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IIM Rohtak: Indian Institute of Management Rohtak Facilities Details

  • Rohtak, Haryana
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 16

Saurav Anand

There are some facilities that are provided by colleges and universities to attract students to their institutions. The same goes for IIM Rohtak facilities which attract students from overall the country to their institution. In this article of Formfees, we will see which are those facilities that attract students to the institution.

IIM Rohtak recognizes the need to expose its students to current trends and worldwide standards in order to better their learning. While conversations with multiple other foreign universities around the world are underway, the institute has collaborated with a number of recognized schools to improve the campus's global and cultural diversity.

As a result, the institute and its cutting-edge facilities aid students in actively exploring unique ideas, developing creative solutions, supporting sustainable practices, stimulating individual growth, influencing the community, and reinventing the management sector. The IIM Rohtak Facilities and educational programs have been meticulously planned to support overall development and the development of future leaders in international business. 

Through active participation in case analyses, collaborative projects, presentations, and engaging lectures, students are pushed to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge in real-world circumstances. IIM Rohtak's main strength is its dedicated faculty, comprised of seasoned teachers and business experts. They do more than just convey information; they also serve as mentors, guiding students through their academic careers and providing informed counsel as they contemplate various future paths.

Modern classrooms, fully-stocked libraries, computer labs, and specific spaces for a range of activities are all part of the IIM Rohtak amenities. The campus's serene surroundings offer a superb environment for learning and personal development. One distinguishing aspect of life at IIM Rohtak is the emphasis on the students. Numerous student organizations, clubs, and committees take the initiative to plan a wide range of conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events in subjects including business, marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and more. Through developing leadership skills, fostering networking opportunities, offering priceless hands-on experience, and assisting them in showcasing their potential skills at the IIM Rohtak placement, these extracurricular activities play a significant role in the academic journey of the institute's student community. IIM Rohtak is a blend of worldviews, languages, and cultures. Students from all around India create a setting that promotes cross-cultural communication and understanding. This variation promotes world understanding and enriches classroom discussions. The institute actively promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through its dedicated innovation center and many contests, including the annual Entrepreneurship Summit. Resources are provided to students to assist them in developing their entrepreneurial ideas and starting their firms. The IIM Rohtak campus hosts a number of management and cultural activities. Artists from across the nation are featured at the annual cultural festival. Students frequently take part in a range of charitable projects that support the neighborhood. Students are prepared to meet the challenges of the corporate world thanks to a tough academic program, cultural variety, and extracurricular activities.

A gym, yoga, and medical services are also offered by the IIM Rohtak Facilities. These are crucial for the participants' development. An IIM Rohtak participant cannot stay sedentary due to the diversity of co-curricular activities offered. The university benefits from IIM Rohtak's moderate energy and liveliness.

The resources offered by IIM Rohtak are essential to a participant's development. At IIM Rohtak, there are classes for yoga, swimming, aerobics, and other specialized training.  These services are offered by qualified and knowledgeable instructors at the IIM Rohtak facilities. Program participants at IIM Rohtak experience quick growth. IIM Rohtak has several significant facilities, some of which are listed below in brief

IIM Rohtak Facilities 

  • Library Facilities
  • Modern Classroom Facilities
  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Mess and Cafeteria
  • Computer Facilities
  • Guest House 
  • Sports Facilities
  • Transport facilities
  • Banking Facilities
  • IT Facilities

The facilities and infrastructure of IIM Rohtak are designed to enhance the whole educational experience and guarantee academic success in line with international standards. Among these qualities are a cutting-edge communications network, first-rate student housing options, a contemporary, well-equipped library that supports academic activity, and a strong IT infrastructure. Additionally, IIM Rohtak has modern classrooms with wireless microphones and high-speed internet connectivity to promote an effective learning environment. These top-notch facilities are essential to the institute's mission of educating ethical corporate executives who are committed to sustainable development. By offering a wide range of IIM Rohtak facilities, the institute ensures that its student body receives a thorough and well-rounded education. 

Now, let’s discuss all the IIM Rohtak facilities one by one. 

