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IIM Rohtak: Indian Institute of Management Rohtak Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rohtak, Haryana
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 16

Saurav Anand

Q. What is the highest placement in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. The IIM Rohtak highest package that was made available in 2021–2023 was 36 LPA, while the typical package was 18.73 LPA. Over 140 organizations came to IIM Rohtak for the summer placement of the 2020–22 cohort.

Q. What is the average package for IIM Rohtak MBA?

Ans. The MBA graduating class 2023 received an average offer of INR 18.73 LPA.

See the table below for details on the IIM Rohtak average package for placements in 2023

  ParticularsAverage Package
Average packageINR 18.73 LPA
Top 50%*INR 22.64 LPA
Top 25%*INR 27.15 LPA
Top 10%*INR 34.68 LPA

Q. How many PPOs were offered in the placement drive of 2023 at IIM Rohtak?

Ans. 37+ Pre-placement offers were made during the placement drive at IIM Rohtak in 2023.

Q. Which are the top recruiting companies at IIM Rohtak?

Ans.  Adobe, Amazon, EXL, Gartner, Genpact, Cognizant, Deloitte, Mahindra Rise, India Mart, and many other companies are among the top recruiters at IIM Rohtak.

Q. What CAT percentile is required for IIM Rohtak?

Ans. The IIM Rohtak general category CAT cutoff scores for candidates from 2015 to 2023 have been listed. The minimum score required for admission in 2023 is shown by the required percentile of 95. The cutoffs for 2021, 2020, and 2019 stayed at the 95th percentile even though data for 2022 has not yet been made public.

Q. How can I apply for IIM Rohtak admission?

Ans. The admission requirements for IIM Rohtak for 2023 are divided into five stages: online registration for PGP admission for the academic years 2023-25; online Personal Interviews (PI); final selection of candidates based on CAT score; online PI score; academic and gender diversity; provisional admission offer for the PGP program; and reporting of enrollment in the PGP program.

Q. How to apply for IIM Rohtak MBA?

Ans. Admission in IIM Rohtak Procedure

The candidate must go through two phases in order to be selected for this program. The initial stage is to appear for the IIMs' CAT Exam (or GMAT for international students). After passing the requisite cutoffs and achieving the required aggregate score, a candidate is summoned for the WAT and PI.

Q. Is IIM Rohtak worth joining?

Ans. The Indian Institute of Management got the award for North India's most innovative institution at the 2021 International Education Pride Awards. IIM Rohtak has the highest domestic CTC at INR 36 LPA, with the average package being INR 18.73 LPA.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have 100% placement?

Ans. IIM Rohtak Placements 2023: The institute has placed every MBA student from the 2021–23 batch, achieving a placement rate of 100%. More than 45 new recruiters and more than 120 organizations participated in the 2023 placements. The median and average salaries at IIM Rohtak were INR 17.50 LPA and INR 18.73 LPA, respectively.

Q. Is IIM Rohtak good for placement?

Ans. Complete placements were made at the 2023 IIM Rohtak Placements. IIM Rohtak's highest package was INR 36 LPA, while IIM Rohtak's average package climbed by 16.7% to stand at INR 18.7 LPA. Over 45 new recruiters were among the more than 120 recruiters who took part in the placement work.

Q. What is IIM Rohtak famous for?

Ans. Indian Institute of Management Rohtak was founded in 2009 and quickly established itself as a leader in India's top management education. The institute has a forward-thinking administration, a distinguished faculty, a sizable infrastructure, and a potent way of teaching.

Q. What is the salary of IIM Rohtak MBA?

Ans. With 100% of the students placed, the college has successfully completed the final placements for the MBA class of 2021–23. More than 120 companies, including more than 45 new recruiters, participated in the 2023 placements. At IIM Rohtak, the median and average incomes were 17.50 LPA and 18.73 LPA, respectively.

Q. How hard is it to get into IIM Rohtak?

Ans. A few times after the CAT 2023 exam is performed and the results are released, IIM Rohtak Admission 2024 will begin. CAT scores and a personal interview are used to determine admission to the PGP program at IIM Rohtak. The 95th percentile score was used as the CAT cut-off for IIM Rohtak. IIM Rohtak accepts 350 applicants a year for its MBA program.

Q. How much marks required for IIM Rohtak?

Ans. Such candidates must submit their X and XII standard mark sheets, with a minimum grade of 60% for General, EWS, and NC-OBC or 55% for SC, ST, and PWD, along with their school leaving certificate or migration certificate at the time of registration for the program; otherwise, their admission offer will be revoked.

Q. Can I get IIM Rohtak at 85 percentile?

Ans. The predicted qualifying cut-off for the CAT 2022 exam that the college will accept is 95 percentile for general students, 90 percentile for EWS candidates, 50 percentile for candidates who fall under the SC and ST categories, and 30 percentile for candidates who fall under the DAP category, respectively.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak accept CAT?

Ans. Candidates may apply on the institute's official website using their CAT registration ID if they have taken the CAT test in 2022. Admission to IIM Rohtak requires a 2,000 INR application fee.

Q. Is IIM Rohtak worth it?

Ans. IIM Rohtak, also known as the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak (IIMR), is one of the leading business schools in the Delhi-National Capital Region. The university is one of the six Baby IIMs. IIM Rohtak was ranked 12th out of the top 100 management schools in India by NIRF 2023. The flagship program at IIM Rohtak is PGP.

Q. Why is IIM Rohtak famous for?

Ans. Indian Institute of Management Rohtak was founded in 2009 and quickly established itself as a leader in India's top management education. The institute has a forward-thinking administration, a distinguished faculty, a sizable infrastructure, and a potent teaching style.

