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Chandigarh University Reviews 2024: Placements, Facilities & Faculty

  • Chandigarh, Punjab
  • Private University

Saurav Anand

Chandigarh University Reviews

Chandigarh Institution (CU or CUCHD) is a private university recognised by the UGC and accredited with a “A+” grade by the NAAC. According to NIRF 2021, it is ranked 52 for University and 16 for Architecture. CU, which was founded in 2012, now offers over 200 courses through its 18 member institutes, including the Chandigarh University Institute of Distance and Open Learning (CU-IDOL). The University is well-known for its engineering, science, and management programmes. According to the annual rankings for the year 2018-19 given by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks, Chandigarh University emerged as the leading stand-alone institution to register the most patents, with 336 filed in a year.

Among these is the QS I GAUGE E-LEAD (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation), which grants CU permission to perform online teaching and learning. In addition, the University provides MBA programmes in conjunction with leading corporations including as IBM, TCS, SBI, Virtusa, and SHRM. For admission to its programmes, Chandigarh University administers the Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET). CUCET scores are also used to provide scholarships of INR 33 crore to students in the form of full tuition exemptions. In addition, CU has just established a new scholarship worth INR 1 million, the R-Tikaram Para-Athlete Sports Scholarship for Para-Olympians. In terms of placements, CU has also emerged as one of the top colleges. In 2021, CU will have placed over 7,412 students with 757 companies, with the maximum deal reaching INR 36 LPA. The number of companies coming to campus for placements has increased by 10% this year at CU.

“Transform your dreams in to reality in CU.

Placements: Placements of CU is very good. Every year 90% students get placed in a well reputed company. The highest package offered to a student was 32LPA and average package was about 3LPA. Many well reputed companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Deloitte, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Bada Business, etc. Visit our campus every year for campus placements. 80% students also got internships in well reputed company. Business Analyst, HR Analyst, Marketing Manager, Recruitment coordinator, Financial Analyst are the role offered by companies in my course. Overall campus placements was good.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure of CU is very good as compared to other universities. All types of facilities are available in the campus like hotel facility, canteen, transport facility, ATM Facility, etc. Classrooms of CU are also well furnished and also neat & clean. Wi-Fi and projectors are also available in the classroom. Quality of food in the hostel or canteen is also good.

Faculty: Course curriculum of CU is good. Course curriculum provides good theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students. Teachers are also very helpful and well qualified. Most of the professors have completed their Ph.D. and are very much knowledgeable. Teaching quality of all the teachers is also very good. If you study well then you can easily pass all the exams with good marks. Overall course curriculum was good and it helps the students to be industry ready.

Other: Campus life of all the students in CU is very good. University organizer annual fest and tech fest every year for the students. University provides upto 100% scholarship to the students on the basis of marks scored in their own Scholarship Exam CUCET. University also conduct various extracurricular activities every month for the overall development of their students.

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Anmol Garg

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Batch of 2022

Our college provides good facilities and infrastructure.

Placements: Almost 60% of the students from our batch got placed in various multinational companies. The average salary package offered in our course is 6 LPA, and the highest salary package offered is 20 LPA. The lowest salary package offered is 3 LPA. Top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Hindustan Unilever, Byju’s, Flipkart, Infosys and TCS visit our college for our course placements. Companies offer 12 months internship and 6 months internship. Some companies offer internships along with full-time opportunities. Top roles like market representative, business executive and hiring manager are offered to the students.

Infrastructure: The department is fully-fledged with Wi-Fi and cleanliness. Water tanks are installed at every end of the building with chilled water in the summers and warm water in winters. High importance is given to the cleanliness of the building along with every classroom and corridor. Computer labs are fully functional with high-speed internet. The library has many books related to every department. Books can be easily withdrawn and submitted easily on time. Computers are also available in the library connected with a high-speed internet connection. In the hostel, rooms are also equipped with an internet facility and cleanliness. A gym is available in every hostel. The quality of the food served in a mess is not good at night, but it is better in the afternoon and morning. Medical facilities are available 24×7. Canteens and tuck shops are also available in every hostel building.

