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IIM Visakhapatnam: Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam Facilities Details

  • Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 33

Saurav Anand

We know that all colleges, or universities provide some special facilities. Just like all colleges or universities IIM Visakhapatnam provides some facilities for students to attract them to the college.

In this article, we will learn about all the IIM Visakhapatnam facilities provided to the students.

IIM Visakhapatnam is one of the most recent IIMs, having been established in 2015. IIM Visakhapatnam is guided by IIM Bangalore. IIM Visakhapatnam, the newest IIM, is mentored by IIM Bangalore

Establishing worldwide standards of excellence in management research, management, and allied disciplines of study is the primary goal of IIM Visakhapatnam. It also aims to further the Act's objectives of equitable, inclusive, and sustainable national development.

Providing strong institutional, intellectual, and physical resources to promote great teaching-learning practices and research culture is highly valued at IIM Visakhapatnam.  With a student body that is energetic and intelligent and comes from over 20 states nationwide, the Institute has swiftly built a strong reputation within the IIM community. Additionally, the founding faculty team boasts excellent teaching and research credentials. 

There are plenty of extracurricular and hobby alternatives for both students and faculty at IIM Visakhapatnam. The amenities at IIM Visakhapatnam include many labs, a gym, a canteen, a library, and an auditorium. A distinct section for hostels is also present. In case of emergency, every institute member has round-the-clock access to medical treatment. Students must be aware of all prerequisites in order to make use of all the resources available at IIM Visakhapatnam. With a dedicated local area network (LAN) connection, any faculty member and office space on the Institute's network can access the Internet whenever they'd like. The buildings housing the Mess, Security, and Bank have wireless internet access.

IIM Visakhapatnam is conscious that exposing its students to contemporary methods and worldwide standards is necessary to improve their learning. The institute has collaborated with other respectable organizations to increase the campus's multicultural and international diversity, even though it is now in talks with a number of other international colleges throughout the world.

Because of this, the institute's state-of-the-art facilities inspire students to actively research new ideas, devise creative solutions, support sustainable practices, foster personal growth, improve the community, and transform the management industry. IIM Visakhapatnam's buildings and curriculum have been thoughtfully planned to support the growth of the university overall as well as the development of future global business leaders.

The peaceful surroundings of the campus are perfect for learning and personal growth. The focus on students at IIM Visakhapatnam is one of its unique selling points. A variety of conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events related to business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and sustainability are organized by a number of student organizations, groups, and committees. The institute's student community values these extracurricular activities because they give students the chance to showcase their abilities at the IIM Visakhapatnam placement, develop their leadership qualities, gain invaluable practical experience, and promote networking possibilities. At IIM Visakhapatnam, different worldviews, languages, and cultures coexist. 

Students from all over India join to establish a setting that encourages communication and understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds. This difference develops global knowledge and improves classroom discussions. Through a number of contests, including its own innovation center and the yearly Entrepreneurship Summit, the institute actively fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. Materials are given to students to help them build their business concepts and start their companies. Numerous managerial and cultural activities are held on the IIM Visakhapatnam campus. Artists from across the nation come together for the yearly cultural festival. Students frequently take part in a variety of community-beneficial philanthropic endeavors. 

Institute of Management in India as one of the best management schools in the country, Visakhapatnam offers excellent training to create tomorrow's corporate leaders. The institute must provide both top-notch academic facilities and related non-academic infrastructure for students to meet this demand and develop into well-rounded individuals. The resources provided by IIM Visakhapatnam contribute to students' overall development. A few of the facilities offered by IIM Visakhapatnam include well-planned dorms, health centers and emergency rooms, lecture halls with ample seating, classrooms with projectors and other modern equipment, and sports stadiums for the student's overall growth. IIM Visakhapatnam has a restaurant, computer facilities, a library, and a host of other amenities.

IIM Visakhapatnam Facilities Include
Modern Classroom Facilities
Library Facilities
Accommodation Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Mess and Cafeteria
Guest House 
IT Facilities
Sports Facilities
Computer Facilities
Transport facilities
Banking Facilities

IIM Visakhapatnam Facilities

IIM Visakhapatnam Library Facilities

The IIM Visakhapatnam facilities of the Library have a vast collection of books, CDs, DVDs, Indian and international periodicals, magazines, and research reports covering a wide range of management and related fields in addition to the newest software packages. Nearly all of the top journals in the management fields are available to library users. The Institute is dedicated to continuously increasing the available knowledge resources. It offers access to multiple scholarly internet databases and subscribes to them.

