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Best College for MBA in India for Employees
Best College for MBA in India for Employees

Best College for MBA in India for Employees

Best College for MBA in India for employees – Are you a full-time working professional who is looking for Best College for MBA in India for employees or who wants to further their career by enrolling in an MBA degree program but lacks the time to attend regular classrooms? Or are you a homemaker who […]

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 Saurav Anand 20/05/2023
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Best College for MBA in India for employees - Are you a full-time working professional who is looking for Best College for MBA in India for employees or who wants to further their career by enrolling in an MBA degree program but lacks the time to attend regular classrooms?

Or are you a homemaker who wants to pursue her education but is unable to attend college lectures?

Or maybe you are a recent graduate looking for work while continuing your education at the Best College for MBA in India for employees.

If you are unable to attend conventional college courses, a distance education MBA program is for you. You may further your career in business management by enrolling in the MBA program.

In India, the most sought-after postgraduate degree program is an MBA. Every year, more than 500,000 people finish an MBA degree program, and this figure is growing.

MBA is the only degree program whose popularity grows year after year.

An MBA from a reputable institution may help you advance in your profession.

You may choose a specialty from among the tens of specialties offered.

The two most common business management programs provided by Indian colleges and business institutions are MBA and PGDM.

If you are unsure about which institution to go to complete a remote MBA degree program, read on. If you want to discover the top ten finest distance education MBA programs in India, keep reading.

In this post, we will discuss the finest colleges in India that provide distance education MBA or PGDM programs.

Advantages of Pursuing a Distance MBA

Less Time Consuming: As you may be aware, an online MBA in India is an advanced program developed for working professionals, allowing you to continue working while attending lectures. As a consequence, you get experience as well as a degree. As you are aware, attending on-campus lectures has become difficult since the outbreak of COVID-19, but you may still study for an MBA via remote education.

Degrees are recognized: Around the globe, online and distance learning courses are growing more popular. Furthermore, the University Grants Commission (UGC) accepts online degrees, making them equally useful and eligible as conventional courses. The UGC has also authorized online MBA programs and only universities that have been approved may provide this degree. Compare the best three online MBA programs in India.

Courses are Affordable: Students who want to pursue their higher education at a cheaper cost need not worry since online and distance programs, such as distance MBA programs, are affordable. Management degrees are notoriously costly, especially if you attend a prominent business school. As a consequence, many students are unable to enroll, although distance MBA students are not among them.

Concurrent learning and earning: If you are considering enrolling in a distance MBA program, you will have the ability to apply for employment in the same field. You have plenty of time to continue working, which is how you may study and earn at the same time.

Exposure to advanced technology: An online MBA is a sophisticated curriculum that includes cutting-edge business technology. Students' laptops and mobile phones get curriculum and study materials directly, and they are exposed to a range of technological options to assist them to get things done. Distance MBA in Operations Management admissions is now open.

Best College for MBA in India for employees & Eligibility Criteria - 

  • Working Professionals Can Enroll in a Distance MBA Program Criteria for Eligibility
  • Students must hold a bachelor's degree in any subject with a minimum percentile.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they hold a graduating degree from a recognized institution.
  • There is no higher age restriction for applying for admission.

