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ATMA Cutoff 2023: Expected and Previous Year Cutoff

It is anticipated that the 2023 ATMA  Exam will be given during the third week of February 2023, for the month of February’s session. It is anticipated that the results of the ATMA will be released during the first week of March 2023.

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ATMA Cut off

It is anticipated that the 2023 ATMA  Exam will be given during the third week of February 2023, for the month of February’s session. It is anticipated that the results of the ATMA will be released during the first week of March 2023. After the announcement of the ATMA result, the participating institutes will then issue their respective ATMA cut-off scores. There are around 500 MBA programs that recognize ATMA scores. The minimum score required to pass ATMA varies according to the institute and course. These thresholds can be accessed through the official websites of all of the participating colleges and universities. Candidates who are eligible to participate in additional stages of the admissions process, which include rounds of group discussion and personal interviews, are those who have met the minimum requirements of the participating institutes. Although some schools do take into consideration the sectional scores when making admissions decisions, it is not required that applicants clear the sectional ATMA limit.

The ATMA Cutoff is Determined by a Number of Factors

The ATMA cutoff is determined by a number of different parameters, which include the following:

  • Exam’s grading structure and rubrics
  • The degree of difficulty associated with the test
  • The total number of students that will be taking the ATMA  Exam
  • Seats made available by the institutions that are taking part in the competition
  • The cutoff patterns of the previous years
  • Institutional practices regarding reservations
  • The applicants’ highest and lowest overall average grades on the examination   

The last day that ATMA will be released in 2023

Take a look at the table that’s been provided below for more information regarding the ATMA 2023 exam:

ATMA  Exam DatesUpcoming Exam Dates
2 Mar ’23Result Declaration

The Cut-Off for ATMA in 2023

It contains a listing of ATMA  MBA Colleges broken down by area, along with the anticipated ATMA cutoff for 2023. Have a look at the table that’s been provided below to learn more about the anticipated ATMA cutoffs.

ATMA  MBA Colleges in North India are included in the ATMA Cutoff 2023 region.

The following is a list of the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR that are able to accept ATMA scores, along with an estimate of the minimum score required to get in for the year ATMA  MBA Colleges 2023.

Name of the instituteExpected cutoff
Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Ghaziabad85
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida85
New Delhi Institute of Management80
Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini60
School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon80-85
Delhi School of Business75
Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi70
O.P Jindal University, Sonepat50
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Usha & Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management (BULMIM)75
J.K Business School, Gurgaon70

The South India Region for the ATMA Cutoff 2023

The following is a list of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad that accept ATMA scores, along with an estimate of the minimum score required to get in for the academic year 2023.

Name of the instituteExpected cutoff
Christ University, Bengaluru80-85
Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad75-80
XIME, Bangalore75-80
Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore75-80
VIT Business School (VIT), Vellore75-80
SRM School of Management (SRM University), Chennai75-80
SDMIMD, Mysore75-80
IBS Hyderabad: ICFAI Business School75-80
WE School: Prince L.N.Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore75-80
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad75-80
AIMS School of Business (AIMS), Bangalore70-75
GITAM Hyderabad Business School (GHBS)70-75
PES University (PESU), Bangalore70-75
SSN School of Management, Chennai70-75
Kristu Jayanti College (KJC), Bangalore70-75
Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM), Secunderabad70-75
M.S Ramaiah Institute of Management (MSRIM), Bangalore70-75
Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management, Hyderabad70-75
Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS), Bangalore65-70
Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB), Chennai65-70

The West India Region for the ATMA Cutoff in 2023

The following is a list of the best MBA colleges in Mumbai and Pune that are able to accept ATMA scores, along with an estimate of the minimum score required to get in for the year 2023.

Name of the instituteExpected cutoff 2023
Department of Management Sciences University of Pune (PUMBA), Pune85-90
SIESCOMS, Navi Mumbai80-85
Prin. L. N. Welingkar WE School, Mumbai80-85
National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune75-80
Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research (CIMR), Mumbai75-80
ITM Group of Institutions70-75
MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT), Pune70-75
SDA Bocconi, Mumbai70-75
International Institute of Management Studies (IIMS), Pune70-75
MITCON Institute of Management, Pune60-65

About the cut-off of ATMA in 2023

Candidates will be required to submit their applications for admission to various institutes in accordance with the cut-offs that have been published by the institutes for their respective programs.

The participating institutes in the ATMA exam will publish a schedule that details the order in which candidates must complete the Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI), and Written Ability Test (WAT) portions of the examination.

