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IMI Bhubaneswar Questions & Answer International Management Institute Q&A

  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Private

Saurav Anand

IMI Bhubaneswar Q&A 2023-2025

Q. Is it worth joining IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. IMI Bhubaneshwar is a good place to join, and there are many opportunities for learning there. IMI Bhubaneswar placements from the senior class have all been in good companies. Approximately 16 LPA is the highest salary package offered, 9 LPA is the average, and 6.5 LPA is the lowest package offered.

Q. Which is better IMI Kolkata or IMI Bhubaneswar? ( IMI Kolkata Ranking)

Ans. IMI Kolkata has greater exposure to corporates and placement opportunities than IMI Bhubaneswar. NIRF rankings recently ranked IMI Kolkata 45th, while IMI Bhubaneshwar IMI Kolkata has significantly more experience and placements in the corporate world than IMI Bhubaneswar. IMI Kolkata average package offered is also better when compared to IMI Bhubaneshwar.

Q. Is IMI Bhubaneswar the right decision to take admission in an MBA?

Ans. It’s a good option to consider. They are offering a two-year PGDM course approved by AICTE with limited enrollments. This means there is a high probability of placement. The average package they are offering is 7 lpa, and the highest goes as high as 12 lpa.

Q. Does IMI Kolkata really provide 100% placement? ( IMI Kolkata Placements)

Ans. Management Institute (IMI) Kolkata was established in 2010. PGDM and FPM programs are offered at this off-campus institute of IMI Delhi. The campus of IMI Kolkata is located in the city’s heart and is equipped with a modern infrastructure.
During the latest placement season, IMI Kolkata had an extremely high placement rate of 100 per cent. Among the top 50 percentile students, JSW offered the highest package of Rs 20 LPA, while the average was Rs 8.07 LPA. The institute saw a 42% increase in the new recruiters.

Q. Which IMI is the best?

Ans. There is no doubt that IMI Delhi is the best IMI centre. With great faculty members, IMI Delhi is one of the best B-schools in India. Both industry and international partnerships make IMI Delhi an excellent B-school

Q. Which is better, IBS Hyderabad, IMI Bhubaneswar, or IMI Kolkata?

Ans. IMI Kolkata and IMI Bhubaneswar have smaller batch sizes than IBS. For a batch of 120 students from IMI-K, approximately 50-60 companies visited the campus. This represents a ratio of almost 1:2. The situation is similar in IMI Bhubaneswar.
While choosing a career, you should consider your work experience and interests

Q. Is IMI a government college?

Ans. Located in Delhi, International Management Institute, commonly known as IMI, is a private Management Institute which was established in 1981

Q. What are the highest and average packages at IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. A decent placement is available at IMI Bhubaneswar, with a CTC of INR 17-18 LPA and an average package of 8-9 LPA. The institute also saw an increase of 18% in the average salary.

Q. Are scholarships provided to the students at IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. There are several scholarships offered to students such as pre-admission scholarships based on entrance test scores and post-admission scholarships based on academic merit and FPM scholarships for doctoral candidates.

Q. How can I apply for IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. In addition to the information provided in the application form, CAT/XAT/ CMAT (sectional and overall) or GMAT scores, educational background, and marks in 10th and 12th grades will also be considered for shortlisting.
Complete and submit the IMI Bhubaneswar online application form 2022 along with the admission application fee. Applicants desiring to apply for the PGDM program at IMI Bhubaneswar will be required to pay a fee of Rs. 450/- through FormsADDA.
FormsADDA allows you to obtain the Application for IMI Bhubaneswar 2022 at a very low price of Rs. 450/-, and you can pay online with credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or demand draft.

Q. How is IMI Bhubaneswar for PGDM?

Ans. It is a good institute for pursuing a management degree in Bhubaneswar. There is a small batch size and a number of people from different backgrounds join, so diversity is maintained despite the majority of the group being engineers. Professors from IMI Delhi give lectures regularly at IMI, following in the footsteps of its elder brother. Also professors from XIM Bhubaneshwar also come. According to the same ranking, fees are average and packages are also comparable to colleges in the same ranking. Bhubaneswar is not a metropolitan city, so its location may also pose a challenge, since it does not have a distinguished alumni network.

Q. What is the batch strength at IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. IMI Bhubaneswar is currently accepting 120 students, which won’t likely change next year. The total intake limit of IMI Bhubaneswar is much lower as per AICTE guidelines, which helps students compete with fewer candidates during placements. Additionally, the faculty focuses on students’ growth, responding to inquiries from each student. Students here also have a high ratio of students to companies, which provides them with more opportunities to sit in placements.

Q. How do I apply for IMI?

Ans. Application forms will be given online and have to be filled online and submitted before the deadline. Applicants should keep an eye on the official website for application forms and other important notices. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Applying through formsADDA will make your application process much easier and cheaper. You can apply via formsADDA for Rs. 450 only.

Q. How's IMI Bhubaneswar for an MBA in finance?

Ans. It is one of the most renowned colleges in the country as they provide AICTE approved PGDM course that consists of two years and costs 10 L. If we talk about placements, the average package is up to 7-7.5 L and the highest is 10.5-10.5 L. For financing, it is a good option to take and you can also look at other options.

Q. What Percentile is required for IMI Kolkata?

Ans. IMI Kolkata, one of the top business schools accepts CAT and XAT scores. Cut off for CAT and XATs are 80+ percentile for most of the top Business schools in India.

IMI Bhubaneswar PHD

IMI New Delhi is India’s first corporate sponsored B-School which was founded. Number of Permanent Faculty with PhD from foreign University/institute

PGDM Course Fees in Bhubaneswar 2023-2025

Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bhubaneswar; 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews Fees in total: Rs 21,00,000/- Type of Institute: Autonomous; Average placement – Rs. 12 L.P.A/- Highest placement – Rs. 12 L.P.A/-

IMI Bhubaneswar FPM

IMI Bhubaneswar- India’s leading B-School offers industry-leading specialized management programmes, viz. Part-Time PGDM, Full-Time PGDM, and FPM

IMI Bhubaneswar CMAT Cut off 2022/2021/2020

IMI Bhubneshwar cutoff for CATpercentage was about 70 percent (percentile), ( IMI Bhubneshwar cutoff for CAT) IMI Bhubneshwar CMAT cutoff was 75 percent

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