Top Distance MBA Colleges In India for Working Professionals

Distance MBA Colleges for Working ProfessionalsKey FeaturesTotal Fees of Distance MBA Programs
NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing EducationAmity is Asia’s largest distance-learning platform and the university offers more than 600 faculty members.Rs. 1,44,000 
IMT Center of Distance Learning, GhaziabadIMT Ghaziabad has been accredited by AICTE, AACSB, NBA, AIU, and SAQS.Rs. 1,11,000
Chandigarh University has gained accreditation with an A+ Grade and has signed up for the Limca Book of Records because of inviting the highest number of companies for placements.Chandigarh University has gained accreditation with an A+ Grade and has signed up for Limca Book of Records because of inviting the highest number of companies for placements.Rs. 57,800 
IGNOUIGNOU offers 227 courses in total and has been accredited by NAAC with an A++ GradeRs. 37,800
Symbiosis Center of Distance LearningSymbiosis has more than 350 faculty members and has been affiliated with AICTE.Rs. 50,000 
Amity University Distance Learning, NoidaChandigarh University has gained accreditation with an A+ Grade and has signed up for the Limca Book of Records because of inviting the highest number of companies for placements.Rs. 1,20,000 
Jaipur National University Distance LearningJaipur National University is famous for its distance learning as it doesn’t have any age limit and has been accredited by NAAC.Rs. 43,600 
Jagannath University Distance LearningJagannath University is one of the recognized universities of Rajasthan and it has been approved by UGC-DEB and AICTE.Rs. 58,500
University of Kerala Distance LearningThe university is accredited by NAAC with an A Grade and approved by UGC-DEB.Rs. 41,175 
SVU Distance LearningThe university is famous for its distance education and has been accredited by NAAC.Rs. 46,500 

Note: that the Fees change from year to year, so make sure to check the official website or contact us for fee structure and other relevant details. The above-mentioned fees of distance education MBA In India are only the academic fees and additional charges like registration fees and examination fees are not included.

Best Colleges for MBA in India for employees  | Executive MBA for Working Professionals in India

Some of the Best Colleges for MBA in India for employees offer an executive MBA. Below are the various executive programs offered in India for candidates looking for an MBA for working professionals.

Best College for MBA in India for employeesExecutive MBA For Working Professionals Program Work Experience Required 
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad & PunjabPost Graduate Programme in Management for Working Professionals5-12 years
Indian Institute of Management, AhmedabadPost Graduate Program for Executives4-years
Indian Institute of Management, BangaloreExecutive Post Graduate Programme in Management4-12 years
XLRI, JharkhandExecutive Fellow Programme in Management5 years
SP Jain Institute of Management, MaharashtraPost Graduate Executive Management Programme5 years 
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta Post Graduate Programme for Executives5 years 
Great Lakes Institute, ChennaiPost Graduate Executive Program in Management8 years
MDI, GurgaonExecutive Post Graduate Programmes5 years 
International Management Institute, Delhi Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management5 years 
FMS, DelhiMBA Executive Programme5 years 
IIFT, DelhiExecutive Post Graduate Diploma3 years 
IMT, GhaziabadPost Graduate Diploma in Management5 years 

Frequently Asked Questions about Best MBA Colleges in India for Employee

Q. What is the best college for MBA in India for employees?

Ans: In this post, we discussed the top ten colleges for distance education MBA programs.

In general, reputable institutions are those that have been certified by the UGC DEB to provide distance education courses, perform exams on schedule, and charge students a fair rate.

When selecting a university, you should consider how the curriculum will be offered. Most universities now use an online platform to conduct lectures and provide study materials.

Some excellent institutions in India that provide online education courses are ICFAI University, Sikkim Manipal University, Lovely Professional University, Annamalai University, and IGNOU.

Q.Is a Distance Education MBA worth it?

Ans: Not everyone can enroll in a typical MBA program. Working professionals cannot do it because they cannot quit their jobs, and others cannot do it because they do not have the money to pay for a traditional MBA program, which often costs four times as much as a distance MBA.

In this day and age, when institutions employ online program delivery methods, it makes a lot of sense to pursue a distance education MBA program since you can view all of the lectures online, access study material, and ask faculty and peers questions.

A distance education MBA degree is now recognized in both commercial and public sector professions. In a nutshell, a remote education MBA is worth the same as a traditional MBA.

Q. Which is superior, PGDM or MBA?

Ans: The PGDM and MBA are both postgraduate degrees in management. While a PGDM is a two-year diploma course offered by deemed universities and management institutions such as NMIMS, SCDL, IMT, and others, an MBA program is a two-year degree course offered by universities in India that offer distance education courses such as ICFAI, Annamalai University, SMU, IGNOU, LPU, and others.

Both courses have almost identical syllabus and provide a comparable level of knowledge of the topic.

Both courses are recognized for government and commercial sector positions. Although PGDM students are not permitted to apply in certain areas where an MBA is required. For example, an MBA is required to pursue a Ph.D.

