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PES University Bangalore All Answered Questions

  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Private University

Saurav Anand

Frequently Asked Questions about PES University Bangalore

Q. How is the PES University Campus?

Ans. PES University Campus situated in Bangalore, Karnataka brings out a welcoming environment for proper education to everyone, appropriate hostel and accommodation services for international students coming to pursue their studies and ways of socialising.

Q. Why do students choose PES University over other colleges?

Ans. The PES University facilities as well as Placements are quite better than most institutes, PES University Placement is One of the many main motives why students from Karnataka and all around India and even around the globe choose to pursue their degrees from PES University Bangalore, It is the university's placement or employment assurance. Senior-level education is provided to students, and as soon as the candidates register and their skills are then put to the test. Whereas PES University facilities include another approach over the PES University campus, it has been including the marvellous dormitories and hostel amenities, which are modelled according to the other universities situated abroad, Comfortable, Ventilated, Furnished rooms, safe and trustworthy staff, overall proper and safety measures are taken, with all essential medical facilities and help on one call away, facility of nurses that takes care of all the student's medical needs are one of the few PES University campus facilities, amenities or necessities. Hall or other recreational spaces build a sense of community and the formation of family and friendship-like relationships. The outstanding cafeteria's large coverage and open kitchen are supposed to acquire or accommodate a lot more than thousands of  Understudies or students.

Q. Do PES University placements get better with years passing?

Ans. PES University Placement 2020–21, for the academic year, the placement cell recruited 605 undergrad pupils and 31 postgraduate pupils, and it additionally made 1185 job offers. Graduates in the Bachelor of Technology programme received the highest CTC, at INR 49.75 LPA. One of the leading APM & ITOA businesses in the world started e-hiring for the 2020 placements.

PES University Placement 2021-22 started its campus placement programme and has implemented a digital hiring process. Applications Dynamic Technologies India Private Limited became the first recruitment agency to implement e-hiring, claimed to a Varsity press release. 56 companies and recruiters toured the campus of PES University for the institution on campus placements.

PES University Placement 2022-23, for the academic year the highest package blew the minds of everyone as it was claimed to be INR 1.5 cr. Per Year, which was an international offer.

All Understudies or Students were offered around 856 Job offers for employment. A record of 100% placement was witnessed in the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of computer science departments during the current academic years. 

There is a formal process that must be undertaken for placement at PES University on campus. 

The first stage, which is where certain businesses typically hire 5–7 students per recruiter, is the first step in the PES University placement process. The selected pupils are prohibited from taking the stage 2, qualifying exam. The salary ranges from 10 to 12 lakhs per year.

Each organisation selects roughly 20 candidates for stage 2 roles, which come with a yearly pay of about 4.8 lakhs. Every pupil receives the option of choosing stage 3. In this level, students who had been unable to find jobs in the ones before may do so.

The average salary for Bachelor of Technology in CSE department students placed by PES University is approximately INR 10–11 LPA. Advertisements at PES University are frequently excellent for CSE. The campus placements are attended by reputable worldwide firms including Microsoft, Atlassian, Cisco, IBM, Citrix, Morgan Stanly, VMWARE, Walmart's stores, HP, and Infotech.

PES University claims that there are probably just a handful of prestigious companies where a PES graduate remains is not engaged or employed. PES graduates are employing their degrees in a variety of industries, including software development, civil engineering, architecture, finance, consulting, and e-commerce. It is a testament to our qualified instructors and our commitment to creating a place with top-class professional skills.

PES University internship possibilities are paid or unpaid educational opportunities that give students practical, hands-on knowledge related to their field of study or career goal. An internship can help PES University students explore their career options, develop their skills, and learn new things. It gives the company the ability to cultivate talent, bring new ideas and excitement to the office, and perhaps even open up a channel for future full-time employees.

Q. Do PES University offer a bachelor's degree in performing arts?

Ans. Yes, B. Performing arts are available at PES, PES University courses include both basic or fundamental courses for the subjects of  Law, Management, Engineering, Economics, Business Studies, Arts, architecture, and life science, as well as unique courses like study of Fashion designing and Performing arts. All the offered courses are among the brilliant academic ways and paths that PES University emphasizes on. 