IIM Rohtak Library Facilities

Among the facilities available at IIM Rohtak is a state-of-the-art, modern library. The main hub for gathering and disseminating knowledge is the Knowledge Center. The library facilities of IIM Rohtak are acknowledged as the most cutting-edge, fully automated, and technologically driven library resource center committed to staying abreast of the expanding global information age. The IIM Rohtak campus library has plenty of study rooms for everyone and a reading room that both faculty and students can use.

More than 40 databases, including E-Book Cambridge, EBSCO Business Source Ultimate, Economist Historical Archives, Emerald Insight, EPWRF, Grammarly, INFORM Journals, OECD Library, Oxford Journals, Press Reader, SAGE, Springer Nature, Statista databases, Wiley Journals, World Bank E-Library, ISID, and numerous others, are available at the IIM Rohtak library.

The IIM Rohtak Facilities for Library subscribes to both online and print newspapers and publications, and its scholarly e-collection is accessible from any networked computer on campus via the E-Library Portal. Aside from digital services, the library maintains a physical collection of roughly 15,000 books, reports, dissertations, and theses, all of which can be viewed through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). To enhance the research and academic experience, the library provides crucial tools such as the Turnitin plagiarism checker, E-resources search for databases, journals, and reports, and remote access for off-campus users. Furthermore, the IIM Rohtak library contains a finance lab powered by Bloomberg, which allows students to access real-time financial data.

There are almost 15,000 electronic journals in this enormous digital collection. Additionally, the library offers access to more than 7,500 e-business journals and a staggering 250,000 e-books, including the esteemed Oxford Handbooks Online, a special collection covering a broad range of subject areas. Notably, the library offers access to materials like the Emerald and Harvard Business Review case collections, which are highly regarded by both students and teachers, and unique collections from organizations like the EXIM Bank and the World Bank.

In keeping with its commitment to resource sharing, the library actively participates in various consortia, notably the IIM connection, and is a member of resource-sharing networks such as DELNET and INFLIBNET. These connections provide you with access to a wealth of resources, including over 3,000 e-journals and more than 90,000 dissertations and theses. RFID-enabled self-service kiosks in the IIM Rohtak library offer automated lending, returns, and renewals. IIM Rohtak's Knowledge Centre offers an advanced learning experience that comprises a variety of resources and services to assist students and staff members in their academic and research pursuits. 

IIM Rohtak Modern Classroom Facilities

The classroom facilities of IIM Rohtak are intended to provide a stimulating atmosphere for students to participate in intellectual exchange, multidisciplinary collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  The college has made significant expenditures in modern technology, instructional materials, and novel seating designs to stimulate advanced study. The classroom environment promotes creativity, experimentation, and the development of intellectual independence. These classroom facilities at IIM Rohtak contribute to a culture that fosters the development of forward-thinking managers who will lead a variety of global businesses in the future. 

IIM Rohtak Classroom Facilities are more than just spaces for traditional lectures; they also inspire students to collaborate, discover new ideas, and challenge existing assumptions. 

This strategy fits with the institute's goal of training responsible and visionary business leaders capable of adapting and thriving in a rapidly changing corporate environment.

IIM Rohtak Hostel Facilities

Accommodation is provided via the IIM Rohtak facilities. The hostel facilities of IIM Rohtak are divided into four blocks. In the hostel complexes, there are several IIM Rohtak facilities, such as outdoor spaces and mess halls. All four hostel blocks provide the necessary services, such as a mess and cafeteria, specific sports areas, common rooms, and a library. Students must fill out the hostel application form when applying to IIM Rohtak. The hostel facilities at IIM Rohtak offer separate dormitories for male and female students. The rooms are available in single or double occupancy.  IIM Rohtak Hostel expenses total INR 25,000 per academic year, with mess charges totaling INR 50,000. First-year students typically share double-occupancy rooms. 

The IIM Rohtak Hostels are located on the M.D. University campus and provides 132 hostel rooms for both boys and ladies. Hostels have a wide range of amenities, such as a canteen run by the IIM Rohtak students' hospitality committee.

