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Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

Top Engineering Colleges in India in 2021- Science stream students seeking the finest engineering universities in India must understand what to look for and how to select the best colleges.

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 Saurav Anand 18/03/2022
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Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

Top Engineering Colleges in India in 2021- Science stream students seeking the finest engineering universities in India must understand what to look for and how to select the best colleges. NIRF ranking, facilities, placements, and other factors are all considered when looking for top colleges in India. There will be a lot of uncertainty and commotion while looking for the top engineering institution. As a result, we’ve compiled a ranking of India’s top engineering institutions based on a variety of factors.

Engineering students can choose from over a hundred amazing specialisations while pursuing a B.Tech. degree. According to reports, India creates tens of thousands of engineers every year. The number of engineering colleges has increased in tandem with the number of students striving to be engineers. However, among all the colleges being constructed solely to supply seats for the rampant surge in engineering aspirants, it is not far-fetched to state that there are only a few top engineering colleges in India.

India’s Top Engineering Colleges in 2021 (based on NIRF Ranking)

Every year, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) publishes a list of the top engineering institutions in India using the National Institutional Ranking Framework (Ministry of Human Resource Development). The ranking includes all types of engineering educational institutions, from IITs to private engineering colleges. The MHRD’s core committee elects a “Expert Committee,” which compiles a ranking list of institutes from various streams. Learning environment, faculty profile, terms and conditions for economically disadvantaged individuals, and several other metrics are determining factors for the ranking.

NIRF Ranking 2020Name of the CollegeScore
1Indian Institute of Technology Madras89.93
2Indian Institute of Technology Delhi88.08
3Indian Institute of Technology Bombay85.08
4Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur82.18
5Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur80.56
6Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee76.29
7Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati74.9
8Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad66.44
9Indian Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli64.1
10Indian Institute of Technology Indore62.88

Placement-wise, the Top Engineering Colleges in India in 2021

Aside from the college’s excellent and smart professors, one factor that indicates if the college is good or not is the college’s placement performance. Having an engineering degree isn’t the end of the road; the main goal is to find a great job to compensate for all of your hard work during your B.Tech. and M.Tech years. The college’s placement record must be consistent. Make sure you don’t end up choosing an institution with placement rates that change more than the tides. To clear up any ambiguity and skew your perception of the finest engineering college for you, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest engineering colleges based on placement opportunities. 

Name of the CollegePlacement Ratings (based on reviews)Top Recruiters for experts in Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur4.7Flipkart
Indian Institute of Technology Madras4.6Flipkart
Kotak Mahindra
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay4.6Amazon
Goldman Sachs
Adobe Player
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur4.5Apple
Tata Steel
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi4.4Microsoft

Region-wise Top Engineering Colleges in India in 2021

When the country’s five-year plan was being implemented for the second time, a number of initiatives centred on various industries were launched. It was quickly determined that there is a critical need for trained engineers to manage the workload of those industrial projects. As a result, regional engineering colleges arose. Every state would have its own engineering college, it was declared. Despite the intention to only create one engineering school per region, the number of students began to rise. All of the regional engineering colleges are unrecognised and lack basic equipment and facilities. As a result, we’ll give you a list of the best engineering institutions in India’s four regions/zones: North India, South India, West India, and East India.

North India’s Best Engineering Colleges

S. No.Name of the college
1Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
2BITS Pilani
3Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
4Indian Institute of Technology Allahabad

South India’s Best Engineering Colleges

S. No.Name of the college
1Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore
2PSG College of Technology Coimbatore
3Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal
4International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad

East India’s Best Engineering Colleges

S. No.Name of the college
1Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
2Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
3ISM Dhanbad
4BIT Mesra Ranchi

West India’s Best Engineering Colleges

S.No.Name of the college
1Symbiosis Institute of Technology Pune
2IITM Gwalior
3Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
4DY Patil College of Engineering Pune

