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Free Online MBA Courses with Certificates in India

Free Online MBA Courses with Certificates in India

An online Master in Business Administration may be a convenient mode of learning, significantly for working professionals who want to complete their management degrees while not compromising their jobs or any kind of professional work, because the name or term implies.

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 Saurav Anand 25/04/2022
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Free Online MBA Courses with Certificates in India

An online Master in Business Administration may be a convenient mode of learning, significantly for working professionals who want to complete their management degrees while not compromising their jobs or any kind of professional work, because the name or term implies. People’s confidence in on-line Master in Business Administration has developed in recent years as technology, IT, the net, intranet, and therefore the entire education system and business has progressed. It’s an additional advanced form of distance education. The key distinction is that in an internet Master in Business Administration, lectures are delivered through video conferencing, and notes are maintained in pen drives and via lecture recordings. Variety of management institutes in India and abroad supplies on-line Master in Business Administration courses. The length of the course are often anywhere from one to 2 years.

Online MBA CoursesIndia saw an increase in online classes in recent times., Online MBA in India Universities allow thousands of Indian students to move abroad to pursue higher education and better job prospects. students have the opportunity to study at home with Indian universities offering online MBA programs. Online Mba Colleges This has been a great option for both working professionals and anyone with other commitments. Online Courses in India are easy to schedule.

Students have shown great support for Online MBA Courses in India and Indian Universities' certifications. Online degrees are now available at universities that eliminate financial and regional barriers to quality education. This revolution has also led to a rise in employment. Online education will allow skilled instructors and trainers to expand their horizons. Indian universities offering online MBA programs Bangalore offer quality education. They will receive the best training possible from highly qualified professors and instructors.

Indian Universities offer top online MBA Bangalore programs that allow professionals to learn and improve their skills, while also allowing them to work remotely. Top online MBA schools in India. They can keep abreast of new developments and innovations. Certificate courses offered by Indian universities are efficient and cost-effective for all fields.

Best Online MBA Courses in India

Best on-line master’s degree Courses in Bharat. Well, the schools in Bharat aren’t any but the foreign universities abroad. They too have started realising the fast would like importance similarly as demand of on-line and distance education, particularly once the COVID-19 state of affairs. Hence, universities in Bharat even have started providing associate possibility for on-line master’s degree courses and different PGDM courses to the scholars. Here could be a list of a couple of universities in Bharat that area unit providing on-line master’s degree courses to students.

UniversitiesOnline MBA Courses OfferedDuration
Pondicherry University, PuducherryMBA (IB)


MBA (General)


MBA (Finance)
2 years
Amity University, NoidaMBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership

MBA in Finance & Accounting

MBA in International Business

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Petroleum & Natural Gas
2 years
NMIMS Global Access School
for Continuing Education, Mumba
PGDBM1-2 years
National Institute Of Business Management, DelhiOne Year Online MBA Training

Two Year Online MBA Training

One Year Executive MBA Training
1- 2 years
NMIMS Global Access School, NoidaMBA15 months
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, NoidaPost Graduate Diploma in Business Administration1-2 years
Indian School of Business, HyderabadMBA2 years

Eligibility Criteria for Online MBA Courses

The eligibility criteria for online MBA courses are similar to MBA courses in reputed colleges. The various criteria for pursuing Online MBA Courses are: 

You should have to be a graduate of a recognized university. However, the threshold of marks depends and varies from college to college. You also need to appear for any of the management entrance exams such as CAT (Common Aptitude Test), MAT (Management Aptitude Test), SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test), XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) and so on. 

An updated resume or CV with all your working experience is also needed. 

However, if you plan to do an online MBA from a foreign university, you need to appear for the GMAT examination or might even have to show an industrial experience. However, the requirements again vary from college to college.

Q. Top Ranking B-Schools for Online MBA

According to the QS Online MBA Rankings, the following are the top ten business schools with an online MBA:

  • IE Business School      
  • Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London
  • Marshall School of Business, Marshall University
  • Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
  • Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
  • Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales
  • Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
  • Hough Graduate School of Business, University of Florida
  • Durham University Business School

Universities for Online MBA Courses in India

Some of the popular Indian colleges that provide students with the option of online MBA courses are given below:

  • Amity University Online, Noida
  • ITM University Online, Navi Mumbai
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Noida
  • National Institute of Business Management (NIBM), Coimbatore
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Karnataka State Open University
  • Venkateshwara Open University, Pune
  • Don Bosco University Global Center for Open & Distance Education, Assam

1. Accounting – University of Maryland, College Park

Financial accounting is the language of business, just as French is the language of France. The University of Maryland's free online MBA programme teaches students how to comprehend, use, and convey financial data.