IIM Rohtak Hostel Fees

Here is a complete price schedule for IIM Rohtak Hostel

Description of the IIM Rohtak Hostel Fees Structure 

  • Female Hostel INR 25,000 per academic year
  • Male Hostel INR 25,000 per academic year
  • Mess Charges INR 50,000 per academic year

IIM Rohtak Hostel Highlights

IIM Rohtak Hostels offer a variety of amenities such as luxurious rooms, and recreational facilities including a gym, a restaurant, and convenience stores.

Here are some of the highlights of IIM Rohtak Hostels

  • Accommodation: Students are assigned single or twin rooms, both AC and non-AC, based on their preferences. IIM Rohtak Hostels provides separate hostels for boys and girls. 
  • Sports Center: Basketball Court, Cricket Ground, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Table Tennis, Golf Course Ground, and other sports are provided to students. 
  • Cafeteria and messes: IIM Rohtak Hostel has its own functional mess and cafeteria that is open during the day and at night, offering students a range of snacks, meals, and beverages. 
  • Gym: IIM Rohtak Hostel has a gymnasium that provides fitness enthusiasts with gym amenities and exercise options using advanced equipment. 
  • Medical Facilities / Hospitals: There are on-campus medical services at IIM Rohtak Hostel to care for students' health and well-being 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • WiFi on Campus: Every hostel within IIM Rohtak Hostel has internet connectivity via robust Wi-Fi and LAN. 
  • Store of Convenience: Students at IIM Rohtak Hostel have access to a variety of consumables and daily-use products through campus convenience stores.
  • Guest House: A guest house is part of the IIM Rohtak Facilities. Guests and guests attending the institute's numerous activities, including as conferences, seminars, symposia, and workshops, are welcome to stay here. The guest house includes 16 rooms with access to uninterrupted Wi-Fi and cleaning services for the convenience of visitors staying at IIM Rohtak. These IIM Rohtak facilities enhance guests' entire experience by allowing them to concentrate on their work rather than the logistics of their stay. The student community, instructors, and guests benefit from both the hostel and guest house accommodations at IIM Rohtak Facilities. 

Students have access to common rooms where they can engage in activities such as games, casual talks, and social gatherings. There is a continuous electrical supply and Wi-Fi connectivity for the students' convenience. Basketball and badminton courts are also available in the dormitories. For exercise enthusiasts, IIM Rohtak hostel facilities include well-equipped gyms. In the IIM Rohtak Hostels, a student committee is also present to address issues such as maintenance, food quality, and resident well-being. The campus has a retail store, banking facilities, and a post office to serve those who are residents of the IIM Rohtak housing. Dormitory students have access to mess facilities that serve freshly prepared meals and snacks, as well as the campus cafeteria, where they can purchase food and beverages.

There are several dining options on the IIM Rohtak campus. The mess facilities of IIM Rohtak include home-cooked meals. Additional dining IIM Rohtak facilities are offered on campus, giving students a variety of meal options. Campus dining halls function as meeting areas for students to engage in convivial banter. These facilities provide a lively setting that encourages relaxation and socialization, where students may enjoy delicious meals and meet new people. The food and beverages provided at the campus mess and cafeteria are diverse. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are available, catering to the diverse tastes and dietary preferences of students from across the country. Aside from delicious meals, these areas at IIM Rohtak foster a sense of belonging, comfort, and connection among students.

IIM Rohtak Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare facilities at IIM Rohtak offer a wide range of services. A team of highly competent specialists has been assigned to the cutting-edge sports complex. These experts can help a candidate with cardiovascular activities. This exercise offers several health and fitness benefits.

A Guru has also been appointed to offer yoga courses at the IIM Rohtak facilities. These seminars are offered on campus every day to support IIM Rohtak's healthcare facilities. Active participation in these yoga sessions improves body posture and self-esteem significantly.

