Minimum Marks Required in NEET for MBBS in Government College for SC
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Minimum Marks Required in NEET for MBBS in Government College for SC

Every medical aspirant in India has a choice of two types of medical colleges in India to choose from at the time of admission. One is the government medical college and the other is the Private Medical college.

 Saurav Anand 16/05/2022
Minimum Marks Required in NEET for MBBS in Government College for SC

Minimum Marks required in NEET for Mbbs in Government College for SC

Every medical aspirant in India has a choice of two types of medical colleges in India to choose from at the time of admission. One is the government medical college and the other is the Private Medical collegeFormer are economical and reasonable but difficult to get in. And later colleges are far more expensive, with an annual fee of several lakhs. Thus, private colleges are not preferred by most students and most students seek admission into Government medical colleges. Thus, this article will brief you on the minimum marks required in NEET for MBBS in a government college in India.

Securing a government medical seat for scholars is a little tough due to high competition. NEET has been considered as the toughest National exam in India, followed by JEE. Though the difficulty level of the paper is considered moderate, the competition arises from the ratio of applicants to seats.

On September 7, NTA issued the NEET 2022 cut off along with the NEET 2022 results. The NEET cutoff for 2022 is lower than it was in 2017. The highest score received has also dropped from 720 last year to 715 this year, a fall of five marks. The NEET cutoff score is determined by a number of variables, including the exam’s level of difficulty and the total number of test takers. On July 17, NEET 2022 was conducted. NEET cut off 2022 increased in comparison to 2021 because more people took the test. Similar to last year, the exam’s level of difficulty was moderate to challenging. Candidates must look up the anticipated NEET 2022 cutoff to determine their entrance to the medical school via NEET results. The minimum percentile or score needed to pass the test is shown by the NEET cut off 2022. Candidates who have a score higher than the NEET 2022 cutoff are eligible to apply. For candidates in the reserved and unreserved categories, the NEET cutoff differs. The National Testing Agency has established the normal NEET cut off, but the Medical/Dental Council of India has the authority to raise or lower it if there are open seats. For admission to BDS programmes, the Dental Council of India dropped the cutoff score for NEET 2021 by 10 percentile.

Total Government MBBS Seats in India:-

There are approximately 80,000 total medical seats in India out of which 42,568 seats are from the 280 government colleges and the rest of the seats are from private medical colleges and deemed universities. Scholars willing to take admission to government colleges in India have arduous competition in their way.  

The government medical colleges in India have divided their total number of seats into two quotas:-

  • All India Quota (AIQ)
  • State Quota

15% of government college seats are reserved for the all-India quota. While the rest 85% of the seats are reserved for state students.

The 85% of MBBS seats in government colleges are further divided into 4 among the students based on their categories:-

  • The general and unreserved category (GEN/UR) sometimes referred to as the open category.
  • Unreserved physically handicapped (UR-PH)
  • SC/ST/OBC physically handicapped

The minimum marks required in NEET for MBBS in government college for each category fluctuates as given in the table below:-

CategoryCut-off percentileCut-off score
General category50720-147
Physically handicapped45146-129
SC/ST/OBC physically handicapped40128-113

Important Elements of the NEET Cutoff

The following factors have an impact on the NEET exam cut off:

The total number of applicants who showed up for the test

  • The degree of the test’s difficulty
  • effectiveness of the candidates
  • number of available seats
  • A change in the exam format

NEET Qualifying Cutoff vs. NEET Admission Cutoff

The minimum percentage (or marks) that applicants must get in their particular category to pass the exam is known as the qualifying NEET 2020 cutoff.

Candidates who perform poorly on the exam and fall below the cutoff percentile will not be admitted and will also not be permitted to take part in the counselling process.

On the other side, the NEET entrance cutoff is the minimal Marks or Scores Required for Admission into an MBBS (or BDS) Program at a Specific Medical (or Dental) College for NEET Qualified Candidates.

Every year, the conducting agency NTA determines the qualifying percentile.

The DGHS sets the admission cutoff, which varies from institute to institute dependent on things like the number of seats available, the type of applicant, and the number of applications.

NEET Cutoff for the Prior Year

The prior year’s cutoffs serve as a guide for applicants, giving them an idea of the anticipated growth or decline. The students can forecast changes in the present or anticipated cut-off based on the pattern. As a result, the data from the previous year can be used to determine the anticipated cut-off that is set for the current year.


CategoryQualifying CriteriaMarks RangeNo. of Candidates
OBC40th percentile116-9374458
OBC & PH40th percentile104-93160
SC40th percentile116-9326087
SC & PH40th percentile104-9356
ST40th percentile116-9310565
ST & PH40th percentile104-9313
UR/EWS50th percentile715-117881402
UR/EWS & PH45th percentile116-105328


CategoryNEET cutoff percentileNEET 2021
OBC40th percentile137-108
OBC & PH40th percentile137-108
SC40th percentile137-108
SC & PH40th percentile136-108
ST40th percentile137-108
ST & PH40th percentile135-108
UR/EWS50th percentile720-138
UR/EWS & PH45th percentile137-122


CategoryCutoff percentile2020 Cutoff score
OTHERS50th Percentile720-147
OBC40th Percentile146-113
SC40th Percentile146-113
ST40th Percentile146-113
UR & PH45th Percentile146-129
OBC & PH40th Percentile128-113
SC & PH40th Percentile128-113
ST & PH40th Percentile128-113

NEET Qualifying Cutoff and NEET Admission Cutoff are the two main categories of the NEET 2023 cutoff. The required score to pass the medical entrance test is known as the NEET qualifying cutoff 2023.

The final rank for which admission would be awarded is indicated by the NEET admission cutoff for 2023. Candidates should be aware that the National Testing Agency (NTA) will announce the NEET 2023 cutoff in August of that year.

The NEET 2023 cutoff score is available for download on the official website. The official NEET 2023 cutoff scores will be announced, at which point the 2023 NEET counselling process will start. Candidates are assigned to various universities and courses at participating colleges spread out across the nation based on their NEET cutoff 2023 scores. Release of the NEET 2023 cutoff issued after the NEET 2023 results have been made public.

Candidates can view the scorecard of the NEET cutoff 2023, which will include details on the NEET cutoff percentile and scores. The MCC will publish the NEET Cutoff 2023 for AIQ seats in a various format, such as opening and closing ranks. According to trends from the previous year, the NEET cut off for the general category is 720–138 and for the SC/ST/OBC category, it is 137–108. The cutoff percentile for NEET 2023 is 40th for ST/SC/OBC candidates and 50th for the general category.

How is the NEET Cut-off for 2023 Calculated?

The NEET threshold varies every year since there are numerous variables that influence the choices. The NEET 2023 cutoff score, for instance, could rise or fall depending on

depends on how well previous students have performed and how challenging the exam is. If the top 10 percentile cohort performs poorly on the exams, the cutoff criteria can be raised. Moreover, the NEET 2023 cutoff score may rise if the exam is simple and the students did really well. Everything depends on the circumstance and a number of other variables. Some of the elements affecting the NEET cut-off for 2023 include the ones listed below:

  • Number of seats
  • The degree of difficulty of the exam
  • overall quantity of test takers
  • Total number of candidates who are qualified
  • Previous year cut-offs

Break the NEET Ties

You are already aware that the ranks are assigned based on the percentile of candidates at this point. This suggests that two candidates have the same rank if they score in the same percentile. A tiebreaker method is used to resolve this issue. The tiebreaker criteria are followed for creating the merit. The tie is then broken using the procedures listed below.

1.  biology grades are taken into consideration. The candidate with the higher score in the biology portion will be given preference over the contestant with the lower score.

2. Chemistry grade points

If there is a tie in the candidates’ biology scores, the candidates’ chemistry scores are compared. One who performs better in chemistry will advance.

3. Number of incorrect responses

If the first two criteria are tied, the applicant with the fewest errors is given a higher ranking.

4. Age

The elder contender will be given a higher rank if, after using all the above comparisons, the tie remains unbroken.

What is the Use and Importance of NEET Cutoff 2023?

The highest consideration is given to the NEET 2023 cutoff since it creates a path for admission to the following UG medical seats:

  • 15% of seats are allotted to Indians.
  • Central and deemed universities
  • State Quota seats: 85%
  • Institutes ESIC and AFMS AIIMS
  • Private institutes
  • JIPMER schools

How to Find the NEET UG 2023 Cut-Off

The NEET cut-off for 2023 can be checked by applicants by following the methods below:

View the NEET UG 2023 answer key in Step 1 and tally the proportion of correct and erroneous responses.

Step 2: Candidates can determine their scores by using the NEET’s grading guidelines. NEET Score: (number of right answers multiplied by 4) (no. of correct answers X 1)

Step 3: After computing your score, compare it to the cutoff values.

Step 4: If you passed, find out which colleges’ NEET cut-offs are accepting with your rank.

The NEET 2021 registration website has been made available by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for application modification. Medical aspirants can make adjustments or revisions to their NEET application forms until August 14 if they have already submitted their forms (2 pm).

Steps for NEET 2021 Correction

  • Visit or
  • To update your application form, click the link or sign in directly.
  • If necessary, modify the application form’s details and re-upload any supporting materials.
  • Save the NEET 2021 application form, then submit it.

NEET Percentile for Admission in MBBS in Government College Based on Rank:-

NEET percentile= [ ( Total number of candidates – NEET rank ) / Total number of candidates] * 100

Assuming that you got a rank of 24000 and the total number of candidates who appeared in NEET 2020 was 13,66,945, then your NEET percentile is:

NEET percentile = ( ( 13,66,945 – 24000 ) / 13,66,945 ) * 100 = 98.2%

Hence based on this calculation a general category student should hold a rank above 6,83,473 to be eligible for admission in government college for MBBS.While an OBC student should secure a rank above 8,20,167 to be eligible for admission into government college for MBBS.

Apart from the cut-off rank it also depends on the number of students applying for the college, 

NEET Percentile for Admission in MBBS in Government College Based on Marks:-

NEET percentile = your NEET score/ topper NEET score *100

Suppose you got a score of 550 and the topper scored 710 then the percentile is calculated as follows:

NEET percentile= 550/710 *100 = 77.4644 %

For the general or unreserved category of students, the cut-off percentile is 50 which means that you need to score approximately 360 or above in order to get admission to MBBS in a government college. Whereas, for SC/ST/OBC students the cut-off percentile is 40, which means they need to score at least 288 or above to be able to get admission in MBBS in a government college.

Minimum Marks Required in NEET for MBBS in Government College State Wise 2022:-

 Round 1 Round 2 MOP UP Round 


  • The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET cutoff is generally of two types,  qualifying cutoff and admission cutoff. 
  • The NEET qualifying cut-off is the minimum marks required by any aspirant to pass the NEET exam.
  •  However, the NEET admission cut-off is the last rank at which admission is granted to the aspirant. 
  • The National Testing Agency (NTA) is the national agency that releases the NEET qualifying cutoff for all medical aspirants.
  • NEET cutoff percentile for the general category is 50th and for SC/ST/OBC it is 40th. 
  • The NEET qualifying cutoff scores for 2022 was released along with the result by NTA at Formerly, NEET cutoff passing marks for the general category was 720-138, while for SC/ST/OBC it was 137-108.

Types of NEET CUTOFF:-

ParametersNEET Qualifying CutoffNEET Admission Cutoff
Announced ByNational Testing Agency (NTA)Medical Counselling Committee (MCC), State conducting authorities
How to check?Candidates will be able to check NEET qualifying cutoff scores 2022 by logging into the NEET 2022 result portal.The opening and closing ranks & scores can be checked on the state authorities’ official website.
Purpose of CutoffOn the basis of the NEET qualifying cutoff, aspirants use to qualify for the medical entrance test.The admission cut off is the last rank on which admission in the medical colleges granted.
University SpecificNoYes
Category SpecificYesYes
Accustomed for AdmissionsNoYes

NEET Qualifying CUTOFF 2022 for SC:-

  • The cutoff scores of NEET 2022 will be declared openly along with the result on the official website, 
  • The aspirant must secure the minimum NEET cut off marks to pass the offline medical entrance examination (NEET). 
  • The minimum marks that are required in NEET for MBBS or other medical courses vary every year.
  • According to last year’s statistics, a total of 8,70,075 candidates have qualified for the exam out of 15,44,275 appeared candidates. The expected category-wise NEET UG 2022 cutoff percentile and previous year scores are given below:-
CategoryNEET 2022 cutoffNEET cut-off marks
General50th percentileTo be announced
SC/ST/OBC40th percentileTo be announced
General-PwD45th percentileTo be announced
SC/ST/OBC-PwD40th percentileTo be announced

NEET CUTOFF Tie-Breaking Process 2022:-

In case any two aspirants have got the same rank, then the tie-breaking criteria to break NEET cut-off qualifying scores will be used. The below-mentioned steps in order of preference will be used to break the tie of the NEET result. As per the latest update on NEET 2022, the earlier method of using age to break the tie has been cancelled this year.

  • Aspirants securing higher scores/percentile in Biology (Botany and Zoology) will be preferred first for the NEET merit list.
  • If the tie still exists, then the higher marks/percentile of the aspirant in Chemistry will be considered.
  • If the tie is still there, aspirants with less number of incorrect and correct attempted answers will be allotted better rank.
  • Last rank on which admission granted Aspirants can check the round wise NEET last rank on which admission is granted.

Factors Determining NEET CUTOFF:-

NEET cut off 2022 scores will be determined based on the following factors for MBBS admissions in Government Colleges:-

  • Number of candidates who appeared for the NEET exam
  • NEET difficulty level
  • Total seats available for NEET

NEET Result 2022:-

  • The NEET 2022 result will be released in form of a scorecard at 
  • Aspirants can download the NTA NEET results by visiting the official website. In order to download NEET 2022 result, aspirants need to enter their NEET roll number, date of birth, and security pin.
  • The result-cum-scorecard of NEET 2022 mentions the name, date of birth, the application number, total as well as subject-wise marks obtained, and NEET All India Rank (AIR). 
  • Also, the result will display NEET cutoff 2022 and qualifying status.

NEET Counseling 2022:-

  • On the basis of AIR, the exam conducting authority will prepare the NEET merit list 2022 implying the rank-wise names of aspirants who have qualified for the exam. 
  • The merit list will be forwarded to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) on behalf of MCC for conducting NEET 2022 counselling for 15% AIQ, seats in deemed/central universities, ESIC, AFMS, and central pool seats.
  • While the remaining 85% state quota seats in government colleges will be allotted by respective state counselling authorities based on the scores and rank secured in NEET 2022 examination. 
  • The respective state counselling bodies will release NEET state-wise merit list based on the cutoff scores.
  • The state counselling body will also be responsible for granting admission to private medical/dental colleges located in a particular state.

NEET 2022 Highlights:-

NEET exam is the common entrance exam for admission in MBBS or BDS programs 2022, administered by NTA. According to the previous year’s analysis, one must have to score 600+ minimum marks for admission to MBBS in a Government college. 

Every year around 15-16 lakh students appear for the NEET examination for admission to top Government MBBS colleges in India. 

CategoryNEET 2022 CutoffNEET Cutoff Marks
General50 percentile720-138
SC/ST/OBC40 percentile137-108
General PwD45 percentile137-122
SC/ST/OBC PwD40 percentile121-108

How Many Marks are Required in NEET for MBBS 2022:-

Minimum marks required in NEET for MBBS in Government Medical College are based on the percentile Cutoff of NEET 2022, which includes:-

CategoryNEET 2022 cutoffNEET cut-off marks
General50th percentile720-138
SC/ST/OBC40th percentile137-108
General-PwD45th percentile137-122

Minimum Marks Required in NEET 2022 for MBBS in Private College:-

Minimum marks required in NEET 2022 for MBBS in private colleges, first one have to score minimum of 50 percentile for UR and 40 percentile for SC/ST/OBC category. And to get admission in the top Private Medical college you must score at least 350 marks in NEET 2022 examination. 

