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DBS Dehradun BCA Courses, Fees, Admission 2023, Eligibility (1)
DBS Dehradun BCA Courses, Fees, Admission 2023, Eligibility (1)

DBS Dehradun BCA: Courses, Fees, Admission & Eligibility 2023

DBS Dehradun often referred to as Doon Business School, is situated in Uttarakhand. The institution is among the top MBA colleges and is placed at the top in India.

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 Saurav Anand 25/11/2022
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DBS Dehradun often referred to as Doon Business School, is situated in Uttarakhand. The institution is among the top MBA colleges and is placed at the top in India. DBS Dehradun is also authorized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is UGC-approved. The entire cost of attendance at DBS Dehradun is lower than at other institutions. The PGDM program at DBS Dehradun is 6.4 lakhs for two years, whereas the PGDM (International Business) program is 7.5 lakhs. The most chosen programs at DBS Dehradun are MBA and PGDM. Both offline and online applications are accepted by the university by prospective students. The application fee is INR 1,078. 

What's New at DBS:

  • DBS Bank Singapore has chosen 17 students for placements. Interested individuals can submit their applications through the final week of April 2023 to DBS Dehradun, which is now taking PG applications.
  • Admission to the DBS Dehradun PGDM program is contingent upon receiving a passing score in any of the entrance exams. Candidates must and should also be graduates of an accredited institution. DBS Dehradun also provides a wonderful residential environment with a vibrant student life. University students are exposed to a global audience through trips.
  • The most popular course for the current academic year 2023 is the BCA at Doon Business School. Many students are attending from 23 states and 3 countries. This demonstrates that Doon Business School, Dehradun, has attained a level where this institution has built a reputation for providing real courses in several fields.
  • The DBS in Dehradun is fully furnished with cutting-edge computing equipment, including dual-core class PCs connected to the quickest internet service. All BCA students have free use of the computer to complete their assignments and projects. Additionally, the children receive instruction in internet usage, digital marketing, and website management in addition to being given unique email addresses. To utilize the computer facilities, students are automatically pre-registered. Students also have access to well-organized lectures and practical experiences.
  • Please take note that DBS also provides financial aid for its BCA program. It is a desirable merit-based scholarship for qualified applicants.

Process of counselling at Doon Business School 2023

The Doon Business School supports education as a means of personal empowerment. Because of this, the DBS counselling process bases itself on the applicants' merits. Top positions are only filled by the best students. Exam results from standardized entrance exams like the CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, and CMAT are required for DBS Dehradun counselling for the MBA, MBA-IB, and PGDM programmes. Every applicant who submits an application form must participate in a group discussion and a one-on-one interview.

BCA Admission Process at Doon Business School 2023

The merit-based qualifying examination is used to determine admission to the BCA programme at Doon Business School. Through a series of interviews, admittance will be decided. Additionally, the original documentation submitted by the student will be checked when they are admitted.

Students must adhere to the following procedures in order to apply for a BCA course:

  • Browse the official website.
  • DBS UG courses to be completed.
  • Apply online if you're qualified.
  • Students that are chosen will receive phone notifications.
  • Criteria for Qualification

All students must have earned a minimum of 45% on their 12-year assessment in Mathematics (minimum requirement laid down by the university).

The DBS Dehradun authority established unique criteria for admission for UG and PG students. The major criterion is they are from the merit list only. 

UG student’s Criteria:

The students are selected from the merit list and in a similar way UG courses are chosen based on merit. Students from the early admission process in DBS who cannot crack them will be shifted to the regular type of admission process. Applicants should be qualified in 12th and should have at least 50% will be called for an interview and based on their performance in the interview the students will be admitted. The admission types are as follows:

Early admission: 

If the results of the XII exam have not yet been released, students may apply through the early admission method. They will be evaluated based on their performance in the personal interview and their academic performance in classes X and XI.

Regular admission: 

After the XII result announcement, students may submit an application for a regular admission process. The majority of the time, it is based on the total percentage of the 12th-grade marks earned and the personal interview (online or offline). Even yet, some disciplines have extra requirements, such as the need for candidates to be in the science stream or to take math or English as an XII requirement.

PG Students criteria

The Doon Business School Dehradun criteria of selection are highly dependent on the performance in academics in the Undergraduate as well as entrance exams including CMAT/CAT/XAT/MAT as well as 12th grade. Even the students’ academic performance should have a minimum of 50% in the undergraduate course.

 Doon Business School Application Form

For the DBS Dehradun application form to be filled out, students must first register online. Doon Business School's four-step registration process is as follows:

  1. As part of the registration procedure, applicants must provide their personal information and create a password that is just theirs.
  2. In addition to paying the DBS Dehradun application fee, they must thoroughly complete the application form.
  3. There must be an upload of all required paperwork. Following that, you can choose the interview's format. Either a face-to-face interview or an online exam might be used to start it.
  4. The email confirmation and interview date will be provided to applicants by Doon Business School.

Exams for Admission in DBS

The application process for DBS Dehradun management programmes heavily relies on entrance tests, according to Doon Business School Exams Accepted 2023. As a result, students who are interested in enrolling in the MBA, MBA-IB, or PGDM programmes at Doon Business School must submit their scores on the XAT, MAT, CAT, GMAT, or CMAT.

  • The most recent CAT/MAT score is accepted for MBA admission at Doon Business School.
  • The latest CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ XAT scores are accepted by Doon Business School for admission to the MBA-IB programme.
  • Doon Business School requires a recent XAT/MAT/CMAT score for admission to the postgraduate master's programme.

BCA Fee Structure at Doon Business School

For the BCA program at DBS, there are minimal fees. The ability to pay fees on a semester-by-semester basis is provided to students. Admissions fees as well as security fees must be paid by students. Following course completion, the security deposit will be returned. A semester's worth of BCA tuition is projected to cost between INR 42k and 38k. During counselling, the full breakdown of costs will be provided.

Payment Guidelines

Candidates who want to pay Doon Business School fees based on the chosen courses can follow these methods: -

The payment is available both online and offline.


Online payment includes the methods such as credit cards, internet banking as well as debit cards. So, applicants can choose any of the methods and pay the fee for Doon Business School.


Applicants who want to pay through offline mode can go through the official website of Doon Business School and get the proper procedure to pay and the payment can be done through cash or cheque or DD

What exactly is the Doon Business School BCA Course?

Students that are interested in programming and computer science do best in the BCA course. Computer applications and related topics are covered in this undergraduate-level course. As a result, it is a program for teaching computer science that includes instruction in a variety of languages, including Python and C and C++. The world wide web, database management, logic, multimedia, and other topics are made available to students, as well as computer hardware and software networks.

The following are included in the DBS BCA Course:

  • Language-focused workshop
  • Workshop on Network Conduct of several information technology (IT)-related activities, such as Lord of Code, debugging, etc.
  • Active projects
  • Visiting businesses
  • Picnics

Course Duration

The whole BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) curriculum is taught over the course of six semesters at Doon Business School. The undergraduate curriculum lasts three years, full-time.

DBS Dehradun's BCA program's scope

Graduates of the BCA program at Doon Business School are eligible for employment options in both the public and commercial sectors. After receiving a BCA, there is also the option of self-employment. Additional professionals are available to work with the military, nationalized banks, and PSUs. Degree holders will find employment in a variety of fields, including IT, electronics manufacturing, and web hosting. One can also work as a consultant, independent or freelance software developer, software security expert, etc. One can also enroll in higher programmes like a PhD or an MCA.

BCA Placement at Dehradun's Doon Business School

There are numerous career options with the placement of BCA in DBS. Numerous reputable financial and banking institutions offer campus placement to students. Certain firms need students to go through their placement process, and each company has a different approach. Soft skill training is being provided to students in order to prepare them for this placement drive. Students may participate in as many placements as they choose as long as they have not received an appointment letter.

Career Profile

Following completion of the program at DIMS, Dehradun, some employment profiles for BCA graduates are as follows:

  1. Software Engineer 
  2. Software Tester 
  3. Database Management Professional 
  4. Information Management Professional
  5. System Administrator
  6. System Security Officer 
  7. Software Architect 
  8. Associate Software Engineer
  9. Project Manager

Average Package

The grads receive a respectable compensation package. The compensation is based on how well you did in the interview. You will receive an introductory bundle of INR 20k to 30k P/M. You will earn between INR 50K and 90K P/M as your working experience grows.

Top Recruiters at BCA

For decent work chances, a number of top recruiters are looking for recent graduates with degrees. Among the most renowned and exclusive businesses that hire BCA graduates are:

  • Cognizant 
  • TCS 
  • Syntel 
  • HCL 
  • NIIT 
  • Dell
  • Accenture 
  • Wipro
  • Tech Mahindra

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total cost of the BCA program at Doon Business School?

Ans. Students can take the BCA program at Doon Business School. The overall cost of the BCA program at Doon Business School is INR 2.86 lakh.

2. What employment options are available when I complete the BCA program?

Ans. A BCA degree is an option for students who want to pursue a profession in computer applications. Holders of a BCA degree can pursue careers as data scientists, business analysts, data modelers, AI experts, etc. after completing this UG-level course.

3. What is the Doon Business School's BCA course registration fee?

Ans. Students may enroll in a BCA program at Doon Business School. Students can fill out an application form on the college's official website to apply for the course. For each of the courses, there is a 750 INR registration fee.

4. What qualifications are required for the BCA program at Doon Business School?

Ans. To be eligible to pursue BCA at Doon Business School, a student must meet certain requirements. A prospective student must complete Class 12 with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50% in at least one subject, preferably English and Math.

5. What factors make up DBS Dehradun's weighting system?

Ans. Here are the DBS Dehradun weighting criteria:

MAT/ CAT/ CMAT/ GMAT: 35% GD/ Case Analysis: 20%; Graduation: 20%;

Personal interview: 20%

Sports and extracurricular activities receive a 5% weight.

6. What sort of career can I get after I complete my BBA at Doom B-School?

Ans. The three-year BBA undergraduate programme, one of the best at DBS, focuses on an in-depth study of organizational management, contemporary business conceptions, and managerial abilities. A maximum number of students are hired each year as development managers, business consultants, administration researchers, and human resource managers in leading sectors.

7. Which PGDM programmes using SAP are available at DBS?

 Ans. One of the top business schools for PGDM SAP is Doon Business School. International Law Study, Global Management, and Enterprise Resources make up the course. The curriculum cultivates students' potential for success as global company managers or consultants.

8. Are bank loans for studies in mass communication arranged by the institute?

Ans. Yes, the Doon Business School does not allow financial concerns to prevent students from attending classes. Once you receive the DBS admittance letter, all nationalized banks will lend to you. On request, the college will offer assistance and the necessary documentation.

9. Are scholarships offered by DBS Dehradun?

Ans. Yes, the DBS Dehradun offers scholarships to meritorious students based on merit.

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