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XISS Ranchi- Xavier Institute of Social Service Reviews on Infrastructure, Campus, Placement, Facilities & Faculty

  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Private

Saurav Anand


XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 are from average to good. XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 by the old students are nice and positive. There are no complaints about the college in any of the XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24. The overall sum of the XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 brings out the XISS Ranchi Rating of 7 out of 10. The XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 really help students who are willing to join the college or are thinking of it. If you are someone who wants to apply for XISS Ranchi College then you should have a look at the XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24. It is very important to have an idea about the college before actually joining it. To know more about the college you should read the XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24. A list of XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 by the students of the XISS Ranchi  college itself are mentioned in this article. XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 on placement, XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 faculty, and XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24 infrastructure are mentioned in detail.

About The College

Particulars Statistics 
Year of Establishment  1955 
Student intake in the XISS Ranchi Courses330 
XISS Ranchi Rankings-Ranked 27 by Times for Private MBA 
-Ranked 42 by Outlook for Private MBA 
Number of XISS Ranchi courses Five 
Student-faculty ratio 7.8:1  
Number and type of XISS Ranchi scholarships provided Three: Merit-based 
XISS Ranchi Scholarship Amount Rs 1 lakh  
XISS Ranchi Average packageRs 5.18 LPA

XISS Ranchi reviews 2022-24

Placements: In this college, the placement is approximately 90 percent. The XISS Ranchi highest package was 10 lakh per annum. And the internship the learners got was 100 percent. The prime corporations arrive here for the placement and they are – TCS, reliance, hdfc, Wipro, WNS, etc. The positions proposed are manager, leadership, analysts, etc.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure is decent the classroom is large sufficiently all the hallways have CCTV accessible. Wi-Fi is accessible in the institute, the library is also there and the editions and books are adequate for the learner’s bunches of variations of books are accessible. The athletics and sports installations are moreover accessible.

Faculty: The faculty partners of the institute are too nice. They are extremely qualified and skilled and also have too much proficiency. The way of schooling of the faculty is too nice and furthermore, the integrity of education is good. The projectors are accessible in each classroom

Alok Raj

PGDM 2021

Placements: Placements of XISS have constantly been decent. Placements begin in October, and absolute learners get placed till February. Corporations tour here till March, and the income packages proposed by the corporations differ. The XISS Ranchi average salary package proposed in our bureau is approximately 6 lakh per annum. Everyone receives an internship invitation.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure of our institute is decent, but it is not like all big MBA universities. For learners of over 300 to 350, it is relatively a decent campus. It moreover has libraries and Wi-Fi installations for learners. The nutrition in the canteen is decent. A cultural occasion like Panache occurs each year for learners.

Faculty: Faculty partners of XISS are the nicest portion of the institute. Our institute has well-experienced staff partners who have tremendous proficiency in the business and abilities are compelled in the business after perusing PGDM. PGDM in IT has educated me in numerous aspects, and I believe it is extremely beneficial for me in the forthcoming.

Ravi Kumar Jaiswal

PGDM 2021

Placements: Placements are very decent here as nearly all the learners got placed. Placements are allocated into 2 phases. Almost 90% of the learners got placed from our university, and summer internships furnished by this institute are very nice. Nearly 100% of the learners get summer internships. The XISS Ranchi average salary package proposed here is 5 lakh per annum. Corporations that tour our institute for placements are TCS, WNS, Byju’s, HDFC, and many more. Most of the learners from the IT branch got placed in extremely good corporations. Positions like an analyst, relation manager, etc., are offered here.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure of our institute is quite decent, but it does not have a ground. Here Wi-Fi installation is constantly accessible, and there are also labs installations, which are also quite decent. Classrooms are air-conditioned, and fans are also accessible in them. A decent library is accessible on the ground floor, and it has bunches of books, newspapers, and magazines. Various authors’ novels are also accessible in it, which is very valuable for learners. XISS furthermore has different hostel installations for girls and boys, but they are situated outside the campus. The nutrition accessible in our institute canteen is nice, and several food items are accessible in it.

Faculty: Faculty partners of XISS are extremely decent. Every educator is very supportive and is constantly prepared to assist learners whenever and wherever they expect their assistance. All the faculty partners here are extremely skilled and informed. Their way of education is very nice, and learners can handily appreciate their education. There is a course of studies for learners, and according to which, studies are instructed for each trimester. I believe learners studying here are earned industry-ready.

