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Top MBA Colleges In Bangalore
Top MBA Colleges In Bangalore

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore

The board schools in Bangalore offer different MBA programs perceived by Bangalore College, VTU College, AICTE, and Confidential Colleges.

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 Saurav Anand 21/09/2022
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Top B-Schools and The executive’s universities for MBA Admission in Bangalore.

  • The board schools in Bangalore offer different MBA programs perceived by Bangalore College, VTU College, AICTE, and Confidential Colleges.
  • The board is the organization of an association or a business.
  • Students can seek an administration degree at the undergrad or postgraduate level.

Probably the most well-known administration courses are

  • Bachelor of Business Organization (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Business (B.Com)
  • Expert in Business Organization (MBA)
  • Students with any scholarly capability can seek an MBA degree.
  • A full-time MBA program is the most favored choice for freshers students.
  • In any event, for students with under 2 to 3 years of work insight, it is fitting to join full-time MBA programs.
  • Leader MBA (EMBA) programs are working experts with more than 5 to 10 yrs of past work insight.
  • General MBA programs assist you with finding out about the central ideas of business on the board like money, showcasing, tasks, HR, and global business.
  • The program additionally assists you with seeking double MBA specializations alongside different work arranged elective courses.

B-schools in Bangalore changes from level 1 to level 2 class for MBA and PGDM courses admission

In this article, you find out about MBA Admission in Bangalore:

  • B-Schools and the executive universities
  • MBA Admission Interaction
  • MBA Projects and Course Fee
  • Low Financial plan MBA Universities in Bangalore
  • MBA Profession and Positions Valuable open doors

Concentrate on MBA In Bangalore

  • An MBA Degree offers a better profession and amazing open doors for utilized as well as jobless alumni students.
  • Subsequent to finishing an MBA degree, you are qualified to go after different administrative-level jobs in an association.
  • Frequently students chasing after MBA from top B-Schools land better positions and potentially open doors in fortune 1000 organizations.
  • Nonetheless, assuming you are worried about your professional success, an MBA from B-Schools in Bangalore will offer amazing vocation open doors.
  • By and large, MBA universities in Bangalore offer a CTC of 3 to 6 lakhs INR after course fruition.
  • Likewise, the course fee differs from 3 lakhs to 12 Lakhs INR, which gives greater adaptability while picking a school according to the financial plan.
  • B-Schools in Bangalore offer reasonable MBA programs with modern visits, unfamiliar visits, paid temporary positions, grant and training advance offices.
  • The board schools in Bangalore have cooperated with worldwide instructive accomplices for semesters abroad and double MBA-MS degree programs.

While anticipating MBA Admission, students should think about these elements

  • Business colleges
  • MBA Selection test
  • Individual Evaluation Test
  • In general Scholastic Performance
  • Work Insight
  • Letter of Suggestion

Top MBA Schools in Bangalore

Here is a rundown of top Business colleges in Bangalore for admission in MBA and PGDM courses.

  • Establishment Name and Specialization
  • Indian Establishment of the executives, Bangalore PGP
  • T. A. PAI Institute of the board, Manipal PGDM
  • Beneficial interaction Foundation of Business The board, Bengaluru MBA
  • Narsee Monjee Foundation of the board studies, Bengaluru PGDM
  • Xavier Foundation of the executives and Business venture, Bengaluru PGDM
  • Organization of the board, Christ University MBA
  • IFIM Business college, Bengaluru PGDM
  • Welingkar Foundation of the executive’s Improvement, Bengaluru PGDM
  • SDM Establishment for the board Advancement, Mysore PGDM
  • St. Joseph’s Foundation of Management PGDM
  • Coalition Institute of Business MBA
  • Points Institute of Business, Bengaluru MBA
  • MATS Organization of Management PGDM
  • ICFAI Business college, Bengaluru MBA
  • M.S. Ramaiah Organization of Management PGDM
  • CMS Business college, Jain University MBA
  • Manipal School of Management MBA
  • PES University MBA
  • Amrita Institute of Business MBA
  • Indus Business Foundation, Bangalore (IBA) PGDM
  • Krupanidhi School of The executives (KSM) MBA/PGDM
  • Public Institute of Business (NSB Academy) MBA
  • Worldwide Foundation of Business Studies (GIBS) PGDM
  • Brindavan School of The executive’s Studies MBA
  • RV Foundation of The executives, Bangalore MBA
  • Kristu Jayanti School of Management MBA
  • Administration Business School MBA
  • REVA University MBA
  • M.P. Birla Organization of Management MBA
  • Sindhi Foundation of Management MBA
  • Worldwide Institute of Business and Exploration (ISBR) PGDM
  • Worldwide School of The executive’s Greatness (ISME) PGDM
  • Dayananda Sagar B-School (DSBS) PGDM
  • Territorial School of Management PGDM
  • CMR Place for Business Studies MBA

MBA Selection test

  • MBA schools in Bangalore acknowledge Feline, MATXATNMATSNAPCMATGMAT, and ATMA test scores for the admission process.
  • CAT, XAT, and SNAP selection tests result are proclaimed by 31st January consistently.
  • Based on the result of the test, You can partake in the choice course of MBA schools in Bangalore.
  • Bangalore College and VTU College subsidiary MBA programs additionally acknowledge PGCET and KMAT tests.

