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IMI Bhubaneswar Scholarship 2023: Eligibility & Scholarship Amount

  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Private

Saurav Anand

IMI Bhubaneswar Scholarship 2022-2024

The International Management Institute Bhubaneshwar, also known as IMI Bhubaneswar, was established in 1981 as India’s first corporate-sponsored business school. Two other campuses of the International Managemmet institute are located in Delh (IMI Delhi) and Kolkata (IMI Kolkata), part of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. As accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

 Candidates wishing to enroll in IMI New Delhi, IMI Kolkata, or IMI Bhubaneswar can apply for admission to its PGDM program. Information related to IMI Bhubaneswar Admissions 2022 is available at The institute accepts CAT / GMAT / XAT scores for admission. There are different courses available at the IMI Bhubaneswar

According to AICTE, IMI Bhubaneshwar is the 37th best private business school accredited by NBA. According to the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF) – 2021, IMI Bhubaneswar is ranked 62, making it one of India’s top institutions.

Scholarship 1: IMI Bhubaneshwar scholarships for PGDM

Deserving performers can receive the following awards and scholarships from the institute:

Pre-Admission Scholarships

IMI Bhubaneshwar Scholarships are available to students with a first-class career, who have achieved at least 80% in the CAT, XAT, or CMAT and at least 80 percent in GMAT.

Merit scholarships for female candidates: 20% additional merit scholarship for applicants who have achieved at least 80% in CAT, XAT, or CMAT and at least 80 percent in GMAT.

Defense personnel’s wards are eligible for scholarships of Rs. 50,000. A scholarship of Rs. 10,00,000 is available for Wards of Martyrs.

Candidates are only eligible for one of the above-mentioned pre-admission scholarships. The first 50 percent of the IMI Bhubaneshwar scholarship will be awarded at the end of the first year, followed by the second 50 percent at the end of the second year. The candidate is eligible for either a pre-admission scholarship or tuition fee waiver. Decisions by the Scholarship Committee are binding on all candidates.

Scholarship 2: IMI Bhubaneshwar scholarship for FPM program

IMI Bhubaneshwar offers limited scholarships to students wishing to take up full-time studies at IMI Bhubaneshwar. Upon admission, successful candidates are exempt from paying tuition and only need to pay a one-time fee of Rs. 62,000 (a registration fee of Rs. 25,000, a lifetime alumni fee of Rs. 12,000, and a refundable security deposit of Rs. 25,000). If a candidate fails to complete the program, the Security Deposit of Rs. 25,000 will not be refunded.

The IMI Bhubaneshwar scholarship award is Rs 30,000 per month for a period of two years after the student passes the coursework, comprehensive examination, and defense of the thesis proposal. Each term will have a three-month stipend disbursed at the end. Every six months, the student will be reviewed for progress, and the incentive will be disbursed based on the student’s performance in the six-month period just completed. The candidate’s guide will certify whether the candidate’s performance has been satisfactory or unsatisfactory in the past six months.

A Contingency Allowance of Rs. 20,000 per year (for two years) is also available to the successful candidates to cover the expenses of research, books, photocopying, etc. The maximum amount that a FPM scholar can receive for conference attendance, workshops, and summer schools is Rs. 50,000/- (upper limit).

Scholarship 3: IMI Bhubaneshwar Scholarship for PGDM (full time)

Students with an annual family income below Rs. 8 lakh will be eligible for scholarships under the Economically Weaker Section.

Scholarships for economically disadvantaged sections shall account for 5% of the total intake at the institute.

Scholarship 4: IMI Bhubaneshwar scholarship for PGDM ( Part-Time)

Scholars with a first-class career and more than 5 years of post-qualification experience at management levels will receive a scholarship of Rs. 25000.

A 20% additional merit scholarship will be given to women who meet the above criteria.

Scholarship of Rs. 25000 for applicants recognized at national or international level events.

Scholarships may be awarded to defense personnel for Rs. 25,000.

Applicants are eligible to apply for only one of the scholarships listed above.

Scholarship 5: Post-Admission Scholarships

Outstanding cumulative academic performance is rewarded through merit scholarships. In order to emphasize the seriousness of summer internships and encourage them to give their best, the summer internship scholarship is awarded.

IMI Bhubaneswar Fees 2023-2025

International Management Institute Bhubaneshwar courses Online Fees payment 2022: Three courses are offered at IMI Bhubaneshwar: PGDM, PGDM Part-Time, and FPM. IMI BHUBANESWAR requires payment in accordance with the payment schedule for the PGDM program. Fees for late payments are charged at the rate of Rs. 500 per day after the due date. A reasonable and transparent fee structure was developed by the management so that the education system can be transparent.

IMI Bhubaneswar career 2023-2025

IMI, Bhubaneswar,1610 followers on LinkedIn. Shaping Global Leaders for Tomorrow. An MBA degree proves to be a turning point in your career ladder.