Both the PGDM and MBA are equally beneficial if you work in the private sector, however, for further education or a job that requires an MBA, some people should select the MBA over the PGDM.

Q.Is the CAT or MAT required for a distance MBA?

Ans: There is no unique necessity to take the CAT or MAT to pursue a distant MBA since most colleges have their own admission tests. However, if you have a genuine CAT or MAT score, you may be able to get admission to a distance MBA program.

Q. Which MBA Specialization is the Best?

Ans: There is only one solution to this question: all specialties are fine if you pick them based on your previous education and interests. For example, if you are a business student interested in accounting and investing, a specialty in Finance or Banking would be a suitable match for you. A marketing concentration, on the other hand, is ideal for a student who enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and meeting deadlines.  Always find a specialism that interests you so that you may enjoy your career.

Q. What is the average salary for an MBA?

Ans: The pay of an MBA is determined by a variety of criteria, including experience, job type, employment location, and employer. If you are a fresher looking for work in a metro city, you may take a pay ranging from INR 15000 to INR 25000. In India, the average compensation for an experienced MBA expert is INR 50000.

Q. Can You Get a Job After a Distance MBA?

Ans: If you have the talents and mentality that an HR manager is searching for, you can easily acquire a job after completing a distance MBA. Even after completing their online MBA, several distance education colleges give placement assistance to their students. To acquire a decent career, you must have both abilities and education.

Q. Can I pursue a Ph.D. after completing a remote education MBA?

Ans: Yes, you may pursue a Ph.D. after finishing your distance MBA. A master's degree is needed by the UGC in order to pursue a Ph.D. Because an MBA is a master's degree in management, you may apply for a Ph.D. once you finish your degree.

However, after completing PGDM, one cannot pursue a Ph.D. The PGDM is a management postgraduate diploma program. Because PGDM is not a degree program, it does not fulfill the qualifying requirements for Ph.D.

Q.Is PGDM equivalent to MBA?

Ans: Not all PGDM programs are equivalent to MBA programs. A PGDM is equivalent to an MBA if the school delivering it is accredited by AIU (The Association of Indian Universities). A PGDM and an MBA are both equivalent courses, however, an MBA is more widely accepted in both commercial and public sector professions.

Q.Is a distant MBA acceptable for a government job?

Ans: According to a recent UGC announcement, degrees, diplomas, and certificates given by universities and institutes accredited by UGC-DEB shall be considered similar to degrees of normal institutions. This implies that for government positions, a distant MBA will be regarded the same as a traditional MBA.

Q. Which one is superior? A traditional MBA or a distant MBA

Ans: A normal MBA is always preferable to a distant MBA since you do it full-time and spend two years studying different parts of management and clarifying your questions with faculty members.

Although a conventional MBA is not for everyone, those working in organizations, for example, cannot take it since they cannot quit their jobs.  Working professionals, persons living in rural areas, and housewives may all benefit from a distance MBA.

Q. Is it possible to get employment after completing a distance MBA program? Best College for MBA in India for employees

Ans: A distance education MBA is a curriculum geared toward working people. That implies that a distance MBA program is best suited to persons who are currently employed. Although this is not always the case, the program is popular among both recent grads and housewives.

Most distance education MBA programs do not provide placement services to their students, while certain universities, such as SMU, NMIMS, IMT Ghaziabad, and others, do. There is also a campus placement cell at IGNOU.

Q. Is a distance education degree acceptable for state or federal government jobs?

Ans. Yes, online education degrees are acceptable for employment in state and federal government positions.

You must have earned your degree from a university accredited by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB), a UGC entity that grants institutions permission to provide distance education courses in India.

If your institution has been granted approval by DEB to provide a distance MBA programme in India, the degree earned will be eligible for employment in state and central government posts.

Q. Is a distance education MBA degree transferable to a Ph.D. program?

Ans: If you hold a distance MBA degree from a reputable institution, you may apply for the Ph.D. program. Diploma courses do not qualify for Ph.D. programs, hence PGDM/PGDBA students cannot apply.

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