NEET 2021 CUTOFF for MBBS in Government College:-

The counseling process will start across India once the NEET results are out and admission to top medical colleges across India would take place based on the NEET 2022 expected cut-off for government colleges. Medical aspirants across the country aim to take admission at a government medical college on account of a lower fee structure and repute. Hence, knowing the NEET cutoff of these colleges in advance will help aspirants gauge their admission chances. In this article of Shiksha, we bring to our readers the NEET 2021 expected cut-off for government colleges based on last year’s data.

CategoryNEET 2021 Cutoff PercentileNEET 2021 Cutoff Score
General/Unreserved (UR)/EWS50710-138
PwD (General/UR)45137-122
PwD (Reserved)40121-108

Minimum Marks required in NEET for Mbbs in Government College for General Category

What are the CUTOFF Marks in NEET 2022?

NEET cutoff percentile for the general category is 50th and for SC/ST/OBC it is the 40th. The NEET qualifying cutoff scores for 2022 will be released along with the result by NTA at Previously, NEET cutoff passing marks for the general category were 720-138, while for SC/ST/OBC it was 137-108.2

How Many Marks are Required in NEET for BDS in 2022?:-

Based on previous year trends, it has been observed that to attain a BDS seat in a government dental college, an aspirant is required to score a minimum of 450 marks in NEET (subject to vary). A minimum of 50th percentile under general category for those who want admissions in private dental colleges is a requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is safe score for getting a MBBS seat in Kerala private medical college budget (Annual Fee )under 7 Lacs per annum for non-domicile students?

Ans. In 2021 minimum score for getting a private medical college seats under budget of 7 Lacs per annum could be around 550 (Except P.K Pas Medical college)for non domicile candidates. 

Q. Why does the NEET Cut off percentile remain the same while the Cut off marks vary every year?

Ans. NEET Cut off percentile has been fixed at 50th percentile for unreserved category candidates and 40th percentile for reserved category candidates. The percentile depends on the relative score of all the candidates who have appeared in the exam. Therefore, the corresponding marks to the percentile vary each year as the performance of candidates will also be different.

Q. Is securing the NEET 2022 cut off percentile ensures admission to the medical and dental colleges?

Ans. By securing minimum NEET cut off percentile, an aspirant only becomes eligible to participate for counselling process.

Q. What are the minimum marks required in the NEET in order to get into a government college for an MBBS for the OBC category?

Ans. Actually there is not a huge difference of marks for obc and general for neet but whatever is, is pretty good and reserved seats are cream on that cake so when this come to a general it is around 610 to get into a reputed and highly ranked college but at 580 you will get a government college and then for Obc 580 ensures you a pretty good college while 520 will bring you to a government college so make sure that you will cross 520 in neet. 

Q. What minimum marks should I score in NEET to get MBBS seat in government college?

Ans. There are around 41000 seats in 272 Government Medical Colleges across the country, and over 15 lakh students have registered for NEET 2020. With such intense competition, to get a free seat, one should aim for a NEET score of 600+ marks.

Q. How many marks do a NEET aspirant need to get admission into a govt. medical college if they are in a general category?

Ans. For the last 2year, the difficulty level of paper continue decreasing so competitions day by day increasing. Now you have to score a minimum of 620+ For the general category to get any medical seat in India.

Q. What are the minimum marks required in the NEET for an MBBS specifically for a government college in Mumbai?

Ans. The cutoff mark in Mumbai government college is around 550 which is the minimum, so you should aim higher than 550.

Q. Will the NEET cutoff 2022 be considered valid in the next academic year as well?

Ans. No, the result of NEET is valid for one year only. Therefore, the cutoff of NEET 2022 will only be considered for that particular year.

Q. How can I earn my seat in MBBS?

Ans. Students must qualify for the NEET exam for MBBS Direct Admission under NRI & Management Quota Seats. National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam is the qualifying exam to facilitate the allotments of seats in Medical Colleges of India. An Entrance examination is the most preferred way for MBBS Admission in India.

