TANCET Result 2023: Rank List, Scorecard
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TANCET Result 2023: Rank List, Scorecard

TANCET Results The results of the TANCET will be made public by Anna University in the month of March. The results of the TANCET 2023 examination are available for candidates to see online at the official examination website, which can be found at tancet.annauniv.edu. The TANCET exam results are compiled by Anna University, and they […]

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TANCET Results

The results of the TANCET will be made public by Anna University in the month of March. The results of the TANCET 2023 examination are available for candidates to see online at the official examination website, which can be found at tancet.annauniv.edu. The TANCET exam results are compiled by Anna University, and they are calculated as follows: (+) one mark is awarded for each correct response, and (-) one-third of a mark is deducted for each erroneous response. In order to check their results, candidates for the TANCET 2023 exam must use the email address and password they provided when they registered. In addition to the result being announced on the official website, candidates can also download their TANCET scorecards by logging into their accounts with TANCET. The scorecard for the TANCET exam can be accessed until a certain date in the future. At the time of counselling for MBA, MCA, ME/ MTech/ M.Arch/ MPlan course admission at TANCET participating institutes, applicants are needed to bring a scorecard as well as their admit card and any other relevant documents.

Date and time of the release of the TANCET 2023 results

The following table provides information regarding the date of the TANCET scorecard’s release as well as the schedule for downloading it:

EventsTANCET 2023 Result Date
TANCET 2023 exam date25-Feb-202326-Feb-2023
TANCET 2023 result declaration date and timeMarch 2023
Commencement date for download of TANCET 2023 scorecardto be notified
Last date to download the TANCET scorecard 2023to be notified
TANCET 2023 counsellingto be notified
Release of TANCET rank listto be notified

Where Can I Find the TANCET 2023 Scorecard to Download?

The TANCET scorecard is available for candidates to download after they have completed the following steps:

  • Go to the test website, which may be found at tancet.annauniv.edu.
  • The second step is to select the tab labelled “Result.”
  • The third step is that the opportunity to log in will instantly appear on the screen of your computer.
  • The fourth step is to enter your e-mail address, along with your password or other login credentials.
  • The fifth step is to click on the tab labelled “Login.”
  • Downloading the score sheet is the sixth step.
  • Obtain a hard copy of the TANCET score sheet to print off.

Information Regarding the TANCET Scorecard

The following information is included in the area provided below, which is taken directly from the TANCET scorecard:

The following are the candidates’ names, categories, roll numbers, and actual marks

The Standardized Scores

Results of the TANCET 2023: Some Highlights

The TANCET result will only be announced online.

There are three distinct rank lists for the TANCET 2023 exam: one each for the GATE category, the TANCET category, and the Sponsored category.

Only the scores of the candidates will be accurate for one year.

There is no physical copy of the mark statement that is mailed out to candidates.

Candidates are advised to save a copy of their scorecards, as they will be required to provide these throughout the counselling process.

The results of the TANCET 2020 will be announced after the candidates’ marks have been normalised in order to ensure consistency.

How to Check Your Result for the TANCET?

The following is a list of the steps involved in checking the outcome of the TANCET:

Step 1: Candidates are required to visit the official website of Anna University, which may be found here.

Step 2: On the home page, navigate to and click the link labelled “TANCET result.”

Step 3: Candidates are then led to the login page in the third step.

Step 4: Enter your email address and the password that was generated for you once your registration was successful.

Step 5: In the fifth step, the scorecard and the current status of the results are shown on the screen.

Step 6: Download the scorecard, and then take a printout of it. 

Information Presented Within the TANCET Scorecard

Candidates nameApplication number
Roll numberTotal marks

How Can I Get a Second Copy of the Scorecard?

In the event that a candidate’s mark sheet is misplaced or lost, they are able to submit a request for a duplicate mark sheet by sending an email to The Secretary of TANCET at Anna University in Chennai. In order to receive their mark sheet, candidates are need to submit a Demand Draft for the amount of one hundred rupees. The contact information is included down below:

TANCET Secretary, Anna University, Chennai 600025 – India

Results of the TANCET 2023: The Calculation of Score

Candidates are encouraged to review the marking scheme that the examination authority has established for the various courses below.

Candidates receive one point for each question that they answer correctly.

There is a penalty of one-third of a point for each wrong response.

1/3 of the total points will be removed if the student selects an answer from more than one option.

In the second part of the ME/MTech/MArch/MPlan exam, scores are awarded for all correct answers up to a maximum of 20, although there is a penalty for each incorrect response.

What Does “Normalisation of Marks” Mean for the TANCET Result in 2023?