MBA/PGDM Courses

  • Both MBA and PGDM programs are full-time study hall-based programs.
  • Notwithstanding, the MBA programs under Bangalore College follow the educational plan endorsed by the college.

The vast majority of the administration universities in Bangalore are perceived by the:

  • Bangalore College
  • Bangalore City College
  • Bangalore North College
  • PGDM courses are endorsed by the All India Committee of Specialized Schooling (AICTE).
  • The PGDM programs offer a high-level educational plan according to the most recent industry guidelines.

The distinctions between MBA and PGDM programs are as per the following:

MBA (Bangalore University)PGDM
The course fee is lesser than PGDM.The course fee is slightly costlier.
An MBA degree is affiliated with Bangalore University.PGDM is approved by AICTE.
The curriculum is more theoretical-based.The curriculum is based on case studies & elective courses.
Provides industrial visits.Provides foreign tours, and industry-based internships.
No students exchange programs.Student exchange programs, and semester abroad programs in collaboration with international universities.
4 – 7 Lakh average salary offered.7 – 12 Lakh average salary offered.
Training & Placements assistance.More than 50+ placements partners.
Only basic specialization is available.Specialization as per market requirements.
  • MBA programs presented by Confidential Colleges are like PGDM programs.
  • State Private Colleges and Considered to be colleges that offer MBA degrees identical to AICTE-supported PGDM programs.

Internationally Certified MBA Projects

Business colleges in Bangalore are certified by Global license bodies.

MBA Universities in Bangalore have been certified by the accompanying proficient associations of the U.S.A:

  • Relationship to Progress University Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Authorization Gathering for Business colleges and Projects (ACBSP)
  • Worldwide Get together for University Business Instruction (IACBE)

B-Schools in Bangalore with AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE authorization offer projects of global guidelines.

MBA Schools in Bangalore certify by European authorization organizations

  • Relationship of MBAs (AMBA)
  • European Starting point for The executive’s Advancement (EFMD)
  • Relationship of MBAs is a European license organization that certifies MBA programs around the world.
  • EFMD is a European Quality Improvement Framework (EQUIS) certification status for B-Schools around the world.
  • It additionally grants EPAS certification to b-schools programs.

SAQS Authorize B-Schools in Bangalore

  • Relationship of the executive’s Advancement Foundations in South Asia (AMDISA) grants SAQS authorization to B-Schools.
  • AMDISA is a SAARC country-perceived body.
  • It observes the EFMD measures rules to grant SAQS certification to b-schools.
  • Numerous B-Schools in India have gotten worldwide certification status from the USA and European license associations.
  • Aside from Internationally licensed programs, B-Schools in Bangalore are additionally authorized by
  • Public Authorization and Evaluation Committee
  • Public Leading group of License

It works on the validity of the B-Schools as well as the MBA programs among the students.

MBA Specializations

  • An MBA is a postgraduate certification that gives hypothetical and commonsense preparation for business or speculation on the board.
  • The program assists students with figuring out the elements of business the executives.
  • Nonetheless, some MBA programs are centered around specific areas of business the executives like money, bookkeeping, showcasing, and human assets to the board.

A portion of the well-known MBA specializations offered are as follows:

  • Finance
  • Advertising
  • Human Asset The board
  • Tasks The board
  • Information Frameworks
  • Information Science and Business Investigation
  • Global Business
  • Computerized Advertising
  • Sports The executives
  • Medical services The Board
  • Web-based business/Retail The board
  • Business venture

Financial Administration

  • Financial Administration is the preparation, coordinating, coordinating, and controlling of the exercises of an endeavor.
  • Finance includes the investigation of bookkeeping and capital speculation.
  • An MBA degree in finance specialization is connected with the administration of assets for privately owned businesses or non-benefit establishments.
  • The job of a financial director is to boost the worth of a firm for its investors.
  • A Financial chief is liable for a portfolio of the executives, raising support, venture, and resources for the board of the association.

Finance specialization for the most part subtleties with the investigation of the accompanying subjects:

  • Corporate money
  • Speculation The executives
  • Administrative Bookkeeping
  • Financial Administration for IT administrations
  • Financial Preparation

In the event that You have great information on arithmetic and bookkeeping, money can be the right MBA specialization.

Marketing Management 

  • Marketing Management centers around organizational exercises to advance the trading of items or administrations.
  • An Expert Showcasing chief frequently directs statistical surveying and plans to promote methodologies.
  • Promoting is a part of the business the board and trade.
  • It includes offering items or administrations to different organizations or straightforwardly to clients (B2B and B2C advertising).
  • An MBA graduate with a specialization in showcasing plans different procedures for promoting.
  • They are likewise answerable for promoting research, buyer requests, and keeping up with seriousness with different contenders.

