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PGDM in Fintech

PGDM in Fintech Overview What is PGDM in Fintech? A PGDM in Fintech and New age financial services is a two-year full-time course.  The PGDM in Fintech course is designed to deliver industry experts and ensure experiential learning, hence providing industry-ready students for the corporate world. The students are expected to develop a wholesome perspective […]

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PGDM in Fintech

PGDM in Fintech Overview

What is PGDM in Fintech?

A PGDM in Fintech and New age financial services is a two-year full-time course.  The PGDM in Fintech course is designed to deliver industry experts and ensure experiential learning, hence providing industry-ready students for the corporate world. The students are expected to develop a wholesome perspective of the worldwide finance domain and interpret the strategic importance of the new-age financial space. Through a PGDM in Fintech course the students shall be assisted to attain managerial competence to help firms and businesses render significant benefits from the ever-evolving arena of Finance.

PGDM in Fintech syllabus is about the evolution in Financial Technology that shall alter the way business is done by banks, insurance firms, non-banking finance companies (NBFC), payment banks, stock trading, and investment advisory firms.

The main focus of the course is to build an understanding of how innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics using R and Python will enable businesses/firms to provide innovative solutions to consumers and investors. The students of PGDM in Fintech course will develop an in-depth understanding of concepts like Insure-Tech, Peer to Peer Lending, Robo-Advisory, and Algorithm Trading which has an objective to bring increased efficiency and financial inclusion in the processes, delivery, and outreach of the financial services sector, is also a part of PGDM in Fintech.

This PGDM in Fintech will equip students with the foundations to develop the necessary required skill sets and attitude for exploring opportunities in the Fintech sector and have an ambitious future ahead.

Quick Questions:

Q. What is the full form of PGDM in Fintech?

Ans. A PGDM in Fintech stands for post-graduate diploma management in financial technology.

Q. What is the duration of the PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. The duration of a PGDM in Fintech course is of two-year and it is a full-time course.

Q. Who should undertake a PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. The most suitable candidates for a PGDM in Fintech course are students with the below-provided backgrounds:

  • B.Tech
  • B.E
  • BA (Economics)
  • BA (Maths)
  • B.Com

Q. What is the duration of the PGDM in Fintech scholarship?

Ans. The PGDM in Fintech scholarship is valid for two years i.e for the duration of the course.

PGDM in Fintech Admission Process

The students who want to pursue a PGDM in Fintech course first must give a national-level entrance exam. This is followed by a Written Ability Test and Personal Interview depending upon various institutes.

What is the eligibility of PGDM in Fintech? The eligibility required for a PGDM in Fintech course is that the students must have completed their graduation from any recognized university with 50% aggregate marks.

Which entrance exams should be given for admission to PGDM in Fintech?

For getting admission to PGDM in Fintech following entrance exams can be given:

PGDM in Fintech Course Benefits

It is predicted that by 2021 two-thirds of the world’s adult population shall be able to regulate digital payment. The highest rise was witnessed in developing countries, with percentages of people using digital payment methods being about 57 per cent in 2021. Fintech in itself is a fast-moving industry and a PGDM in Fintech course is all the leverage students need to boost their chances of a prosperous career ahead. Below are some benefits given of PGDM in Fintech course:

  • Technological Edge: With innovations happening in technology and finance at a rapid speed, it becomes important for a student of PGDM in Fintech to understand and analyze their implications on the businesses and services they provide.  One of the top benefits of a PGDM in Fintech is that it assists you in interpreting technological advancements so you as a professional can provide better and improvised services to your respective firm.
  • Assisting small-scale businesses: As a professional of PGDM in Fintech, one understands what it means to delete the whole third-party scenario and promotes decentralization to its core. The greatest beneficiaries of this revolution are the small-scale businesses, as now less paperwork is involved, as well complicated processes are less as well. Professionals in PGDM in Fintech professionals make it possible for small businesses by making paying and receiving payments easier. 
  • Be a part of the gold rush: As the whole technological advancement in finance is in the early stage, a PGDM in Fintech course shall give you leverage over other people in this ocean of opportunities. Being a skilled and knowledgeable professional in fintech technology through a PGDM in Fintech one can stand apart in the world of Financial Technology. A PGDM in Fintech can give you an upper hand over many other competitors in the same arena.
  • Be a leader in the new generation: As the fintech world is constantly evolving, a PGDM in Fintech course shall give you the leverage you need to be above the others. Not just for a firm or another’s business, a PGDM in Fintech course shall provide you with the knowledge that you can use for yourself and invest intelligently into the new financial era. All this is possible as a candidate pursues the PGDM in Fintech course as a part of his/her education.