Only the Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Architecture, and Master of Planning degrees will have their marks normalised. The question paper for the admissions examination is broken up into three sections: Part I (Engineering Mathematics), Part II (Basic Engineering & Sciences), and Part III (Engineering Applications) (meant for different disciplines). Parts I and II are standard throughout all of the programmes, however Part III varies from one to the next. As a direct consequence of this, the mean mark and the standard deviation shift depending on the subject matter covered in Part III. The marks of the candidates are normalised in order to bring uniformity to the variations. The following is the formula that should be used to calculate the normalised marks.

The following equation can be used to normalise the scores:

N = 40 + (10/s) X. (R-M)


N represents the normalised markings

S stands for “Standard Deviation.”

R= Raw markings

M= Mean markings

Please take into consideration that the TANCET rank list 2023 will be compiled using the standardised marks.

What Comes Next Following the TANCET 2023 Results?

Applicants who are successful on the entrance exam will be invited to participate in counselling sessions, which will be determined by their scores and ranks. Registration for TANCET counselling often begins in the middle of July. The counselling is carried out in a manner that is distinct for each course. Candidates are required to register themselves before they can participate in the counselling process. After the completion of the registration process, the TANCET rank list will be made public.

TANCET 2023 Cut off

The cut off represents the minimal number of points required for an applicant to be considered qualified for the examination. The TANCET cut off is determined by taking into account a variety of factors, including the total number of students who appeared for the exam, the number of available seats, the level of difficulty of the questions, and more. The minimum required score varies according on the type of programme and the college. Candidates are given seats according to their scores on the TANCET cut off in 2023.

TANCET 2023 Rank List

There are three distinct TANCET rank lists that are published by Anna University: the GATE Category, the TANCET Category, and the Sponsored Category. The TANCET rank list is compiled using the marks candidates got in both the entrance exam and the GATE. The candidate’s standing in their relevant category and how well they performed on the admissions test will determine where they end up on the rank list. The aforementioned lists will be made available on the primary website for Anna University.

Frequently Asked Questions About TANCET Result

Q. If the TANCET result cannot be downloaded successfully, what steps should be taken?

Ans. If you have a slow internet connection, there is a possibility that you will be unable to reach the login page. Candidates need not fret; rather, they should give themselves no more than five minutes between attempts.

Q. In the event that I forget the password, how can I retrieve it?

Ans. If the candidate clicks on the page labelled “Forgot Password,” they will be able to retrieve their password. Candidates will be able to download their TANCET results after resetting their password and checking in with the updated password.

Q. How can I access my email while also checking the results?

Ans. Applicants who have forgotten their email address can access it by selecting the “Forget email” option. Candidates are required to submit either their date of birth or their TANCET registration number.

Q. When determining how closely students’ scores should cluster together, what factors are taken into account?

Ans. The standard deviation, mean marks, and raw score are used to determine how the marks should be normalised after they have been calculated.

Q. Will it be possible for me to save a copy of my TANCET result on my computer?

Ans. The TANCET result will be available for download in PDF format, therefore yes, you will be able to access it.

Q. Unfortunately, I am unable to get the result of my TANCET 2023 exam. What action should I take?

Ans. Due to the enormous volume of traffic that followed the announcement of the results, it may take you a little longer to check your result. It’s also possible that the issue is caused by a slow internet connection. You could try verifying your result by using a different browser or waiting a few more minutes. Both of these options are available to you.

Q. Will there be a printed copy of my TANCET scores sent to me?

Ans. A physical copy of the scorecard will not be provided to any candidate by the organisation in charge of the examination.

Q. When will my TANCET scorecard be available for download?

Ans. The score sheet or mark sheet can be accessed when the TANCET results have been made public and within ten days after the announcement of those results.

Q. How can I find out whether or not I passed the TANCET?

Ans. Applicants will be required to visit the website of Anna University in order to retrieve their results by logging in with the credentials that were provided to them.

Q. What happens if I am unable to download the scorecard in the allotted amount of time or if I misplace it?

Ans. Candidates who want a duplicate copy of the scorecard must submit an application and a demand draught in the amount of one hundred Indian rupees (INR) to the following address: To Whom It May Concern: The Secretary, TANCET, Anna University, Chennai – 600 025

Q. How exactly are the normalised marks going to be computed?

Ans. The normalised score is equal to 40 plus the standard deviation multiplied by itself (raw marks – mean marks)

Q. What Should I Do If I Have Already Attempted Both the GATE and the TANCET Exams? At the time of admission, which score will be taken into consideration?

Ans. In the event that you have taken both of the tests and have achieved passing scores in both of them, your application for admission will be evaluated based on your GATE score.

Q. Will the results of the TANCET examination for ME, MTech, MArch, and MPlan all be announced on the same day?

Ans. You read it correctly; the results of all of the professional postgraduate programmes will be announced on the same day.

TANCET Result 2023: Rank List, Scorecard
TANCET Result 2023: Rank List, Scorecard
TANCET Result 2023: Rank List, Scorecard
TANCET Result 2023: Rank List, Scorecard