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IIM Indore: Indian Institute of Management Indore Frequently Asked Questions

  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 7

Saurav Anand

Q. How can I apply for IIM Indore admission 2023-24?

Ans. IIM Indore admission for PGP and PGP-HRM happens through the CAT Exam. Candidates need to visit the official website of the CAT exam to register themselves as a participant in the examination and select IIM Indore as one of their preferences. For other courses, the application process takes place via the official website of IIM Indore. Candidates can visit the website of IIM Indore and can find the ‘Program’ option on the home page. After visiting the preferred courses, register, fill out the form pay the necessary application fee, and finish the application process online. 

Q. Can I get direct IIM Indore admission?

Ans. Aside from PGP and PGP-HRM the IPM, FPM, and E-FPM admission at IIM Indore is based on merit at the last qualifying stage for IIM Indore admission. The performance in the course-wise entrance exam and personal interviews also plays an important role in allotting grades to the students. As per the official website, there is no option to get direct admission into any of the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral-level courses at the Indian Institute of Management Indore. However, students are advised to contact the admission office for any inquiry related to IIM Indore Admission. 

Q. Does IIM Indore offers scholarship?

Ans. IIM Indore offers Need-Based Financial Assistance (NBFA) for students needing financial aid or assistance. This scholarship is offered by the PGP executive committee and the NBFA committee in Indore to the students whose family annual income doesn’t cross INR 9 lakh. Students with a gross family income less than INR 4,50,000 in the previous year are eligible for NBFA scholarship financial assistance. At the time of IIM Indore admission or approximately during that period, the college in which the participants are provided with details regarding scholarship opportunities. 

Q. How is EPGP different from the two-year PGP program?

Ans. EPGP is a one-year postgraduate program designed for professionals who aspire to broaden their knowledge in the field of management. IIM Ranchi courses polish the skills essential for effectively and efficiently managing an organization where the students are placed. Whereas, PGP is a two-year MBA program offered at IIM Indore that requires the candidates to have a valid CAT score for admission at the Indian Institute of Management Indore. 

Q. Is IIM Indore a good institute to pursue PGP?

Ans. YES, IIM Indore has set a record for 100% placement in the previous academic year. The sophisticated teaching methods and techniques give premium education to the students along with optimum practical experience. IIM Indore has become a must-visit for multiple prominent companies and organizations for hiring fresh graduates. The reputation of IIM Indore has grown exponentially through the years. This educational institution continues to grow at an amazing rate along with the participants of it. 

Q. How many seats are there in PGP at IIM Indore?

Ans. IIM Indore offers a two-year full-time Post-Graduate Program students. The total available seats for this program are about 450-475, of which about 468 seats are allotted yearly. Having received triple accreditations, there is a huge intake of participants every year from the CAT exam for these seats. Hence it is recommended to have a complete understanding of the syllabus. Invest your time wisely while preparing for CAT 2023, to make it to the prestigious IIM Indore for quality higher education. 

Q. What is the need-based financial assistance offered at IIM Indore?

Ans. IIM Indore has taken the initiative to provide Need-Based Financial Assistance (NBFA) to the participants of its programs. The NBFA committee supports IIM Indore students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The need-based IIM Indore scholarships are jointly administered by the PGP Executive IIM Indore NBFA Committee and the NBFA Committee. IIM Indore need-based financial assistance is provided solely by the institute as an integrated program of scholarship. The primary goal of the IIM Indore Need-Based Financial Assistance program is to ensure that no student is restricted by financial limitations or hardships. 

Q. What is the reimbursed amount for the Need-based scholarships?

Ans. Based on annual family income, IIM Indore students whose family income is below INR 1,50,000 are eligible for a 75% tuition fee reimbursement. Likewise, those with a family income ranging from INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000 can avail of the benefit by 50% of the tuition fee being reimbursed.

Q. What are the other categories of financial assistance provided by IIM Indore?

Ans. Scholarships offered by IIM Indore are in the following categories;

  • Need-based Financial Assistance (NBFA) 
  • Industry-Sponsored Merit Scholarships
  • IIM Indore Gold Medal Award
  • Scholarships offered by the Central/State Government and other Higher Education Departments

Q. What are the basic eligibility criteria to avail of IIM Indore scholarships?

Ans. IIM Indore offers need-based financial assistance and facilitates access to numerous scholarships offered by the central/state government. Various industries are based on merit or a combination of merit and financial need based on the status and situation of the recipient of the financial assistance. Meritorious students coming from low-income backgrounds are eligible to apply for the scholarships offered at IIM Indore.   