Why Pursue a PGDM in Fintech Course?

These are some of the most influential reasons why a candidate must go for a PGDM in Fintech course and have a prosperous and thriving future ahead. One of the foremost reasons to pursue a PGDM in Fintech course is that there is an increase the job opportunities in the field, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic financial Technology industry has risen immensely. Fintech is an emerging field that expects an exponential rise in the coming years, which is much higher when compared to other industries. While most business sectors reported being going in losses, the FinTech industry continued to thrive, and in India alone, 50 plus Fintech companies have a 100-million-dollar valuation till this year.

PGDM in Fintech Skills Required

Knowledge and education and the practical implication of professional knowledge can land us great jobs, but for a thriving career in an ever-competitive and evolving market skills are very necessary. There are a certain set of skills that are expected of a PGDM in Fintech professional. With these skills in hand, one can excel in the field of finance management to the top levels. These essential skills for PGDM in Fintech are sorted below:-

  • Communication- Communication is an essential skill across the board for management-related jobs. One must have excellent communication, analysis, and comprehension skills to work in finance management. Good communication saves a lot of money and also helps in making money for business firms. That is the reason businesses look for PGDM in Fintech graduates who are excellent communicators for management jobs.
  • Leadership- Management jobs require leadership qualities. In a place where a lot of people and opinions are involved, one must have the strength and courage to step the foot down when it comes to making the right decision on which the future of the firm depends. One needs to be a good leader all the time. A  PGDM in Fintech professional is expected to manage multiple departments, and handle multiple employees.
  • Problem-Solving- In a stressed and highly charged atmosphere such as the financial management profession, where the stakes are always high, a problem-solving professional is always cherished. They are the managers and managers solve the problems. They are expected to come up with creative solutions to handle the problem. In a PGDM in Fintech course, students undertake real-life industry-related problems to solve. This trains them with the right mindset from the early stages itself and becomes highly employable professionals.
  • Time Management- Time management is one of the most important skills when it comes to businesses and aspects related to it. In businesses and their financial parameters, time is money, so one must have the skill to utilize time to its utmost potential. This helps a PGDM in Fintech professional reap profit for their clients. Also in the professional world being punctual and meeting tight deadlines are seen as a must to have virtues to succeed. It helps you to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Logical Reasoning- This particular skill makes a PGDM in Fintech professional a good manager and decision-maker. It is the ability to solve and reason with issues based on intelligent and informative logic. Logical reasoning helps a professional foresee issues and solve them beforehand.
  • Mathematical Proficiency-  Mathematics is without a  doubt an essential skill when it comes to any aspect related to finance. Thus this becomes imperative for a PGDM in Fintech candidate to be good with numbers.
  • Technological Awareness– This is de facto the most important skill to pursue a PGDM in Fintech. Technological advancement is all a fintech is about, so a candidate pursuing PGDM in Fintech is quite naturally expected to have this skill.