Harsh Bisen

PGDM 2021

Placements: Almost 90% of the learners got placed from the institute. The XISS Ranchi highest salary package proposed was 10 lakh per annum, and the lowest salary package offered was 2.5 lakh per annum. The average salary package offered was 7 lakh per annum. Internships are furnished in corporations and institutions like Tata, World Vision, JSLPS, BRLPS, FES, etc. The top roles proposed are leadership, settling the last first, team construction.

Infrastructure: Wi-Fi is accessible all the time. We have computer labs and GIS labs. All the classrooms are air-conditioned for each lesson. The library is similarly air-conditioned, and the canteen fulfills a nice diet. Inducement of co-curricular activities like basketball, cricket, and table tennis is provided. Medical installations are furnished in the closest clinic, i.e., Sadar Hospital.

Faculty: All the educators in our institute are very helpful, highly qualified, and informed lecturers. The education integrity is very decent. Lessons are taken in classrooms on projectors or even external as the accountable pressure susceptibility. The lesson curriculum is related and gives rise to learners as industry-ready.

Other: Our institute furnishes exposure, space works, co-curricular actions, committee building, and leadership. College fest and sports are big events.

Prerna Snehal Minz

PGDM 2021

Remarks- Firstly there is a minimal cut-off on the basis of which the competitor will get a ring if shortlisted for the Group Discussion procedure. Pursued by the GD there will be PI for the shortlisted learners. Group Discussions and Personal Interviews sessions are carried in various areas across India. So it is relatively helpful for the competitors to follow the nomination procedure. After the Personal Interview, the shortlisted learners will be notified of the admission procedure.

Course Curriculum Overview- I selected PGDM in marketing because it is one realm that is relatively vibrant and XISS is a nice university to select for this policy. There are 60 learners in a batch and the staff is relatively nurtured from top-notch B- schools and experienced. There are 6 trimesters in the whole strategy and the exams were very favorable and furnished the learners to enforce their proficiency and mastery progressed in the classroom.

Internships Opportunities- For internships, many corporations come and primarily they don’t spend. So it’s not worth it at all according to me. Projects depend on the corporations and how much the learners want to memorize. As such I don’t like the placement of this university.

Placement Experience- From the 4th-trimester learners are capable of placements. There are a lot of corporations that toured but it is not so vibrant. I don’t realize the campus placements are so nice. And I would suggest changing for nicer choices for pursuing PGDM.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions- Well, the fees for the whole 2 years were 850000/- which is quite feasible considering the ROI. Considering PGDM which is costly, XISS is a well-renowned and acclaimed institute that furnishes campus placement at an accessible price.

Campus Life- There are several years clubs for the learners to furnish their disclosure and increase team-management abilities. There is a decent library installation. The classrooms are well-equipped with AC and a developed means of understanding. Now and then various extra-curricular training is embraced.

Hostel Facilities- The hostel compartments are very nice with the accessibility of mess and food is furnished 3 times. The food quality was nice. The enrollment procedure is very reasonable and is accomplished through the university through the admission committee.

Interview Experience- Topics were recent affairs, Indian economy. After the subject was provided, the competitors are allocated 2-3 minutes to pen down their opinions considering the topic. The procedure is very seamless and the Group Discussion topics are not so difficult.

Swati Sharma

PGDM 2019

Remarks- All because of my placement record, good infrastructure, and previous academics, I decided to opt for PGDM in Marketing program. And the admission process of this college follows several steps like I filled out the application form and paid the application fee. And the. Based on the marks obtained in the undergraduate and CAT exams, I was called for the final admission round which was GD and PI rounds. Post completion, the final merit list was prepared in which my scores and performance were considered. And lastly, I saw my name on the list and took admission by paying the fee.

Course Curriculum Overview- The course curriculum focuses on imparting managerial, decision-making, analytical, and communication skills to us. And the most important part of the course curriculum is the summer internship which is for 6-8 weeks. Besides, rural camps are organized and several projects are given to us. We also do case study analysis. Apart from this, we have core faculties and visiting faculties as well in our department holding Ph.D., M.Phil degrees. Also, they have experience in various industries which are implemented in learning methodology and so they help us in knowing comprehensively about the corporate world.

