarly history, scholastic variety, orientation variety and work insight.

Because of COVID-19 pandemic episode, numerous IIMs rejected WAT and GD, and led the PI round through video calls for admission to 2021 MBA cluster. For the 2022 clump additionally, the IIMs will direct the admission cycle through video call.

The IIMs report admission standards and choice cycle before the arrival of CAT test and result for possibility to realize the waitlist cut-off, determination measures, Group Discussion (GD), Written Ability Test (WAT), Personal Interview (PI) interaction and estimation of CAT scores/percentiles.

When the CAT result is announced, the 20 IIM grounds screen the test takers based on their separate CAT scores and scholastic record (performance in Class 10, Class 12 and graduation). Feline cut off percentiles are fixed for each IIM, segment wise and classification wise. Remove percentiles and weight allocated to CAT (and different boundaries) to get shortlisted for the WAT/GD-PI round changes for each IIM.

IIM Admission through CAT

Phases of IIM Admission and Selection Process

IIM admission process is separated into three phases. Given beneath is an outline of the three phases of IIM admission

Stage 1: Shortlisting of competitors based on their CAT test score

When the CAT result is declared, the applicants need to apply for WAT/GD-PI round by each IIM through true notice on its true site. Up-and-comers who meet the waitlist slice off need to login through their CAT IDs to present their name and CAT score.

Stage 2: Screening of contender for WAT/GD-PI

In the subsequent stage, the up-and-comers who applied for WAT/GD-PI are shortlisted based on their CAT score and scholastic record after which interview letters are shipped off chosen contender to take part in WAT-GD-PI round. The WAT-GD-PI round is led at assigned urban communities between February to April, yet starting around 2020, just PI is being directed online by means of video conferencing.

Stage 3: Calculation of Composite Score and Final Selection

In the third stage, the composite score of every competitor is determined based on different boundaries to finish his/her choice. The last choice course of IIM incorporates evaluating an up-and-comer on specific boundaries and working out his/her composite score. Given underneath is the rundown of eight principal boundaries and their definitions:

ParametersWhat It Means?
CAT scoreOverall percentile score acquired in CAT test.
Graduation ScoreThe total rate got in a three-year degree course or same.
Class 12 ScoreThe total rate scored in Class 12 or same.
Class 10 ScoreThe total rate scored in Class 10 or same.
WAT/GD-PIEach up-and-comer's performance in WAT/GD-PI is surveyed and stamps are assigned as needs be.
Scholarly DiversityCandidates from non-designing foundation are given additional focuses to guarantee fair portrayal of students from different streams. The focuses for scholastic variety shift for every grounds.
Orientation DiversityThe IIMs give additional focuses to female/transsexual contender to energize fair portrayal of every orientation. The focuses for orientation variety differ for every grounds.
Work ExperienceExtra focuses (from 1-5) are given to up-and-comers having earlier work insight. For this, a reach is characterized from most reduced to most noteworthy. The focuses for work experience fluctuate for each campus.*The loads designated to every one of the previously mentioned boundaries changes for each IIM and the composite score is additionally determined by each IIM independently.

What is CAT Composite Score?

The composite score alludes to the complete score (out of 100) an up-and-comer gets during the last choice cycle, determined based on the previously mentioned boundaries. For weightage of boundaries and computation of composite score of each IIM grounds, allude to the table of grounds wise IIM admission and determination measures at the base.

IIM Eligibility Criteria

IIM qualification rules is same as CAT qualification standards, for example least 50% total imprints in graduation. The people who are qualified to show up in CAT are likewise qualified for admission to the IIMs. Nonetheless, they need to meet a couple of different necessities for determination.

Investigate the IIM qualification models underneath

  • The essential IIM qualification models is graduation with least 50% total imprints or comparable CGPA (45% for SC, ST and PWD/DA classification)
  • Applicants showing up for the last year of four year certification/identical capability test or anticipating their outcomes, are likewise qualified to apply
  • To be qualified for IIM interview call, the up-and-comers should meet the IIM waitlist/qualifying cut off
  • To expect interview call and partake in WAT/GD-PI, the up-and-comers should meet the base IIM cancel cut
  • Applicants who come to the last choice rundown are suggested through email.