PGDM in Fintech Syllabus

The PGDM in Fintech course is necessarily kept wholesome and every aspect of industry requirement is included in it. The syllabus for PGDM in Fintech course is provided below in the table form in a trimester-wise pattern:

Trimester ITrimester IITrimester III
Financial ReportingIndian Economy & PolicyMicro & Macro
International Financial Management Financial ReportingFinancial DerivativesFinancial Engineering and Analytics
Quantitative Technique 1 – Data Analysis and Decision ToolsQuantitative Analysis of Financial DecisionsFinancial Modelling
International EconomicsQuantitative Technique 2- Decision Modelling and OptimizationStrategic Management
Marketing ManagementFinancial Market and InstitutionsInternational Business
Managerial EconomicsMarket ResearchBusiness Ethics and Sustainability
 Project ManagementEntrepreneurship
Trimester IVTrimester VTrimester VI
Corporate ActionSecurity Analysis and Portfolio ManagementDissertation
Fixed Income SecuritiesFinancial Risk Management Financial Analytics 
Trade Finance and FOREX Risk ManagementFinancial Analytics 

PGDM in Fintech Scholarships

Various institutes provide scholarships to outstanding students. To procure a scholarship for yourself, the most important aspect is to be aware of various information regarding the scholarships granted by the institute in PGDM in Fintech course.

Bank Sponsored ScholarshipsAvailable at IDFC, PNB Housing Finance
Corporation-based scholarshipO P Jindal scholarship, Aditya Birla Scholarship
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)Rs 12,400/month in Techincal Education
Institute-based ScholarshipsIIMs, TAPMI, XLRI, MDI
Government-Sponsored ScholarshipAvailable at IIMs, IITs

PGDM in Fintech: How to get PGDM scholarships

  • Obtain a high GMAT score (Goal for a 740 or higher score)
  • Have a smart pre-preparation ready for the assessment and the interview.
  • Convince the selection committee that you have the road map ready to utilize the scholarship to its best potential in your PGDM in Fintech career.
  • Apply earliest

PGDM in Fintech: Eligibility criteria for Scholarship

  • It is essential that the student is an Indian citizen.
  • A minimum requirement of 85% on the CAT/XAT/GMAT.
  • Students in the first and second positions are eligible for every term, according to TGPA.
  • By the fourth term, assuming they pass the exam on the first try.
  • To be eligible for the PGDM in Fintech Scholarship, one must attend school, college, and a university institute on a regular basis.

PGDM in Fintech: How to apply for Scholarship

  • Students should prior visit the official website.
  • To apply, candidates must create a new ID.
  • After visiting the website, you are required to create an account with your name, as well as your phone number and email address.
  • Following submission, a password will be generated on your email address.
  • With your login ID and password, you can check the status at any time.
  • The form can be filled out by application students.
  • Fill out the application form completely and accurately.

PGDM in Fintech Online Courses

Online courses are in great demand, especially after the upsurge of internet services and are also escalated after the covid pandemic. Students who undertake a PGDM in Fintech course often prefer to take courses at their convenience and schedules. Some of the online courses to look for PGDM in Fintech courses are provided below:

Online CourseFee
Oxford FinTech Program2,31,355
Fintech and digital finance31,000
FinTech online short course2,67,278
Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations Specialisation2852/month
Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology Specialization5,788/ month
FinTech – Prepare for the revolution in finance455
FinTech Law and Policy3,637
Introduction to Fintech13,356
FinTech for Finance and Business Leaders Professional Certificate40,004

PGDM in Fintech Scope

The future scope is of vital interest while candidates plan for any course in their higher education, the same is also true for the PGDM in Fintech course. A brief summary of various job profiles, their description and annual salary are given below:

Job TitleJob ResponsibilitySalary
Product ManagerTheir responsibility is to manage the entire cycle of product development. These are also responsible for identifying and selling potential FinTech products.RS.16,69,290 per annum
Data scientistsTheir job is to turn raw data into valuable insights, which are required for organizations/firms to grow.RS.10,12,499 per annum
Cybersecurity expertsThe Cybersecurity expert’s responsibility is to provide security throughout the development stages of software systems.RS.11,25,601 per annum
Financial analystFinancial analysts are responsible for forecasting income and managing budgets. They are also responsible analyze the company’s performance and help the management by making strategic decisions.RS.5,00,000 per annum
Blockchain Experts & DevelopersHe/She is a software developer who works in blockchain technology.RS.6, 17, 667 per annum
Business Development ManagerThe job of a business development manager is to make a strategy focused on both customer satisfaction and financial gain. They and conduct long-term research to identify present needs.RS.6,12,500 per annum
Business Development ManagerThe job of a business development manager is to make a strategy focused on both customer satisfaction and financial gain. They conduct long-term research to identify present needs.RS.6,12,500 per annum
Risk control managersThey are responsible for managing the risk to an organization, customer, shareholder, reputation, and assets. They assess the threats to an organization and make plans to avoid, transfer, or reduce the riskRS.12,65,282 per annum