Learn how to comprehend the financial accounts that are the foundation of every organisation by taking this free online financial accounting course. The income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement make up this trio of financial information. Students will learn how to use this data to expand their businesses and compete with rivals in addition to gaining a thorough understanding of these fundamental tools. Accounting for finances is more than just keeping financial records. He discusses the theology of financial accounting in his article.

For those who already hold an MBA, this free online MBA course offers useful resources. These advantages stand out in a survey on financial accounting that Scofield & Walsh conducted in 2007. A thorough understanding of financial accounting enables one to contribute more effectively to meetings with auditors, CFOs, and controllers. Additionally, financial accounting directly benefits personal investments, which makes the total idea more fascinating and relevant.

The University of Maryland provides a free MBA in Financial Accounting online education. More than 37,000 students and 250 academic majors are offered at the university. The University System of Maryland launched USMx as a way to benefit from online education. Completely online degree and certificate programmes, MOOCs, and hybrid programmes are among USMx’s offerings.

2. Columbia University, Business Analytics

In a company setting, a lack of distinct options is reduced through the use of business analytics, which aids in making educated decisions. This course is available from Columbia University via the edX platform.

Free online MBA course: Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics. It takes eight to ten hours per week to complete the 12-week course. The class can be taken for free or for the cost of a certified certificate. Today's business practises differ significantly from those of the past in many ways. Decision-making heavily relies on data-driven models, statistical analysis, and optimization. Students exposed to topics like probability and stochastic modelling who choose to take this free online MBA course.These principles are taught in the course through application rather than just theory. The Age of Analytics and The Importance of Data Quality is a Forbes article that makes some insightful observations about business analytics. “59% of organisations employ analytics in some capacity,” the article claims. Businesses use analytics to a greater extent to make choices, pursue goals, and improve interactions with clients and business partners. Analytics has the ability to greatly benefit companies. Businesses who are adept at using and managing this data have a significant advantage over rivals. An essay from LSU Shreveport provided explanations of why business analytics (data analytics) is crucial for MBA professionals. The ability to process the growing volume of data is becoming increasingly difficult.

Through the edX platform, Columbia University is providing this free online MBA course. The eighth-ranked Columbia Business School is AACSB-certified and is listed in U.S. News & World Report. The business school has exclusive access to corporate leaders from a wide range of industries because it is the only Ivy League business school in New York City. The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program at Columbia University and the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program give students a strong foundation from which to start new businesses or obtain priceless experience. Through the edX platform, Columbia University offers a large number of additional free online MBA courses.

3. University of Chicago School of Law

The relationship between law and technology is explored in this free MBA course online. The University of Chicago is the provider of the course.

Seven subjects will be covered in this free online MBA course. The emergence of the personal computer and the internet is where it all started. The subject then shifts to Google and its interaction with governmental rules. The lesson then discusses smartphones and how they started to displace desktop computers. Net neutrality and non-discrimination are the next subject. The lecture then moves on to discussing how music and the internet interact, the development of digital video, and finally the rise of the e-book. Students will fully engage in the free online MBA course.

This no-cost online MBA education is provided by the University of Chicago. The Chicago Approach is a trademark of the Booth School of Business in Chicago. Teaching pupils how to think is a key component of this novel strategy. It involves more than only spreading knowledge. Students learn through the process how to evaluate problems and evidence in a general approach. In addition to more conventional courses like economics and statistics, it offers subjects like psychology and sociology. The variety of forms that Booth’s MBA is offered in enables students to accommodate it into their schedules in the most practical way. There are other open enrollment programmes accessible for executives in addition to the free online MBA course in Business Law. 

4. Berkeley, University of California Business Writing

Students who enroll in this free online MBA course in business writing will learn how to write in a way that will have the greatest impact on social media platforms. The University of California, Berkeley, offers this course.

An online MBA course that is free is writing for Social Media. It lasts for four weeks and calls for a weekly commitment of three to five hours. You can get a validated certificate in business writing. Students who enrol in this course learn how to write for social media. They will discover how to focus on purpose, content, and audience targeting. They will get knowledge about how to use social media platforms to successfully spread a message and get over any challenges that may arise.

