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IIM Visakhapatnam: Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam CutOff, CAT CutOff

  • Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 33

Saurav Anand

This Formfees article will tell you about the IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff. However, before going to the main topic of this article—the IIM Visakhapatnam cutoff—you should become familiar with some background information on IIM Visakhapatnam, which we have given in the following paragraphs.

IIM Visakhapatnam is one of the newest IIMs, which was founded in 2015. IIM Bangalore is the mentor of IIM Visakhapatnam. IIM Bangalore guides the new member of IIMs, which is IIM Visakhapatnam.

The main objective of IIM Visakhapatnam is to establish international levels of excellence in management research, management, and related fields of study, while also advancing the Act's Objectives of inclusive, equitable, and sustainable national development.

IIM Visakhapatnam places a high value on providing good institutional, intellectual, and physical resources to support excellent teaching-learning methods and research culture. The Institute has quickly established a solid reputation within the IIM community, thanks to a vibrant and bright student body from more than 20 states throughout the country and a founding faculty team with great teaching and research credentials.

IIM Visakhapatnam's admissions procedure begins with a CAT and concludes with a round of personal interviews. Candidates must have a sectional percentile of 70 and an overall CAT score of 80 to be considered for admission to IIM Visakhapatnam. Before making the final decision, factors such as professional experience, gender diversity, and academic credentials are considered. The IIM Visakhapatnam 2023 placements are now concluded. IIM Visakhapatnam received the highest package of INR 32.65 LPA, while the average package was INR 16.61 LPA.

Let's go to the main topic of this article which is the IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff

IIM Visakhapatnam Cut off for CAT for the general category is  80 percentile in 2023. While selecting individuals, factors such as CAT score, academic standing, career background, and diversity are taken into consideration. To be on the Personal Interview (PI) shortlist, candidates must meet the minimum CAT cutoff for 2022. The IIM Visakhapatnam Personal Interview is scheduled to take place from April 3, 2023, to April 25, 2023. There will not be a Written Ability Test (WAT) for the batch of 2023–2025.

The official website of IIM Visakhapatnam releases the CAT Cutoff for 2023 and admission requirements for the batch of 2024–2026. For the general category, the overall qualifying for IIM Visakhapatnam Cut off for CAT 2023 percentile is 80; for EWS and NC-OBC, it is 72 percentile; for SC, it is 45 percentile; and for ST candidates, it is 35 percentile. Three steps make up the IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Process. The initial shortlist in Stage 1 is determined by the qualifying CAT cutoff in 2023. Candidates who meet the requirements must register on the official website,, for stage 1. 

Those who completed the online application and submitted it before the deadline, known as the Qualified Confirmed Candidates, will be chosen for the Stage 2 PI round. First, if any information provided in the CAT 2023 application form needs to be changed, IIM Visakhapatnam will offer the opportunity to submit a correction request form. Next, based on the 50% weighting given to the CAT score 2023 and the 10% weighting given to work experience, class 10th and class 12th graduation scores, and gender diversity, a pre-PI rank list will be created for the second shortlist.

IIM Visakhapatnam will email the shortlisted candidates to request that they complete a consent form in order to be considered for admission to the PGP 2024–2026 PI round.

Those candidates who were shortlisted have to appear in the PI stage 3. A final merit list will be prepared by giving PI scores a weight of 48% and CAT scores a weight of 25%.

Additionally, those who have been interviewed and shortlisted for admission to IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Indore are not required to appear for the IIM Visakhapatnam Personal Interview(PI).

Dates for IIM Visakhapatnam MBA Admission 2024–2026

We have provided some important dates of IIM Visakhapatnam, so candidates don’t have to put effort into finding dates.

The following are the Official Dates for IIM Visakhapatnam MBA 2024–2026 admission

Submission of the ApplicationWeek one of January to Week two of February 2024
Corrections in ApplicationMarch 2024
Call for PIMarch 2024
Personal Interview(PI)April 2024
Admission OffersMay 2024
OrientationJune 2024
RegistrationMay/ June 2024
Preparatory ProgrammeJune 2024
Term-1 Classes beginJuly 2024

IIM Visakhapatnam Cut Off for CAT and Admission Criteria 2023

IIM Visakhapatnam cutoff for the general category is 80 percentile,

EWS and NC-OBC category cutoff is 63 percentile, SC cutoff is 40 percentile, while ST and PwD cutoff is 30 percentile. In the below table full explanation is given of how category and section-wise cutoffs are given.

The following cutoff and qualifying criteria for the CAT are in accordance with the admission policy for 2024–2026 that the institute has released.

First phase: Minimum percentile standards for the initial shortlist

Phase 1: Consideration will be given to qualified candidates who have chosen IIM Visakhapatnam as one of their top choices and plan to take the CAT in 2023.

Those who meet the requirements at this point will be requested to submit an application for PGP admission.


Phase 2: The PI Shortlist

Candidates who meet the above-mentioned requirements will get an email from IIM Visakhapatnam confirming their enrollment.

