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Nalanda University Admission: Application Process, Eligibility & Dates

  • Rajgir, Bihar
  • UGC
  • Public Central University

Saurav Anand

Nalanda University Admission 

Nalanda University is an international, postgraduate institution with a focus on research that is based in the town of Rajgir in the northern Indian state of Bihar. It is funded by the East Asia Summit participants. A special Act of the Indian Parliament created the University on November 25, 2010, and it has been named an "Institution Of National Importance." It is led by Chancellor Vijay P. Bhatkar and Vice Chancellor Sunaina Singh.

Nalanda University is motivated by the academic prowess and global outlook of its ancient forebear and strives to uphold and establish international standards for research and academic excellence while facilitating capacity building across all fields of higher education. All of the East Asia Summit's members are in favor of the university, and 17 nations have signed intergovernmental memorandums of understanding to that effect. Prior to the advent of historical factors that caused their dissolution, the University aims to reestablish the relationships and alliances that were lost in the Asia region. There are numerous historical connections between Asian cultures, which are represented in a number of recurring cultural traits. Recently, there has been a renaissance in the study of and construction of a shared past due to the rediscovery of inter-Asian linkages. Nalanda University is envisioned as a symbol of this contemporary Asian renaissance: a creative place that will serve as a hub for inter-civilizational communication for upcoming generations.

Nalanda University Ways "Man Living In Harmony With Man, Man Living In Harmony With Nature, And Man Living As Part Of Nature" is the central idea of Nalanda, as illustrated by the logo.

The study of the humanities will contribute to the advancement of man living in harmony with man. Man understands the value of learning and advancing the sciences when he lives in peace with nature. Building a community that works well with its surroundings is essential to man living as a part of nature. This logo is a visual pun or "rebus" in terms of design. On the one hand, it shows a tree, which is significant as a representation of the natural world, significant due to the Bodhi tree's significance in the Nalanda story, and significant due to the tree's significance as a metaphor for life and generosity. On the other hand, it displays connected images of the individuals who banded together to build this new university.

Nalanda University logo highlights what is special about this university by showing how various stakeholders are interconnected. This university was founded as a consequence of people from various nations and geographical areas cooperating to establish a new institution. It places emphasis on a particular facet of globalization that are the flow of people and ideas, the visual treatment is distinctive in that it bears no resemblance to any other emblem and is unmistakably Asian in attitude. The logo promises to last because it is derived from the university's DNA and was created utilizing traditional and timeless design concepts as opposed to a style that is popular right now but will be out of date tomorrow.

Nalanda University Schools place a strong emphasis on encouraging learning in a variety of institutional settings to provide a sophisticated grasp of problems that exist in the real world.

Nalanda University Courses 

As of right now Nalanda University courses provide programs in the schools of historical studies, ecology and environment studies, Buddhist studies, philosophy, and comparative religions, languages and literature/humanities, and management studies. Global Ph.D. program, Masters in Historical Studies (MA), Masters in Ecology and Environmental Studies (MSc), Masters in Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions (MA), Masters in Hindu Studies (MA), Masters in Sustainable Development and Management (MBA),  Masters in World Literature (MA), number of short-term diploma and certificate programs in Pali, Sanskrit, English, Korean, and Yoga are among the programs that are offered. 

Nalanda University courses and degrees place a strong emphasis on study abroad opportunities, learning other languages, and conducting joint research with students and professors from connected universities and institutions. In order to improve their research abilities, students are urged to engage in interdisciplinary research and select courses from other disciplines or schools that are pertinent to their research interests. 

Nalanda University Post-graduation Courses:-

MA in Hinduism Studies 
MSc in Ecology and Environment Studies
MA in Historical Studies
MA in Buddhist Studies
MA in Philosophy and Comparative Religions
MA in World Literature
MBA in Sustainable Development and Management

Nalanda University Ph.D. & Diploma Courses:-

Ph.D. in World Literature
Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Management
Ph.D. in Ecology and Environment Studies Historical Studies
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Comparative Religions, and Buddhist Studies 
Ph.D. in Hinduism Studies

Nalanda University Application Procedure & Fees 

  • For Indian native students- To apply, send a completed application form, a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and any other supporting documentation to The applicant must pay INR 500 (Rupees Five Hundred Only) as an application fee to have their application processed through RTGS or NEFT. 
  • For Foreigner students To apply, send the completed Application Form, a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and any required documentation to To submit the application through RTGS/NEFT, the candidate must pay an application fee of USD 08 (eight US dollars only, or its equivalent in Indian currency).
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted will receive a call to participate in a video or in-person interview as indicated by the schedule. Only those who merit it will be chosen.
  • For the academic year 2023–2024, the suggested applicants for provisional admission will be chosen.
  • Without giving a justification, the university has the right to admit or deny admission.
  • The University maintains the right to change the requirements for shortlisting candidates in light of changes to the University's policies and rules.
  • There is no assurance that all candidates who completed the application form and showed up for the entrance exam or interview would be chosen for admission to the university.
  • Email notifications will be sent to the selected candidates.