 In the end, students will discover how to communicate with users while engaging them. Three reasons are provided by Forbes to highlight the significance of social media writing. Businesses must utilise social media since their rivals are doing it successfully. They are putting themselves at a disadvantage if they are not making use of the medium. The adoption of digital media by many users as opposed to traditional media is the second argument. That is not to argue that old methods should be abandoned, but the expansion of social media and e-commerce is a crucial growth driver. And last, social media analytics are simpler to measure. Social media makes it possible to target the public in a way that traditional media cannot—much more precisely. Social media is also frequently far more effective. Forbes asserts that the core purpose of business is to influence others. The written word is one of the main ways that people are influenced by others. It is simple to understand how important it is to have business writing available as a future business leader.

A free online MBA course is being offered by the University of California, Berkeley through a collaboration with edX. The Haas School of Business at Berkeley is accredited by the AACSB. Along with a Master of Financial Engineering, the school provides a Full-Time MBA, an Evening & Weekend MBA, and an MBA for Executives. The Haas School of Business at Berkeley is ranked seventh best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. 

5. Decision Making – Arizona State University

Making decisions is an essential component of business and can result in success or failure. Students who enroll in this Arizona State University course learn how to make informed judgments.

Leading Digital and Data Decision Making is a free online MBA course that Arizona State University is offering through edX to students and working people. The subject involves making decisions, which are essential to company and may result in success or failure. In particular, this course will teach you how to evaluate facts and come to global conclusions. Following that, students are introduced to corporate digital ecosystems. Blockchain, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are significant subjects, as is how these tools function. 

As was previously mentioned, good decision-making is essential to a business’ success. According to Inc., decisions must be made very quickly and that a lack of a decision constitutes a desire to make none at all. Making decisions, which ultimately determine a company’s course, is so important that it is necessary to have the greatest information available. MBA graduates must develop their decision-making skills because they will eventually lead businesses. In his essay titled The 3D MBA, Roger Martin notes that MBA students study a variety of models that can be used to make wise decisions. He claims that these models occasionally do not apply to a real-world event, which could result in unwise decisions. 

He cites the ever-changing business environment as one of the reasons why models must change and new models must be incorporated. This free online MBA course is a great illustration of a relatively new field that may be used to make decisions based on a changing business environment with greater knowledge.

The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University offers a wide range of MBA and Masters programmes. These include the #10 ranked online MBA in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, U.S. News has the AACSB-accredited business school in its top 35 list. ASU provides a number of other free online MBA courses through the edX platform, including Microeconomic Principle, Global Leadership, and Personal Development.

6. University of Pennsylvania Economics 

Understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics required the Rosetta Stone, just as comprehending markets requires an understanding of economics. This free online MBA course from the University of Pennsylvania allows students to learn about market faults and possible solutions.

The free online MBA course's subject is named Microeconomics: When Markets Fail. In contrast to macroeconomics, which examines entire economies and nations, microeconomics focuses on individual economic systems. It concentrates on something like a person, a group, or a business. The fundamental tenet of the course is that markets are imperfect and do not always stand the test of time. The following lesson examines various reasons for market failures.

Students who complete this free online MBA course will be better prepared to comprehend the value of approaching economics from the bottom up from a microeconomic perspective. This viewpoint, combined with the study of macroeconomics, is essential to comprehending economies as a whole. There is a high learning curve for MBA students because they do not have the same extensive knowledge in this area as students of economics. Students can approach the material in this free online MBA course in a flexible and convenient manner, working through the material at their own leisure.

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, which U.S. News & World Report ranks as the top business school in the nation, is the provider of this free online MBA course. Known as the original business school. As the first business school in the world, Wharton has been around for more than 135 years. It provides a range of MBA degrees, including regular and executive MBAs as well as a number of combination MBA degrees, like the MBA/JD. Additionally, Wharton offers a huge selection of online degrees and certificates. Leadership, technology, industry-specific training, and business strategy courses are some of the topics offered. More than 100 online courses are available from the University of Pennsylvania, several of which have a paid credential option. For Continuing Education Units, Wharton Online's whole catalogue of online courses has been accredited. Elon Musk, the creator and CEO of Tesla, and Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, are two well-known alumni of The Wharton School.

7. Entrepreneurship – Babson College

The idea of entrepreneurship is founding one or more firms while assuming financial risk and looking to make a profit. Through the edX platform, Babson College provides this free online MBA course.