IIM Rohtak places a high value on its swimming program. Swimming is a full-body workout that not only stretches every muscle but also improves respiration and stamina. Participants are encouraged to actively participate in these IIM Rohtak healthcare facilities. These elements of IIM Rohtak facilities contribute considerably to its members' individual growth and prosperity.

As previously noted, IIM Rohtak has a PI store where you can buy snacks, stationery, and other everyday necessities. In addition, the company offers healthcare and self-care items to its customers.

The IIM Rohtak facility's main purpose is to assist participants grow. As a result, the healthcare facilities at IIM Rohtak are tailored to satisfy the physical demands of participants. 

IIM Rohtak Mess Facilities

As previously stated, the mess facilities of IIM Rohtak are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to suit the food needs of its members. The mess facilities at IIM Rohtak serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. An applicant can choose from a variety of menu options based on his or her eating preferences. The majority of IIM Rohtak candidates' demands are met by the institute's facilities.

Cookies, ice cream, and soft beverages are now available on campus at IIM Rohtak facilities. The PI store, which is self-managed, provides a variety of snack goods to IIM Rohtak members.

The participants contributed to the services at IIM Rohtak facilities by building JAM. JAM provides fruits and juices to attendees. This is one of the unique and creative amenities at IIM Rohtak.

Last but not least, the hostel is within walking distance of four canteens. One of these is a night canteen, which meets the food needs of the participants from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Stationery is also available in the PI shop, which is part of the IIM Rohtak facilities. The IIM Rohtak campus has everything from A4 sheets, notebooks, and printing to construction.

IIM Rohtak Sports Facilities

The institute provides sports facilities. Outdoor and indoor sporting facilities are available at IIM Rohtak to accommodate the diverse interests and preferences of its student body. Outdoor athletic facilities at IIM Rohtak include a cricket-football pitch, basketball courts, volleyball courts, lawn tennis courts, a hockey field, throwball courts, and badminton courts. These dedicated spaces provide several opportunities for team sports and individual challenges. Indoor activities include table tennis, swimming pool, foosball, carrom, and chess. For students and instructors, there is also a well-maintained gym with all the necessary modern equipment.

In addition to all of the athletic facilities on campus, IIM Rohtak intends to construct a cycle track to fulfill the needs of cycling enthusiasts. This new feature will allow riders to enjoy the scenic beauty of the campus while being active and healthy. The IIM Rohtak sporting facilities ensure the student body's physical and mental well-being. There are additional sports facilities in the hostel blocks. IIM Rohtak's sports facilities are designed to keep students motivated, active, and rejuvenated while immersed in natural environments, whether they prefer the excitement of outdoor team sports or the focus of indoor activities. 

IIM Rohtak IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure at IIM Rohtak is cutting-edge. IIM Rohtak's IT infrastructure supports the academic community with cutting-edge technologies. The institute provides cutting-edge technology to enable smooth connectivity to suit the academic needs of the student population and staff members. High-speed optical fiber cables connect the campus and its facilities, establishing a strong network backbone. 

IIM Rohtak's campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN) is a hybrid of wired and wireless technologies, providing students and faculty with a variety of connectivity options. This ensures connectivity to both the campus network and the global digital network. Furthermore, the institute has effectively implemented modern security measures to safeguard online interactions and data, ensuring a secure and continuous connection. 

IIM Rohtak Transport Facilities

IIM Rohtak Transport Facilities cater to the various demands of its members. IIM Rohtak participants have access to a variety of transportation choices. A variety of automobiles are provided on campus to satisfy the needs of its members. Vehicles include two-wheelers, four-wheelers, cars, trucks, sedans, and SUVs. I am actively involved in facilitating IIM Rohtak Transportation services, and all vehicle photographs are included.

It is reasonable to argue that the facilities at IIM Rohtak are adequate for a full-time residential program. IIM Rohtak's residential facility is designed to provide its participants with a comfortable and convenient living environment.

These IIM Rohtak transportation services are available to participants who are disabled or quadriplegic on a daily basis. The drivers and other staff members are always friendly and willing to help the participants.

Furthermore, an ambulance is constantly on call in the event of an emergency. The following is a list of vehicles that can be recycled at IIM Rohtak.