Placement Experience- The placement cell of our college is good. They inform before the company visits our campus. To take part in the placement drive, we are asked to make aur resume. We will take part in the placement drive next year. However, seeing my seniors I got an idea as they had gone through GD and PI rounds. On getting shortlisted, they were called for the final interview round to the company’s headquarters. Furthermore, the key recruiters of our college are Adani Group, Azim Premji Foundation, CARE India, Axis Bank, Cognizant, Fincare, and many others. The highest CTC reached till now is 14 LPA and the average CTC went 5LPA.

Fee Structure And Facilities- The fee structure of the program I opted for is 9 lakh for two years excluding hostel or mess charges. Furthermore, our college has scholarship provisions for those working in TATA steel, Maruti, NTPC, and other corporate houses. However, I did not get any scholarship as I don’t fulfill any criteria but apart from the college scholarship, the state government also provides the same to those belonging to SC and ST categories. Moreover, our college provides bank loans to financially weak students.

Campus Life- Our college has a certain committee that organizes sports events and cultural events like singing, dramatics, and dancing every year. In addition to this, PHONiX- a democratic committee which we(students run). Through this committee, we organize quizzes, management games, financial analysis, and other such activities. Most importantly, our college environments are awesome as we have a multi-cuisine food court, well-maintained classrooms, supportive facilities, and all these things are making my campus life lively.

Admission- Yes, I had appeared in GD and PI rounds for the final selection to this institute. Both the sessions were simple to wipe. The only current affair should be good for the GD round and questions in the PI session is inquired based on the previous academic record, participation in curricular activities, and some situation-based question to judge the thinking capability or the existence of sense.

Gauri Gogoi

PGDM 2020

Remarks- I elected to select this Institute because it is one of the nice universities to study at and my education consultant also recommended it here for better alternatives. Also, after doing research, I found that it has a pretty nice placement record, curriculum, and faculty. After envisioning my mind, I paid INR 2000 and fulfilled my application form online through the official website of the institute.

Course Curriculum Overview- The program assisted me to develop a logical understanding and essential abilities to be beneficial in my career. Stress is plopped on the growth of a vibrant attitude by promoting our significance and beliefs assembled on the strong structure of keen civil understanding. To ready us, our faculty partners provide us with challenging assignments and ready us with proficiency, abilities, and significance.

Placement Experience- My institute works very hard to provide us with decent placement through Training and Placement activities that motivate us to opt for employment that adequately suits our silhouette. Pre-Placement Talks are conducted during our final year, before the opening of the placement trials every year. During the placement of my batch, more than 80 corporations partook in the final placement procedure out of which 48% were new recruiters and the salary offer went as great as INR 14.5 lakh per annum.

Fee Structure And Facilities- To study the PGDM program at XISS Ranchi, command me approximately INR 8 lacs which encompasses a 2-year tuition fee and other residues. The university offers economic assistance and scholarships to impoverished and earning ones on the basis of merit and eligibility.

Campus Life- During my years here, I was prepared to accumulate every day and discover something new. Furthermore, discussing about the infrastructure, the pictures on the website are real and the institute was a lush green campus located over quite a large spot. It encompasses a canteen, lecture auditoria, mess, hostel, library, laboratories, Computer, IT facility, etc. A lot of occasions were also composed by my institute and the distinct culture was completely wonderful to be at.

Priyanka Agarwal

PGDM 2017

It is a decent college for marketing and HR students.

XISS  placements: Almost 95% of the students got placed from the passing out batch. The highest salary package offered was 16 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered was 5 LPA. The average salary package offered was around 7 LPA to 7.5 LPA. Top recruiting companies for our course include Mahindra & Mahindra, VMware, Dell, KPMG, etc. Almost 100% of the students get summer internships in companies like Volvo, ITC, VMware and various other startups as well. Roles offered here are management trainee, talent acquisition, compensation, etc.

XISS  infrastructure : Wi-Fi is available all the time. We have computer labs and GIS labs. All the classrooms are air-conditioned for each course. The library is also air-conditioned, and canteen serves good food. Encouragement of co-curricular activities like basketball, cricket, and table tennis is given. Medical facilities are provided in the nearest hospital, i.e., Sadar Hospital.

XISS  faculty: There are few amazing faculty members and guest faculty members for marketing and HR. Teachers have an experience of 5-10 years and industry experience of more than 5 years. They are very helpful and also supportive. XISS has a 120 credit course, and it is beautifully structured. It includes subjects like a research paper, foreign language, APD classes and managerial effectiveness classes as well.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

Discipline is very much maintained on the campus.