Faculty: Some teachers in our college are qualified, but most of the teachers are not qualified. The same teacher teaches any subject in one semester, and the same teacher will teach another subject in the next semester. Some teachers teaching quality is good, while some are negligible. PPTs provided to the students are not up to the mark, and it is just forwarded from previous batches without any modification.

Other: I am always interested in marketing and business, so I considered taking MBA as the perfect course to pursue. It makes the students think and take decisions wisely in various life situations, which is the best thing in our course. The campus life is great. Our college also provides scholarships according to various departments.

Kulbir Singh

MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management – Batch of 2022

Good infrastructure and facilities.

Placements: 60-70% of students were placed in my course. Top Recruiting companies for my course are HDFC bank, Bandhan Bank and Amazon, etc. The college provides quality education to students for their better future. Top roles offered in my course are Customer Care Executive, Sales manager and business development trainee, etc.

Infrastructure: The facilities and infrastructure which are available in my course/department are Wi-Fi, Labs, Classrooms. A Library is there for students. Really good quality food is available in mess and canteen, medical facilities, sports and games are there.

Faculty: The teachers were very helpful, qualified, and knowledgeable. The teaching quality was also good and up to the mark. The course curriculum is relevant. It also makes students industry ready.

Manpreet Kaur

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Batch of 2020

The admission procedure in Chandigarh University is quite simple, you just have to call any of the available Admission helpline numbers on their website and the rest of the procedure will be taken care of by one of the Admission executives. Other than that, you can also register yourself on the website or by going to the university admission desk physically. The eligibility criteria are pretty simple, you must have passing marks in 12th Boards and nothing else. If you have a decent score then you will get admission here. Although, there are a variety of processes by which you can avail yourself of scholarships during your admission. One of them is the entrance exam also known as CUCET. Application fees are nominal 1000 rupees and you can book your seat in university by paying Rs.10,000.

Course Curriculum Overview : 

I will talk about each of the things separately, first, let’s talk about curriculum. So, I am pretty disappointed with the curriculum but it’s not the fault of the college. The standard curriculum set b the Education Department is very old and I feel not par with the current industry demand. You will have to do that part by yourself, need to study by yourself. Next about faculties, in one sentence, they are decent. There are some teachers who really work hard and try to do their best by helping each and every student. Most of the teachers have enough knowledge and educational qualifications to help you out throughout the year, but to perform better than others and stand apart from the crowd, you will have to work hard by yourself. Now, talking about exams, so exams in CU are pretty frequent. Every month you will face an examination for sure. There are 2 MST and 1 End Sem Examination in a semester of 4 months. So, you will be occupied with your examinations the whole semester.

Class Size : 80 Course Fees : INR 160000

Internships Opportunities : 

There are some companies that take students for internships from the college, but most students do their internships on their own. The student community is strong in the sense of helping each other for GSOC and other hackathons. University provides training programs during the summer and winter vacations also known as Institutional training with collaboration with companies. This program helps the students also a lot.

Placement Experience : 

There are a huge number of companies visiting the college. According to official data, approximately 650 companies visited the college last year. And as a fact, most of the students are placed(approx 95% of students who sit in placement drives). But, one thing that must be mentioned is that most of the students placed don’t get a great amount of salary. The average salary is nearly 4.5 lakhs. And just 8-9% of students get a salary of more than 6-7 lakhs. So, I can easily say that there is a cut-throat competition in this college. Talking about companies, the best companies visiting are Microsoft, Google, Adobe. And companies taking the most number of students are TCS, Wipro, etc. The highest package offered last year was 36 lakhs and the lowest offer data is not available but should be around 2.5-3 lakhs. As for internships, you will have to find them on your own, but college support students doing internships as much as they can.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions : 

The fee structure of the CU is as follows: Semester Fee: 80,000 per semester, Hostel Fee: 90,000 per year, Examination Fee: 2,000 per semester. So, the total cost comes out to be nearly 10,16,000 rupees. But, there are many ways to avail scholarships at CU. I will mention some of them. First of all, as I mentioned previously, there is an exam called CUCET at the time of admission and it offers up to 90% scholarship on semester fees to the students. Another way is by JEE-Mains. Even if you have a percentile above 90 in JEE, you can avail of a scholarship from 10-100% depending upon your rank. Another way is by 12th boards, students having about 90% in boards will get a 10% scholarship. And the last way is by scoring above 9 CGPA in the semester examination will get you a 10% scholarship. Of course, to maintain any of the above scholarships you will have to score above 7.5 CGPA in all following semester examinations.