IIM Visakhapatnam facilities Highlights of Library Collections

  • Print Books: 2272 (including government publications, working papers, handbooks, and textbooks)
  • The Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, Business Line, Business Standard, Swantantra Varta, Saakshi, and Eenadu are among the nine print newspapers.
  • 38 print magazines and journals (such as Forbes India, Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, MIT Solan Management Review, The Economist, Economic & Political Weekly, etc.)
  • 200000+ e-books (ProQuest E-book Central)
  • Academic Research Literature - 16 (InformS, APA Psycnet, EBSCOhost Business Source Complete, ProQuest ABI Inform, JSTOR, IEEE Explore, Oxford University Press, Economic and Political Weekly, Wiley, Springer, Palgrave, Emerald, Sage, Taylor and Francis, and Inderscience Journals)
  • (ACE Analyser, CMIE Economic Outlook, CMIE Prowess DX, CMIE Consumer Pyramid, Capitaline AWS, CMIE CapEx, CMIE Prowess IQ, CMIE Industry Outlook, EMIS Intelligence, Prime Infobase (17 modules), Venture Intelligence, EIKON (Thomson Reuters), CEIC Insights, and Seek Edger) are the fourteen company and financial databases.
  • The five industry intelligence databases are Tracxn, YNOS, MarketLine Advantage, Euromonitor Passport, and CRISIL Research.
  • The World Bank e-Library, India Stat, District Metrics, Statista, and EPWRF India Time Series are the five socioeconomic datasets.
  • Legal Information Database #1 (Advanced LexisNexis)
  • Research Support Resources: 15 (Quillbot, Overleaf, EBSCO Discovery Search Engine, SSRN subscription Mathematica, Stata, SPSS, NVivo, MATLAB, Minitab, JMP Pro, Qualtrics, Turnitin, Grammarly,)
  • Wall Street Journal, Press Reader, ET Prime, The Ken, The Economist, Mint Online, Financial Times Online,  and Business Standard Online are the eight online magazines and newspapers.
  • Case Studies: Four (IIMA Case Center, HBSP, WARC, and The Case Center)

Users can access the academic e-collection of the IIM Visakhapatnam Library from any networked computer on campus by using the E-Library Portal. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are available in print and online at the library. The library offers digital services in addition to a physical collection of more than 2272 print books, reports, dissertations, and theses that can be viewed via the Online Public Access Catalog. The library offers essential services including the Turnitin plagiarism detector, E-resources search for databases, journals, and reports, and remote access for users who are not on campus to enhance research and the academic experience. Additionally, real-time financial data is available to students via the IIM Visakhapatnam Library's Bloomberg-powered finance lab.

This extensive digital library contains more than fifteen thousand electronic journals. In addition, the library offers more than 3,500 e-business journals and more than 200000+ e-books, including the well-known Oxford Handbooks Online, a collection of volumes covering a broad range of topics. Notably, the library has access to rare collections from respected academic and student organizations including the World Bank and EXIM Bank, along with literature like the Harvard Business Review and Emerald case collections.

As part of its dedication to resource sharing, the library actively participates in several consortia, most notably the IIM connection, and is a member of resource-sharing networks including DELNET and INFLIBNET. You will be able to access a vast array of content via these connections, which include more than 10,000 e-journals and more than 50,000 dissertations and theses. The IIM Visakhapatnam Library's RFID-enabled self-service kiosks facilitate automated lending, returns, and renewals. The Knowledge Center at IIM Visakhapatnam provides a state-of-the-art learning environment along with a range of resources and services to help faculty and staff members in their academic and research endeavors. 

IIM Visakhapatnam Hostel Facilities

Beyond the facilities and academic course design, the IIM Visakhapatnam facilities of hostels are an amazing aspect. Only five distinct hostel structures located close to the university can house students who prefer the IIM Vizag dorms. 