Q. Can I get government MBBS seat with 600 marks in NEET?

Ans. You can easily get any government medical college with 600 marks . If you belong to all India quota, you can get government medical college easily like IGGMC ,NGMC,TNMC ,LTTMC.

Q. Can I enroll in a government medical facility with a 500 NEET score?

Ans. Your admission to a medical university is guaranteed if your NEET 2021 result is 500 or better. The only medical entrance exam for undergraduate admission in India is the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). An candidate must receive 500 out of 720 points to be admitted through NEET to a medical university.

Q. Which state’s NEET cutoff is the lowest?

Ans. Goa has the lowest NEET cut off scores, particularly at the government-run Goa Medical College in Bambolin. The NEET Score is taken into account first on the list, followed by the NEET Ranking.

Q: What NEET score should applicants to government universities aim for?

Ans. Statistically speaking, Candidates with scores above 550 reportedly have a higher probability of enrolling in a government medical school. In other words, the required NEET score for MBBS at the majority of Government universities is 550.

Q. Can I get into the MBBS programme with a 150 NEET score?

Ans. You cannot get into government colleges with 150 NEET points. However, you can enroll at private universities thanks to your ST/SC status.

Q. When will NEET 2022 cutoff be released?

Ans. Following the announcement of the results is the NEET 2022 cutoff. Candidates can anticipate the publication of the NEET cutoff list in September.

Q. Which scores are NEET qualifying?

Ans. The NEET qualifying marks are the scores needed to advance to the NEET counselling stages. Candidates must be aware that meeting the requirements does not ensure admission to colleges.

Q. What is the NEET general candidate qualifying percentile?

Ans. The 50th percentile on the NEET is the cutoff for general candidates.

Who is eligible for the NEET All India Quota?

Ans. Anyone who passes the NEET UG exam administered by NTA is qualified to apply for the All India Quota Medical Counseling.

Q. How many AIQ, and ST, SC-reserved seats are there?

Ans. In medical institutions and universities, 15% of seats are reserved for SC categories and 7.5% for ST categories in accordance with the government’s NEET reservation policy.

Q. Which state has the NEET AIQ cutoff that is the lowest?

Ans. Goa has the lowest NEET cutoff according to historical data.

Q. In 2022, how many medical schools will there be in India?

Ans. India will have 604 medical colleges by 2022, of which 290 would be government institutions.

Q. In NEET 2022, how many MBBS seats are available?

Ans. The number of seats available for NEET 2022 is above 90,000, a huge increase from the previous years.

Q. What was the 2021 general candidate NEET cutoff?

Ans. NEET 2021’s cutoff range for general candidates was 720–138.

Q. What is the average NEET score to get through government colleges?

Ans. The average NEET score required to get through government college ranges between 655-503.

Q. When will the NTA announce the official NEET 2022 cutoff?

Ans. On September 7, NTA revealed the results and the official NEET 2022 cut off.

Q. What is the cutoff percentile for students in the General category for the NEET 2022 exam?

Ans. The 50th percentile is predicted for the NEET 2022 cutoff percentile for students in the general category, with a cutoff score of 117.

The NTA plans to lower the NEET cutoff this year.

A. Based on variables such the exam’s difficulty level, the total number of test-takers, the total number of seats, candidate category, and programme, NTA decided the NEET 2022 cut off.

Q. How will I know if my score is higher than the NEET cutoff?

Ans. The result notice and the NEET 2022 cut off have both been made public. The cutoff scores are also listed on the candidates’ scorecards. You are eligible for NEET 2022 if your score was higher than 117 out of 720.

Q. What is the NEET Government College cutoff?

Ans. The NEET cutoff for government colleges in the General category is typically higher than a score of 600.

Q. Which state has the lowest cutoff for NEET?

Ans. The NEET cutoff is lowest in Goa’s medical and dental schools.

Q. What score must candidates in the General category have on the NEET to qualify?

Ans. The minimum score needed to qualify for NEET 2022 is 117 for applicants in the General category.

Q. Can I enroll in an MBBS programme with a 300 NEET score?

Ans. With a 300 on the NEET 2022, it is possible to be admitted to a private medical college. The optimal score for admission to a government medical college is one that is higher than 500.

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