The following fixed weights apply to all Qualified Candidates for the six components

  • 50 percentile CAT score
  • QA (quantitative aptitude): 18 points
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (DILR) - 14 points
  • Reading and Verbal Comprehension (VRC): 18 points
  • 10th Board - 10 points
  • 12th Board- 10 points
  • 10 points for bachelors
  • Gender Diversity: 10 points (Transgender & Female)
  • Work History: 10 points

The IIM Visakhapatnam admissions process takes into consideration CAT sectional scores as well.

The scores assigned to each section of the CAT examination are shown in the table below

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)14 Points
Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC)18 Points
Quantitative Aptitude (QA)18 Points
Total40 Points

Phase 3: Candidates who made the Phase 2 shortlist

Candidates should be aware that they are not required to attend the IIM Visakhapatnam personal interview if they have been shortlisted and interviewed by any one or more of the IIMs in Calcutta, Bangalore, Kozhikode, Lucknow, or Indore (only for their PGP/PGPM programs). Their Personal Interview (PI) score for IIM Visakhapatnam will be calculated using the average of their PI scores from the aforementioned IIMs.

The final aggregate score will be determined by taking into account the following scores

  • PI Score with 48 weight
  • 25 points for a CAT score
  • 10th Board - 4 points
  • 12th Board - 4 points
  • Undergraduate - 4 points
  • Diversity {Non-engineer} / Gender (female & transgender) -5 points
  • Experience at Work - 10 points
  • Candidates will get admission offers based on a final merit list that will be created.

Below is also the table of the final score calculation of IIM Visakhapatnam admission

CAT Score25
Class 12th4
Class 10th4
Weightage for Work Experience10
Diversity (Gender & Academic)5

How to check the CAT 2022 results for the IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff 2023?

The CAT 2022 result is now released on the IIMCAT official website. Using their ID and password, candidates can view the results and obtain the scorecard.

The process of checking CAT 2022 scores to qualify for IIM Visakhapatnam Cut Off 2023 is explained in the table below

Step 1Candidates can access the CAT 2022 official website at
Step 2Click the "Login" button (which is located under the CAT 2022 scorecard download).
Step 3Enter your CAT 2022 ID and password.Enter the code
Step 4Select the "Scorecard" tab.
Step 5 Candidates can download the pdf for CAT result 2022

IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff 2022

It is important for the candidates that they get an idea of IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff before the cutoff declaration. For that, we have provided the previous year's IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff, so candidates can get an idea. First, we will start with the IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff 2022.


As we can see the IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff 2022 is the same as the Cutoff of the year 2023. So, there was no increment in the cutoff of the year 2022.

IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff 2021

By checking the cutoffs of the IIMs before it becomes easy for the candidates to get an idea before only and prepare for the CAT exams according to that. We have provided you with the IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff 2021 so that candidates can easily prepare for their exams in advance.

Check below the CutOff of IIM Visakhapatnam 2021


As candidates can compare that IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff 2021 is little higher as compared to years 2023 and 2022.

IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff OBC

You should be aware that cutoffs are generally classified based on caste to avoid confusion during admissions. We have also included a list of IIM Visakhapatnam Cutoff For OBC of 2023 in this Formfees article


IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff SC

Let’s also check the cutoff of the SC category


IIM Visakhapatnam CAT CutOff

The official website has been updated with the IIM Visakhapatnam CAT 2023 cutoff and admission criteria for the batch of 2024-26. The total qualifying CAT 2023 cutoff percentage is 80 for GN applicants, 72 for EWS and NC-OBC candidates, 45 for SC candidates, and 35 for ST candidates.


What are the Requirements for IIM Visakhapatnam's CAT 2023?

The IIM Visakhapatnam Eligibility Criteria for the CAT 2023 cutoff are shown below.

  • A bachelor's degree with a minimum percentage of marks, or CGPA, of 50% for general students and 45% for SC, ST, or PWD candidates is necessary for admission to IIM Visakhapatnam.
  • Candidates who have a bachelor's degree or above will be qualified for PGP depending on the similarity accepted by their university or other institutions of higher learning.
  • Candidates who pass the CAT test with a high percentile score are eligible for admission to IIM Visakhapatnam.
  • Candidates who are awaiting their results or in their last year of a bachelor's degree may also apply to IIM Visakhapatnam. Candidates must have a certificate from their school or institution given by the principal, department head, registrar, or director stating that they are in their last year and awaiting results. Candidates must also have obtained 45% of the points available in the SC, ST, or PWD categories, as well as at least 50% of the points available in the general category (or an equivalent CGPA).
  • Candidates who do not achieve a good CGPA will have their performance evaluated in accordance with IIM Visakhapatnam policies.
  • Candidates should provide a certificate from their college or university issued by their principal, department head, registrar, or director stating that they are in their last year and awaiting results.
  • In addition, they must have received at least 50% of the available points in the general category (or an equivalent CGPA) and 45% of the available points in the SC, ST, or PWD categories.

The Selection Procedure

  • The final decision is influenced by GMAT and personal interview performance, academic standing, extracurricular and co-curricular accomplishments, and professional experience.
  • Candidates who have been invited will be able to choose between a video conference interview and a visit to the IIM Visakhapatnam campus. 
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email and invited to a face-to-face interview.