Q. Is IIM Rohtak a Tier 2 college?

Ans. Yes, IIM Rohtak is a Tier 2 institution. It provides the IPM, PGP in Management, EPGPX, and DP applications. IIM Rohtak was ranked 28 in India in 2021 by the National Institutional Rating Framework (NIRF) management rating. For students interested in business studies, it is one of India's best institutions offering a 2-MBA program.

Q. Is IIM Rohtak safe for girls?

Ans. Of course, it is. If I include the batches and IPM, there are more than 250 women on campus, but there has never been a single incident reported. The institute has given safety and security its utmost consideration.

Q. Is IIM Rohtak exam easy?

Ans. The paper followed the same format throughout and was easy to moderately tough. The three components of the exam were all simpler than they were the previous year, so higher cut-offs are anticipated.

Q. Who is eligible for IIM Rohtak MBA?

Ans. Both candidates taking the final year bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification examination and those who have completed the degree requirement and are awaiting results are qualified to apply. The applicant must have obtained a passing grade, or at least 50%, on the most recent test.

Q. Is there any scholarship in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. Yes, IIM Rohtak provides scholarships to deserving and needy students based on their achievement in the classroom, their family's financial situation, and other considerations.

Q. Can I get 100% scholarship for IIM?

Ans.  For the candidate to be eligible for the scholarships, they must have performed well in the first two terms and have a family income of no more than 6 lakhs per year. However, the students must realize that 100% scholarships will only be awarded on the tuition costs and not on other expenses.

Q. Does IIM offer any scholarship?

Ans. IIM-A aspires to give every applicant the opportunity to sign up for the PGP or PGP-FABM program at IIMA, regardless of their financial status. IIMA also awards a need-based scholarship in addition to those provided by the Indian Government, alumni, businesses, and companies.

Q. What is the highest salary in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. 36 LPA is the highest salary of IIM Rohtak.

Q. Which IIM has lowest fees?

Ans. It costs between INR 15 lakhs and INR 20 lakhs to attend second-generation IIMs like IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kashipur, and IIM Udaipur, among others. The IIM MBA tuition for the young IIMs, such as IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Nagpur, IIM Shillong, etc., starts at INR 13 LPA and can go as high as INR 20 LPA.

Q. Do cat toppers get scholarships?

Ans. 90% or better on the CAT will get you INR 50,000 in scholarships per semester. Every semester, a scholarship worth INR 40,000 is available for CAT percentiles between 80 and 80.99.

Q. Can a poor student afford IIM?

Ans. IIM applicants have access to a wide range of loans and scholarships. Scholarships are given out by the college itself to students based on their financial circumstances. Additionally, a number of banks provide the service of student loans. When you get a job, you might pay off the loan right away.

Q. How many seats does IIM Rohtak have?

Ans. The five-year, full-time Integrated Program in Management (IPM) at IIM Rohtak. Candidates may apply for the program if they have passed the 10+2 Exams and have a valid IPMAT score. In 2024, 180 places at the IIM Rohtak IPM will be available.

Q. What is the scholarship amount for PhD students?

Ans. Doctoral Programme Management, or DPM, students receive a fellowship stipend of INR 30,000 for the first two years and INR 35,000 after passing the second year. For students with good performance alone, a merit fellowship of INR 15,000 per month is provided in the third and fourth years. A second-year payment of INR 10,000 per month A contingency grant in the amount of INR 1,85,000 was given, spread out over 4 years.

Q. What is special about IIM Rohtak?

Ans. IIM Rohtak, commonly known as the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak (IIMR), is a top business school in the Delhi NCR region. The institution is one of the six Baby IIMs. NIRF 2023 ranked IIM Rohtak 12th out of India's top 100 management institutes. PGP is the flagship program at IIM Rohtak.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have hostel facility?

Ans. IIM Rohtak provides housing for students enrolled in college programs. Both the girls' and boys' hostels are separate at the college. The hostel flats are fully equipped with everything you need to live and study comfortably.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have swimming pool?

Ans. There are football, cricket, volleyball, and tennis courts, as well as a long-running track, a cycling track, and an indoor table tennis court. IIM Rohtak also has a tidy and well-maintained swimming pool.

Q. What is the dress code for IIM Rohtak?

Ans. There is no set dress code for regular events such as lectures and seminars. In the lectures, people wear anything from tank tops to pajamas to shorts and even slippers, as previously said.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have uniform?

Ans. For classes and other formal activities, students at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) typically dress formally.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have AC?

Ans. Students can choose between AC and non-AC rooms/hostels based on their preferences.

Q. Does IIM Rohtak have gym?

Ans. At the Student Activity Centre (SAC), there is a GYM and other facilities for other games such as badminton, tennis, and so on. IIM Rohtak's PGPM Course prepares students for the workplace.

Q. Are phones allowed in IIM?

Ans. You are permitted to bring your cell phone on campus regardless of the program in which you are enrolled. However, cell phones are not permitted in class (some students turned them off and slipped them in on a regular basis, but I'm not sure what role a switched-off phone provides).

Q. Is hostel fees included in IIM Rohtak?

Ans. Those who use the hostel/PG facility will be charged 25,000 for the school year. Mess fees of 50,000 will be charged for the academic year. Those students who wish to use the hostel facilities. There are membership/support fees as well as library fees.

Q. Which is the nearest airport to IIM Rohtak?

Ans. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is 83 kilometers away.

Q. What was the highest package offered in the placement drive of 2023 at IIM Rohtak?

Ans. The highest package offered to IIM Rohtak during the 2023 placement drive was INR 36 LPA.

Q. What was the average package offered in the placement drive of 2023 at IIM Rohtak?

Ans. The average package at IIM Rohtak during the 2023 placement drive was INR 18.7 LPA.