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Nalanda University Questions and Answers

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Saurav Anand

Nalanda University FAQs

Q. What qualifications and scores on the competitive exams are required for students who do not speak English at Nalanda University?

Ans. English proficiency tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, and others are necessary.

Q. What is the basic eligibility criteria for Nalanda University Admissions ?

Ans. The minimum requirement for admissions at Nalanda University is undergraduate degree with at least 2.2/4 GPA or an equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA), though 55% is also acceptable. Applications are accepted for any curriculum from any stream, including humanities, sciences, engineering, management, law, etc.

The candidate must write not more than 250 words on Why did you choose to enrol at Nalanda University ?with a  Bio-Note/Self-Introduction Statement. Statement of Purpose (SoP) in 100 words, The key components of the programme interested in 300–500 words.

Q. Does Nalanda University have an MBA programme or course ?

Ans. Yes, Nalanda University does indeed provide an MBA programme. Nalanda University MBA programme in Sustainable Development and Management is open to both domestic and foreign students and professionals. The school strives to produce students who will not only be knowledgeable about current market trends for sustainable growth, but who will also be capable of providing innovative solutions to the numerous global challenges that sustainability faces. The highest package for the previous year 2022 was INR 16 LPA for the Degree of MBA.

Q. How many academic programmes or courses  does Nalanda University provide?

Ans. A total of 13–15 courses are available at Nalanda University , the courses include PhD degrees and  Post graduate Masters degree courses.

Q. What are the co-curricular clubs for students or under studies at Nalanda University ?

Ans. Numerous sporting competitions and recreational activities are held by the Nalanda University Sports Club. Events are attended by both faculty and employees. The Nalanda University Awareness Club sponsors programmes and events to aid in the education of the public about a variety of societal and environmental issues.

The Nalanda University Environment Club promotes environmental awareness and "green" activities, and students who are members aim to advance a tradition of informed discussion and imaginative writing.The Cultural and Arts Society runs all of Nalanda University's festivals and cultural events. The theatrical, photography, dance, and music clubs are part of this society called Dhvani

A variety of social concerns and topics are discussed, and creative solutions are investigated and put into practise through interactive expert sessions and events hosted by the Nalanda University Social Club.

Q. What are the facilities and amenities at Nalanda University Hostel for boys and girls ?

Ans. Hostel rooms with good furnishings, including single and twin-sharing options, and earth and air cooling. Every room is situated to offer a stunning view of the surroundings. Wi-Fi in room Internet access available round-the-clock. At maximum capacity, each floor could house 36 pupils. One dining room that is tastefully furnished and has a TV. The university has on-campus sporting facilities for volleyball, basketball, cricket, football, badminton, and table tennis.

Wi-Fi is available across the campus, allowing you to constantly stay connected.A clean and hygienic dining establishment.Emergency medical services available on Campus,'Reverse Osmosis' filtered, clean drinking water available round the clock.Modern technology is supported by 24-hour security.Working ATM on Campus by Punjab National bank (PNB).

Q. What is the price of Single accommodation rooms without AC at Nalanda University Hostel?

Ans. The price for Single accommodation rooms without AC at Nalanda University Hostel will be INR 16000 per semester.

Q. What is the rank acquired by Nalanda University all over India  ?

Ans. Nalanda University ranks at 573th all over India.

Q. Is the Nalanda University Campus good ?

Ans. Nalanda University campus has all amenities needed such as Wifi,  Food court, Cafeteria , Labs , Library as well as an on campus ATM.

Q. How to apply for Scholarship at Nalanda University being a foreigner student ?

Ans. The application process for the scholarship for Foreigner students is that the Cambodian, Laotian, Myanmarese, and Vietnamese students may submit their applications for the scholarship directly to the Indian Mission in each of their respective countries, or through the Nalanda university admissions official site.

Q. What is covered by the ICCR scholarships provided by Nalanda University?

Ans. The scholarship scheme of ICCR includes round trip onetime expenses for travel, such as travel fare, tuition fees , application, and admission fees Housing or dormitory setting Monthly Stipend, Students are required to spend their monthly stipend to pay for meals at hostel.

Q. What is the historical relevance of  Nalanda University ?

Ans. Due to the lecturers, extensive and expertise, students travelled from distant places like Japan, Tibet, China, Korea, Mongolia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and South East Asia to study under Nalanda University academics. These scholars have documented the environment, physical features, and educational opportunities at this unique university. Chinese scholars have offered the most thorough accounts; XuanZang is the most well-known of them, having returned with hundreds of scriptures that were later translated into Chinese.

Consequently, the Hon'ble Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a renowned former president of India, offered the idea of reconstructing the historic Nalanda University in an address to Bihar State Legislative Assembly in the month of March 2006. Which was the first step towards accomplishing the goal of reinventing the old Nalanda.

Q. How does partnership between India and Bhutan in the area of education effect the Bhutanese scholarship programme?

Ans. The scholarship programme has a particular application process for Bhutanese students,

  • Financial help will be considered for a maximum of 10% of the total number of students admitted across all programmes.
  • The only expense that financial aid will pay is tuition.
  • After the admissions process is complete or during the second year of the academic programme, no student will be permitted to submit an application.
  • Financial aid is not always available even for applications that are simple.
  • One scholarship can only be awarded to a student at once.
  • If any provided information is proven to be incorrect, the scholarship will be cancelled and legal action will be taken to collect the award money.
  • It is up to Nalanda University to decide which applicants are eligible for financial aid and which scholarships to grant.

Q. How to contact Nalanda University for any query ?

Ans. Nalanda University Reception :06112-255330

Admissions Helpline for candidates : + 91 70332 91552

Official mail :