Hostel rates at IIM Visakhapatnam vary based on occupancy and range from INR 75,000 to INR 1,00,000 per year.

There are single and double occupancy options available for the rooms at the IIM Hostels at Visakhapatnam campuses. Students are also offered nice transportation so that their commutes between the school and the dorms go more smoothly. Every room has furniture and air conditioning.

Features of hostel
Single and Double Rooms Available
Completely Furnished and Air Conditioned Rooms 
Five Different Hostel Buildings to Provide the Most Room 
Superfast Wi-Fi Internet Access 
Standard Features: Television, Refrigerator, Dining Room, Indoor Games 
24-hour health center services
Completely Working Library 
Complaint Resolution for Mess and Associated Problems

Many other IIM Visakhapatnam facilities are available, including Wi-Fi and TV, a refrigerator, discussion rooms, a dining hall, and indoor sports including table tennis, chess, pool table, and caroms. Additionally, Complaint Redressal is a crucial element that allows students to look forward to fixing their mess and other problems related to their dormitory. 

Other noteworthy amenities exist as well, mostly to guarantee the hostellers' constant well-being rather than only serving them. The library and health center are two of these.

Hostels at IIM Visakhapatnam Health Center

  • A 24-hour health clinic is available to hostellers staying at IIM Visakhapatnam Hostels for their ongoing medical and health needs, day and night.
  • At the Institute Health Center on campus, the institute has designated medical officials, counselors, and nurses. Activating their insurance policy during their academic stay provides security for the students.
  • In the event of an emergency or medical condition needing hospitalization and in-patient services, insurance services are available.
  • The Medical Emergency Response & Intervention Team (MERIT) in the Health Center is the primary feature of the IIM Visakhapatnam Hostels. It is constantly on hand to support and help IIM Hostellers on the Visakhapatnam campus in case of any health or medical-related difficulties.

IIM Visakhapatnam Hostels Library

  • The IIM Visakhapatnam Library has a substantial collection of books and associated resources in addition to the newest software packages. 
  • A vast array of resources is offered for in-depth study in management and related fields. The numerous resources offered at the IIM Visakhapatnam Hostels are dependably dependable for students residing there as hosts. 
  • For IIM Visakhapatnam Hostel students, the Institute Library offers a wealth of materials in the shape of periodicals, print books, and even online academic databases to guarantee their efficient use of time and steady learning. 

One of the facilities at IIM Visakhapatnam is a guest home. Both visitors and attendees of the many workshops, symposia, conferences, and seminars held by the institute are welcome to stay. For the convenience of guests visiting IIM Visakhapatnam, the guest house offers seven rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi and housekeeping services. With these IIM Visakhapatnam facilities, visitors can concentrate on their work rather than the specifics of their stay, which improves their entire experience. Teachers, students, and guests can all easily stay in the dorms and guest houses within the IIM Visakhapatnam facilities. 

In common areas, students can socialize, engage in activities, and conduct informal conversations. For the convenience of the students, there is Wi-Fi and a stable electricity supply available. There are basketball and badminton courts in the dorms. Fitness aficionados can use the well-equipped gyms in the dorms at IIM Visakhapatnam. A student committee oversees resident welfare, food quality, and maintenance at the IIM Visakhapatnam Hostels. For the use of those living in the IIM Visakhapatnam housing, there is a post office, a retail store, and banking services on campus. The campus cafeteria, where students can buy food and drinks, and the mess facilities, which serve freshly made meals and snacks, are available to students living in dorms.

The IIM Visakhapatnam campus offers a wide selection of dining options. IIM Visakhapatnam's mess facilities include home-cooked meals. IIM Visakhapatnam students have access to a wide choice of dining options across multiple cuisines on campus. Students gather at the dining halls on campus to joke around. These amenities provide a vibrant atmosphere that encourages socializing and relaxation, enabling students to have delicious meals and meet new people. A range of meals and drinks are available at the campus cafeteria and mess.  To meet the varying dietary needs and preferences of students from across the nation, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal alternatives are offered. In addition to serving delicious meals, these spaces at IIM Visakhapatnam promote a feeling of coziness, warmth, and acceptance among students.