A free online MBA course in entrepreneurial operations covers how to start a business. The information required to effectively assess starting an organisation from scratch is provided by startups that have been studied in numerous industries. Several subjects are covered in this free online MBA course. In the end, they instruct students on how to successfully launch a start-up, the role of operations in doing so, and the operational hazards associated with doing so. For individuals who don’t want to spend money on a validated certificate, the course is free. Entrepreneurship is essential for a number of reasons, according to an essay in Europe Business Review Entrepreneurship makes a significant contribution to GDP as well as to company innovation and efficiency. They significantly contribute to the expansion of employment. They create novel goods and services that frequently result in social transformation. Last but not least, entrepreneurship encourages R&D. A Forbes article discusses the possible advantages of including entrepreneurship in an MBA. According to the report, the IT sector is the newest hot field, and someone with a regular MBA may not have the right mindset for a start-up business. A thorough study of entrepreneurship can close this gap and show that the student is knowledgeable about original thought and creativity.

The edX platform hosts the free online MBA course, and Babson College, too. According to U.S. News & World Report, Babson University offers the best MBA in the nation for entrepreneurship. It is ranked as the #31 online MBA programme and the #72 best business school overall. All of Babson’s MBA programmes are infused with an entrepreneurial spirit, and the university boasts a prestigious alumni network of more than 42,000 people spread over 120 countries and all 50 states. An MBA, an MS in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership, an MS in Finance, and an MS in Business Analytics are just a few of the full-time and part-time programmes offered at Babson. Financial Accounting Made Fun, Analytics for Decision Making, Customer-Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs, and Rise to Leadership: Become a CEO are additional free online MBA courses provided by Babson through the edX platform.

What are the advantages of an online MBA course in India?

A college degree is not enough in today's competitive job market. Managers seek out highly qualified, gifted individuals who can help their organizations and workgroups achieve their goals. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 77% of US companies wanted to hire MBA graduates. There is a growing demand for business experts from the Asia Pacific region. Signing up for an online MBA course is the best option. These projects are designed to help you prepare for the future. You gain industry-specific skills and information. However, you also get to know the inside workings of business executives. Online MBA courses are practical and financially sound, allowing you to pursue your goals at your own pace.

MBA graduates are ready to work in a variety of jobs within businesses. You can also get a job as an executive in your current organization by completing the online MBA courses in India. This can help you not only increase your knowledge and skills, but also give you the confidence to make a lasting change in your life. Online MBA courses offer the opportunity to take courses from around the world without having to relocate.

What can you learn from an online MBA program?

Let's now see what this wealth of information can do for you. An internet-based MBA program in India allows you to choose to work in a variety of financial areas. These are some senior-level positions that you can get with postgraduate education.

Marketing Manager: You are responsible for promoting, advertising and deals within an association. You may also be responsible for specific items or administrations. Publicizing offices also require that showcasing chiefs work with content creators and statistical surveying examiners. They also have to answer questions about the organization's mission accomplishment.

Communications Directors: These professionals direct the overall picture of an organization by carrying out different information procedures. They coordinate advertising, publicizing and online entertainment by directing news releases, organizing question and answer sessions and liaising directly with the media.

Director of Business Operations: They plan, execute and monitor business operations to ensure viability and productivity. To ensure compliance with all rules and regulations relating to the assembly of an item, or the administration creation and conveyance, the Director of Business Operations collaborates with senior leaders and other chiefs.

Chief Compliance Officers: They conduct surveys and reviews to ensure that the organization adheres to its administrative and strategic goals. Additional responsibilities include examining any possible offence and settling consistency with the proper measures.

