NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution
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NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution

Exam Pattern: NMAT 2023 The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will put the NMAT exam pattern for 2023 on its website so that people can get an idea of what the test is like. With the help of the NMAT paper pattern 2023, candidates will be able to get a good idea of the question […]

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NMAT 2023, NMIMS Management Aptitude Test

Exam Pattern: NMAT 2023

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will put the NMAT exam pattern for 2023 on its website so that people can get an idea of what the test is like. With the help of the NMAT paper pattern 2023, candidates will be able to get a good idea of the question paper and practise in the right way.

GMAC decides how the NMAT paper will be set up. The NMAT is done on a computer. The main parts of the NMAT exam in 2023 will be Logical Reasoning, Language Skills, and Quantitative Skills.

Here are all of the details about the NMAT pattern:

Conducting Body/AuthorityGMAC or Graduate Management Admission Council
Exam LevelNational level Exam
Medium of the NMAT ExamEnglish
Number of Sections3 (Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning)
Total Number of Questions108
Time Allotted120 minutes or two hours
Type of QuestionsMCQ or Objective type questions
Mode of ExamOnline mode or CBT (Computer Based Test)
Total Score Range36 – 360

NMAT Marking Scheme 2023

It’s important for all candidates to know how the NMAT is scored so they can prepare for the test well. The weights of the three sections or subjects on the NMAT have been changed, as has the way the test is scored. The candidates need to think carefully about how to answer the questions. It’s important to note that the NMAT doesn’t have any negative marks.

Below are details like the number of points for each NMAT question:

ResponseMarks Awarded/Deducted
Correct Answer+3 Marks
Incorrect AnswerNo negative marking
Unattempted QuestionNo addition or deduction
  • The total number of points on the NMAT, or the total score range, is between 36 and 360. The lowest score on the NMAT is 36, and the most you can get is 360.
  • The range of possible scores is the same for all three parts. Each part has a score range of 12 to 120.
  • After a candidate finishes a section, all of the answers he or she has given will be taken as final.

Changes in NMAT Exam Pattern 2023

Each part of the 2019 NMAT had a different number of questions. The NMAT question pattern was changed in the year 2020. In the Logical Reasoning section, there were 40 questions, in the Quantitative Skills section there were 48 questions, and in the Language Skills section there were 32 questions. GMAC has cut the number of questions in Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Skills and added more questions to Language Skills.

There are now 36 questions in each section of the NMAT exam for 2023. The number of total questions has gone down from 120 to 108. So, there will now be a total of 108 questions on the test.

Marks distribution for the NMAT in 2023

Here is a breakdown of how the NMAT marks are given out. It is very important for candidates to know how the NMAT exam is scored. The changes or the revised paper pattern are very important for people who are taking the exam. To get the most points possible on the NMAT paper, candidates must always take the test.

Based on the NMAT by GMAC exam pattern, here’s how the points are given out:

Subjects/SectionsNumber of QuestionsScore Range
Logical Reasoning3612 – 120
Language Skills3612 – 120
Quantitative Skills3612 – 120

NMAT Exam Structure by Section

For a better understanding, here is how each of the three parts of the NMAT exam is set up:

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Language Skills:

As was said there will be 36 questions in this section. The candidates will have 28 minutes to finish the whole section on Language Skills.

Candidates are given less time to complete this section. So, the candidates need to keep up a good pace so they don’t miss any questions.

Before taking the real test, candidates should practice solving error exercises, finishing sentences, making analogies, and understanding what they read.

For clearer explanations, examples, and exercises, candidates should also look at good books on English grammar and comprehension.

Quantitative Skills NMAT Test Pattern 2023

This section, too, has a total of 36 questions that must be answered in 52 minutes or less.

Math questions will be asked in this section, and the candidate must be able to answer them quickly.

The candidates must use as many tips, tricks, and short cuts as they can to find the answer quickly.

Practice is important if you want to be fast and accurate.

Arithmetic, Data Sufficiency, Charts and Graphs, Probability, and Algebra are all important topics.

Logical Reasoning NMAT Test Pattern for 2023

This section gives you 40 minutes to solve it. So that they don’t miss any questions, candidates must keep up a good pace.

Details on the NMAT 2023 score

The candidates will get their scorecard with their scaled scores for each section and their total score for the NMAT by GMAC exam within 48 hours of taking the test, as long as there are no problems with test delivery and the audit of online exams is done, which may take 5 to 7 working days.

When the candidates’ scorecards are ready to be downloaded, they will be told by email.

Scaled scores: On the NMAT by GMAC exam, questions are chosen from a pool for each test taker based on how well they did on the questions they had already answered. The questions a candidate gets are based on his or her ability level. This means that a candidate with a high score will usually get a harder sample of questions than a candidate with a low score. The NMAT by GMAC exam is given a scaled score from 12 to 120, which is based on the candidate’s final ability estimate. This estimate is based on the probabilistic model approach of modern exam theory.