PGDM in Fintech: Recruiters

Students planning to pursue a PGDM in Fintech course are often curious about the top recruiting companies to which they may apply in the future. Some of the Top recruiters after completion of the PGDM in Fintech course to look for given below:

  • Talent place
  • PayPal
  • robin hood
  • Paytm
  • Korn Ferry
  • Aspiration CRED
  • CRED
  • Amazon
  • Matrix
  • VISA
  • Walmart
  • Agile financial technologies
  • Accord FinTech

Frequently Asked Questions on PGDM in Fintech:

Q. What are the job options after pursuing PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. Various jobs that an individual can get after a PGDM in Fintech course are Blockchain Developer, Apps Developer, Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Compliance Expert, Cybersecurity Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Business Development Manager, etc

Q. What are the top FinTech companies in India to apply to after a PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. The top Fintech companies in India after a PGDM in Fintech course are Paytm, CRED, Policy Bazaar, Mobikwiw, Free charge, Ola money, ETMoney, PayU, Zerodha

Q. What are the 4 categories of FinTech taught in a PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. The four fintech areas taught in a PGDM in Fintech course are  — digital lending, payments, blockchain and digital wealth management due to their rapid pace of growth, technological disruption, and regulatory and other risks.

Q. What are the skills required to pursue a PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. The best fintech professionals are required to have a solid understanding of the core financial fundamentals to succeed in the field. Apart from that Programmability and scalability, Trust and transparency, Reliably high performance, etc are also the skills required to have a career in PGDM in Fintech.

Q. What problems can a PGDM in Fintech professional solve?

Ans. PGDM in Fintech professionals is expected to develop innovative models for risk assessment by harnessing unique fintech technology like AI/ML, big data, and alternative data for underwriting credit or developing credit scores for customers with poor credit history.

Q. What are the top online FinTech courses to pursue a PGDM in Fintech?

Ans. The top online courses in Fintech to pursue a PGDM in Fintech are offered by SP Jain School of Global Management, IIM Calcutta, Coursera, Harvard business school, University of Hong Kong, IIM Indore, Edu4sure, etc.

Q. What subjects are required for a PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. Some of the subjects which are required in a PGDM in Fintech course are Banking and Financial Services Industry, Law and Policy, Understanding the Startup Ecosystem, Risk Management, FinTech Security and Regulation, and FinTech Startups in Emerging Markets.

Q. What are the main areas of a PGDM in Fintech course?

Ans. There are six fintech sectors that are transforming the financial industry which is emphasized in a PGDM in Fintech course – Leading fintech lenders: Klarna, Affirm, Funding Circle, and LendingClub. Personal Finance; Leading personal finance providers: Mint, Credit Karma, WalletHub, NerdWallet, Digital banks, Centralised crypto exchanges, Institutional investors, and Digital payments.

Q. Which points should be kept in mind while looking for colleges for PGDM in Fintech?

Ans. PGDM in Fintech: Check-list while looking for the University

Students who wish to pursue a PGDM in Fintech course are always advised to go through the facilities and curriculum provided by the universities beforehand. Your course to be a wholesome fruitful experience must look for the points provided below before selecting a college for pursuing a PGDM in Fintech course.

  • The university/ institute must have an Industry-ready curriculum 
  • The university necessarily provides industry-seasoned professionals as mentors 
  • Placement assistance should be necessarily provided to the new graduates
  • The education institute must help in securing internships
  • The university/institute faculty must be learned and experienced  
  • The PGDM in Fintech program must make students job-ready and employable