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IIM Rohtak: Indian Institute of Management Rohtak Scholarships Details

  • Rohtak, Haryana
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 16

Saurav Anand

IIM Rohtak Scholarships

Do you know, that all colleges provide some scholarships for students who can’t afford the college fees but want to study in top colleges and universities? All IIMs provide different types of scholarships. In this article, we will discuss the IIM Rohtak scholarships given to students.

At IIM Rohtak scholarships are awarded to worthy students who fulfill certain criteria, such as family income, academic achievement, etc. The IIM Rohtak Scholarships offer financial aid to students on the basis of both merit and need. Additionally, there are grants available for students enrolling in the Doctoral Programme Management (DPM) at the Indian Institute of Management in Rohtak.

IIM Rohtak

IIM Rohtak

Approvals & Accreditation - AMBA Location - Rohtak, Haryana



18 lakhs

IIM Rohtak Scholarships NameAmount of Scholarship
Fellowships for Doctoral Programme Management (DPM)For the first two years, INR 30,000, and INR 35,000 after passing the second year + Contingency grant - INR 1,85,000 + Financial support for International Conference / Academic Exchange 
IIM Rohtak SC / ST Need-based ScholarshipsFee waiver

IIM Rohtak Scholarships Details

IIM Rohtak provides a small number of scholarships to deserving and distinguished students. The students at IIM Rohtak are eligible for the following scholarships:

IIM Rohtak Scholarships for SC/ST Need-Based 

The financial assistance program based on need is the most well-liked scholarship available to MBA students at IIM Rohtak scholarships. This financial aid is frequently given to deserving students from low-income families. If a student wants to take advantage of this program, they must submit the necessary information at the time of enrollment. Only those chosen students will receive aid after their eligibility has been verified. 

The Indian Institute of Management Rohtak provides financial aid to all qualified applicants admitted to the programs. Aiming to ensure that no participant is prohibited from enrolling in the institute's educational programs because of financial restrictions, IIM Rohtak's Need-Based Financial Assistance program provides grants based on need. The Committee uses two procedures to determine both the total amount of help and the number of recipients.

  • The participant's financial needs will be determined in the first phase by examining the students' application. Depending on how the first round goes, the Committee might invite some of the candidates to a meeting. The effectiveness of applicants in phases I and II of the review process will determine whether or not they are eligible for financial assistance.
  • Often, the amount of financial help will be set at a rate somewhat less than the tuition rate for that Academic Year. Scholarship payouts are based on a part of the maximum sum specified, which is determined by the family's income. Up to 1.5 lakhs annually, over 1.5 lakhs up to 3 lakhs annually, over 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs annually, over 5 lakhs up to 8 lakhs annually, and over 8 lakhs up to 10 lakhs annually.
  • Students must have taken out a loan from a reputable bank and paid their tuition while enrolled in school using money from the loan account. The total amount awarded through the program will not go over what has been allocated for that academic year's budget.
  • When awarding the scholarship, the participants' academic backgrounds will also be taken into account.
  • Only a portion of the tuition fee loan will be covered by the scholarship, and it won't be awarded until the necessary proof of payment from the loan account has been received. Those who qualify should submit a thorough application by the time established by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Candidates can not submit applications after the cutoff date  Complete applications that contain all required paperwork will be processed in the first round.

The need-based scholarships were developed especially for worthy students who struggle to pay for their education. 

The amount of financial help awarded to a student depends on their family's income as well as their eligibility for scholarships.

A student is eligible for a 100% scholarship if their family's income is less than 1.5 LPA.

Family Income Eligibility for Scholarship(%)
<= 1.5 LPA100
1.5 LPA - 3 LPA75
3 LPA - 5 LPA50
5 LPA - 8 LPA25

IIM Rohtak Scholarships for Merit Cum Means

The Merit Cum Means Scholarships are available to PGP first- and second-year students, and they only help deserving students from minority groups with low annual family incomes. The prize has been thoughtfully created to aid PGP students. The scholarship is given to the students based on their CGPA from the previous academic year and family income.

  • The Merit-cum means-based Scholarships provide financial help to low-income students from ethnic backgrounds.
  • Applying for the IIM Rohtak Scholarships for the Merit-cum-means Scholarship is open to students with strong academic standing who desire to enroll in PGP courses.
  • Students must have a total GPA of at least 50% (or an equivalent score on the final exam that came before). 
  • The parents' or guardians' combined annual income should not be more than INR 2 lakh.
  • IIM Rohtak chooses 20 students for Merit-cum-scholarships each academic year. To be eligible, applicants must have a minimum CGPA of 6.5 and a grade of C+ or higher.

The amount available under the Merit Cum Means Scholarship 

IIM Rohtak Scholarships AmountParticulars 
For 10 months, day scholars will pay INR 500 per month and hostel-residing students will pay INR 1,000 per month. Maintenance Allowance 
For both hostelers and day scholars, the annual salary is INR 20,000, whichever is less, subject to actuals.Course Fee

Fellowships for DPM students by IIM Rohtak Scholarships

The following Fellowships will be offered to DPM participants:

  • for the first two years, Rs. 30,000, and
  • After the second year, Rs 35,000

In addition, the worthy participants receive a merit fellowship worth Rs. 10,000 per month in the second year and Rs. 15,000 per month in the third and fourth years (subject to satisfactory performance).

The following fellowship amounts will be awarded to Doctoral Programme Management (DPM) participants:-

Amount of IIM Rohtak ScholarshipsType of Allowance
INR 30,000 for 1st two years AndINR 35,000 after passing the 2nd-yearFellowship
INR 10,000 per month for 2nd year AndINR 15,000 per month 3rd and 4th yearsMerit Fellowship (subject to satisfactory performance)
INR 1,85,000 distributed across 4 yearsContingency Grant

Grant for Contingency:

A contingency grant totaling Rs. 1, 85,000 will be provided to each participant over the course of the program's four-year duration.

Financial Assistance for Academic Exchange and Conferences:

As per the requirements of the institute, the participants will get potential financial assistance for attending national and international conferences as well as for academic exchange visits to partner institutions.

Medical facilities and hostels:

All participants in the IIM Rohtak DPM must dwell on campus full-time because it is a residential program. They will have access to the same medical facilities that are now in use by other Institute members.

There are some important things to keep in mind while applying for a scholarship, which is:

  • As per the requirements of the institute, the participants will get potential financial assistance for attending national and international conferences as well as for academic exchange visits to partner institutions.
  • The tuition fee is waived for students who are selected for IIM Rohtak DPM Fellowships. They are required to cover their dining costs, the acceptance fee for the admission offer, the alumni association charge, and any additional fees the institute may impose. 
  • The IIM Rohtak-specified fees must be paid by the participants who are accepted under the categories of non-resident Indians, Indians of Indian heritage living abroad, and other foreign nationals.

There are some scholarships offered by IIMA, Alumni, Industries, and Corporations.

Let’s see them one by one for a better explanation.

Scholarships Offered by IIMA

1. The following are some of IIMA's special needs-based scholarships: All accepted postgraduate students (PGP & PGP-FABM) whose gross annual family income was less than Rs. 15,00,000 in the prior fiscal year are eligible to apply for this scholarship, provided that proof of the family's income, the amount of student debt incurred, the candidate's prior earnings, etc., is provided.

Family income is defined as the combined earnings of the parent(s), guardian(s), and spouse (if married). The income before taxes will be taken into account. IIM-A will evaluate each applicant's financial situation, taking into account things like the family's movable and immovable assets, the number of dependents who depend on the family's income, and any other factors it may find relevant, to determine the amount of financial assistance required for each applicant.

2. SC/ST Scholarships: For ten months, every postgraduate SC/ST student receives a scholarship worth Rs. 150 each month. 

IIMA Exit Scholarships 

  1. Financial assistance for IIMA graduates who want to go into business: In an effort to encourage graduating students to become entrepreneurs, the Institute has decided to launch a scheme that will pay two students from each batch a monthly stipend of Rs. 30,000 for a maximum of three consecutive years. The 2014–16 group was the first to participate in the program. The candidates must have business plans and decide not to be placed.
  2. Grants for IIMA alums working for "Not-for-Profit" organizations: To entice students to consider professions in nonprofit organizations, two students from each batch will get financial aid for a maximum of three years in a row. The students will be able to use this to pay off some of the bank loans they obtained to attend IIMA. Graduates from the classes of 2015–17 will start the program. Financial aid for each student may total between Rs. 3 and 4 lakhs annually. 
  3. Students who complete their IIMA degrees and enroll in doctoral programs are eligible for aid ships: In an effort to encourage students to pursue Ph.D. degrees in India or abroad, two students will each get this scholarship for no more than three years in a row. It will go into effect with the 2015–17 graduating classes. Each student may receive a scholarship worth between Rs. 3 and 4 lakhs per year. 

Alumni-sponsored Scholarships 

1. Funds for PGP Alumni Endowment: According to their financial circumstances, nine PGP 1 & PGP/FABM II students from low-income households receive financial aid each year. Each student would be eligible for a grant of $200,000 to $300,000 per year. The students will be vetted based on their applications for the Special Needs-Based Scholarship. The receiving students are expected to contribute in the future (within and not later than 5 to 7 years after graduating from the Institute) a sum at least equal to but ideally much more than what they received in order to provide similar help to other students. This is done to make sure that the fund can always help a number of children who are in need. 

One year after receiving their IIMA degree, students may begin making contributions. Only those students who agreed to make the aforementioned donations would be eligible to obtain financial aid. 

2. Peri Viswanath Scholarship, Class of PGP 2001: This scholarship, which was created by the class of 2013–2015 by Mr. Peri Viswanath's classmates after he went away in a vehicle accident, attempts to aid one PGP/PGP-FABM student financially. Along with Rs. 200,000 every year, the scholar will also receive Rs. 400,000 over the course of two years. The criteria for the prize would be merit mixed with means. Performance in the first year of PGP/PGP-FABM, prior academic work, and a family income of less than Rs. 15,000 annually are the merit requirements. In order to provide similar support to other students, it is expected that the recipient student will contribute in the future (within and not later than 5 to 7 years after graduation from the Institute) a sum at least equal to but ideally substantially greater than what she got. At the start of the second year, this prize will be presented. This is done to ensure that the fund can always help a number of needy children. One year after receiving their IIMA degree, students may begin making contributions. Only if the student agreed to make the aforementioned donations would they be eligible for financial help.