The main part of IIM admission process is “affirmation of admission”. Chosen applicants are expected to affirm their admission by topping off the proposition acknowledgment form and paying the imperative admission acknowledgment fee (flexible in the primary portion of educational expense). On the off chance that any competitor neglects to present the proposition acknowledgment form and pay the fees inside the given time span, his/her seat will be proposed to the following best applicant.

IIMs likewise have an arrangement to concede admission. Under this arrangement, competitors who wish to procure some work insight prior to seeking after the PGP course are permitted to defer their admission for up to two years. This framework was presented in 2015 and around 10% of seats are saved aside for such applicants.

IIM Admission Process: Important Points to Remember

  • Applicants chose for the second period of admission process, for example WAT/GD-PI will be informed by the organization through email post the announcement of CAT result.
  • The shortlisting is done through an online cycle wherein the competitors need to apply for the meeting call. Whenever chose, the establishments will contact them through email.
  • The competitors are expected to partake in the WAT/GD-PI to be qualified for the last period of admission, for example computation of the composite score for definite choice.

Do you want to know how many IIMs in India?

There is a total of 20 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) in India. At present all are functional and each IIMs offer a diversity of courses to learners and follow a rigorous admission process and cut-offs.

The complete list of IIMs in India is given below along with their city names

Fees for IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad fees (Rs. 23 lakhs) only cover the tuition and application costs; they do not include boarding, transportation, energy, laptops, laundry, etc. The cost of an MBA and PGP varies depending on the academic year.

IIM AhmedabadNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP in Management)390Rs 23 Lakhs

Fees for IIM Amritsar

IIM Amritsar costs (Rs. 13.2 lakhs) cover both the admissions and tuition. Books, additional study materials, case studies that can be bought online (from the Harvard Business Review, for example), library membership, and more are included. The monthly mess fee is Rs. 10,000, and the security deposit is Rs. 25,000.

Fees for IIM Bangalore

The total cost of attending IIM Bangalore, including tuition and other costs, is Rs. 25 lakhs. Depending on the disciplines students choose to master, the college also provides certificate programmes between Rs. 65,000 and Rs. 17,75,000.

IIM BangaloreNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
Post Graduate Programme (PGP), Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM), Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy & Management (PGPPM)432Rs 23 Lakhs

Fees for IIM Bodh Gaya

The tuition at IIM Bodh Gaya is Rs. 16,00,000, plus a Rs. 25,000 cautionary deposit that will be returned after subtracting other costs incurred throughout the academic year.

Fees for IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta prices include the Rs. 27 lakhs in tuition fees as well as the Rs. 60,000 demand draft-required cautionary deposit for the institution to process your acceptance to the programme for the academic years.

IIM CalcuttaNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGP- PGDM)210Rs 23 Lakh

IIM Indore Tuition

IIM Indore charges Rs 17,07,000 in tuition fees for the academic year includes the cost of the school, as well as the mess, the gym, the library, the sports field, etc. Every academic year, the costs for the PGP and MBA executive programmes change.

IIM IndoreNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management (PGP-HRM), Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)451Rs 16 Lakh

IIM Jammu tuition

The MBA programme at IIM Jammu costs Rs. 15,56,000 for the entire academic year. The costs include the cost of the library card and the tuition. Additional amenities include a sports arena, a yoga auditorium, specialised sports training areas, etc.

Fees for IIM Kozhikode

The total cost of attending IIM Kozhikode is Rs. 20.50 Lakhs, which includes both the admission fee and the tuition. The payment may be paid online or by wire transfer (net banking). Additionally, the cost structure is frequently determined in USD (US dollars).

IIM KozhikodeNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
Post Graduate Programme (PGP), Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Management Development Programme (MDP)376Rs.17.50 Lakh

Fees for IIM Kashipur

The total cost of attending IIM Kashipur, including tuition and admission costs, is Rs. 15.42 Lakhs. A 29,000-rupee cautionary deposit, which is part of the tuition, is required up front and will be returned at the conclusion of the academic term. Additionally, depending on the course chosen, certification courses range in price from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 12.83 lakhs.

