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TISSNET Mock Tests 2023

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, which is also the organization in charge of TISSNET, is the one in charge of administering the TISSNET Mock Test. Aspirants have the chance to take a TISSNET mock test, which provides them with exposure to the actual exam pattern and navigation system.

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The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, which is also the organization in charge of TISSNET, is the one in charge of administering the TISSNET Mock Test. Aspirants have the chance to take a TISSNET mock test, which provides them with exposure to the actual exam pattern and navigation system. This, in turn, will help them become more comfortable with the experience of taking an exam. The odds of scoring well on the TISSNET exam are improved by practicing with mock exams. Online sample exams of the TISSNET are available for aspirants to take. The website has now published the link for the practice exam. Once candidates have finished the fundamental TISSNET exam preparation, they should transfer their focus to practicing sample papers and practice examinations. Candidates should also take full advantage of any opportunities to improve their performance. TISSNET 2022 applicants will have access to an official practice exam on the TISS website (, which they can take. Free enrollment is available for the TISSNET 2023 practice exam. 


TISSNET Candidates need to possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university.
TISSNET Candidates who will complete their final year of bachelor’s degree/equivalent by June 2023, can also apply.

Advantages of Taking the TISSNET Mock Test in 2023

There are a lot of benefits that come with taking practice TISSNET exams. The following is a list of some of them:

  • Contributes to enhancing both the speed and precision with which one can solve a variety of queries.
  • Gain the ability to accurately apply concepts and theorems to the questions by practicing this skill.
  • Acquaint yourself with the TISSNET exam pattern as well as the most recent examination structure.
  • Obtain the environment of the actual test.

Learn how to perform under the intense pressure of a timed test.

The ability to determine which questions can be accurately solved and which ones can be skipped is improved by repeatedly practicing with simulated versions of the TISSNET exam. They will also be able to learn time-saving strategies for resolving questions in a shorter amount of time.

Procedures to follow in order to take the TISSNET 2023 Mock Exam

In order to participate in the TISSNET mock test 2023, candidates are required to check the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the institution’s primary website, which is

Step 2: Navigate to the “TISSNET mock test” tab and click on it.

Step 3: The login page will now be displayed on the screen. The applicant is required to input the login credentials that they created during the registration process.

Step 4: The screen will now provide you with some general directions for taking the practice exam.

Step 5: Carefully read through the entire set of instructions.

Step 6: Select the ‘Next’ tab and click on it.

Step 7: The window will now display the whole TISSNET examination pattern, along with the grading scheme. When you have finished reviewing all of the information, navigate to the tab labelled “I am ready to begin.”

Step 8: Attend the TISSNET practice exam 20223.

Important Instructions Regarding the TISSNET Mock Exam

  • The TISSNET exam paper will consist of one hundred questions, each of which will be worth one mark.
  • In the TISSNET exam, there will be no provision for scoring students less than perfect.
  • The potential candidates will have 100 minutes total (1 hour and 40 minutes) to finish the practice exam.

This examination is broken up into THREE distinct parts:

  • General Awareness: 40 questions
  • 30 problems covering both mathematical and logical reasoning
  • The English Proficient Test consists of thirty questions.
  • Candidates are free to tackle the questions and topics in any sequence they see fit.
  • Toggling between sections inside TISSNET is permitted.
  • Before the end of the allotted time, candidates have the ability to go back and amend their responses to any question at any point.
  • On the screen to the right, test takers will see a list of questions organized by a section that they have not yet answered.
  • It has been saved and sent.
  • Attempted, with the results saved, but the form was not submitted.
  • At the conclusion of TISS-NET, when the allotted time of one hundred minutes has passed, any and all attempted responses will be automatically sent.
  • Before 3:40 p.m., contestants will not be able to leave the testing area or bring the process to a close.

Frequently Asked Questions About TISSNET Mock Tests

Q. Who makes available the simulated version of the TISSNET exam?

Ans. A practice version of the TISSNET exam has been made available by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Candidates who have already registered are permitted to make full use of the facilities supplied by the organization in charge of administering the test.

Q. What is the total number of questions that are on the TISSNET practice exam?

Ans. The TISSNET practice exam is a good representation of the actual exam. The TISSNET question paper will consist of one hundred multiple-choice questions, each of which applicants will have a certain amount of time to respond to.

Q. In what ways might the TISSNET mock exam benefit me?

Ans. One of the most significant benefits of taking the TISSNET 2023 mock test is that test takers have the opportunity to improve both their speed and their accuracy in preparation for the real test. In addition to this, it helps build the ability to apply concepts and theorems, as well as familiarises one with the format of the TISSNET examination and the kind of questions that are asked from each part.

Q. What are the most important benefits of taking the TISSNET mock test?

Ans. The IBSAT mock exam has numerous benefits, some of which include the following: self-assessment of the quality of the preparation, the exercise of time management skills to answer different questions, application of knowledge obtained during preparation, etc.

Q. If I perform well on the TISSNET 2023 practice exam, would I receive scores and/or prizes?

Ans. Candidates will be able to view their scores after taking the TISSNET mock test, at which point they will be able to evaluate their degree of preparation accordingly. In the fake test, there are neither prizes nor rewards for getting a good result.

Q. If I want to take the TISSNET practice exam, would there be any costs associated with doing so?

Ans. No, there are not any fees associated with taking the TISSNET mock exam that candidates are required to pay for.

Q. Does the TISSNET mock test follow the curriculum that is currently in effect?

Ans. The TISSNET mock exam is consistent with the most recent TISSNET syllabus and is constructed on the basis of previously administered tests and questions.

Q. Is there a certain number of times you should attempt the TISSNET mock test?

Ans. There is no time limit that is prescribed for practicing for the TISSNET mock test. On the day of the real examination, one’s ability to approach and solve questions will improve in direct proportion to the amount of experience they get from taking TISSNET mock tests.

Q. When I have finished taking the TISSNET practice exam, will I be able to view the answer that is correct?

Ans. The TISSNET mock test does, in fact, come with solutions, and once a participant has completed the test, they are able to review their performance and identify specific areas for improvement.

Q. Does anyone know if the TISSNET mock test is going to be easy or hard?

Ans. The level of difficulty of the practice TISSNET exam is neither extremely challenging nor extremely easy. It is completely arbitrary, exactly like the actual TISSNET examination. Students get a lot out of the opportunity to reflect on and learn from their own errors.

Q. What is the total time allotted for the TISSNET practice exam?

Ans. The time allotted for the TISSNET practice exam, also known as the mock test, is exactly the same as the time allotted for the real test. Participants will have this amount of time to solve 100 multiple-choice questions worth a total of 100 marks.

Q. The TISSNET sample exam paper contains how many sections?

Ans. The TISSNET mock exam will consist of three portions, much like the real test, as specified in the TISSNET syllabus. These four subtests are called English Proficiency, Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, and General Awareness.