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IMI Bhubaneswar Facilities

  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Private

Saurav Anand

IMI Bhubaneswar Facilities 2023-2025:

IMI Bhubaneswar is a prestigious business school which sprawls over 16 acres. Among its many facilities are a large library, a computer lab, a seminar hall, and many others. The college strives to become a world-class business school by delivering excellence in management education. Students at IMI Bhubaneswar are taught managerial skills to enhance their career prospects. This article discusses IMI Bhubaneswar facilities

International Management Institute Bhubaneswar Campus Highlights

Some of the highlighting features of the International Management Institute campus are listed below:

  • The university has several student-run groups and organizations, including a Placement Committee, Media and Public Relations Committee, Branding Committee, and Cultural Committee.
  • Founded in 2013, Jazbaa is a two-day sporting event. Student-athletes from various institutions in and around Bhubaneswar compete in sports such as cricket, volleyball, table tennis, and chess.
  • Three faculty development programs are held each year, as well as four international conferences.

IMI Bhubaneswar Infrastructure/ Facilities include:


The campus boasts state-of-the-art computing facilities. A wireless network of more than 100 computers ensuring mobile computing at all locations including hostel rooms, the MDP, the Amphitheatre, and the canteen. Connected to high-speed Internet, the campus has 60 Mbps connectivity 24 hours per day. The IMI-Bhubaneswar campus has an exclusive high tech computer lab with 66 computers with latest chip-sets and TFT screens for online classes and practice sessions.

Industry Oriented Labs

SAP Lab for ERP and Analytics

  1. Bloomberg Terminal for Finance
  2. Communication Lab for Soft Skills and HR
  3. Mark start simulation for Marketing
  4. Six Sigma course with KPMG for Operations
  5. Incubation Centre to promote Entrepreneurship.

 Classrooms and Auditoriums

IMI, Bhubaneswar offers an ambience that is completely conducive to learning. Classrooms and lecture halls feature aesthetically designed interiors and one of the most modern infrastructures, including the following features:

  1. Featuring air-conditioned learning infrastructure with cutting-edge audio & video technology
  2. Each classroom has a seating capacity of 72+ in large well-appointed rooms
  3. 2 multi-use auditoriums with 200 seating capacity each
  4. Five conference rooms each with a capacity of 25+
  5. There are four tutorial/syndicate rooms, each with 25+ seats
  6. There are more than 100 computers on campus connected to a high-speed network
  7. An open-source web-based ERP system
  8. Communication lab
  9. High-definition video communication across geographies with modern video conferencing
  10. Markstrat simulation
  11. Bloomberg terminal
  12. Incubation center

The auditoriums are as per international standards with facilities such as:

  1. DLP multimedia projectors
  2. Notebook computers
  3. Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity
  4. State-of-the-art sound system
  5. Video recording facilities


The library occupies two floors of a spacious, air-conditioned building with a ground floor area of 6,000 square feet. The information center provides ultra-modern information resources and services that support the various information needs of students, faculty, researchers, and staff.

Special Features:   

  1. There are over 14,000 periodical titles.
  2. Approximately 9,450 books are available.
  3. 60 printed journals/magazines are available.
  4. The majority of these are accessible online.
  5. The library offers both physical and electronic resources.
  6. There is also access to other B-school libraries’ online resources.
  7. The majority of journals are available electronically via EBSCO- Complete, EBSCO E-Books, and J-Gate.
  8. Harvard Business Publishing journals are available online.
  9. A wide range of relevant digital resources, covering social science, computer science, economics, accounting, finance, behavioral science, information technology and more.

Sports & Fitness

Sports Complex

The campus offers a wide variety of recreational facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities. Among the students, cricket, basketball, and volleyball are very popular. Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Pool, and Foosball are major attractions for those who prefer to stay indoors.


Multiple equipment are available at the air-conditioned Fitness Center for a variety of stretching, body-building, and floor exercises. The equipment help the participants maintain a healthy level of physical and mental fitness. There are treadmills, recumbent bicycles, elliptical cycles, dumbbells, plates, weights, shoulder presses, leg pulls, swift bikes, leg extensions, cross trainers, and double twisters.

 Medical facility

A doctor visits the campus regularly to provide medical advice and consultation


Students’ Hostel

IMI, Bhubaneswar campus is a fully residential campus. The residential accommodation not only facilitates group study and learning outside the classroom, but also enables students to utilize library and computing facilities in the hostel, including internet access and intranet access.