IIM Visakhapatnam Classroom Facilities

The goal of IIM Visakhapatnam's teaching environment is to promote multidisciplinary teamwork, critical thinking, innovation, and intellectual discourse.  To encourage advanced study, the college has made large investments in cutting-edge equipment, educational resources, and creative seating arrangements. The atmosphere in the classroom encourages creativity, inquiry, and the growth of intellectual independence. These  IIM Visakhapatnam facilities of classrooms create an atmosphere that will eventually generate creative managers who will oversee a range of multinational corporations. 

In addition to offering standard lectures, IIM Visakhapatnam's classrooms encourage collaboration, the investigation of novel ideas, and the questioning of received wisdom. The institute's objective is to develop responsible, visionary business leaders who can thrive in a corporate environment that is changing quickly, and this approach matches that purpose.

IIM Visakhapatnam Mess Facilities

As mentioned earlier, IIM Visakhapatnam facilities of mess are available around the clock to meet the nutritional demands of its members. IIM Visakhapatnam’s mess facilities provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. There are alternatives for a wide range of gastronomic preferences in the applicant pool. The IIM Visakhapatnam facilities satisfy most of the needs of applicants.

Soft beverages, ice cream, and pastries are available at the IIM Visakhapatnam campus buildings. IIM Visakhapatnam members can purchase a range of snack items from the self-managed PI store.

By creating JAM, the participants improved the services offered by the IIM Visakhapatnam facilities. Participants receive refreshments and fruit from JAM. One of the distinctive and imaginative amenities of IIM Visakhapatnam is this.

Not to mention, there are four canteens within a short walk of the hostel. Among them is a night canteen that is open from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. and serves food to customers.

IIM Visakhapatnam Healthcare Facilities

There are many services available at the IIM Visakhapatnam Facilities for Medical. The cutting-edge sports complex has been given to a group of highly skilled professionals. These professionals can assist a candidate with workouts connected to the heart. This workout has numerous advantages for fitness and wellness.

Furthermore, a guru has been brought in to teach yoga at the IIM Visakhapatnam campus. These regular seminars are offered on campus to assist IIM Visakhapatnam's medical facilities. These upbeat yoga sessions encourage proactive posture and self-esteem growth.

IIM Visakhapatnam's swimming program is well-known. Swimming is a full-body workout that stretches every muscle in the body and improves breathing and endurance. In these medical institutions affiliated with IIM Visakhapatnam, involvement is encouraged. The impact of these facilities at IIM Visakhapatnam on the individual growth and accomplishments of each member is remarkable.

The main objective of the IIM Visakhapatnam facilities is to support participants' growth. As a result, IIM Visakhapatnam's medical facilities are built to accommodate participants' physical needs. 

IIM Visakhapatnam Sports Facilities

The IIM Visakhapatnam facilities offer sports. To suit the wide range of interests and preferences of its student body, IIM Visakhapatnam provides a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. A cricket football pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, and a hockey field are among the outdoor sporting facilities available at IIM Visakhapatnam. These areas are set aside for certain purposes and offer chances for both solo and group activities. Table tennis, chess, carrom, football, and pool tables are examples of indoor games. The sleek, modern gym has all the tools teachers and students could possibly require.

Along with all the existing sports facilities on campus, IIM Visakhapatnam plans to build a bike track to meet the demands of cycling enthusiasts. With the help of this new feature, riders can live active, healthful lives while taking in the picturesque campus scenery. IIM Visakhapatnam facilities for sports guarantee the physical and mental health of its students. The hostel blocks have additional sports amenities. Whether students like the rush of team sports outdoors or the focus of indoor activities, IIM Visakhapatnam's sports facilities are meant to keep them engaged, alert, and refreshed while they are in outdoor settings. 

IIM Visakhapatnam Transport Facilities

IIM Visakhapatnam students require a range of mobility options. There are numerous ways to get about IIM Visakhapatnam for attendees. The IIM Visakhapatnam facilities provide a range of automobiles to meet the demands of its members. There is a vast array of shapes and sizes of vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, SUVs, two-wheelers, and four-wheelers. I participate actively in IIM Visakhapatnam Transportation services, and I supply all vehicle photos.