Companies and industries that offer scholarships 

  1. Scholarships offered by the Aditya Birla Group: These scholarships are provided by the Aditya Birla Group. It is given to about three deserving PGP I and PGP II students. The selection is entirely in the hands of the Aditya Birla Group. Awards total about Rs. 175,000 per student every year.
  2. Dunia Awards for Academic Excellence: The Dunia Finance LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, founded this merit award, which provides PGP-I and PGP-II students with two scholarships. The value of each scholarship is Rs. 100,000.
  3. OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship: The OP Jindal Group awards one or two second-year PGP applicants with the OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship. The decision is based on the applicant's academic status, the results of an online test, and the results of an in-person interview. The ultimate choice is made after conducting both an online test and a personal interview. Every year, each student would receive Rs. 150,000.
  4. The T. Thomas Award: Hindustan Unilever Ltd. gives this scholarship to a second-year student based on merit-plus-means criteria. The amount is Rs. 100,000 each year. 

Please be aware that it's likely that not all of these scholarships will receive funding each year from the sponsoring organizations. 

IIM Rohtak Scholarship for SC Students

For SC and ST, IIM Rohtak has provided a special scholarship.

Below are all the details, SC and St students should know about IIM Rohtak Scholarships.

The MHRD of the Indian government sponsors the SC/ST Need-based Scholarship. Depending on their family's income, this is provided to IIM Rohtak students who are SC or ST. The recipient of this award may receive a whole fee waiver.

The need-based scholarships were developed especially for worthy students who struggle to pay for their education. 

The amount of financial help awarded to a student depends on their family's income as well as their eligibility for scholarships.

A student is eligible for a 100% scholarship if their family's income is less than 1.5 LPA.

Family Income Eligibility for Scholarship(%)
<= 1.5 LPA100
1.5 LPA - 3 LPA75
3 LPA - 5 LPA50
5 LPA - 8 LPA25

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Rohtak

Q. Is there any scholarship in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. Yes, IIM Rohtak provides scholarships to deserving and needy students based on their achievement in the classroom, their family's financial situation, and other considerations.

Q. Can I get 100% scholarship for IIM?

Ans. The candidate must have done well in the first two terms in order to be eligible for the scholarships, and their yearly family income must be less than 6 lakhs. However, the students must realize that 100% scholarships will only be awarded on the tuition costs and not on other expenses.

Q. Does IIM offer any scholarship?

Ans. No matter their financial situation, IIM-A wants to give all applicants the chance to enroll in the PGP or PGP-FABM program at IIMA. In addition to the scholarships offered by the Indian Government, alumni, industries, and corporations, IIMA also grants a need-based scholarship.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have 100% placement?

Ans. IIM Rohtak Placements 2023: With a placement rate of 100%, the college has successfully placed every MBA student from the 2021–23 batch. The 2023 placements featured more than 45 new recruiters and over 120 employers. The median and average salaries at IIM Rohtak were INR 17.50 LPA and INR 18.73 LPA, respectively.

Q. What is the highest salary in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. 36 LPA is the highest salary of IIM Rohtak.

Q. Which IIM has lowest fees?

Ans. The tuition for second-generation IIMs like IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kashipur, and IIM Udaipur, among others, ranges from INR 15 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs. The IIM MBA tuition for the young IIMs, such as IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Nagpur, IIM Shillong, etc., starts at INR 13 LPA and can go as high as INR 20 LPA.

Q. Do CAT toppers get scholarships?

Ans. CAT percentile of 90 or higher: INR 50,000 in scholarships each semester. For CAT percentiles between 80 and 80.99, there is a scholarship worth INR 40,000 every semester.

Q. Can a poor student afford IIM?

Ans. Students who are chosen for an IIM have access to numerous scholarships and loans. On the basis of your financial situation, the college itself awards scholarships to students. In addition, several banks also offer the service of education loans. Once you find employment, you may quickly pay back the debt.

Q. How many seats does IIM Rohtak have?

Ans. The Integrated Program in Management (IPM) at IIM Rohtak is a five-year, full-time program. Candidates may apply for the program if they have passed the 10+2 Exams and have a valid IPMAT score. 180 IIM Rohtak IPM seats will be available in 2024.

Q. What is the scholarship amount for PhD students? 

Ans. The fellowship payment for Doctoral Programme Management, or DPM, students is INR 30,000 for the first two years and INR 35,000 after clearing the second year. A monthly payment of INR 10,000 in the second year and For students with good performance alone, a merit fellowship of INR 15,000 per month is awarded in the third and fourth years. A contingency grant worth INR 1,85,000 was provided, and it was spread out over 4 years.