ATMA Result 2023: Scorecard, Merit list
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ATMA Result 2023: Scorecard, Merit list

The announcement of the ATMA Result for the February session will take place on March 2, 2023. For the month of February’s session of ATMA 2023, the exam will be given on February 25. 

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ATMA: Result

The announcement of the ATMA Result for the February session will take place on March 2, 2023. For the month of February’s session of ATMA 2023, the exam will be given on February 25. 

Candidates who take the ATMA exam online and want to check their results later can do so by visiting the official website of ATMA AIMS. Candidates will be required to log in to the website using the Personal Identification Number (PID) and Password that they were provided. The Association of Indian Management Schools is the organization that will make the announcement of the results (AIMS).

Candidates will be considered for admission to the MBA/PGDM and MCA programmes at a variety of management institutions in accordance with the scores they get on the ATMA examination 2023. These institutions are among those that recognise the value of ATMA’s examination results. The results can be used to apply for admission until the end of the academic year 2023-2025.

On March 2, 2023, the ATMA Result 2023 for the July Session is going to be made available on the official website, which may be accessed at Using their login credentials, candidates can access their ATMA Results on the official website and download them there. The sectional (Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical) and overall scores that a candidate has achieved are included on the ATMA scorecard.

The hard copy of the test result will not be sent unless an alternative form of delivery is expressly requested. Candidates who meet the requirements of the ATMA Cut-off 2023 will be eligible to take part in the group discussion and the individual interview. The candidates will be able to view their individual section marks, as well as their overall total marks, overall percentile, and section percentile. They will also be able to find out whether or not they are eligible for admission for the current academic year. The test % will also be presented in the ATMA 2023 scorecard, as an additional point of information.

Scores from the ATMA 2023 exam can be applied toward admission to MBA, PGDM, MMS, and MCA programmes at participating schools of the ATMA. Candidates can use the ATMA 2023 College Predictor tool to estimate the likelihood that universities will admit them depending on the results they receive on the exam. Candidates who meet the ATMA Cutoff will be considered for admission to a variety of management courses. The ATMA Participating Colleges total more than 399 institutes across the state of Maharashtra, many of which are specialised business schools.

ATMA 2023 Result Date

Take a look at the table that’s been provided below for more information regarding the ATMA 2023 exam.

DatesUpcoming Exam Dates
2 Mar ’23Result Declaration

Instructions on How to Check Your ATMA Result in 2023

Candidates are responsible for following the actions listed below in order to see and obtain their results for the ATMA 2023 exam:

  • You may learn more about ATMA AIMS by visiting its official website.
  • To log in as a candidate, select the tab labelled “Candidate Login” from the menu.
  • Choose the date of the test.
  • Type in your information, such as your PID and password.
  • To sign in, just click “Login.”
  • The ATMA scorecard will be displayed on the screen as soon as the candidate clicks the login option.
  • The candidate will then be able to download the scorecard, and they will eventually be able to take a printout of the same.

 Information contained within the ATMA Scorecard

The applicants will be able to examine the following information that will be included in the final result:

  • Name of the Candidate
  • Address and Roll Number of the Candidate
  • Date of the Test (date, month, and year)
  • Marks obtained in the areas of verbal skills and quantitative skills (scaled score for 100 and percentile), respectively (scaled score for 100 and percentile) Reasoning Through Analysis (scaled score for 100 and percentile)
  • Total scaled score
  • Overall percentile

Important Reminder: AIMS will soon publish a complete list of the applicants who submitted their applications to participate in ATMA 2023.

A Comprehensive Analysis of the ATMA Score

Scaled scoresThese scores are based on the raw scores obtained by each candidate and are statistically scaled with reference to the entire Test Population
PercentileIn addition to the scaled scores, the scorecard will also contain the percentile. These indicate the percentage of candidates who have taken the test and have scored below the candidate in that category. For example, if a candidate’s score sheet indicates 53%, it means that 53 per cent of test candidates scored below her/him.

How Should the Result of ATMA 2023 Be Calculated?