Q. Are there any IIM Indore scholarships available for SC/ST students?

Ans. IIM Indore accepts the Central Sector Scholarships for SC/ST Students Administered by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment/Ministry of Tribal Affairs under the Government of India. The scholarships are provided after analyzing the annual family income of the student from the preceding financial year. Eligible students are entitled to reimbursement for the expenses incurred during the period of their studies. Under the Central Sector Scholarships for SC/ST students, an amount of INR 4,50,000 is awarded to students who meet the eligibility criteria. 

Q. Are there any industry-sponsored merit scholarships at IIM Indore?

Ans. Yes, along with several IIM Indore scholarships, the institute facilitates access to a variety of industry-sponsored scholarships for PGP students. Industry-sponsored merit scholarships are as follows:

  • A scholarship of Rs. 1,50,000/- is provided by the State Bank of India to eligible IIM Indore students based on merit.
  • Eicher Motors offers a scholarship of Rs. 50,000/- on a merit basis yearly. 

Q. What are the scholarships provided by central and state governments for IIM Indore students?

Ans. At IIM Indore, there are numerous IIM Indore scholarships available to students offered by both central and state governments:

  • Central Sector Scholarships for SC/ST Students of IIM Indore
  • Scholarship by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in all IIMs
  • Rajarshee Sahu Maharaj Scholarship by the Government of Maharashtra for SC students from Maharashtra government
  • Scholarships offered by the Higher Education Department of the Madhya Pradesh Government for the aspiring students

Q. Is there any scholarship for IIM Indore?

Ans. IIM Indore offers NBFA scholarships to its students. Any IIM Indore student whose family income is less than INR 9, 00,000 is eligible to apply for the NBFA scholarship at IIM Indore. The NBFA IIM Indore Scholarship committee handles the operations related to the allotment of this scholarship.

Q. How much can the IIM Indore scholarship cover?

Ans. IIM Indore scholarships are as follows:

Family IncomePercentage Of Fee Covered
1,50,00075% of Tuition fee
3,00,000 - 4,50,00025% of Tuition fee
1,50,000 - 2,00,00050% of Tuition fee

Q. Can I get a full scholarship for IIM?

Ans. Prime Institutions like IIM Indore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Banglore, etc. provide scholarships and other financial assistance from the Government of India and the Ministry of Education. These IIM Indore scholarships are awarded on the basis of CAT scores, academic performances, and considering the economic status of an applicant.

Q. Can I study at IIM Indore for free?

Ans. There are no fixed scholarships for any student at IIM Indore. The various options to avail of financial assistance have been made available after admission at IIM Indore. The fee structure however remains the same for all students, irrespective of caste category or gender they belong to.

Q. What is the highest package of IIM Indore ever?

Ans. The ground-breaking package offered to the students at IIM Indore is recorded at INR 1.14 Cr.

Q. Which IIM has the lowest fees?

Ans. For second-generation IIMs like IIM Rohtak, Kasishpur, etc. the fee ranges between INR 15 lakh to 20 lakh. For baby IIMs like IIM Bodhgaya, Nagpur, and Shillong the education fee varies from INR 13 to 20 Lakh.

Q. Does IIM see 12th marks?

Ans. Some IIMs give importance to class 12th marks and some IIMs don’t. IIM Indore has allotted more weights to class 10th and 12th marks than the CAT exam than before, while other IIMs do not follow the same policy. 40% of the weight is allotted to the academic qualification of the participants in the final round.

Q. Do IIM graduates earn in crores?

Ans. MBA graduates from IIMs are offered CTC up to INR 10 - 28 lakh on average. The highest CTC can range from as high as INR 80 lakh or even 1 crore.

Q. Does IIM Indore have single rooms?

Ans. Yes, the hostel facility at IIM Indore offers both single and double rooms to IIM Indore students as hostel facilities. And there are separate blocks for boys and girls that are interconnected and the canteen is located in the center.

Q. What is the speciality of IIM Indore?

Ans. Situated at the hillock, the 193-acre campus of IIM Indore facilities provides an ideal environment for contemplative education for the students. The institution is rich with educational resources, a sophisticated sports complex, convenient hostel facilities, and a strong IT sector.