For the group discussion and the personal interview rounds, participants will only be invited if they have scored high enough to match the institutes’ minimum requirements.

Candidates are required to consult the respective institutes’ official websites for information regarding the application procedure. This is because various institutes may have distinct application processes.

ATMA 2023 Result & Score Card

Candidates need to go to the ATMA official website, choose the date of the exam, then input their Roll Number/ Registration Number/ PID along with the Password in order to check their ATMA 2023 Results. The ATMA Scorecard will be displayed on the screen with details such as the candidate’s name and address, as well as the total scaled score, overall percentile, marks achieved in quantitative skills, verbal skills, analytical reasoning, and so on.

The Selection Process for the ATMA 2023

Candidates who have been shortlisted will get invitations from the individual institutes to which they have applied to participate in selection or admission rounds based on their results on the ATMA. Group Discussion, also abbreviated as GD, will make up the first round of the competition.

Students will once again be graded on the basis of their performances when they move on to the GD round. These students who were selected for further consideration will eventually be required to take part in the final screening process, known as the personal interview (PI).

After the PI round, the panel of examiners will evaluate the overall performance of each candidate, and then the panel will announce the final selection of the successful candidates. After going through the rounds of GD and PI, only a chosen few will be granted final admission. To be more specific, the ATMA Selection Procedure 2023 will be comprised of the following rounds, all of which will take place after the announcement of the ATMA Result 2023 and the online test for the ATMA 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ATMA Cutoff

Q. Does ATMA have any cut-offs for specific sections?

Ans. Although ATMA does not have a sectional cut-off, each ATMA member institute has its own selection criteria, and some of those factors may include taking applicants’ section-wise ATMA percentile scores into consideration.

Q. Where can I find a list of the universities that recognize the ATMA as an admissions requirement?

Ans. The number of business schools in India that recognize ATMA marks is far over 500.

Q. How will I be informed about the termination of ATMA in 2023?

Ans. Following the publication of the results of ATMA 2023, institutions that are willing to accept ATMA scores will start disseminating their admissions standards, including ATMA cutoffs. These minimum score requirements are probably listed elsewhere on the institution’s main website.

Q. Does AIMS make announcements regarding ATMA admittance cut-offs?

Ans. No, AIMS will not be announcing the ATMA cut-off for admission to any institutes at this time. ATMA-accepting universities determine their own cutoffs and student shortlists based on those standards.

Q. Which of the top MBA schools in the country accept ATMA results and why?

Ans. PUMBA (MBA Pharma Biotech), Pune, and IBA are three of the most well-known MBA programs that are now accepting ATMA scores. There is the Indus Business Academy in Bangalore, the Jaipuria Institute of Management in Noida, and the Institute of Management Studies in Ghaziabad, amongst others.

Q. What are my options if I don’t make it in before the sectional admissions cutoff?

Ans. Sectional cut-offs do not need to be cleared in many of the institutes that accept ATMA results; nonetheless, candidates need to examine the admission requirements of the institutes to which they are interested in applying.

Q. Does ATMA have separate qualifying scores for individuals who identify as SC or ST?

Ans. The answer is that the cut-offs for candidates in the SC/ST category are different from those for applicants in the General category. Before applying, the candidates are required to first check the minimum requirements established by their preferred institute.

Q. To what extent do IIMs consider ATMA results when making admissions decisions?

Ans. No, the IIMs do not take ATMA scores into consideration. They will only accept CAT score reports.

Q. Is there a procedure that handles admissions centralized through ATMA?

Ans. Unfortunately, admissions are not handled in a centralized fashion through ATMA. The admissions processes are handled independently by each institution that is participating.

Q. The ATMA cutoff is determined by a number of things, What are they?

Ans. The ATMA cutoff is determined by a number of factors, including the level of difficulty of the exam, the number of candidates who enter the exam, the seat intake capacity of the institutes, the marking scheme, the trends seen in the cutoffs of the previous years, the reservation policy of the institutes, and the lowest and average marks that candidates score on the exam.

Q. Who makes the decisions about the ATMA cut-offs?

Ans. Every ATMA-participating institute decides on its own admissions requirements and standards.

Q. Is it necessary to clear the ATMA cut-off in order to gain admission?

Ans. The answer is yes; reaching or exceeding the ATMA cut-off is required for admission since it serves as the foundation for the shortlisting of candidates for the GD/PI.