Campus Life : 

The infrastructure of the college is okayish. It is not great but will definitely not disappoint you at all. Labs and libraries are good. You will not lack any book/lab facilities at all. Classrooms are however a bit lower than expectations. Classrooms are made to accommodate 80-90 students and without a microphone facility for teachers, voice is nearly inaudible on the last seat. There is a dedicated complex for sports and that is pretty big and full of facilities. You will find gears for nearly every famous sport. Also, there are gym facilities in every hostel. There are a lot of extracurricular activities going around in the college, from games to workshops to club activities. Events and fest in college are good. They are large-scale and fun events. Many celebrities also visit the college at these events. Events are enjoyable. There are freshers and farewell parties also.

Hostel Facilities : 

The college has hostel options as in 3 seaters, 4 seaters, and 5 seaters. Both AC and Non-AC rooms. There are single and double rooms also but mostly for foreign students. Facilities in Hostel rooms are quite normal, a bed, an almirah and study chair+table. Bathrooms are shared and mess in every hostel building. There are 3 hostels inside the campus(NC, LC, and Zakir) and one outside campus(Govind). Food in a hostel is like every other hostel. It’s not too good, but not bad either. Somedays you will not like to eat the food at all, then you can always go to the canteens inside the campus. There are many canteens inside the campus. The hostel price is 90,000 per year for everything combined i.e. Hostel+Mess. Laundry facilities will have to be availed by yourself. The hostel can be booked by sending a mail to the Hostel Care Unit of the University. If you are looking for PG or rented room, then you have to look outside the campus. There are rooms from just outside campus till Kharar.

Hostel Fee : INR 90000


B.E, Computer Science And EngineeringDecember 6, 2021

Eligibility – You need to pass your 12th board exam with a minimum of 50% marks to get Admission. You will find the application form on the official site of the university and the application form is available after the board examination at a price of rupees 1000. No reservation is there. The seat matrix is not fixed the crowd is very large in the university so there should be a fixed seat matrix.

Course Curriculum Overview : 

BE in Computer Science is one of the best courses offered by the University and moreover the opportunity in this course are more as compared to other sources. The University Holds a good faculty ratio of 17:1. Faculty are good highly Qualified faculty are there in Chandigarh university their way of teaching is good the way they interact with students is nice. Exams conducted are not so hard to pass if you study all depends on your studies if you study you will pass and if you don’t you might not score well.

Class Size : 70Course Fees : INR 200000

Internships Opportunities : 

Companies such as Google and amazon provide internships to the students they make a good offer for the students they provide a good opportunity for the students to develop their skills. They offer and good opportunities in project works to promote startups and new ideas.

Placement Experience : 

After the completion of the course after 4 years, students are eligible for the placements. Companies such as infosys, amazon, Microsoft visit the campus and they make good offers. The average package is around 5 lakhs and the highest placement is around 40 to 45 lakhs. Around 90% of students get placed and other choices for higher studies or not to sit in the placement.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions : 

The fees are quite expensive its around 12 to 14 lakhs for the complete course for those who can afford is good but for the students who can’t afford this amount should think before joining the college as college doest provide any scholarship so it only depends on you if you can afford to go for it and if you can’t I will suggest not to choose Chandigarh university.

Campus Life : 

The college conducts both the fest every year in the month of October and November. The cultural fest is known as Ctu and the tech fest is known as tech info. The campus has a library that has more than 10000 books all types of books are available in the library students who want can get books from library. The classrooms are very good and are comfortable. Sports facilities on the campus are very good there are all types of sports grounds such as basketball football and cricket indoor courts of badminton is also there. The are many groups and clubs run by the students and students willing to join any club are free to join the club of their own choice.