The number of right answers selected by candidates for the ATMA examination serves as the basis for calculating their scores. Candidates receive one point for every answer that they provide that is correct. The applicants’ total score receives a reduction of 0.25 points if they submit a wrong response. This indicates that one point will be subtracted from the total score for every four wrong answers that are submitted. The candidates’ raw scores are normalised with respect to the total number of people who took the examination. Viewing the ATMA test pattern 2023 will provide you with additional information regarding the exam’s grading system.

Calculation of percentiles according to the ATMA result 2023

A candidate’s ATMA percentile represents the percentage of other test takers among those who have taken the test and scored lower than the candidate does in that particular area. For instance, if a candidate has received a score of 53%, this indicates that 53% of other applicants who have participated in ATMA 2023 have had a score that is lower than theirs. The candidates’ percentile scores are compared to the scores of the other applicants who took the exam to determine whether or not they would be granted admission to the management colleges.

What Comes After the ATMA Result in 2023?

Candidates who have successfully passed the management entrance test can apply for admission to a variety of MBA programmes offered by Indian institutions and universities. Participating ATMA colleges will contact candidates who have been successful to schedule a counselling session, group discussion, or personal interview. The ATMA score can be used for admission purposes at more than 500 management institutions in India and elsewhere in the world. When filling out the ATMA application form 2023, candidates have the option of selecting five different institutes.

Candidates who are interested in having their scores sent to other management institutes must submit a written request to the ATMA AIMS office, in which they must specify the management institutes to which they would like their scores to be sent. They are required to pay INR 100 for each individual institute. Students should submit their applications to the numerous colleges they are interested in attending directly before the admissions deadlines.

The following is a list of the required documents for the application process:

Candidates are strongly encouraged to have original documents at the ready in the event that they are requested by the college administration throughout the admissions process. The following is a list of the original documents that applicants need to possess in order to be considered for admission based on their ATMA scores:

  • Copy of the grade sheets for both class 10 and class 12
  • A copy of the mark sheet for the graduation
  • Certificate of birth obtained as an ATMA scorecard
  • Card of admission to ATMA 2023 Proof of residence Photographic ID
  • Copies of pictures in the size required by passports
  • Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • The admission cost (cash, DD, or challan)

Best Universities that will Consider ATMA Scores for Admission in 2023

More than 500 management colleges use ATMA scores as a means of determining whether or not to admit applicants to postgraduate programmes such as MBA, PGDM, PGDBA, MCA, and other postgraduate programmes provided by those colleges. Candidates can review the following list of management colleges that are willing to accept their scores from the ATMA examination:

ATMA Result 2023: List of Colleges Accepting Scores for Admission 

School of Management, Manipal UniversityInternational School of Management & Research, Pune
ISBR Business School, BangaloreKIIT School of Management, Odisha
Jagan Institute Of Management Studies, RohiniTaxila Business School, Jaipur
ASM’s Institute of International Business & Research, PuneEMPI Business School, Delhi
ICBM School of Business Excellence, HyderabadNew Delhi Institute of Management, Delhi

ATMA 2022 Toppers

Along with the announcement of the results of ATMA 2023, the authorities will also publish a comprehensive list of the exam’s top scorers. Candidates have the opportunity to view the ATMA Toppers from the previous year (2021), in addition to their sectional and overall scores, as well as their percentiles.

Candidate NameQuantitative Skills PercentileVerbal Skills PercentileAnalytical Reasoning Skills PercentileTotal Score (800)Percentile
Naayl Tabish Humza98.7899.9299.59764.9899.98
Abhishek Sinha98.399.5499.83764.1899.94
Anshul Agrawal99.6799.5499.25762.599.88
Akshat Shrivastava99.1999.5499.59762.599.88
Rohit Pandurangrao Shelke99.6796.9799.59758.3499.83
Kalpesh Makarand Mahajan99.6794.0899.59754.1899.79
Samrat Prashant Kanitkar99.9299.5494.3975099.75
Dipesh Dinesh Dalvi99.6783.8799.59745.8499.65
Pranmay Prashant Patankar99.1994.0899.25745.8299.65
Atharva Anand Desai99.1983.8799.83745.8299.65
Deepanshu Chawla96.8294.0899.96745.8299.65
Usman Amiruddin Shaikh98.396.9798.75743.3499.56
Aditi Sunil Nitwe98.398.6797.34741.6899.5
Apoorva Gupta99.1972.1599.96741.6699.5
Chinmay Siddheshwar Disale98.396.9798.474099.42
Toyesh Garg99.1996.9797.34739.9899.42
Mahir Nitin Desai98.386.6199.59739.1899.36
Prathamesh Vijaykumar Kalaskar98.389.0699.25738.3499.27
Lokesh Jagannath Bhavsar98.383.8799.59738.3499.27
Myron Pereira98.398.6796.24737.599.27
Arjun Devashish Bahuguna98.399.5494.39737.599.27
Ajay Santhosh  M96.8296.9799.25737.4899.17
Naman Sethi99.6789.0696.24733.3498.98
Prajwal Jamanadas Chandak98.394.0897.34733.3498.98
Rashmi Atulkumar Jain99.6796.9792.63733.3498.98
Rajesha Bharatesha Badanikai96.8294.0899.25733.3298.98