NMAT Time Limits for Each Section

The time limit has also changed with the new NMAT 2023 test format. 

The table below shows how much time you have for each section of the NMAT:

Sections/ SubjectsTime Allotted
Logical Reasoning40 Minutes
Language Skills28 Minutes
Quantitative Skills52 Minutes

The candidates have a certain amount of time to finish each section or subject. All candidates must pay attention to how long they have to finish each section. The NMAT Exam 2023 gives you a total of 120 minutes, or two hours, to finish it.

In 2019, the time limit for the Logical Reasoning section of the NMAT was 38 minutes, for the Language Skills section it was 22 minutes, and for the Quantitative Skills section it was 60 minutes. The time limit for the section on logical reasoning and language skills has been lengthened, while the time limit for the section on quantitative skills has been shortened.

Compared to other management exams

A lot of people who want to get an MBA choose the NMAT. Since NMAT isn’t as hard and there aren’t as many people taking it as other management exams in India. Taking a look at how the NMAT compares to other tests is helpful for everyone who is taking it. This will help the applicants understand how the NMAT exam will be set up in 2023.

NMAT Exam Pattern vs CAT Exam Pattern

The CAT is the hardest exam in the group of management exams. If a candidate wants to take a similar but easier test, they can choose NMAT instead of CAT and still get into one of India’s good B-schools. We’ve written out the differences below:

ParticularsNMAT Exam PatternCAT Exam Pattern
SectionsVerbal – 36
Logical Reasoning – 36
Quant – 36
Verbal & RC – 26
DI & LR – 24
Quant – 26
Option to Choose the Order of ExamYesNo
Total Questions10876
Total Duration2 hours2 hours
Negative MarkingNo negative marking1 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer in MCQ. No negative marking for Non-MCQs

Frequently Asked Questions About NMAT Exam Pattern 2023

Q. Who puts out the NMAT Syllabus 2023?

Ans. Every year, the Graduate Management Admission Council posts the NMAT Syllabus 2023 on its website. Due to the change in how the exam is set up, the NMAT’s curriculum has been changed. Students are told to look at the updated syllabus and then start studying for the test.

Q. Which coaching centers help you learn the most about the NMAT Syllabus 2023?

Ans. The NMAT is a national test that is used to get into MBA programs at NMIMS and other well-known business schools. Here is a list of both online and offline coaching centers that can help you finish the NMAT Syllabus 2023:

  • Career Launcher 
  • T.I.M.E
  • IMS Learning
  • Unacademy 

Q. Is the NMAT Syllabus 2023 the same as any other MBA exam’s syllabus?

Ans. The NMAT syllabus for 2023 is the same as the NMAT syllabus for CAT, MAT, and XAT. But there are some differences, such as the level of difficulty and the number of extra sections. Before taking an entrance exam, students are required to look at the test’s syllabus.

Q. Which part of the NMAT Syllabus 2023 is the most difficult?

Ans. People think that the hardest part of the NMAT Syllabus 2023 is the section on quantitative skills. It takes a lot of time and is quite long. Students need to do a lot of practice papers from this section in order to do well.

Q. How long does it take to finish NMAT Syllabus 2023?

Ans. It is best to cover all of the topics on the NMAT Syllabus 2023. Depending on how many hours you work every day, this would take between 4 and 6 months. The students need to look over the course outline and make a schedule based on it.

Q. Which parts of the NMAT Syllabus 2023 are the most important?

Ans. The students need to learn about everything on the NMAT Syllabus 2023. Still, some things are more important than others.

  • In Language Skills, RC and para jumbles are important.
  • Most of the questions in Quantitative Skills are based on Arithmetic, Geometry, and DI.
  • Seating arrangements, syllogisms, blood relations, and Statement-Assumption are all important parts of Logical Reasoning.
  • The students need to read the article above to find out more about the same thing and then get ready.

Q. How are the questions in the Logical Reasoning section of the NMAT Syllabus for 2023 spread out?

Ans. There are a total of 36 questions from each part of the NMAT, including the Logical Reasoning part. So, there are 108 questions in all. The students have 120 minutes to answer these questions.

Q. How are the NMAT test scores given?

Ans. The NMAT test has 108 questions, and each one is worth one point. There are 360 points on the NMAT test. There are no points taken away for wrong answers or for not even trying.

Q. What is the NMAT 2023 course list?

Ans. The NMAT test curriculum covers three main areas: math skills, logical reasoning, and language skills.

Q. Is the NMAT test as hard as the CAT?

Ans. No, CAT is harder than NMAT, but candidates can easily pass it with a good study plan and a lot of hard work. The syllabus is the same, so people who are studying for the CAT can take the NMAT with just a few weeks of preparation.

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution
NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution
NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution
NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution