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IIM Shillong: Indian Institute of Management Shillong Facilities Details

  • Shillong, Meghalaya
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 26

Saurav Anand

Indian Institute of Management Shillong is a publicly funded and autonomous institution specializing in management education, situated in the city of Shillong, Meghalaya. The institute is renowned for its academic excellence and stunning natural surroundings. It provides a distinctive and enriching experience for the student community with scenic hills surroundings and combines education, individual development, and unforgettable experiences. The enchanting natural surroundings offer abundant opportunities for exploration and adventure. The students frequently embark on treks, discover waterfalls, and immerse themselves in the distinctive local culture. The breathtaking landscapes of Meghalaya serve as an ideal background for relaxation and contemplation. The expansive IIM Shillong campus, spanning 120 acres, stands at the heart of a rich past, now revitalized with modern and advanced facilities. IIM Shillong is often referred to as a ‘cloud-kissed campus’ and serves as a harmonious merging point between serenity and enthusiasm. The unique campus setting acts as the perfect junction where the provinces of industry, education, business, and personal growth intersect and the modern IIM Shillong facilities promote a life beyond the confines of academia for its community. 

The institute and its modern facilities support the student community in actively exploring fresh concepts, developing inventive remedies, promoting sustainable approaches, fostering individual development, making a difference in the local community, and revolutionizing the field of management. IIM Shillong facilities and its educational offerings are meticulously crafted to promote comprehensive growth and cultivate future global business leaders. Through active participation in case analyses, collaborative projects, presentations, and engaging lectures, students are encouraged to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts. IIM Shillong takes pride in its committed faculty, composed of experienced educators and industry professionals. They go beyond just imparting knowledge, also serving as mentors who guide students along their academic journey and provide valuable instructions for exploring diverse career aspects.

IIM Shillong facilities feature advanced classrooms, fully-equipped libraries, computer laboratories, and dedicated spaces for several activities. The peaceful surroundings of the campus serve as an ideal setting that promotes learning and individual development. A defining characteristic of life at IIM Shillong lies in its student-centric culture. A multitude of student committees and clubs take the initiative to arrange a wide array of events, seminars, workshops, and conferences spanning diverse fields like finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and beyond. For the student community at the institute, these extracurricular engagements play an important role in their academic journey by encouraging leadership abilities, promoting networking opportunities, providing valuable hands-on experience, and helping them to exhibit their potential skills at the IIM Shillong placement process. IIM Shillong epitomizes a fusion of cultures, languages, and worldviews. Students from various corners of India create an environment that promotes exchange and understanding of diverse cultures. This diversity enhances classroom dialogues and nurtures global awareness. The institute actively promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through its dedicated incubation center and various competitions, notably events like the annual Entrepreneurship Summit. Students are provided with resources that enable them to shape their entrepreneurial ideas and launch their startups. IIM Shillong campus organizes several cultural and management events. The annual cultural festival showcases talents from every corner of the country. Students actively engage in various social initiatives, contributing to the betterment of the local community. The combination of rigorous academics, cultural diversity, and extracurricular activities mold students into well-rounded individuals prepared to face the challenges of the business world. 

IIM Shillong Facilities Highlights

  • Modern Classroom Facilities
  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Library Facilities
  • Computer Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Mess and Cafeteria
  • Sports Facilities
  • Guest House 

IIM Shillong facilities and infrastructure are designed to enhance the overall student experience and ensure academic excellence on par with global standards. Among these amenities are an advanced telecommunications network, comfortable student accommodation facilities, a modern and well-equipped library that supports academic endeavors, and a strong IT infrastructure. Additionally, IIM Shillong provides modern classrooms featuring wireless microphones and high-speed internet connectivity to facilitate an effective learning environment. The institute's mission is to cultivate ethical business managers who are committed to sustainable development, and these world-class facilities play a vital role in achieving this goal. By offering a comprehensive array of IIM Shillong facilities, the institute ensures that its student community receives a holistic and well-rounded education. 

IIM Shillong Classroom Facilities

IIM Shillong classroom facilities are crafted to serve as a dynamic platform to promote intellectual exchange, interdisciplinary cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking among students.  The institution has invested significantly in advanced technology, instructional tools, and innovative seating arrangements to facilitate advanced learning. The classroom environment is conducive to innovation, experimentation, and nurturing intellectual independence. These IIM Shillong classroom facilities collectively promote a culture that is moving toward shaping forward-thinking managers who will lead numerous global businesses in the future.  The classrooms at IIM Shillong are not merely spaces for traditional lectures but rather dynamic spaces where students are encouraged to engage in collaborative learning, explore fresh ideas, and challenge conventional wisdom. This approach aligns with the institute's mission to groom responsible and visionary business managers who can adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business world.

IIM Shillong Library Facilities

IIM Shillong facilities feature an advanced, modern library. It is known as the Knowledge Center, which acts as a central hub for knowledge acquisition and dissemination. IIM Shillong library facilities are distinguished as the most advanced, fully automated, and technologically driven library resource center that is committed to staying ahead in the evolving global information age. Spread over an impressive 10,000 square feet, the library within the IIM Shillong campus offers ample study spaces for students and incorporates a reading room that can be used by both faculty and students. 

IIM Shillong library facilities include an extensive collection of e-resources, which has more than 40 databases such as DELNET, E-Book Cambridge, EBSCO Business Source Ultimate, Economist Historical Archives, Emerald Insight, EPWRF, Grammarly, INFORM Journals, OECD Library, Oxford Journals, Press Reader, SAGE, Springer Nature, Statista databases, Taylor & Francis, Turnitin, Wiley Journals, World Bank E-Library, ISID, Jgate Plus, JSTORE, Oxford University Press, Project Muse, E-Book Library, South Asia Archive (SAS), Accord Ace Knowledge Portal, Bloomberg Databases, Capital Market, CapitalinePlus, CMIE Prowess, CMIE Economic Outlook, Crisil, Elsevier, Scopus, Euromonitor International, Indiastat, ProQuest, Web of Science, QuillBot, and more. 

This vast digital repository grants access to over 17,000 e-journals. Furthermore, the library offers access to over 7,500 e-business Magazines and a staggering 250,000 e-books, including the esteemed Oxford Handbooks Online, a remarkable collection spanning various subject areas. Notably, the library houses special collections from institutions like EXIM Bank and World Bank, and it provides access to resources such as the Emerald and Harvard Business Review case collections, highly regarded by both students and faculty members.

The library subscribes to both online and physical newspapers and magazines, while its scholarly e-collection is accessible from any networked computer within the campus via the E-Library Portal. Complementing its digital offerings, the library maintains a physical collection of over 15,000 books, reports, dissertations, and theses, all searchable through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). To enhance the research and academic experience, the library provides valuable tools like Turnitin plagiarism checker, E-resources search for databases, articles, reports, and remote access for off-campus users. Additionally, IIM Shillong library facilities house a finance lab powered by Bloomberg, offering access to real-time financial data.

In line with its commitment to resource sharing, the library actively participates in various consortia, including the IIM consortium, and is a member of resource-sharing networks like DELNET and INFLIBNET. These affiliations provide access to a wealth of resources, including more than 5,000 e-journals and over 100,000 dissertations and theses. IIM Shillong library facilities feature RFID-equipped self-service kiosks, facilitating automated lending, returns, and renewals. The Knowledge Centre at IIM Shillong offers an advanced learning experience including several resources and services to support the academic and research endeavors of its students and faculty members. 

IIM Shillong IT Infrastructure

IIM Shillong facilities feature advanced IT infrastructure. IIM Shillong IT infrastructure offers advanced technology facilities to support its academic community. To support the academic needs of the student community as well as the faculty members the institute has accommodated advanced tech facilities to ensure seamless connectivity. The campus and its premises are linked through high-speed optical fiber connections, creating a strong network backbone. IIM Shillong campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN) features a blend of wired and wireless infrastructure, providing students and faculty with multiple connectivity options. This ensures connectivity not only to the campus network but also to the global digital network. Moreover, the institute has successfully implemented advanced security features to safeguard online interactions and data, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted connection. IIM Shillong IT infrastructure features the latest technological advancements to create a connected and secure environment, allowing the academic community to stay connected to the digital world and pursue their educational and research goals without any interruption. 

IIM Shillong Hostel Facilities

The institute provides accommodation facilities to the students. IIM Shillong hostel facilities comprise four hostel blocks. The hostel blocks have many facilities including recreational spaces and mess facilities. All four hostel blocks feature the necessary facilities such as a mess and cafeteria, dedicated spaces for sports, common rooms, a library, etc. Students must fill out the form for the hostel at the time of IIM Shillong admission. IIM Shillong hostel facilities provide separate accommodation facilities for both male and female students. The rooms are available on a single and double-occupancy basis. The hostel fee ranges from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,00,000 per year according to the room occupancy type. The first-year students typically share double-occupancy rooms.  After the end of the first year, they have the option to change to single-occupancy rooms. 

Students have access to common rooms where they can engage in various activities such as games, informal discussions, and social gatherings. Continuous 24/7 electricity supply and Wi-Fi services are available for the convenience of the students. Additionally, sports facilities like basketball and badminton are also available at the hostels. For fitness enthusiasts, IIM Shillong hostel facilities feature well-equipped gyms. To address matters related to maintenance, food quality, and the well-being of residents, a student committee is also there at IIM Shillong Hostels. The campus has a department store, banking facility, and post office facility to serve the residents at IIM Shillong hostels. Mess facilities that provide freshly prepared meals and snacks are available for students living in hostels, and they can also purchase food and beverages from the cafeteria on campus.

IIM Shillong facilities incorporate multiple dining options on the campus. The mess facility at the hostels offers homely foods. Additional dining facilities are available on the campus, offering a variety of food options for the students. The dining spaces on the campus are meeting spots for the students where they engage in friendly conversations. These facilities provide a lively setting that encourages relaxation and socialization where the students can enjoy delicious meals and build friendships. The food and beverages offered in both the mess and cafeteria situated on campus feature a variety of options. Both veg and non-veg foods are available here, that serve various tastes and dietary preferences of students coming from different regions of the country. Apart from offering delicious meals, these spaces at IIM Shillong create a sense of belonging, comfort, and bonding among the student community here.

IIM Shillong facilities also feature a guest house. Guests and visitors who are attending various events like conferences, seminars, symposia, and workshops hosted by the institute can stay here. IIM Shillong guest house has 16 rooms and has access to uninterrupted Wi-Fi and housekeeping services, for the convenience of the visitors staying here. These facilities enhance the overall experience of guests, allowing them to focus on their work without worrying about the logistics of their stay. These accommodation facilities at IIM Shillong, both hostel and guest house, equally help the student community, faculty, and visitors. 

IIM Shillong Sports Facilities

The institute offers sports facilities. Both outdoor and indoor sporting facilities are available at IIM Shillong that serve the diverse range of interests and preferences of its student community. The outdoor sports facilities at IIM Shillong include a cricket-cum-football ground, basketball courts, volleyball courts, lawn tennis courts, hockey field, throwball courts, and badminton courts. These dedicated spaces provide ample opportunities for team sports and individual challenges. The indoor sports options include table tennis, swimming pool, foosball, carrom, and chess. A well-maintained gym is also available for the students and the faculty, featuring all necessary modern equipment. In addition to all the sports facilities available on the campus, IIM Shillong is preparing to develop a cycling track, catering to the needs of cycling enthusiasts. This forthcoming addition will help cycling enthusiasts explore the scenic beauty of the campus while staying active and healthy. IIM Shillong sports facilities ensure the physical and mental well-being of the student community. There are additional sports facilities available in the hostel blocks. It doesn’t matter whether the students prefer the thrill of outdoor team sports or the focus of indoor games, IIM Shillong sports facilities are designed to keep them engaged, active, and refreshed, all within the embrace of natural surroundings. 

IIM Shillong Management Facilities 

Students at IIM Shillong get access to management facilities. The Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre (IESC), formerly known as the Incubation Centre, is the centerpiece of the IIM Shillong management facilities offered at the institute. IIM Shillong created IESC in the year 2017. The center has been crucial in providing startups, business owners, and companies with mentoring and support. It acts as a bridge that promotes collaboration to have a positive effect on the startup and enterprise ecosystem at the institute as well as throughout the nation by connecting innovators, academics, and industry experts. The IESC has several responsibilities, but its primary function is to promote new concepts and ideas. It aids in determining whether developed ideas are workable and supports entrepreneurial endeavors. 