The International Student Selection Process at IIM Visakhapatnam

The institute's unique admissions approach for international students will use the following screening procedures under the supernumerary quota: Qualifications required

  • a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an approved university or institute, with at least 50% of the marks or an equivalent CGPA/Grades. The curriculum must last at least three years.
  • GMAT and GRE scores (obtained during the last five years)
  • A non-Indian citizen is considered an international student.

How CAT Selection is done for IIM Visakhapatnam?

The selection criteria for IIM Visakhapatnam consists of three steps

  • pre-shortlisting standards
  • PI shortlisting standards
  • final decision

In addition to section-wise CAT scores, IIM Visakhapatnam considers a number of other factors to shortlist applicants for PGP admission.

The Pre-PI Shortlisting Criteria of IIM Visakhapatnam

  • In this phase, all qualified applicants who applied to IIM Visakhapatnam and took the CAT are taken into consideration.
  • The authorities determine the minimal overall and section-wise CAT percentile, which is used to establish the shortlist of candidates.
  • Following that, those who made the shortlist are asked to reaffirm their desire to be admitted.
  • All candidates who have applied to IIM Visakhapatnam and those who satisfy the minimal CAT 2020 percentile requirements receive an email from the institute.
  • Additionally, the email contains a link to a new webpage where candidates must reaffirm their interest in being considered for admission to IIM Visakhapatnam's PGP program.

PI Round Shortlisting Criteria for IIM Visakhapatnam

  • As previously stated, applicants must reaffirm their desire to be considered for admission. In Phase 2 of the shortlisting process for the PI-WAT round, only candidates who will reconfirm the same are taken into consideration.
  • Candidates' academic scores are given the most weight, followed by their CAT scores or percentile.
  • The weighted average of the CAT score, or 50, is further broken down into various categories.
  • When a work experience is shortlisted for PI, it is also given consideration.

Final Selection at IIM Visakhapatnam

  • To be admitted to IIM Visakhapatnam, each shortlisted applicant must take part in the final round.
  • Additionally, candidates must submit a comprehensive application that includes a statement of purpose, information about their bachelor's degree grades broken down by semester, copies of all academic transcripts and certificates, copies of any certificates of work experience, copies of any applicable disability certificates, and copies of any applicable category certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions About IIM Visakhapatnam CutOff

Q. What is the CAT cut off for IIM Vizag?

Ans. Based on the previous year's trends, the final CAT cutoff for IIM Visakhapatnam in 2024 is projected to be in the region of 92-94. The predicted qualifying CAT cutoff for General category students in 2024 is 80.

Q. Is it hard to get into IIM Visakhapatnam?

Ans. Getting into IIM Visakhapatnam is not difficult if sufficient preparation is done early on. The CAT is a highly competitive exam that is required for admission to IIMs and other top management schools.

Q. What are the category-wise cutoffs of IIM Visakhapatnam?

Ans. The table below shows the IIM Visakhapatnam CAT cut off required for various categories


Q. Can I get IIM with 98 percentile in CAT?

Ans. Candidates who achieve a CAT percentile of 98+ should surely expect to hear from IIMs. Here, students can gain admission to their desired B-Schools, like IIM Lucknow, Bangalore, Kozhikode, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Shillong, and Indore. In addition to IIMs, one can apply to DMS, FMS Delhi, and IIT Delhi.

Q. Can I get IIM with 80 percentile?

Ans. Yes, absolutely! While getting into IIMs with an 85 percentile is extremely difficult, there are many other good universities that provide MBA/PGDM with such a score.

Q. Can I get IIM with 97%?

Ans. With only 97+ (assuming you are from the general group), getting into the top 6 IIMs will be extremely challenging. Aim for the greatest score that is feasible. To get a call from IIM ABC, you should score close to 99.8+ percentile, and for others, at least 99+ percentile.

Q. How difficult is CAT?

Ans. According to the study, the general difficulty level of the CAT is moderate. However, if you begin your preparation early, you will find it easy to complete the syllabus first. A well-planned strategy is also essential to pass the CAT.

Q. Is 97 percentile good in CAT?

Ans. FMS Delhi (Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi) - FMS Delhi is a top MBA college that typically requires a CAT score in the 97-98 percentile for admission.

Q. How do you get 99.99 percentile in CAT?

Ans. To achieve an overall percentile of 99, score 85+ percentile in any two areas and 99 percentile in the remaining section. In other words, strive for 45-50% in either two portions and 55-60% in the remaining section.

Q. Does IIM ask for 12 percentage?

Ans. There is no necessity in and of itself; it is just easier for a student with a greater percentage to gain admission. To get into IIM - A, you must have good grades in your 10th and 12th exams. That suggests that anywhere between 80 and 90% is required.

Q. Is life in IIM hard?

Ans.  IIM has it all, from foreign study tours to high-salary packages. But life at IIM is not so simple. Everything in this world has a cost, and IIM is no exception. Even after admission to an IIM, you must work extremely hard to excel and beat the competition.

Q. Is there negative marking in CAT?

Ans.  As a result of the CAT exam's -1 negative marking for each erroneous answer, candidates must exercise caution when answering the questions.