JEE Mains Cut-off 2021 – Top Engineering Colleges in India

When the results of the Joint Entrance Exam Mains are released, candidates get a general idea of whether they will be admitted to India’s top-tier IITs. Only roughly 2 lakh students out of all those who sit for this exam with high goals qualify for the JEE Advanced exam. The following are the factors that influence the JEE Mains cut-off

  • The number of students or candidates who are attempting this exam.
  • A list of student seats that are available.
  • The difficulty of the year’s exam in the area of concern
  • The number of applications for a given engineering field that have been submitted.
  • It’s also important to consider your category (general/OBC/SC/ST).
S. No.Name of the College
1NIT Agartala
2NIT Arunachal Pradesh
3NIT Tiruchirappalli
4NIT Delhi
5NIT Durgapur
6NIT Goa
7NIT Hamirpur
8NIT Jamshedpur
9NIT Manipur
10NIT Meghalaya

Other colleges, meanwhile, accept JEE scores for admission to various engineering courses such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering, and so on.

Fees at the Top Engineering Colleges

Not every applicant for an engineering degree has the financial means to attend a private engineering school. When it comes to education affordability, several public universities are known for providing the highest possible engineering degrees at lower annual costs than private colleges. There are 90 private engineering institutions and 90 public engineering colleges among the colleges accessible, with the remainder public-private engineering institutes. We’ve compiled a list of the best engineering colleges based on their tuition costs so you can get a good idea of which universities will fit into your budget.

Private Colleges NamesCourse Fee in Lakh
Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology PatialaB.Tech- Rs 13.30 Lakhs to Rs 18.50 lakhs
M.Tech- Rs 3.86 lakhs
BITS PilaniM.Tech- Rs 9.25 lakhs
Amity University NoidaB.Tech- Rs 6.88 lakhs to Rs 8.64 lakhs
M.Tech- Rs 1.44 lakhs to Rs 4.14 lakhs
Vellore Institute of Technology University VelloreB.Tech - Rs 7.80 lakhs
M.Tech- Rs 3.80 lakhs
Amrita School of Engineering KeralaB.Tech- Rs 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs
M.Tech- Rs 3.18 lakhs
Names of Public CollegesCourse Fee in Lakh
Indian Institute of Technology MadrasB.Tech - Rs 8.04 lakh
M.Tech- Rs 22.40 K
Indian Institute of Technology BombayB.Tech- Rs 9.08 lakhs
M.Tech- Rs 50.40 K
Indian Institute of Technology KharagpurB.Tech - Rs 8.47 lakh
M.Tech- Rs 45.85 K
National Institute of Technology SurathkalB.Tech- Rs 5.44 lakh
M.Tech- Rs 2.53 lakhs
Indian Institute of Technology DelhiB.Tech- Rs 8.39 lakhs
M.Tech- Rs 2.60 lakhs

Engineering College Admissions Process in India

Engineering admissions are available at several stages of study, including undergraduation, postgraduation, diploma, and even Ph.D. Candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to be considered for any of the available engineering education levels.

The following are the requirements for admission to a UG engineering programme

Candidates must have finished their 10+2 examinations in science stream with the three essential subjects – Physics, Maths, and Chemistry – to be admitted to any college, reputable or not, for a BE or B.Tech degree. Another condition is that the candidate must have received a minimum of 60% in all of the exams.

The following terms and conditions apply to the admission process for a PG degree in engineering

To get admitted to the next level of education after a UG degree, such as a ME or M.Tech programme, students must have completed or passed their B.Tech exams and obtained a valid GATE admission exam score.

The following are the requirements for admission to the UG Diploma in Engineering programme

Applicants must have received a minimum of 35 percent in two areas – science and math – on their class 10 board exams.

The following are the requirements for admission to the PG Diploma in Engineering programme

Only a few institutes provide a PG Diploma, and IIT Gandhinagar is one of them. The admission requirements are comparable to those for M.Tech.