Q. Can a boy and a girl share a room in IIM?

Ans. Yes, as shocking as it may sound to heat it. A boy and a girl can share a room in IIM Indore and also other top B-schools.

Q. Does IIM Indore have a uniform?

Ans. Students at IIM Indore generally attend the classes in casual wear, which includes jeans, t-shirts, trousers, etc. Women wear Indian dresses or long skirts on the campus for attending classes. However, the participants should carry at least two sets of formal wear for occasions or official purposes.

Q. Can I stay Outside in IIM?

Ans. Yes, the second-year participants are eligible to live outside the IIM Indore campus. However, after spending a year on campus, the participants rarely choose to live outside the campus. Living inside the hostel is beneficial in a variety of ways, students have easy access to everyday needs and they are updated on important happenings.

Q. Does IIM Indore have hostel facilities?

Ans. Yes, Hostel facilities at IIM Indore cater to all the daily needs of its participants. The canteens are active 24 hours, and the common room equipped with board games and mess facilities is accessible to all participants of IIM Indore.

Q. Are cars allowed in IIM Indore?

Ans. No, the participants can't bring personal four-wheelers to the IIM Indore campus. The participants can take the help of a wide range of transport facilities available for students at IIM Indore.

Q. Which is the cheapest IIM?

Ans. The cheapest IIM is IIM Bodhgaya, its fee is INR 15.50 for an MBA course. The fees can be paid in installments or with the help of student educational loans that are available at minimal interest rates.

Q. Can I get IIM with 75 percent in 12th?

Ans. Yes you can, The 12th percentage is not the only parameter to get into IIMs. However, in the final selection, the performance of candidates in the previous academic year is analyzed. Just focus on getting a good CAT score and do well till the interviews. Don't worry about past academics it's not in your hands anymore. 

Q. Is IIM tougher than IIT?

Ans. Getting into an IIM is as tough as getting into an IIT and vice versa. One has to clear the set cut off in the CAT exam which is one of the toughest management entrance exams. For CAT approximately 2,50,000 people register for only 20,000 seats in IIMs. So, the competition is fierce in both the areas alike.

Q. Can a weak student crack IIM?

Ans. Of course! More than 5,000 candidates who appear in the CAT Exam every year get into the IIMs. Not all of the candidates can be geniuses.  It is the case for most exams, cracking the CAT Exam is all about dedicated effort by the candidates.

Q. Can I get into IIM with 65% in 12th?

Ans. You are eligible for admission in IIMs with 65%. However, you will have to crack the CAT exam and do well in the CAT exam. With this score, you would not get an advantage of being in the top 10. Hence you will have to be in the top 0.5% of all CAT applicants to be present in the final selection round.

Q. Which is the youngest IIM?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta are the oldest among all IIMs. IIM Jammu is the youngest institute of management to be listed in the NIRF ranking for 2022.

Q. Is maths in CAT difficult?

Ans. The level of maths in the CAT exam is from moderate to difficult. The topics that are covered in this section are up to the 10th claThe the maths portion is based on arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, etc. of 9,10 levels.

Q. Why IIM fees are so high?

Ans. Keeping it short, IIM is Government funded, when they are established. Once the resources are in place, IIMs are independent bodies with no further government funding. Hence, they charge fees from the student. To maintain the level of being a premier institute, it has to spend on databases, excellent faculty, and guest lectures.

Q. Why IIM is special?

Ans. Most IIM professors are also consultants demonstrating how skilled they are in their fields of expertise. IIM faculty has decades of industry experience in private, government, and non-profit jobs. These institutions are renowned in their fields of specialization.

Q. Is IIM a private or government?

Ans. Is IIM a private university run by the government of India? IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) are not private universities, but rather premier management institutions in India that are run by the government of India. They are autonomous public institutions that operate under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Q. Is IIM good for the future?

Ans. The Executive MBA from IIM costs at least 50% less than an equivalent education in Europe or the USA. The Executive MBA from IIM results in career growth of up to 100% to 150% in salaries for professionals post-MBA program.

Q. Which IIM is beautiful?

Ans. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is considered the most beautiful IIM. Not only does this Institute lead in its courses, but its campus speaks of majesty. Located in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IIM Ahmedabad is a fine blend of traditional and modern looks.