IIM Lucknow Fees

The IIM Lucknow tuition and application fee is Rs. 19.25 lakhs. The costs for the computers, the library card, the instructional materials, the lodging fee, and the convocation price are all included. For AC accommodations, the students must pay an additional Rs. 3,500 per month.

IIM LucknowNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
PGP in Agribusiness Management, Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), PGP in Sustainable Management436Rs 14 Lakh

IIM Nagpur Fees

The total cost of attending IIM Nagpur is Rs. 13.75 lakhs, which covers both entrance and tuition. The students' academic program's Term I tuition will be deducted from the Rs. 75,000 they must pay as offer acceptance fees.

IIM Raipur Fees

The tuition at IIM Raipur is Rs. 15.84 lakhs, which covers academic costs as well as housing, health insurance, student association dues, and a security deposit. The Executive MBA and Ph.D. programmes will have different cost structures and amounts.

IIM Ranchi Tuition

The tuition, student housing, entrance, and alumni association inclusion fees total Rs. 16.30 lakhs at IIM Ranchi. The other amenities—medical insurance, a gym, a pharmacy, and electricity—have separate costs.

IIM Rohtak Tuition

The total cost of attending IIM Rohtak is Rs. 17.55 lakhs, of which Rs. 14 lakhs go toward tuition and the remaining amount is spent on extras like library membership, study materials, food, a security deposit, and utility costs.

Fees for IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong tuition is Rs. 12 lakhs, and the school assists students in obtaining a bank loan for educational expenses like enrollment costs. Depending on the academic year, the executive MBA and Ph.D. fee structures change.

Fees for IIM Sambalpur

The cost is Rs. 10.50 lakhs throughout the duration of the student’s academic career at IIM Sambalpur. The fees cover tuition, use of the online databases and archives, access to the virtual library, online case materials, and library membership.

IIM Trichy Tuition

Additionally, IIM Trichy offers an integrated MBA curriculum. The cost of the two-year MBA programme is Rs. 11.80 lakhs, which covers tuition, a library membership card, online case studies, textbooks and study materials, as well as dues for the alumni association.

IIM Udaipur Tuition

The Executive MBA programme at IIM Udaipur costs Rs. 10 lakhs and costs Rs. 11.18 lakhs in tuition. The tuition for IIM Udaipur includes housing, meals, and a security deposit.

IIM UdaipurNumber of SeatsFees (In Lakhs)
 Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGPM), Post Graduate Programme in Business Management (PGPBM) 181Rs 14 Lakh

Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) Programs

The Postgraduate, Doctoral, and Executive Education Programmes offered by the IIMs include

MBA/PGP: The flagship programme for all IIMs is the two-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), which is regarded as being similar to traditional MBA programmes. Most IIMs have begun offering Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees once the IIM Act of 2017 was passed. The two-year full-time MBA/PGP programme is the IIMs' most renowned and highly regarded programme.

Nearly all IIMs offer the Executive Post Graduate Programme, or EPGP. The target audience for this course is mid-level professionals with 5 to 12 years of work experience.

Integrated Programme in Management, or IPM, is a five-year course given by IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Indore, and IIM Rohtak after a 12-year-old.

PGPX: For graduates with job experience, certain IIMs additionally provide a one-year post-graduate diploma programme.

FPM: A few IIMs offer the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM), a doctoral programme that is generally regarded as being on par with a PhD.

Executive Certificate Programs (Short-Duration or Part-Time): The majority of IIMs also provide part-time executive certificate programmes and short-duration executive education/EMBA courses.

Other Specialized Programs: Some IIMs also provide special programmes, like as the three-year Working Managers’ Program at IIM Lucknow and the five-year Integrated Management Program at IIM Indore.