Hostel Facilities : 

In the hostel room, we have a bed a cupboard, and a study table with a chair. Meals are Quite a decent veg and non-veg both are provided in the mess on alternate days we get 4-time meals breakfast lunch evening snacks and dinner. At the time of admission, you will get to choose a hostel and the hostel is affordable and very nice.

kumar Deepak

B.E, Computer Science And EngineeringNovember 28, 2021

Remarks : 

The admission process is quite simple. You just have to take care to get a good rank in jee mains if you are from any place other than Chandigarh. Its campus is situated in the main Chandigarh. So all medical facilities, Connectivity is very good. Also if you are a party loves and likes to hang out in clubs then you definitly want to come in here. About Exams., we have 2 semesters each year. One semester includes two types of exams one mid sem the end sem. There is a lot of competitive spirit among students both in academic and extracurricular domains. This is a provision in PEC that 50% of students are taken from Chandigarh only. I would love to see this policy taken down. The admission process is very simple. You dont have to worry about that.

Course Curriculum Overview : 

Exams are not so timely. The academic calendar ran very fast for our year thanks to covid. So our exams got postponed by 10-12 days in view of non-completion of course work. It was very easy to pass. there is relative grading here So you fail only when you sit in your room all day doing nothing.

Class Size : 40Course Fees : INR 175000

Internships Opportunities : 

I will have one after this year. So right now nothing to say. But seniors are well placed. so keeping my fingers crossed for now. Have to complete 200 words limit as I don’t know what to write. Just for your information, for getting a good placement, make sure you are good with coding, aptitude, communication.

Placement Experience : 

3rd year students are eligible for internships. 3rd year onwards, Companies begin to come for campus placements. Honestly speaking these days, No of companies coming for Non – circuital Branches like mechanical, civil, chemical are very less. Circuital students get placed decently according to how much they sweat.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions : 

I am a 2nd year student. So I currently don’t have a job or internship. But looking at our senior’s placements, It is very much sure that things are going to work out only if you work hard enough. Now fee hike is the issue. Semester tution fees were 62500 for a batch of 2017 and 87500 for a batch of 2020.

Campus Life : 

There are so many things that are run by students themselves under the guidance of a mentor. Entrepreneurship Incubation Cell, Studnet Counselling Cell, Cultural clubs like drams, PEB, HEB, Bhangra, EEB and many more, cant count. Other than these, we have technical societies in college like ACM-CSS, IEEE, Robotics and many more.

Hostel Facilities : 

Sector 15 provides very affordable pgs to students. It is located in front of PU( Punjab University) so u will see a lot of students here in 15 sectors hanging out, doing shopping and exploring themselves.

Rishabh Dev

Tech, Electronics & Communication Engineering November 28, 2021

Remarks : 

Chandigarh university is one of the best private university in India. It is the fastest growing university in India. Good infrastructure, sponsored labs, highly qualified staff, friendly atmosphere cooperative students, 90% placements. Accomodation is another plus with separate modern hostels for boys and girls. Residents have access to mess facilities, music room , internet, tv , gyms and more amenities in hostel vicinity.

Course Curriculum Overview : 

Chandigarh University is a great learning hub. It has a learned faculty with an elaborate exposure in their respective teaching fields. The university has a good campus and best hostels.

Course Fees : INR 103000

Placement Experience : 

Chandigarh University is excellent in placement. More than 95% of students got placed at good packages. Some reputed companies are Tech Mahindra Ltd, Amazon, Wipro, etc. The highest package offered is 31.7LPA by Amazon.

Campus Life : 

It provides a homely environment and quality food. Very big campus area. Study mode environment with well and educated people. Innovative environment.


B.E, Civil Engineering May 15, 2020

  1. B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) – Batch of 2024

Good Place to take admission.

