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NMAT Result 2023: Release Date, Scorecard

Results The Graduate Management Aptitude Council (GMAC) will give out scores as the NMAT 2023 result, within 48 hours of giving the test. The candidates will get an email when the NMAT results are made public. On the official website, they will be able to see their scores and download the NMAT scorecard. To get […]

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NMAT 2023, NMIMS Management Aptitude Test


The Graduate Management Aptitude Council (GMAC) will give out scores as the NMAT 2023 result, within 48 hours of giving the test. The candidates will get an email when the NMAT results are made public. On the official website, they will be able to see their scores and download the NMAT scorecard. To get to the scorecard, candidates will need the information for their GMAC account.

How to Find Out Your NMAT Score in 2023?

There is no set date for the NMAT results because you can get your scorecard 48 hours after taking the test. To access, view, and download the NMAT scorecards on the login portal, candidates will need to use their GMAC login accounts. Here are the steps you need to take to get your NMAT scorecard for 2023:

Step 1: Go to the website for company.

Step 2: Click the “Results” link.

Step 3: An NMAT portal login window will show up.

Step 4: Type in the login ID and password you made when you signed up.

Step 5: Type your birth date in the space provided.

Step 6: Type the security code into the space that asks for it.

Step 7: The results tab will show up once the form has been sent.

Step 8: Save the outcome.

Details on the NMAT Result Scorecard for 2023

The following information will be on the NMAT scorecard:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • Candidate’s Father’s Name
  • Candidate’s Mother’s Name
  • Date of Birth of the Candidate
  • Gender of the Candidate
  • Candidate’s Application Number
  • Category of the Candidate
  • Candidate’s Roll Number
  • NMAT Percentile Score
  • NMAT Scaled Score
  • NMAT Subject-wise Marks
  • Total Marks Scored by the Candidate

Score Range for the NMAT in 2023

The range of expected NMAT scores is shown in the table below.

Subjects/SectionsNumber of QuestionsScore Range
Logical Reasoning3612 – 120
Language Skills3612 – 120
Quantitative Skills3612 – 120

NMAT Result 2023 Scaled scores are different from percentile scores.

Scaled Scores: Once the test forms have been checked, the real test scores are put on a common scale, taking into account any differences and how hard the paper was overall. This makes sure that all of the test forms are the same so that students who take different test forms won’t change their final score.

Percentile Scores: Once all of the people who signed up for the NMAT 2023 exam have taken it, the authorities will figure out the final percentile scores. After the test is over, the candidate’s final percentile scores will be sent to the B-schools he or she chose.

Once the results are out, the NMAT cut-off marks will be made public. The list of NMAT’s top students will also be made public. Once the cut-off marks are announced, the different institutes that are taking part will narrow down the candidates based on their own cut-offs and ranks. If a candidate wants to get into the MBA program at the school of their choice, they must meet the minimum cut-off requirements. The NMAT cut-off scores will be determined by the following:

  • The level of difficulty of the NMAT.
  • How many students showed up to take the test.
  • The number of places to sit.
  • The cut-off marks from the year before.

Once candidates have been chosen, they have to go through the admissions process, which includes a group discussion, a written ability test, a case discussion, and a personal interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NMAT Result 2023 :

Q. How will I know if I passed the NMAT? What information is included in the NMAT result?

Ans. Candidates can access their NMAT results by logging into their NMAT accounts. The following are some of the details mentioned on the NMAT scorecard:

  • Name of the candidate
  • NMAT identification number
  • NMAT scaled score for each section
  • Overall rating (scaled)
  • NMAT final percentile

Q. Which courses at NMIMS Mumbai are considered to be the best?

Ans. NMIMS Mumbai is regarded as the best for courses such as;

  • MBA
  • MBA HR
  • MBA (Law)
  • MBA Pharmaceutical Management
  • Executive MBA
  • MBA Social Entrepreneurship
  • MBA family business

Q. I am a working professional; can I give the NMAT Exam?

Ans. Yes, working professionals are also eligible to give the NMAT 2023 exam.

Q. What is the order of preference for the various NMIMS campuses?

Ans. The following is a ranking of NMIMS campuses in order of preference, based on what the B-school ranking represents.

Q. Will I receive a hard copy of my NMAT 2023 scorecard?

Ans. No, GMAC will not send any candidate a hard copy of their scorecard. Following the announcement of the NMAT results, test takers must download their scores from the NMAT by GMAC website.

Q. Will I be able to take admission if I do not meet the minimum NMAT cutoff?

Ans. Admission applications will be rejected if a candidate fails to meet the NMAT cut-off marks.

Q. Can I have my NMAT score re-evaluated? Are the NMAT 2022 results available?

Ans. No, it does not. Re-evaluation of NMAT results by GMAC is an option.

NMAT 2022 results are not yet available because the exam has not yet been completed.

Q. If I have a backlog in my final years of high school, will I still be admitted based on my NMAT score?

Ans. Yes, the candidates will be admitted to the college in this situation, but their admission will be temporary until the Certificate of Merit in the degree is submitted.

Q. Will I be notified by email when the NMAT 2023 results are released?

Ans. Yes, test takers will be notified of the NMAT results 2023 on their registered email ID, as well as via SMS and the registered mobile number.

Q. What is the deadline for downloading the NMAT 2022 scorecard?

Ans. The deadline to download the NMAT 2022 scorecard is March 2023.

Q. What are the rounds for which candidates must appear after being shortlisted by the institutes?

Ans. After being shortlisted, candidates must attend Group Discussion (GD), Writing Ability Test (WAT), Case Discussion (CD), and Personal Interview rounds for selection and admission through NMAT 2022.

Q. Do you get your NMAT results instantly? Is the NMIMS NMAT result available?

Ans. The NMAT 2022 exam results will be released approximately 48 hours after the exam date. Yes, the NMAT scorecard 2022 is available after each attempt.