The incubator also makes an active effort to pinpoint the forward and backward links in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also serves as a knowledge source, providing important insights for professional and scholarly applications. IESC helps turn research ideas into workable business enterprises by enhancing already-existing goods or services, with a major focus on fostering entrepreneurship in India's Northeast region. Additionally, every year, the Institute hosts a Business Leadership Summit. Industry experts from a range of fields, including consulting, finance, human resources, operations, and marketing, attend the event and engage with the students enrolled in the institute's management programs. Each year, a new theme is used to hold the annual summit. The two-day event is collaboratively coordinated by the institute's clubs and committees.

These IIM Shillong facilities work together to create an environment that is favorable to business growth and to teach budding business leaders. Among the IIM Shillong management facilities, IESC is crucial in directing and supporting entrepreneurial efforts, regardless of whether the goals are socially or economically focused. IESC collaborated as a knowledge partner with the Government of Meghalaya to build the PRIME incubation hub in Jowai, West Jantia Hills, Meghalaya. These collaborations further demonstrate IESC's dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and local economic growth. A key promoter of innovation and entrepreneurship in India's North East is the IIM Shillong Incubation and Enterprise Support Center. It is a crucial component of the startup and company ecosystem, supporting and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs through its all-encompassing strategy that includes networking, mentorship, and knowledge sharing.

IIM Shillong Faculty

IIM Shillong faculty, consisting of experts from various fields, is crucial in developing future business leaders. The academic community of IIM Shillong, which consists of educators, alumni, and students, actively promotes management and research abilities with the aid of various resources. The institute believes in academic independence, both in terms of teaching and learning. The mentors not only serve as educators but also leaders and knowledge creators, helping students to excel in their academic journey and understanding different career aspects. Under the guidance of IIM Shillong faculty, the institute is cultivating passionate business leaders. All the educators here are experts in their respective fields, they continually adapt, evolve, and innovate in their approach to education. They put in a lot of effort to present a transformative curriculum that is suited to the requirements of the institute's student body. The dedication to innovative curricula guarantees that every student obtains an education that is both exciting and current, giving them the abilities and knowledge to become visionary and impactful leaders in their profession.

Frequently Asked Questions About IIM Shillong Facilities

Q. What are the IIM Shillong facilities available for management?

Ans. IIM Shillong provides management facilities. The Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre (IESC), formerly known as the Incubation Centre, is the key factor of the IIM Shillong management facilities, and every year, the Institute hosts a Business Leadership Summit (BLS). Industry experts from a range of fields attend the event and interact with the students enrolled in the management programs.

Q. What are the sports facilities offered at IIM Shillong?

Ans. The institute offers both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. 

IIM Shillong sports facilities are:

  • A Cricket-Cum-Football Ground
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Lawn Tennis Courts 
  • Hockey Field 
  • Throwball Courts
  • Badminton Courts 
  • Table Tennis 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Foosball 
  • Carrom 
  • Chess

Q. Do IIM Shillong facilities offer accommodation facilities for MBA students?

Ans. Yes, IIM Shillong provides hostel facilities. The institute has separate accommodation facilities for both male and female students. The rooms are available on a single or double-occupancy basis. 

Q. Is it necessary to stay at IIM Shillong hostels?

Ans. No. It is not compulsory to stay in hostels in IIM Shillong. The accommodation facilities provided at the institute are meant for students who live far away from their homes. 

Q. Do IIM Shillong facilities have any libraries at the institute?

Ans. IIM Shillong has advanced library facilities, known as the Knowledge Centre. It has the latest edition of reference books, general books, and research papers and subscriptions to newspapers and business magazines. The library’s e-resources can be accessed through the E-Library Portal. 

Q. Are there any mess facilities at the IIM Shillong campus?

Ans. IIM Shillong facilities incorporate multiple dining options on the campus. The mess facility at the hostels offers homely foods. Additional dining facilities are available on the campus, offering a variety of food options for the students. 

Q. Is IIM Shillong worth joining?

Ans. Indian Institute of Management Shillong was founded as the 7th IIM in the country. Despite being one of the youngest, it is listed in the top IIMs and considered one of the best B-Schools in India. 

Q. Do IIM Shillong facilities provide a gym?

Ans. Yes, the IIM Shillong campus features a well-equipped open gym.