You may need additional accreditations to be able to progress into more specific jobs. Even if they aren't legally required, bosses in certain areas will expect you to have the appropriate licensure. To be able to act as a reviewer, you will need to have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Name of UniversitiesOnline courses offered
Amity University OnlineB.Com    
BA Journalism and Mass Communication
PG Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management    
PG Diploma in Retail Management    
PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management    
SRM University Chennai – SRM Institute of Science and TechnologyBBA    
IIT MadrasBSc in Programming and Data Science
NMIMS Mumbai – Narsee Monjee Institute of Management StudiesB.Com    
Jain University, BangaloreUG Courses   B.Com Accounting and Finance,  B.Com Corporate Accounting Benchmarked to Chartered Accountancy Course of ICAI , B.Com Corporate Secretaryship Benchmarked to CS Course of ICSI,    B.Com Cost Accounting Benchmarked to CMA Course of ICAI, B.Com International Finance and Accounting Integrated with ACCA UK, BBA Advertising and Branding and Advanced Certificate from UpGrad, BBA Data Science and Analytics and Advanced Certification Program in Analytics and Data Science from Great Learning, BBA Digital Marketing and Advanced Certification Program in Digital Marketing from Great Learning, BBA International Finance Integrated with ACCA UK, BBA Finance     BBA Human Resource Management, BBA Marketing, BBA Strategy and Leadership and Advanced Certificate from upGrad, PG Courses, MA English, MA Journalism and Mass Communication, M.Com Accounting and Finance, MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management, MBA Finance     MBA Finance and Human Resource Management     MBA Marketing     MBA Marketing and Finance, MBA Marketing and Human Resource Management, M.Com International Finance Integrated with ACCA UK Advanced Certification Program in International Finance from Miles Education, M.Com Professional Accounting and Finance with US CPA and Advanced Certification Program in Professional Accounting and Finance from Miles Education, MBA Advertising and Branding and Advanced Certificate from upGrad, MBA Analytics and Data Science and Advanced Certification Program in Analytics and Data Science from Great Learning,    MBA Banking and Finance and Advanced Certification Program in Banking and Finance from Bankedge,     MBA Digital Marketing and E Commerce and Advanced Certification Program in Digital Marketing and E Commerce from Great Learning, MBA Fintech and Advanced Certification Program in Fintech from Imarticus Learning, MBA General Management, MBA Human Resource Management, MBA Information Technology Management, MBA International Finance Integrated with ACCA UK, MBA Investment Banking and Equity Research and Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking and Equity Research from Imarticus Learning, MBA Real Estate Management and Advanced Certification Program in Real Estate Management from IREU, MBA Strategic Finance Integrated with US CPA and US CMA     MBA Strategy and Leadership and Advanced Certificate from upGrad, MBA Systems and Operations,     MCA Cloud Computing and Advanced Certification Program in Cloud Computing from Great Learning     MCA Computer Science and Information Technology, MCA Data Science and Advanced Certification Program in Data Science from Great Learning, MCA Full Stack Development and Advanced Certification Program in Full Stack Development from Great Learning
OP Jindal Global University, SonipatMBA Digital Finance and Banking
Aligarh Muslim UniversityB.Com     BA Economics     BA English     BA Hindi     BA History     BA Political Science     BA Urdu     M.Com     MA Economics     MA English     MA Hindi     MA History     MA Political Science     MA Urdu
Alagappa UniversityB.Com     BA Tamil     BBA     M.Com     MA English     MA Journalism and Mass Communication     MA Tamil     MBA Financial Management     MBA General Management     MBA Human Resource     MBA Logistics Management     MBA Tourism Management
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, CoimbatoreBBA    
DPU Pune – Dr DY Patil VidyapeethBBA    

Top Online MBA Courses in India

Amity University

One of the best universities offering online courses in India, Amity University is a private university founded in 2005. Established under an act of the State Legislature and recognized by UGC through the Act of State Legislature. Amity University is a private institute in Noida, India. The Amity University Online program offers a plethora of courses in various disciplines such as Library and Information Science, Information Technology, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Development, Disaster Management, travel and tourism, etc.

SRM University Chennai

One of the best Indian universities providing online courses, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai is regarded as one of the top universities for science and technology. This private university was founded in 1985. Accredited by NAAC with a ‘A++’ Grade and ranked 30th under the university category by NIRF, the SRM has been home to many aspirants. The institute offers a variety of UG, PG, and doctoral programmes in different disciplines such as Science, Humanities, Management, Engineering, Medicine & Health Sciences, etc.

IIT Madras

Established in 1959, the Indian Institute of Technology is recognised as an Institute of National Importance. As one of the best technical and research institutes in the country, IIT Madras offers courses (PG, Research) in various disciplines. Recently, due to the growing demand, the institute is offering an online BSc Degree program in programming and data science. Considering the importance of Data Science and programming in the present and the future, the institute offers one of the best Indian university online certificate courses that can open doors to a rewarding career.

NMIMS Mumbai – Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

Established in 1981, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai has been recognised as a ‘Deemed to be University by UGC. NMIMS Mumbai is a private university. It has been accredited by the NAAC and has been given an ‘A+’ grade for its excellence. In the NIRF rankings of 2021 the institute ranked 22nd in the management category in the country. One of the top institutes for offering Indian university online certificate courses, the institute bagged 94th rank in the overall category in NIRF 2021. NMIMS offers courses at UG and PG levels (B.Com Hons, Integrated MBA, B.B.A, MBA Entrepreneurship and Family Business, PGDM Business Analytics, etc.)