The following vehicles are available at the IIM Rohtak Transport Facility

  • Traveller of Force
  • Army Ambulance
  • EECO Ambulance 
  • Tata Ace Loading Van 1 Maruti CIAZ
  • One Toyota Etios and one Toyota New XUV500
  • A tractor, a trolley, and a tanker
  • Ashok Leyland Employee Buses and many more.

It is reasonable to argue that the facilities at IIM Rohtak are adequate for a full-time residential program. IIM Rohtak's residential facility is designed to provide its participants with a comfortable and convenient living environment.

IIM Rohtak Banking Facilities

IIM Rohtak's banking services meet the demands of all of its participants. A Canara bank is located on campus. IIM Rohtak's banking services cater to particular banking needs. The banking facility at IIM Rohtak accepts deposits and offers passbook updating services to members.

To address monetary needs, two 24-hour ATMs are positioned on the campus's fringes. Participants in the IIM Rohtak Facilities, whether students, professors, or staff, can open Canara bank accounts to make use of the benefits of integral banking, which are included in the IIM Rohtak facilities.

Because it solely serves IIM Rohtak participants, the bank provides immediate services. All monetary and banking needs are provided on campus with the help of IIM Rohtak Facilities.

IIM Rohtak Faculty

The faculty of IIM Rohtak, which includes professionals from a variety of industries, is critical for developing future business leaders. With the support of multiple resources, the IIM Rohtak academic community of professors, graduates, and students actively nurtures management and research talents. Academic autonomy is encouraged in both teaching and learning at the institute. Mentors assist students in achieving academic success and understanding several professional components, as well as serving as instructors, leaders, and information providers. The teachers at IIM Rohtak are assisting the institution in generating committed business leaders. All of the current educators are industry leaders, and they are continually innovating, adapting, and changing the way they approach education. They strive tirelessly to provide a revolutionary curriculum fit for the institute's student body. Because of the commitment to an innovative curriculum, every student will receive an engaging and modern education that will provide them with the skills and information they need to become effective and visionary leaders in their area.

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Rohtak

Q. What is special about IIM Rohtak?

Ans. IIM Rohtak, commonly known as the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak (IIMR), is a top business school in the Delhi NCR region. The institution is one of the six Baby IIMs. NIRF 2023 ranked IIM Rohtak 12th out of the top 100 management institutes in India. PGP is the flagship program at IIM Rohtak.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have hostel facility?

Ans. IIM Rohtak provides housing for students enrolled in college programs. Both the girls' and boys' hostels are separate at the college. The hostel flats have everything you need to live and study comfortably.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have swimming pool?

Ans. There are football, cricket, volleyball, and tennis courts, as well as a long-running track, a cycling track, and an indoor table tennis court. IIM Rohtak also has a tidy and well-maintained swimming pool.

Q. What is the dress code for IIM Rohtak?

Ans. There is no set dress code for regular events such as lectures and seminars. In the lectures, people wear anything from tank tops to pajamas to shorts and even slippers, as previously said.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have uniform?

Ans. For classes and other formal activities, students at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) typically dress formally. 

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have AC?

Ans. Yes, students can pick between AC and non-AC rooms/hostels based on their preferences.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have gym?

Ans. At the Student Activity Centre (SAC), there is a GYM and other facilities for other games such as badminton, tennis, and so on. IIM Rohtak's Yog PGPM Course prepares students for the workplace.

Q. Are phones allowed in IIM?

Ans. You are permitted to bring your cell phone on campus regardless of the program in which you are enrolled. However, cell phones are not permitted in class (some students turned them off and slipped them in on a regular basis, but I'm not sure what role a switched-off phone provides).

Q. Is hostel fees included in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. Those who use the hostel/PG facility will be charged 25,000 for the school year. Mess fees of 50,000 will be charged for the academic year. Those students who wish to use the hostel facilities. There are membership/support fees as well as library fees.

Q. Which is the nearest airport to IIM Rohtak?

Ans. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is 83 kilometers away.