Q. What is the PES University scholarship eligibility?

Ans. PES University Scholarship packages are made available by the institution so that students from all socioeconomic backgrounds can advance their studies and work towards a better and promising upcoming future. The eligibility depends on,

For the MRD scholarships at PES, The highest scoring twenty per cent of students are going to be qualified for a 40% tuition price reimbursement for all study years, with the potential exception of their last year, dependent on their SGPA. The funding will be subject to the minimal CGPA and SGPA requirements specified by the PES University Scholarship Committee.

For Thinker CNR Rao Scholarships According to CGPA, the top 5% of students receive scholarships with a 50% price return. Each of the years of study, with the exception of the final year, is applicable. Receiving the scholarship is contingent upon meeting the yearly requirements for an adequate CGPA and SGPA set by the scholarship panel. Many businesses give scholarships to undergraduates in their last year of university as recognition for their achievements. The CNR Rao Scholarship recipients are among the top 20% of students.

Distant or Rural Scholarships - PES University offers a select group of students from rural regions who require the benefits of free engineering courses each year.

Scholarship for Teacher Assistants - Students who exhibit a dedication to effective instruction will be reimbursed for helping their professors in their classrooms.

Scholarships for Research Assistants - Freshmen and Undergraduates with a strong interest in conducting the study may be offered the chance to do so while receiving compensation.

Q. Does PES University provide Bus facilities to the students?

Ans. PES University Transportation offers a facility of transportation services to all the students who are coming from the outlying regions of Bangalore. The PES University allots official Buses, The bus goes around 11 routes around the city and countryside, and the transportation service fee costs between INR 34000 to INR 30000 as per the distance of stoppage.

Q. Does the PES University placement cell provide Summer internships to the understudies?

Ans. PES University has agreements in place for student mobility programmes with an assortment of foreign colleges and MNCs. This project sends a number of students on summer internships abroad, all coordinated by the PES University placement cell.

Q. Why is PES University famous in Bangalore?

Ans. PES is famous as One of India's top institutions of higher learning for research as well as instruction is PES University, which is situated in Bangalore. The University is dedicated to providing students with "navigation for the world as it really is" by encouraging them to discover their inner north.

Q. What are the on-campus facilities that PES University provides?

Ans. PES University puts on a lot of effort and emphasizes developing the minds of the students through offering them a  supportive infrastructure or campus facilities,  No matter if it is the best laboratories with all required supplies for the medical Understudies and students, Well equipped seminars for all Engineering and Bachelor of Technology scholars and understudies or be it a small as per requirement hotel in the PES University campus itself for students pursuing the Hotel Management programme to practice.

Not just the classroom only, but also completely safe residential common halls and new and advanced cafeteria or food options are guaranteed, comfortable residence inside the premises itself,  through the facility of PES University hostels,

 The best sports and athletic requirements and amenities push the Understudies or students to know about the opportunities and to recognise and increase their own potential.

Q. What are the Bachelor level courses available at PES University?

Ans. The courses are:-

  • Bachelor's degree in Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Business administration Business Analytics Hons
  • Bachelor's degree in Business administration in Hospitality and Event Management Hons 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer applications 
  • Bachelor's degree in Technology in Computer Science with Engineering, AI, and Mechanical skills
  • Bachelor's degree in Technology in Biotechnology Engineering
  • BE Electronics and Communication Engineering 
  • Bachelor's degree of design in Interaction Design Bachelors' degree of design in Communication Design 
  • BE Computer Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree of design in Product Design 
  • Bachelor's Degree of  Science in Psychology Hons
  • Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Performing Arts
  • Bachelor's degree in commerce 
  • Bachelor's Degree of Science in Economics Hons
  • Bachelor's Degree of Commerce Honours degree in accounting
  • Bachelor's degree of Business administration in Sports Management Hons