Jain University

Founded in 1990, Jain university is a private university located in Bangalore. Approved by UGC, the institute has been accredited with a grade (A) by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Over 200 recruiters visit the university campus every year. Jain university has its own entrance exam, the Jain Entrance Test (JET) for admission to UG and PG programs. In NIRF 2021 ranking, the institute bagged 99th rank in the university category.

OP Jindal University, Sonepat

Founded in 2009 by the Haryana Government, OP Jindal Global University is a private university recognised by UGC as an ‘Institute of Eminence’. The institute has also received an ‘A’ grade from NAAC. Also, OP Jindal Global University is a member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Aligarh Muslim University

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1920 formed Aligarh Muslim University by taking the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College to a whole new level. It has become one of the most important universities of Institutions of learning in India. Ranked as one of the top 20 research institutes in India, it attracts students not just from all across India but also from other parts of the world. Aligarh Muslim University was ranked 10th in the University category by NIRF.

Alagappa University

Established in May 1985 by a Special Act of the Tamil Nadu Government, Alagappa University Karaikudi is recognised by UGC. The institute offers a variety of courses for different levels (UG, PG, Research, Diploma). The institute also offers different modes of studying (Regular, Weekend, Online, ) The institute is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). The institute bagges 33rd rank in the NIRF ranking of 2021, varsity. Alagappa University has international collaborations with universities and higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and South Korea.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a private university in Coimbatore, India. The institute was awarded an ‘A++’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council in 2009. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham offers UGC approved courses. This is one of the best private institutes offering quality Indian university online certificate courses. Some of the core subjects offered are Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Allied Health Sciences, Sciences, arts & Culture, Nano-Sciences, Commerce, Humanities & Social Sciences, Business, Ayurveda, Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, Literature, Spiritual studies, Philosophy, Education, Sustainable Development, Mass Communication, etc.

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth (DPU), Pune,

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth (DPU), Pune, became a “Deemed-to-be-University’’ under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956 in the year 2003. The institute was sponsored by Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Society, Pune. The institute has collaborations with many top institutes from around the world like Johns Hopkins University, University of Edinburgh, Thammasat University, Napier University, Hong Kong University, etc.

Top Online MBA Courses

1. MBA (Global), Deakin Business School (DBS)

This two-year web-based MBA course with double qualifications from Australia’s DBS and IMT Ghaziabad has arisen as a well-known decision among MBA competitors. Deakin is likewise among the top 1% of B-schools around the world. The program incorporates different subjects like Business Growth Strategies, Strategic Thinking and Planning Abilities, Integrated Business Strategy Formulation, Design Thinking, Change Management, Financing Strategies, and International Business. The internet-based MBA course is enhanced with devoted mentorship and disconnected systems administration open doors. Outfitted with this MBA degree, you can pack high-profile jobs in like Marketing, Finance, and Sales like Management Consulting, Strategy, Operations, Business Development, and HR Management. One of the most amazing web-based MBA courses accessible.

MBA in Digital Finance & Banking, Jindal Global University

This two-year-long internet-based MBA course in Digital Finance and Banking is ideal for applicants who wish to enter the BFSI area. It covers industry-explicit subjects like Fintech Ecosystems Management, Financial Management and Valuation, Artificial Intelligence in Business, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Data Visualization in Finance, Digital Fraud and Risk Analytics, and Design Thinking and Leadership for Business.

This is one of the most outstanding internet-based MBA courses in India in DFB. Online MBA courses are a most ideal choice if you would rather not relinquish your position and seek after.

These fields of study are incredibly applicable to the present BFSI industry that is going through a quick computerized change. Additionally, this web-based MBA course incorporates live tasks, contextual analyses, mock meetings, continue building meetings, and distributed systems administration.

MBA, Liverpool Business School

Authorized by UK’s Liverpool Business School, this internet-based MBA course incorporates seven days long inundation program at the college grounds. In this MBA program, you can look over a few specializations including Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy and Leadership, Analytics.

The web-based MBA course modules incorporate Digital Business Innovation, Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Engagement and People Performance, Enterprise and Risk Management, Leading Change for Sustainable Futures, and Project Management. The span of the MBA course is 20 months, during which you get a vocation and mentorship support from industry pioneers. Upon effective finishing, you will likewise get a PGP in Management accreditation from IMT Ghaziabad.