Courses offered by IIM

SL.NONameLocationYear of EstablishmentNIRF 2020 RankCourse Offered
1IIM Ahmedabad Gujrat19611Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP in Management)
2IIM BangaloreKarnataka19732Post Graduate Programme (PGP) Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM) Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy & Management (PGPPM)
3IIM Calcutta West Bengal19613Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGP-PGDM)
4IIM LucknowUttar Pradesh19844Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) PGP in Agribusiness Management PGP in Sustainable Management
5IIM UdaipurRajasthan201117Post Graduate Programme (PGP)Entrepreneurs Post Graduate Programme (PGP)
6IIM KozhikodeKerala19966Post Graduate Programme (PGP) Management Development Programme (MDP) Faculty Development Programme (FDP)
7IIM IndoreMadhya Pradesh19967Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management (PGP-HRM)
8IIM TrichyTamil Nadu201115Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGPM)Post Graduate Programme in Business Management (PGPBM)
9IIM RaipurChhattisgarh201019Post Graduate Programme (PGP)

Frequently Asked Questions about IIMs in India Fee Structure

Q. What is the fees of IIM for MBA?

Ans. The fees of MBA courses presented by the IIMs range from INR 11.75 lakh (IIM Sirmaur) to INR 23 INR lakh (IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta). The fees incorporates boarding, wreck and different costs.

Q. Why is IIM fees so high?

Ans. Although, IIMs are monetarily supported by the public authority, the MBA fees is high since they are independent organizations, and that implies they don’t get financing from the public authority and need to meet the costs all alone.

Q. Is IIM government-supported establishment?

Ans. The Government of India monetarily helps the more up to date Indian Institute of Management foundations yet they have nothing to do with regulatory choices and everyday working of the organizations.

Q. Is there grant plot at IIMs?

Ans.  Yes, there is a scope of grant plans presented by each IIM. IIM Ahmedabad has around 13 grant plans for students. The grants are proposed to the competitors premise merit and monetary status.

Q. Which IIM has the most reduced MBA fees?

Ans. IIM Sirmaur has the most reduced MBA fees. For the cluster of 2021-2023, it was INR 11.75 lakh. The fees can be paid in portions and there are grants and advance help accessible.

Q. What is the fees of Executive MBA course at IIMs?

Ans. The course fee of Executive MBA courses at IIMs are above INR 20 lakh. The fees is to be paid semester-wise. The up-and-comers are additionally given advance help by the organizations.

Q. Can I get bank credit to pay IIM fees?

Ans. Yes, a few nationalized banks offer instruction credits up to INR 10 lakh. The IIMs work with schooling load procedures to students who wish to benefit the help. Students can likewise apply for grant plans presented by the IIMs.

Q. What is the admission interaction of IIM MBA?

Ans. IIM admission process for MBA program incorporates – CAT test, Written Ability Test/Group Discussion (WAT/GD) and Personal Interview (PI). The competitors are chosen for WAT/GD-PI based on CAT score. Up-and-comer’s performance in WAT/GD-PI decides his/her admission. Check: IIM Admission and Shortlist Process

Q. How much CAT percentile is expected by General classification students to get any IIM?

Ans. General classification students expect north of 99 percentile for admission to old IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow and Kozhikode) and more than 95 percentile for new IIMs. The cut off is a lot of lower for held class students.

Q. Is the CAT removed percentile for understudy of SC/ST class students lower than General classification?

Ans. Yes, the CAT cut off percentile for understudy of SC/ST class students lower than General class. Both the passing shorts and finished product offs are lower for Reserved classification applicants. Check: IIM Cut Offs

Q. Does government conclude IIM fees?

Ans. No, the public authority has nothing to do with concluding fees of any course presented by the IIMs. The IIM the board body takes every one of the monetary and authoritative choices autonomously.

Q. Which IIM has the cheapest MBA programme tuition?

Ans. The least expensive school is IIM Kashipur, which charges Rs. 7,31,500 for the whole MBA programme.

Q. What expenses are covered by the IIMs tuition?

Ans. Personal expenditures, travel, tuition, mess fees, boarding, internet, course materials, laptops, computers, libraries, alumni activities, and other expenses are all included in the cost of attending IIMs.

Q. Which IIM has the largest intake of students for its MBA programme?

Ans. With 480+ seats available, IIM Calcutta has the greatest MBA programme seat intake of any IIM.

Q. What is the total cost of the MBA programme at IIM Bangalore (IIM-B)?

Ans. IIM Bangalore charges Rs. 23,00,000 for the MBA programme.

Q. How much does IIMs charge for the MBA course?

Ans. The fee range charged by the IIMs for the MBA programme is roughly between Rs. 10 Lakh – Rs. 23 Lakh.

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