Results from the Previous Session of the ATMA (2022)

On March 4, 2023, the outcomes of the ATMA session that took place in February were announced. The computer-based test format for the ATMA 2023 exam that was given in February was utilised on the day of the 27th of that month. The examination that was given during the May session took place on May 29th, 2023, and the findings were made public on June 3rd, 2023. On July 29, 2022, the results of the ATMA exam that took place on July 24 were made public. These results were for the July session.

Frequently Asked Questions About ATMA Result

Q. Will I be mailed a copy of the ATMA scorecard?

Ans. No, the ATMA scorecard for each and every session will be posted on the official website of the ATMA-AIMS organisation.

Q. When I register for the ATMA exam, would I be given a validation window?

Ans. You’ve come to the right place because the ATMA exam does have a validation timeframe.

Q. When can we expect to hear about the outcome of the ATMA?

Ans. The results of ATMA 2023 will be published on the official website of ATMA AIMS on March 2, 2023. You can access this website directly here.

Q. If my results on the ATMA test are good enough, will I be admitted automatically?

Ans. No, once candidates have passed the ATMA exam, they will be required to participate in a GD/PI/WAT round or counselling at one of the colleges that are participating.

Q. How do I proceed if I wish to transmit my ATMA score to institutes in addition to the five institutes that I selected when I filled out the ATMA application form?

Ans. A demand draught in the amount of INR 100 (per institute) is required from candidates before their scores may be sent to other institutes.

Q. When is the last day that ATMA scorecards can be downloaded?

Ans. Following the publication of the ATMA results, the candidates will have access to the results download window for a period of one full year.

Q. I have forgotten my password. Where can I get my scorecard to download it?

Ans. If the candidate has misplaced their password, they can regain it by selecting the “Forget Password” button on the login screen.

Q. Which business schools are willing to accept ATMA scores?

Ans. The scores you received on the ATMA are recognised by more than 500 different institutes.

Q. Will there be a cutoff point for each segment on the ATMA scorecard?

Ans. The ATMA scorecard will, in fact, provide both a scaled score and a percentile ranking for each part.

Q. If I choose not to take the ATMA, would that prevent me from being considered for admission to Alliance University?

Ans. The answer to your question is that Alliance University does, in fact, take into consideration the results of other MBA entrance tests.

Q. If I end up losing the original copy of my scorecard, is it possible to receive another one?

Ans. The ATMA scorecard is available for candidates to obtain from the official website multiple times, so the answer is yes.

Q. How do I apply for admission based on the results that I received on the ATMA 2023 exam?

Ans. In order to apply for admission based on the ATMA score, candidates are required to first check the admission cut-offs of colleges that accept ATMA scores and then fill out the admission form in order to get admission.

Q. At the time of admission, will the applicant be required to present the original copy of the ATMA result in cum scorecard?

Ans. Yes, at the time of admission, candidates will have to show the original copy of their ATMA scorecard in order to be considered for admission.

Q. Is it necessary to get a certain sectional cutoff score in order to be admitted through ATMA?

Ans. Because each ATMA college that participates in the programme determines its own shortlisting criteria, candidates are strongly encouraged to consult with each institute separately.

ATMA Result 2023: Scorecard, Merit list
ATMA Result 2023: Scorecard, Merit list
ATMA Result 2023: Scorecard, Merit list
ATMA Result 2023: Scorecard, Merit list