MBA -BA, NMIMS Global Access School

This is a 15-month Executive MBA program with a specialization in Business Analytics. Planned explicitly for working experts, it offers an extraordinary method for adjusting work and study life. It is one of the most amazing internet-based MBA courses in India and guarantees learning and openness that is at standard with nearby MBA programs.

This internet-based MBA course will show you the centre administration abilities and their use of examination in fields like Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Supply Chain, Big Data, and Machine Learning advancements. A portion of the course features incorporates disconnected systems administration occasions, one-on-one guide cooperation’s, and a three-month industry-driven capstone project. With this MBA degree, you can settle on work jobs like Growth Manager, Business Consultant, HR Manager, Finance Manager, and so forth

Master of Business Administration (General), Chandigarh University

It is a 2-year course that incorporates a 6-month temporary position and three customized tracks, each for work wannabes, independent work searchers, and understudies searching for serious test planning.

The four electives remembered for the educational program are Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, and Marketing Management. They are covered during the third and fourth semesters of the program along with Strategic Management, Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Environment and Regulatory Framework, Industry Analysis and Company Profiling, and Project Reports.

Semester I and II, then again, contain subjects like Marketing Management, Business Economics, Business Communications, Financial Management and Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Management Information Systems, Management Practices and Organizational Behavior, Corporate Finance, Basic Analysis through Excel, Digital Marketing, Research Methodology, Operations Management, and Human Resource Management. A portion of the course features incorporates showing colleague support, 360-degree professional direction, and companion gaining valuable open doors from openness to upGrad’s 40,000+ student base.

How To Choose the Top Online MBA Course?

Since it is now so obvious about what online MBA courses involve and their post-capability profession tracks let us assist you with choosing a program that is an ideal choice for you. You ought to evaluate your choices in the radiance of elements like span, license, cost, and anticipated results.

Most internet-based MBA courses have a term of 12-20 months, though different projects might keep going for a long time, as conventional MBAs. Chief MBAs permit you to finish your coursework part-time. Furthermore, you ought to assess your choices as far as the per-week time responsibilities and check if any cutoff times conflict with your current timetable.

Most definitely, your internet-based MBA course could be partnered with worldwide, public, or provincial foundations. Along these lines, figure out the name and status of its giving foundation. A few projects might offer double licenses from a scholastic organization and an industry-related body. An establishment’s position should be visible as an impression of its educational programs, workforce, and understudy results.

Presently, how about we think about the expense factor. Seeking after web-based postgraduate schooling would consequently dispose of your movement and convenience related costs. Additionally, numerous B-schools charge a lower expense for online courses than their nearby educational cost rates. The absolute MBA expenses might shift contingent on the establishment. In this way, analyze your choices in a like manner. Also, remember to contrast the costs and the program results. You can likewise contact late graduated class to get greater lucidity.

Top Online MBA Cost

The normal charge for Online MBA programs is around Rs 50, 000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Online MBA programs are led in the part-time mode for a span of 1 – 4 years in various MBA universities and online stages. Online MBA courses are helpful for graduates who need to work just after graduation or are now working. The qualification models for an internet-based MBA are relatively adaptable contrasted with a full-time MBA: graduation from a perceived University, and work insight for a little while (on account of Online Executive MBA programs). A few universities consider public level MBA placement tests scores for online MBA confirmation.

Famous Institutions like NMIMS, Amity University, NIBM, and Welingkar offer UGC-Approved Online MBA Programs. As of late, Jain University presented an Online MBA program as a team with upGrad with arrangement help and paid entry-level position of a half year to post the course consummation. Post Coronavirus, numerous business colleges abroad have presented internet-based MBA programs according to US News reports 2022.

Online MBA charges are low when contrasted with expenses for a customary MBA Course, going from INR 50,000 – 6,00,000 in the greater part of the MBA Colleges. Online MBA programs are additionally extremely well known abroad. The University of Newcastle, University of North Carolina, Arizona State University are the top schools for seeking an internet-based MBA abroad. With the new presentation of virtual stages, for example, UpGrad, understudies can now seek an Online MBA from Top Business Schools Abroad without spending lakhs on everyday costs and visa systems.