The fully furnished 120 single bedded residence facility for PGDM students is equipped with the following amenities:

  1. LAN connectivity
  2. Transportation services
  3. Round-the-clock security
  4. Emergency medical services
  5. Uninterrupted power and water supply
  6. Gymnasium and indoor/outdoor sports equipment facilities

Executive Residence

The campus houses fully-furnished 60-bedded executive residences for participants of the MDP (Management Development Programme), FDP (Faculty Development Programme) and PGDM (Western Europe). The campus has 6 training rooms with audio-visual aids.


Hostel for Students

The IMI campus in Bhubaneswar is entirely residential. Aside from encouraging group study and learning outside of the classroom, the residential housing allows students to make the most of IMI resources such as the library and computing facilities, which include access to the internet and intranet.

The 120 single-bed housing facility for PGDM students is completely furnished and equipped with the following amenities:

  • Connection to a local area network
  • Services related to transportation
  • Security is provided around the clock.
  • Medical assistance in an emergency
  • Power and water supplies are unaffected.
  • Gymnasium and sports equipment facilities (indoor/outdoor)
  • Executive Apartments

For participants of the MDP (Management Development Programme), FDP (Faculty Development Programme), and PGDM (WE), the campus features a fully furnished 60-bed executive housing with high-speed LAN connection and six training rooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual teaching aids.

The home provides a green atmosphere, great dining facilities, well-furnished rooms, and recreational amenities, including a contemporary air-conditioned gymnasium, to the students.


Beautiful sculptured campus surrounds lush green lawns with shrubs and trees. In the campus environment, students and visitors can enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature.

Waterbodies and fountains with light effects are carved with aesthetically pleasing and artistic arrangements of aquatic plants and stones.

Mess & Cafeteria

Students and MDP participants as well as faculty members and staff have their own separate canteens on campus.

Additionally, members of the entrepreneurship club run a cooperative business named ‘First Right’ (run by the students), which supplies basic necessities and food items like snacks and beverages.

IMI Bhubaneswar Fees 2023-2025

International Management Institute Bhubaneshwar courses Online Fees payment 2022: Three courses are offered at IMI Bhubaneshwar PGDM, PGDM Part-Time, and FPM. IMI BHUBANESWAR requires payment in accordance with the payment schedule for the PGDM program. Fees for late payments are charged at the rate of Rs. 500 per day after the due date. A reasonable and transparent fee structure was developed by the management so that the education system can be transparent.

IMI Bhubaneswar Placement 2022/2021/2020

IMI Bhubaneswar placement 2022/2021/2020 In addition to drawing a plethora of new companies, the IMI Bhubaneswar Placement is well-known for securing a variety of coveted profiles & lucrative salaries during its placement drive. For its 2019-21 PGDM batch, the institute has just completed its placement drive. The campus was visited by more than fifty recruiting firms. IMI Bhubaneswar Placements 2021 According to the report, 100% of the PGDM batch got placements. IMI Bhubaneswar Placements had the highest domestic CTC of INR 14.95 LPA. A CTC of INR 8.75 LPA was received by 75% of the top students.

IMI Bhubaneswar CAT Cut Off 2022/2021/2020

IMI Bhubneshwar cutoff for CAT percentage was about 70 percent (percentile), ( IMI Bhubneshwar cutoff for CAT) IMI Bhubneshwar CMAT cutoff was 75 percent

IMI Bhubaneswar Average Package 2022/2021/2020

The IMI Bhubaneswar Average Package 2022/2021/2020 details are given below and many companies were visited including Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Axis Bank, and Puma.

IMI Bhubaneswar average package in 2020-21 shows that, according to IMI Bhubaneswar placement, the school placed 85% of its students. Over 50 companies participated in the 2020-21 recruitment process, of which 40 were brand new recruiters. At International Management Institute Bhubaneswar, the highest national CTC offered during the 2020-21 placements was Rs.14,95,000.

IMI Bhubaneswar Ranking 2022-2024

IMI Bhubaneswar Ranking · For the year 2020 NIRF rated IMI Bhubaneswar ranked 35th position among top private institutes in India

IMI Bhubaneswar fees MBA 2023-2025

Course Type: Part Time MBA; Exams Accepted: CAT, GMAT, Other Entrance Exams ; Tuition Fee: INR 3,15,000 ; Duration: 18 Months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is IMI Bhubaneswar deemed university?

Ans. The flagship PGDM programme is accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation) and has got equivalence from AIU (Association of Indian Universities).

