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Nalanda University Placement: Highest & Average Salary, Trends, Top Companies

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Saurav Anand

Nalanda University Placements

Nalanda University, which for a long time was buried in history, is now led by vice chancellor Sunaina Singh and Chancellor Vijay P. Bhatkar and is a major draw for tourists from around the world.

Nalanda University, since its re-founding in 2010, has attracted students from all around the world who register for its distinctive courses.

The courses offered by Nalanda University are unique; they include master's, Ph.D., and diploma programs with a variety of subject options. The courses are ultimately centered on the ideologies and studies of Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma. The university also provides courses in economics and political science.

The academic excellence and global perspective of its historical forebear inspire Nalanda University to uphold and set international standards for academic excellence and research as well as to promote capacity building across all areas of higher education. 17 nations have signed intergovernmental memoranda of understanding in support of the institution, and all participants in the East Asia Summit are in favor of it.

"Man Living In Harmony With Man, Man Living In Harmony With Nature, And Man Living As Part Of Nature" is the primary idea of Nalanda, as depicted by the university's emblem.

Studying the humanities will develop the idea of man coexisting peacefully with himself. When man coexists peacefully with nature, he recognizes the significance of education and scientific advancement. Man must live in harmony with nature by creating communities that fit into their surroundings. This logo is a "rebus" in terms of design or a visual pun. On the one hand, it depicts a tree, which has value as a depiction of the natural world, as seen by the Bodhi tree's importance in the Nalanda narrative, and as a metaphor for generosity and life. On the other hand, it shows interconnected pictures of the people who joined forces to create this new university.

The Nalanda University logo illustrates what is unique about this university by illustrating the connections between many stakeholders. People from diverse countries and regions came together to create a new institution, which led to the founding of this university. It emphasizes one aspect of globalization in particular: the movement of people and ideas. The graphic treatment is distinctive in that it resembles no other emblem and has a distinctly Asian attitude. The logo was developed using classic and enduring design principles as opposed to a fashion that is currently fashionable but will become outdated tomorrow because it is taken from the university's DNA.

Nalanda University Internships are for better skills and for the students to get used to the protocols A professional learning opportunity known as an internship provides students with relevant, hands-on work that is connected to their area of study or career interest. Through an internship, a student can explore and advance their profession while picking up new skills. It provides the company with the chance to develop talent, bring in new viewpoints and vigor, and possibly even build a pipeline for future full-time employees. An excellent internship consists of a part or full-time work schedule with no more than 25% administrative or clerical tasks.

It gives a detailed account of the work experience job or project. Introduces the organization, its culture, and the suggested work assignments to the student, assists students in setting and achieving learning objectives, and regularly provides the student intern with feedback.

Nalanda University Top Recruiters 2022 - 2024

International Top Recruiters

  • Bhutan Board Products Ltd
  • Kabjisa Gewog Administration, Royal Government of Bhutan
  • Bukit Coal Mining Comapany, Indonesia
  • Culture, Research, Ministry of Education, and technology, Indonesia
  • Gorkha Ayurveda Company, Nepal

National Top Recruiters

  • Tata Steel Ltd, India
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd India
  • Aga Khan Rural Support Program, Gujrat, India.
  • Tarumitra Foundation, India
  • Swaniti Initiative, India
  • Communication Consultant Studio, New Delhi, India
  • Dhan Foundations, India
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, India

Nalanda University Placements

Nalanda University has had its highest placement rate in the field of business management and MBA.

Nalanda University's highest package was INR 16 LPA for the previous year 2022 MBA

Nalanda University placement cell extends invitations to a range of companies so that they can assist in conducting recruitment at the university. The Nalanda University placements are handled by the placement cell, along with all other recruitment-related tasks. Finding relevant employment prospects for the students and informing them of on- or off-campus placements are two of the placement cell's key responsibilities. For greater employment chances, the cell links students with employers. The cell serves as a catalyst to help students develop their employment skills. Between employers and job searchers, the cell serves as a link. The cell offers placement training, including analytical, technical, and verbal training, group discussions, and HR classes, to prepare students for interviews at Nalanda University, Verbal skills, body language, and more

Nalanda University Placement Highlights 2022

Student NameNative ofRecruitersPost
Damcho WangmoBhutanSamtengang Higher Education InstituteResearcher Cum Teacher
Faisal Md. ZakriGhanaNet Zero Think Pvt Ltd IndiaConsultant
Norlina PasaribuIndonesiaNet Zero Think Pvt Ltd IndiaConsultant
Sanskrithi ThakurIndiaCentre for Rural Development (SLE) Humboldt University of BerlinResearcher
Selma Mekondjo Nangombe NasheyaNamibiaLoxworth Capital Pvt LtdESG Practitioner
Seerat TajamulIndiaUnited Nations Global Compact IndiaMembership Officer
Shubham TrivediIndiaAsian Development Research Institute IndiaResearch Associate

Frequently Asked Questions About Nalanda University Placement

Q. Which International companies approach Nalanda University ?

Ans. International companies approach Nalanda University-

  1. Bhutan Board Products Ltd
  2. Kabjisa Gewog Administration, Royal Government of Bhutan
  3. Bukit Coal Mining Comapany, Indonesia
  4. Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Indonesia

Q. What was the highest salary a candidate for an MBA at Nalanda University could receive?

Ans. At the Nalanda University MBA placements in 2022, the maximum compensation was INR 16 LPA.

Q. How many students were placed during the Nalanda University MBA placements in 2022?

Ans. The Nalanda University MBA placements in 2022 saw a 100% placement rate.

Q. What were Nalanda University's National top recruiters for MBA placements in 2022?

 Ans. During the MBA Placements 2022, top employers at Nalanda University included prestigious firms like

  1. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd India
  2. Aga Khan Rural Support Program, Gujrat, India.
  3. Tarumitra Foundation, India
  4. Swaniti Initiative, India
  5. Communication Consultant Studio, New Delhi, India
  6. Dhan Foundations, India
  7. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, India
  8. Tata Steel Ltd, India

Q. Do internships over the summer at Nalanda University exist?

Ans. Yes, summer internships are available at Nalanda University. Leading corporations including Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd. and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. were among Nalanda University's top employers for MBA summer internships in 2022.