Nalanda University Admission Registration Documents Needed 

  • Student Registration Forms copies
  • A copy of the dorm registration forms 
  • A matriculation certificate, higher secondary certificate mark sheets. 
  • A copy of the offer letter, a degree or provisional certificate, an affidavit of the original migration certificate, and a medical undertaking against ragging.
  • Identity Document (10 photos the size of a passport or an Aadhar card)
  • With the exception of the Migration Certificate, which the University will hold, students are required to submit their original documents for verification before receiving them back.

Nalanda University Admissions & Eligibility criteria

You must do the following after the payment process is finished:

  • Download all of the documents
  • Mail the completed forms to after having them scanned.
  • Upon arrival at the university, the last step in registration is completed. One must finish their registration on the first day at a site designated by the Student Affairs Office (which will be notified through email). During the registration procedure, all physical copies and originals of the online registration forms are required. After review, the original documents will be given back. However, an authentic copy of the migration certificate from the prior university must be presented.
  • The Student Affairs Team will refer you to the appropriate Bank or service provider officials if you experience problems opening a Bank A/C or activating a SIM card. The University can only serve as a guiding force,
  • Such facilities and providing such facilities lies on the requester and concerned service provider respectively.

Criteria for Admission to the Masters Programme for Indian and Foreign Students

The minimum requirement for an undergraduate degree is 55% or a 2.2/4.0 GPA, or an equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA). Students may apply for any curriculum from any stream, such as humanities, sciences, engineering, management, law, etc. However, one cannot apply for more than two programmes. 

The minimum requirement for an undergraduate degree is 55% or a 2.2/4.0 GPA, or an equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA).

Students may apply for any curriculum from any stream, such as humanities, sciences, engineering, management, law, etc. 

  • No more than 250 words (Self-Introduction/Bio-Note Statement)
  • Objective Statement (SoP)
  • What drives your decision to attend Nalanda University? (100 words)
  • The program's selection factors (300–500 words)

For students from non-English speaking nations or languages, proof of English ability is necessary:

IELTS, TOEFL, or any other English language proficiency tests candidate does not need to submit a certificate if they have taken full-time degree-level coursework that is taught and graded fully in English.

Along with the prerequisites listed above, an MBA in Sustainable Development and Management is required.

  • For Indian students, a CAT, XAT, or MAT score of at least 70 percentile is required.
  • For international students, a 3.0/4.0 GPA, an equivalent GPA, or an appropriate GMAT score is needed at the undergraduate level.
  • only five years minimum of experience in the workforce for working executives
  • No issues A certificate from the company is required for applicants nominated by PSUs or GOI Departments, sponsored candidates, sabbatical candidates, and working executives.
  • CAT/XAT/MAT scores won't be taken into consideration.

International and national students can enroll in a 4-year Ph.D. study at Nalanda University.

It is an entirely residential program for students enrolled full-time.

Except for contact programs or seminars lasting no more than seven days, housing is not offered to part-time students.

Essential Qualifications:

  • The applicant must hold a master's degree with at least 65% overall or equivalent grade point average (GPA), 
  • Ideally with a master's-level dissertation, or a master's degree in philosophy with at least 65% overall or comparable grade point average (M.Phil.).
  • Two letters of recommendation or references and a letter of introduction are required of the applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nalanda University Admission

Q. Does Nalanda University provide programs for distance learning?

Ans. No. At the moment, distant learning does not exist. Our entire curriculum is residential.

Q. What should I do if I'm having trouble completing the online admission form?

Ans. Please contact (for international students) or (for Indian students).

Q. Does Nalanda University provide M.Phil. and undergraduate programs?

Ans. The university currently offers a variety of short-term courses along with postgraduate and doctoral programs.

Q. What is the average price of the application form at Nalanda University for Indian students?

Ans. INR 500/- is the cost of the application fee.

Q. What is the average package through on-campus Nalanda University Placements?

Ans. Nalanda University reserves 100 percent  placement with 5-12 LPA as an average package.

Q. What are the documents needed while registering at Nalanda University?

Ans. Documents needed while registering at Nalanda University-

  1. Affidavit of Original Migration Certificate and Anti-Ragging Medical Undertaking Identity Proof (10 passport-size photos or an Aadhar card). 
  1. Matriculation Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate Mark Sheets, Copy of Offer Letter, and Degree/Provisional Certificate. 
  1. With the exception of the Migration Certificate, which the University will hold, students are required to submit their original documents for verification before receiving them back.