An MBA in showcasing includes the investigation of different parts of promoting, for example,

  • Market Information and Division
  • Market Patterns
  • SWOT investigation (strength, shortcoming, amazing open doors, and danger)
  • Bug examination (political, practical, social, and innovative)
  • Marking of items or administrations
  • Item research, Promoting, and Customer division
  • Risk and Contenders investigation

You can seek an MBA in advertising Assuming that you have deals and showcasing abilities.

Top Organizations recruiting MBA in advertising graduates are Procter and Bet, PepsiCo, Unilever, Google, American Express, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and so on.


  • HR are the representatives that make up the labor force of an association, business area, industry, or economy.
  • Human resources empower individuals to work and deliver something of monetary worth.
  • An HR Supervisor’s work is to administer the different parts of the business, work regulations, and work norms like representative compensation and advantages.
  • Human Asset The board is otherwise called HR or HRM.
  • The occupation of HR is to successfully deal with individuals to expand the development of the organization or association.
  • An MBA in HR will assist you with learning various procedures to expand the performance of the representatives.
  • HR experts deal with the labor force and spotlight on executing the interaction and approaches of the association.
  • Human assets the board is the craft of staffing, preparing, improvement, inspiration, and upkeep.

It includes the investigation of different angles, for example,

  • Enrollment methodologies of representatives
  • Making workers committed and faithful to the association

MBA in Operations Management

  • Operational management is the organization of strategic approaches to accomplish the most elevated level of productivity in an association.
  • Tasks Chiefs work to create effective items and administrations to amplify the benefit of an association.
  • Store network the executives, and Stock administration are the most basic elements of tasks of the board.
  • Tasks The executives are perhaps of the most well-known capability in an association.
  • This MBA specialization is worried about planning and controlling the creation of labor and products.
  • It assists you with learning the successful usage of assets to meet the client’s necessities.
  • The tasks administrators are associated with arranging, coordinating, and overseeing the creation, assembling, or execution of administrations.
  • They are liable for changing over the data sources (unrefined components or works) into yields (items or administrations),
  • Furthermore, control the nature of items and administrations.

An MBA in activities the board will assist you with finding out about:

  • Activities systems
  • Item plan
  • Process plan
  • Quality administration
  • Offices arranging
  • Creation arranging and stock control
  • Production network the executives

An activities director works in different areas like banking, medical clinics, global organizations, and new companies.

You can seek after activities on the board assuming you have great preparation and the executive’s abilities.

Information Technology (IT) Management

  • Information frameworks gather, process, store, and convey information across the internet.
  • An Information Framework includes the utilization of web-based innovation to build the benefit or worth of an association.

A PC framework and programming computerize different work processes to:

  • Increment association tasks proficiency
  • Enhance existing items and new item improvement
  • Assist chiefs with pursuing viable choices
  • Examination and representation of information
  • Track worker performance records
  • Make income records to Recognize qualities and shortcomings
  • Catch customer information and feedback
  • IT Administrators successfully use information innovation in the development of the association.
  • The information framework assists activity with evening out chiefs to make reports, separate information, and simply decide.

There is different information framework programming accessible in the market that to computerize work processes:

  • A choice emotionally supportive network
  • Store network the executives
  • Advertising information framework
  • Bookkeeping information framework
  • Human asset the board framework
  • Office mechanization framework
  • Instructive organizations on the executive’s framework
  • Endeavor asset arranging
  • Client relationship with the executives

This specialization is ideal for students with a four-year college education in PC applications, information, or software engineering design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the fee for an MBA in Bangalore?

Ans. The total course fee for the Bangalore university MBA program is around 4 – 8 Lakh. PGDM programs offered by B-Schools course fee varies around 7- 13 Lakh. MBA programs offered by VTU University affiliated colleges charge up to 2 – 3 lakh for the entire course.

Q2. How can I get an MBA admission in Bangalore?

Ans. To get an MBA admission in Bangalore, you must appear in entrance tests such as CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT, or SNAP. Based on the marks scored on the entrance test, you can apply online for admission to MBA colleges. Also, You can take direct admission to an MBA without an entrance exam and apply directly to various colleges for admission.

Q3. Is Bangalore good for MBA?

Ans. Bangalore colleges offer MBA or PGDM courses at an affordable fee compared to colleges in Delhi or Mumbai. The ROI for MBA colleges in Bangalore is better, as you get a higher salary package by paying a lesser fee. Whereas in other top cities, the MBA program will cost you 15 – 16 Lakh with an average salary package of 6 – 7 Lakh.

Q4. Which college is good for MBA in Bangalore?

Ans. There are more than 50 top management colleges in Bangalore that you can choose for MBA admission. MBA colleges in Bangalore offer a wide range of specializations which leads to various job opportunities. Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, IT systems, Data Science, Business Analyst & International Business are some of the best specializations offered by MBA colleges in Bangalore.

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