The following are the requirements for admission to a PhD programme in engineering

All individuals applying for a PhD must have completed their B.Tech. and M.Tech. in a relevant field with an aggregate score of at least 55 percent.

Streams of Engineering that are the most popular

Let’s pick three specialisation streams from the 100 available in engineering and look for the top five institutions in each of them. The list is as follows:

Engineering in the Aerospace Sector: – Aerospace Technical is one of the most sought-after engineering fields.

The top 5 colleges in India that provide this programme with an excellent grade of education delivery are

Maritime Engineering Marine engineering is another well-known engineering field.

The following are the top five colleges in India that provide this programme with outstanding faculty

  • Chennai’s Indian Maritime University
  • Chennai’s Vels Academy of Maritime Studies
  • Mumbai’s Tolani Maritime Institute
  • Maharashtra Naval Education and Training Academy, Pune
  • Noida’s International Maritime Institute is number five.

Engineering of Petroleum: – Petroleum Engineering is one of the most commercial and global economy-oriented engineering streams.

The following are the top five colleges that offer this course right now

  • Mumbai’s Indian Institute of Technology
  • Dhanbad’s Indian School of Mines University
  • Dehradun University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • Gandhinagar’s Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
  • Pune’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology

Q. What is the best way to choose the finest engineering institution in India?

There is no such thing as a universally “ideal” engineering college for all students, but there are engineering institutions that are “perfect” for you, if not for anybody else. We’ll provide you some guidelines to help you narrow down your options and eventually choose the best practical option for you.

It is required that you choose a specialisation stream in which you are interested. This will inspire you to work hard in order to obtain your degree. Additionally, selecting a certain stream will assist you in narrowing down the number of engineering colleges that best meet your needs.

Make a rough list of the requirements you must meet before applying for college admission. The following are the requirements

  1. Is the degree you want available?
  2. Will the place suit my needs?
  3. What is the distance between my house and the college?
  4. Is it a state university or a private university?
  5. Can I afford the expense of tuition?
  6. Is there any financial help available for students from low-income families, such as myself?
  7. How are the placements going for you?
  8. What kind of internship experience will I have?
  9. Does the student body reflect the diversity of the community?
  10. Is the faculty and facilities appropriate for my needs?

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

Q. Is IIT a private or public institution?

Ans. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are self-governing public technical and research institutes spread across the country. It is governed by the Ministry of Education of the Indian government.

Q. Is IIIT a for-profit institution?

Ans. About. The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is a self-governing university that was established in 1998. It was established as a not-for-profit public-private partnership (N-PPP) and is India’s first IIIT (under this format).

Q. Which location is ideal for IIT?

Ans. Which IIT is the best for getting a job? IIT Bombay is regarded as one of the most successful IITs in terms of placements. This year, the institute’s biggest package was roughly Rs. 1.16 crore.

Q. Which engineering college in India is the best?

Ans. IIT Bombay is number one IIT Mumbai, which was founded in 1958 with support from UNESCO and the erstwhile Soviet Union, is ranked first among the best engineering colleges in 2011.

Q. Is a score of 2 lakh in JEE mains considered good?

Ans. Your ranking is sufficient for admission to some of the country’s best private colleges. However, you will not be able to get a seat at an NIT. However, with this ranking, you can get into some fairly decent institutions.

Q. Is Google planning a visit to COEP?

Ans. The only Google – related club in COEP is the Google Student Club, which was founded in 2013.

Q. Which university has the best placement rate?

Ans. Kanpur, India’s Indian Institute of Technology
This college, which was founded in 1959, has the record for having the most straight 100% placement records of any institution in the country.

Q. What is the average wage following a bachelor's degree?

Ans. In the government sector, a B. Tech in Electronics & Communication might get you a starting income of around Rs 10,000 per month. With a greater job profile and more years of experience, your compensation will rise. You can earn anywhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 1 lakh per month in the private sector.

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