Chandigarh university placements : Chandigarh University successfully conducted placements 2021 for all the programmes. This year, over 757 multinational companies participated and placed more than 7,412 students. Every year, the University provide successful placements to its students. This is the reason, the University has been adjudged as ‘University with Best Placements’.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: Chandigarh university  have a very good hostel and other facilities. Wi-Fi services, mess, canteen, medical facilities, etc. All are good here. If we talk about sports, then this college has a very good record in sports. The students are from different countries which helps the student to feel better.

Chandigarh university Faculty: In Chandigarh university  faculty members are excellent. Exams are good. The teachers give their best in making you succeed. All you have to do is to compile with them, and you’ll have a great year. Rest everything is the best.

Yukta Raj

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

    1. B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024
    It is the best private university with the best placements.Chandigarh university Placements: In Chandigarh university 99 percent student placed in B.E. The highest package is is 35 lpa and average is 5 lpa nd the lowest is 3 lpa. GOOGLE, MICROSOFT AND INFOSYS, IBM, etc were the top recruiters. 80% students get internship in my college. Software development, machine learning and web developing, software engineering roles are offered.Chandigarh university Infrastructure: In Chandigarh university there is Wi-Fi and had well developed and maintained and clean labs with high security. And well maintained and clean classrooms and maintained library. In hostels the quality of food is high level in canteen and mess with all facilities and best sports facilities.Chandigarh university Faculty: The faculty is well educated and help us to understand the bigger problems and they are very sincere and disciplined. It makes the students industry ready. The semester exam is not so much tough because the faculty is nice so I can’t get the difficulty in exams.

Omkali Rao

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

3.B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

Meet well knowledge teaching and get success in life .

Chandigarh university  Placements: Theyhave vast amount of company visits every year! About 90% students gets placed. The highest package is about 36lakh the lowest is 4-5 lakh maybe. Average is 6lakh. Ibm, Google, Microsoft are top recruiting companies. We have different cultural events and we have excellent faculty too and the culture is also okay.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: Chandigarh university  have very good facilities and infrastructure Wi-Fi is okayish Labs are very neat and clean equipped with all the requirements. We have about one Lacs books and coming to the classrooms they are okay but can be better too and canteen is good and medical facilities are okay we have many sports there!

Chandigarh university Faculty: In Chadigarh university all the teachers are very helpful and qualified and knowledgeable, the teaching quality is excellent. The course curriculum is relevant and yes! It makes the students industry ready! Exam are not so easy not so hard Better to maintain 8cgpa So that academic wise it will be okay.

Riya Punjabi

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

4.B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

An awesome infrastructure and overall, it is excellent.

Chandigarh university  Placements: The total number of students who got placements with a salary package of above 10 LPA from Chandigarh University is 100 students out of 5,000 students. The number of students who got placements with a salary package of around 7 LPA-10 LPA was about 300 students.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: The infrastructure of Chandigarh university was rated with 10 stars out of 10 stars as everything is available here and is more than enough. The hostel has a Wi-Fi, gym and well-equipped mess. The rooms had great interiors and were well managed. All the students living in those rooms can study simultaneously.

Chandigarh university Faculty: Teachers here were very helpful and were very friendly also. They were well educated and knowledgeable. They started teaching lectures from a level where some students could not cope up. The course curriculum was relevant and was enough to make students industry-ready.

Kabir Rehman

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

  1. B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

Awesome infrastructure and facilities.

Chandigarh university Placements: Almost 95% of the students get placements. The highest salary package offered was up to 33 LPA, and the average salary package offered varies from 6 LPA – 9 LPA. The lowest salary package offered ranges from 3 LPA – 5 LPA. It depends and varies every year. If a person is choosing a top, then almost everyone will be placed to at least package.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: College infrastructure it’s based on a very large scale. There is an accommodation for 33,000 students accommodation in a single college is big enough. Infrastructure includes hostel, classrooms, etc. There are 5 hostels best is N/C, then any and provided library by the college issuing books is easy. Wi-Fi in the hostel is provided with 5 GB per day.