Online MBA from authorised MBA schools is perceived by businesses and selection representatives and offers respectable position offers. A portion of the top scouts incorporates Amazon, HCL, Grofers, Zomato, and so forth The normal compensation after an internet-based MBA range from INR 3 – 7 lakh in the underlying stages. A 2021 vocation patterns report by UpGrad claims that internet-based MBA graduates secure placements up to INR 25 lakhs for each annum in tech goliaths like Paytm, Infosys, Wipro, and so forth.

Top Online MBA Courses Fees in India

Online MBA Programs may vary from one University to another.

  • In the majority of the cases, candidates have to appear for online entrance examinations such as CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, and GMAT.
  • Certain Universities/Institutes have their own entrance examinations.
  • Some Universities/Institutes enroll students directly, on the basis of merit.
  • Work experience of 2-5 years is necessary in the case of online executive MBA programs.

Top Online MBA in India

Program NameCollege NameAverage Course Fees
Online MBAAmity University, NoidaINR 2,50,000
PGDM HBWelingkar OnlineINR 61,000
MBA OnlineVenkateshwara Open UniversityINR 61,500
Online MBAITM University OnlineINR 80,000
MBA Distance EducationPondicherry UniversityINR 24,925
Online MBAManipal University, JaipurINR 1,50,000
MBA Program (Online)Jain University, BangaloreINR 2,00,000
Online MBAIFHE Hyderabad

Top Online MBA Courses Fees in India

Top Online MBA Programs may vary from one University to another.

  • In the majority of the cases, candidates have to appear for online entrance examinations such as CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, GMAT.
  • Certain Universities/Institutes have their own entrance examinations.
  • Some Universities/Institutes enroll students directly, on the basis of merit.
  • Work experience of 2-5 years is necessary in the case of online executive MBA programs.
College NameApplication DatesOnline MBA Fees
Amity University, NoidaFebruary 12 OnwardsINR 1,20,000 – 3,50,000
Jaipur National University, JaipurTo be announcedINR 43,100
Jaipuria Institute of ManagementApplications Open till March 31, 2022INR 1,90,500
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)December 2021 – March 15, 2022INR 37, 800
Pondicherry University, Directorate of Distance EducationTo be announcedINR 24,925
National Institute of Business Management, PuneTo be announcedINR 22,000
Venkateshwara Open University, NaharlagunTo be announcedINR 89,500
Assam Don Bosco University, GuwahatiTo be announcedINR 1,00,000
Karnataka State Open University, MysoreTo be announcedINR 35,000
NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education, MumbaiApplications OpenINR 86,000

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Online MBA Courses

Q. How can I get a free MBA?

Ans. Free resources
Wharton School offers the equivalent of first-year MBA courses on Coursera. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launched an entire online MBA on Coursera accessible for free as is the case with Moocs.

Q. Is online MBA recognised in India?

Ans. Yes, online MBA courses are recognised by UGC and companies, provided the degree is earned from a reputed institute. Moreover, online MBA graduates must hold several skill sets to stand apart from the candidates who have completed a regular MBA course.

Q. Can I study MBA online?

Ans. Yes. Several recognised institutes offer online MBA courses in India. However, an online MBA course has a limited course curriculum focusing on particular subjects.

Q. How much does an online MBA cost?

Ans. Online MBA costs between INR 20,000 to INR 4 Lakhs. Students will get an Online MBA degree from foreign Universities for around INR 4 lakhs.

Q. Which country is cheapest for MBA?

Ans. Portugal. Portugal is the cheapest country for doing MBA. International students enrolled into an eligible university in Portugal can enjoy low tuition fees, and fully funded grants and government scholarships.

Q. How can I do MBA for free in India?

Ans. Universities For Online MBA Courses in India :

Q. What is the cheapest online MBA India?

Ans. Best Cheapest Distance MBA College in India :

Q. How can I study MBA abroad for free?

Ans. Choose a country with an affordable cost of living. You don’t have to break the bank just to take your studies overseas
Enroll directly in a foreign university or language school.
Complete work-study.
Opt for a cheap study abroad program.
Apply for scholarships & grants.

Q. Is distance MBA easy?

Ans. Distance MBA is a mode of education wherein you can complete your MBA or equivalent course without actually visiting the college. It is flexible, cheap, and easy to clear, unlike a full-time MBA course.

Q. Is online MBA legal in India?

Ans. Yes, the online MBA programmes are recognised by companies, provided the degree is earned from a recognised and reputed institute. Moreover, the students should also have secured good marks or grades in the programme to improve their career path.

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