One may argue that IIM Visakhapatnam has enough room for a residential program that is full-time. The residential facility at IIM Visakhapatnam aims to give participants a functional and comfortable living space. 

These IIM Visakhapatnam transportation services are available to those who are quadriplegic or disabled on a daily basis. All team members, including the drivers, are consistently amiable and eager to assist.

Moreover, an ambulance is always available in case of emergency. The automobiles that IIM Visakhapatnam accepts for recycling are listed below.

Below is a list of the vehicles at the IIM Visakhapatnam Transport facility.

  • A lone EECO ambulance
  • One ambulance unit
  • Single Force Traveler
  • 1 Honda CIAZ
  • A single Tata Ace loading van
  • One Etios Toyota
  • One New XUV500 Toyota
  • One tractor, a trolley, and a tanker
  • Two Staff Buses By Ashok Leyland
  • Maruti Eeco 3
  • Three Innova Toyotas
  • 4-Scooter Electric
  • Five Plug-In Vehicles
  • Six Bus Shuttles

IIM Visakhapatnam Faculty

Future business leaders would greatly benefit from the knowledge of the faculty at IIM Visakhapatnam, which is made up of professionals from a wide range of industries. The academic community of IIM Visakhapatnam, comprising teachers, alumni, and students, actively develops management and research talents through the utilization of multiple resources. The organization is in favor of academic freedom in both research and teaching. Mentors act as teachers, leaders, and information sources for students, helping them to succeed academically and gain knowledge on a variety of professional subjects. IIM Visakhapatnam's faculty members are actively involved in the school's mission of developing devoted business leaders.  Today's educators are leaders in their fields who are constantly improving, modernizing, and altering the way they impart knowledge. Every student will receive an exciting and cutting-edge education due to their dedication to an innovative curriculum, which will provide them with the information and skills needed to become successful and forward-thinking leaders in their community.

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Visakhapatnam Facilities

Q. What is special about IIM Visakhapatnam?

Ans. Having an incubator with one of the quickest rates of growth in the nation. The ministries of the GoI, as well as reputable public and private sector organizations, are nationally recognizing and sponsoring entrepreneurship development projects, which are dedicated to fostering and advancing companies.

Q. Which IIM has most girls?

Ans. Nearly half of the 2020 IIM Rohtak batch consists of female applicants. Compared to most Indian business schools, this is higher. At IIM Rohtak, diversity is given a lot of attention. This extends beyond gender to include academic and professional fields as well.

Q. Why is it called baby IIM?

Ans. Out Of the 20 IIMs, nine additional third-generation IIMs were founded by the government after 2011 with the goal of expanding the scope of management education and attracting talent from India. The nine recently founded IIMs listed below are referred to as the "baby IIMs."

Q. Does IIM give preference to girls?

Ans. At IIMs, the selection procedure takes gender into account. The institute gives female candidates preferential treatment. They give extra points to female candidates based on a criterion called the gender diversity factor during the interview shortlisting process.

Q. What is the dress code for IIM female?

Ans. The IIM Ahmedabad dress code is as follows: You must dress professionally for interviews and business functions. This includes wearing a suit, slacks, a jacket, and a tie. Attending other placecom-related events requires you to dress in business casual, which entails a formal shirt and pants.

Q. Does IIM have AC?

Ans. For the comfort of students, IIM Hostels offers a range of rooms, the majority of which are completely air-conditioned. Each guestroom on the campuses in Noida and Lucknow has full air conditioning.

Q. Is IIM hostel strict?

Ans. Observing strict guidelines is one of them. Another is getting to know a wide range of students from different backgrounds in close quarters. The goal of IIM Calcutta is to let one feel as at ease as possible in this other culture.

Q. How many holidays does IIM have?

Ans. The academic year at IIM Calcutta consists of three trimesters, with the exception of a week-long Durga Puja break that typically occurs in October and national holidays like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and Republic Day.

Q. Do IIM hostels have attached washroom?

Ans. Beds, mattresses, study tables, chairs, and cabinets are all furnished in the rooms. The hostel structure contains the mess. Water coolers and washing machines are located independently in each hostel wing.

Q. Do we get single rooms in IIM?

Ans. The school offers each student a private room with an attached bathroom as well as separate living rooms for men and women.