Chandigarh university Faculty: Teachers in Chandigarh college are very helpful and also cooperative. They are well knowledgeable persons with good experience. Their way of teaching is to be appreciated as every teacher has their interesting ways. The course curriculum is relevant and it makes students industry-ready.

Kamya Singh

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

6 . B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

Overall, this college has the best return on investment.

Chandigarh University Placements: Approximately 92% to 93% of students get placed every year from here. The highest salary package offered in this university is 36 LPA, and the average salary package offered is around 5 LPA to 6 LPA. All students got internships from various companies. There is an internship department inside the campus.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: The CSE department has a great number of facilities. The entire campus and classrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi. The library of CU University is well maintained. The infrastructure of the hostel is very much good. The quality of food served in the hostel is just like homemade food. Our university also provides facilities for medical, sports, canteen, etc.

Chandigarh university Faculty: The teachers here are highly qualified and well knowledgeable. All faculty members of this university are helpful. Their teaching quality is understandable. The exam level of each semester is moderate. The course curriculum is relevant.

Sanem Ibrahim

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

  1. B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

The infrastructure is good.

Chandigarh university Placements:  Chandigarh university  campus is good at placement. Almost 70-80% of the students got internships in the university with the highest salary package of 40 LPA. Companies like Oracle, Infosys, Amazon and many others come and give good salary packages.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: The infrastructure of CU is very good. There are many big buildings and a big group for sports. There is also a park inside the campus, which is very good looking. Facilities or the management system of CU are not that good, and the management system is very bad.

Chandigarh university Faculty: Teachers are well-educated, and even CU is giving training to their teachers on the campus on how to give good studies to students. Teachers are very good, and they help a lot. Their teaching quality is excellent, but it depends on how you study.

Kajol Kumari

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

8.B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

Absolutely good. You will like and enjoy the college life.

Chandigarh university placements : Chandigarh University successfully conducted placements 2021 for all the programmes. This year, over 757 multinational companies participated and placed more than 7,412 students. Every year, the University provide successful placements to its students. This is the reason, the University has been adjudged as ‘University with Best Placements’.

 Chandigarh university Infrastructure: Chandigarh University and its hostel have the best infrastructure and facilities. In the hostel, students do not face any kind of problem because everything is available. The campus also provides safety to students, which is essentially important.

Chandigarh university Faculty: Teachers are great at Chandigarh University. Their way of teaching is excellent. Students understand everything taught by them. There are many quizzes and worksheets, which help us to have a stronger grasp of the topic.

Shreya Sinha

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

9.B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

College is good for placements

Chandigarh university Placements: In Chandigarh university, 100% of students always get great placements. This year 2021 the highest package in my course was 36 LPA. Many companies visit my university, companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft, and many more visited for placements. Even my university also provides internship programs to students.

Chandigarh university Infrastructure: In Chandigarh University, there are great facilities which are provided to students like wonderful labs, modern classrooms, great libraries, etc. There is also a good hostel facility provided to students. Even the quality of food provided in the mess is great.

Chandigarh university Faculty: The teachers are very helpful, very qualified and have great knowledge in their streams. Coming to exams, it is very simple if anyone will study properly then he/she will be passed with good marks. Chandigarh University is the best university.

Gopala Krishanan

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

10.B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025

This college has a good rate of investment.

 Chandigarh university placements : Chandigarh University successfully conducted placements 2021 for all the programmes. This year, over 757 multinational companies participated and placed more than 7,412 students. Every year, the University provide successful placements to its students. This is the reason, the University has been adjudged as ‘University with Best Placements’.

Chandigarh university  infrastructure: Hostel facilities are a bit expensive, but still, they have gym, mess, etc., which are negotiable. Food is average. Faculty are good. The hostel condition is the best. One demerit is that there are no lifts in all hostels. You have to give attendance before going to rooms, otherwise you will be marked absent.

Chandigarh university Faculty: Teachers are very good, and the teaching quality is also good. All the teachers are very knowledgeable. Most teachers are from IIT and NIT and from many other prestigious colleges. The method of teaching is good and new ways of teaching are used. There are many clubs and activities managed by students.

Shidharth kapoor

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2025