IMI Bhubaneswar Placement 2022/2021/2020

IMI Bhubaneswar placement 2022/2021/2020 In addition to drawing a plethora of new companies, the IMI Bhubaneswar Placement is well-known for securing a variety of coveted profiles & lucrative salaries during its placement drive. For its 2019-21 PGDM batch, the institute has just completed its placement drive. The campus was visited by more than fifty recruiting firms. IMI Bhubaneswar Placements 2021 According to the report, 100% of the PGDM batch got placements. IMI Bhubaneswar Placements had the highest domestic CTC of INR 14.95 LPA. A CTC of INR 8.75 LPA was received by 75% of the top students.

IMI Bhubaneswar Average Package 2022/2021/2020

The IMI Bhubaneswar Average Package 2022/2021/2020 details are given below and many companies were visited including Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Axis Bank, and Puma.

IMI Bhubaneswar average package in 2020-21 shows that, according to IMI Bhubaneswar placement, the school placed 85% of its students. Over 50 companies participated in the 2020-21 recruitment process, of which 40 were brand new recruiters. At International Management Institute Bhubaneswar, the highest national CTC offered during the 2020-21 placements was Rs.14,95,000.

IMI Bhubaneswar syllabus 2023-2025

Today we might provide you IMI Bhubaneswar syllabus 2022 on this page. Therefore IMI Bhubaneswar curriculum 2022 with the latest IMI Bhubaneswar exam pattern 2022 may be available for all IMI Bhubaneswar posts.

IMI Bhubaneswar Loan

The maximum loan amount will be Rs. 14 lakhs without any collateral security including living expenses. · The interest rate will be 8.95%(floating). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it worthwhile to join IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. IMI Bhubaneshwar is an ideal place to start as there are numerous opportunities to learn there. The students who have been placed in students in the upper class of graduates have been with reputable companies. Around 16.3 LPA will be the most lucrative pay package available with 9.3 LPA is the standard of the three, as well 6.5 LPA is the lowest package available.

Q. Which is better IMI Kolkata or IMI Bhubaneswar? ( IMI Kolkata Ranking)

Ans. IMI Kolkata has greater exposure to corporates as well as places more opportunities to be placed over IMI Bhubaneswar. NIRF rankings have recently placed IMI Kolkata 45th, while IMI Bhubaneshwar IMI Kolkata has significant more experience and has better places in the business industry as compared to IMI Bhubaneswar. IMI Kolkata's average package offered is also higher in comparison to IMI Bhubaneshwar.

Q. Is IMI Bhubaneswar the right decision to take admission in an MBA?

Ans. The answer is yes. It’s a good alternative to think about. They’re offering two-year PGDM course that is approved by AICTE with limited enrollment. This implies an excellent chance of being placed. The typical package they’re providing is seven lpa and the most expensive package is up to 12 lpa.

Q. How to apply to IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. IMI Bhubaneswar application 2021 is an online application. Apply through Formsadda and make an application at IMI Bhubaneswar or any other college you wish to attend with discounted rates.

Q. Does IMI Kolkata really provide 100% placement? ( IMI Kolkata Placements)

Ans. International Management Institute (IMI) Kolkata was established in the year 2010. PGDM and FPM courses are offered in this off-campus institution that is part of IMI Delhi. IMI Kolkata’s campus IMI Kolkata is located in the city’s central area and is well equipped with modern infrastructure.
In the current year of the placement period, IMI Kolkata had an exceptionally high rate of placement, which was 100 percent. In the top 50 percentile of pupils, JSW offered the highest amount of Rs 20 LPA as the average was 8.07 LPA. JSW saw an increase of 42% for the number of recruiters who were new.

Q. Which IMI is the best ?

Ans. There is no doubt that IMI Delhi is the top IMI center. With excellent faculty members, IMI Delhi is one of the top B-schools that are located in India. International partnerships and both industry create IMI Delhi an excellent B-school.

Q. Are scholarships provided to the students at IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. There are several scholarships for students, including pre-admission awards basing their eligibility on scores from entrance tests and post-admission awards that are based on academic merit. FPM scholarships for doctoral students.

Q. How can I apply for IMI Bhubaneswar?

Ans. In addition to the information on the form of application, CAT/XAT/CMAT (sectional as well as overall), as well as GMAT results, academic background and marks from 12th and 10th grade, are also considered for shortlisting.
Fill out and send in fill out and send in the IMI Bhubaneswar online application form 2022 with the admission fee. Candidates who wish to apply for IMI Bhubaneswar’s PGDM programme within IMI Bhubaneswar must pay an amount of approximately Rs. 150/- via the FormsADDA.
FormsADDA lets you obtain the IMI Application Bhubaneswar 2022 for a low cost of just Rs. 450.00, and you can pay on the internet using debit or credit payment, bank transfer and demand draft.

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