Q. Which IMI is the best?

Ans. There is no doubt that IMI Delhi is the best IMI centre. With great faculty members, IMI Delhi is one of the best B-schools in India. Both industry and international partnerships make IMI Delhi an excellent B-school.

Q. Which is better, IBS Hyderabad, IMI Bhubaneswar, or IMI Kolkata?

Ans. IMI Kolkata and IMI Bhubaneswar have smaller batch sizes than IBS. For a batch of 120 students from IMI-K, approximately 50-60 companies visited the campus. This represents a ratio of almost 1:2. The situation is similar in IMI Bhubaneswar.
While choosing a career, you should consider your work experience and interests

Q. Is it worth joining IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. IMI Bhubaneshwar is a good place to join, and there are many opportunities for learning there. The placements from the senior class have all been in good companies. Approximately 16 LPA is the highest salary package offered, 9 LPA is the average, and 6.5 LPA is the lowest package offered.

Q. Which is better IMI Kolkata or IMI Bhubaneswar? ( IMI Kolkata Ranking)

Ans. IMI Kolkata has greater exposure to corporates and placement opportunities than IMI Bhubaneswar. NIRF rankings recently ranked IMI Kolkata 45th, while IMI Bhubaneshwar IMI Kolkata has significantly more experience and placements in the corporate world than IMI Bhubaneswar. IMI Kolkata average package offered is also better when compared to IMI Bhubaneshwar.

Q. Is IMI Bhubaneswar the right decision to take admission in an MBA?

Ans. It’s a good option to consider. They are offering a two-year PGDM course approved by AICTE with limited enrollments. This means there is a high probability of placement. The average package they are offering is 7 lpa, and the highest goes as high as 12 lpa.

Q. Does IMI Kolkata really provide 100% placement? ( IMI Kolkata Placements)

Ans. International Management Institute (IMI) Kolkata was established in 2010. PGDM and FPM programs are offered at this off-campus institute of IMI Delhi. The campus of IMI Kolkata is located in the city’s heart and is equipped with a modern infrastructure.
During the latest placement season, IMI Kolkata had an extremely high placement rate of 100 per cent. Among the top 50 percentile students, JSW offered the highest package of Rs 20 LPA, while the average was Rs 8.07 LPA. The institute saw a 42% increase in the new recruiters.

Q. What are the highest and average packages at IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. A decent placement is available at IMI Bhubaneswar, with a CTC of INR 17-18 LPA and an average package of 8-9 LPA. The institute also saw an increase of 18% in the average salary.

Q. Are scholarships provided to the students at IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. There are several scholarships offered to students such as pre-admission scholarships based on entrance test scores and post-admission scholarships based on academic merit and FPM scholarships for doctoral candidates.

Q. How can I apply for IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. In addition to the information provided in the application form, CAT/XAT/ CMAT (sectional and overall) or GMAT scores, educational background, and marks in 10th and 12th grades will also be considered for shortlisting.
Complete and submit the IMI Bhubaneswar online application form 2022 along with the admission application fee. Applicants desiring to apply for the PGDM program at IMI Bhubaneswar will be required to pay a fee of Rs. 450/- through FormsADDA.
FormsADDA allows you to obtain the Application for IMI Bhubaneswar 2022 at a very low price of Rs. 450/-, and you can pay online with credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or demand draft.

Q. Is hostel compulsory in IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. The hostel rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. It is a residential campus, thus staying in the hostel is required.

Q. Is IMI Bhubaneswar good for MBA?

Ans. On our campus, we play a lot of games, and IMI is one of the greatest locations to get an MBA. IMI Bhubaneswar has an excellent placement record, with a 100% placement rate. Outlook, ICICI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Qualcomm, and Amazon were among the firms that gave placement.

Q. Is hostel compulsory in IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans : The hostel rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. It is a residential campus, thus staying in the hostel is required.

Q. Is IMI Bhubaneswar good for MBA?

Ans : On our campus, we play a lot of games, and IMI is one of the greatest locations to get an MBA. IMI Bhubaneswar has an excellent placement record, with a 100% placement rate. Outlook, ICICI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Qualcomm, and Amazon were among the firms that gave placement.

Q. Is it worth joining IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans : Our college is well worth attending, and it offers a diverse range of educational options. Placements: Every student in our senior class was placed in a respectable company. The maximum compensation package available is 16 LPA, with an average salary package of 9 LPA and a minimum salary package of 6.5 LPA.

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