XISS  placements: In our college, around 135 students got placed out of 168. The highest salary package offered was 13.5 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered was 5LPA. The average salary package offered was around 6.7 LPA. The top recruiting companies of our college were Infosys, Tech Mahindra, VMware, etc. Around 60% of the students got internships in various companies such as Quick Ride, Hedge Equities, Oyo Life, Getmyuni, etc.

XISS  infrastructure: Facilities provided by the organisation are up-to-date. The college has a subscription for the EMIS database which is very helpful and many magazine subscriptions such as Forbes, Business World, India Today, etc., are also available. We also have journals. The library is very good it has almost every book a student requires. Even books such as A Thousand Splendid Sons, Monk who Sold His Ferrari, etc., are also available. The college has a contract with a local vendor who provides food for the college.

XISS  faculty:The course outline is pretty good and faculty members for each course are way better. I believe we have the best faculty for analytics, marketing but we are lacking behind in finance courses and faculty members of the college should look on these matters. Teachers are well qualified for the subject but something is lacking in terms of how to explain.

Ragini mehra

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

Overall, I am satisfied with the college.

XISS  placements: For batch 2018-2020, which is our seniors batch, 150 students out of 160 got placed before the corona outbreak. Top recruiting companies were Wipro and Infosys. The highest salary package offered was 16 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered around 5 LPA, which is good.

XISS  infrastructure: The college has decent classrooms, with a fully functioning library. The computer lab is average. The food served in the hostel is good, and very good hostel facilities are provided. W also have good gym facilities in both girls and boys hostel with all types of equipment in it. There is a Wi-Fi with good speed.

XISS  faculty: Faculty members in marketing are good, followed by human resources, analytics, and then finance. The college constantly updates its course curriculum as per the industry standards and conducts seminars, and workshops. They also organise industry visits for making students ready for placements.

Awantika Prasad

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

About short review on XIME Bangalore.

XISS placements: Almost 90% of the students got placed from college. The highest salary package offered was 10 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered was 2.5 LPA. The average salary package offered was 7 LPA. Internships are provided in companies and organisations like Tata, World Vision, JSLPS, BRLPS, FES, etc. Top roles offered are in leadership, putting the last first, team building.

XISS  infrastructure: College has a decent infrastructure. It has two big auditorium. The whole campus, as well as hostel, is Wi-Fi enables. Internet speed is amazing. Classroom are modern ones they come with projector. College library has a huge collection of books journals and newspapers and we can read as many as we want. There is a small playground in the hostel along with one basketball court and two badminton courts. Hostel rooms are big and allowed in triple sharing.

XISS  faculty:Most of the faculty members are Ph.D. holders or having huge industry knowledge. There are some guest faculty members also who share real-time industry knowledge. Also, the teaching methodology is great. You will find different methodologies for different faculty members. Faculty members will ensure to turn your weakness into strength. We also have industrial visits to gain real time experience of industry.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

placements are pretty decent and the faculty too.

XISS  placements: 100% placement is assured by our college. Last year every student was placed. The highest package is 14L, average is 7L and the lowest is 4L. Top recruiting companies are wipro, KPMG, ICICI, TCS and many more. Top roles is of the assistant manager, also top level managers and top levels posts are given.

XISS  infrastructure: The facilities are good in the college and it has library where all types of books will be available, classrooms are also big and nice, other facilities are also good here. One can live here. Few adjustments could be made. The quality of facilities in the hostel is okay . There are big basketball ball court and badminton also, but a small ground for playing football.

XISS  faculty:Yes, teachers are helpful, qualified and knowledgeable as they take keen interest in helping students, clarifying their doubts and teaching extra things which may help in future. Yes, The curriculum is relevant and helpful as it gives the exposure to all kinds of subject in first year.

Shreya Mishra

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

A good place to start your career.

XISS  placements: 100% placements were made last year. The highest package is 14L last year it went and avg is 7.5 Lacs and the lowest is something 5 Lacs. Top recruiting companies are Infosys, ITC, OYO. The roles offered are of general manager, assistant manager and head of department. Internships percentage is also 100%.

XISS  infrastructure: We are provided with Wi-Fi and the classrooms and Audi is full air conditioned and Library has great collection of books. The infrastructure is the thing you can’t be satisfied with but it’s okay it’s worth the value because teaching is good here. The facilities are good for mess canteen, hostel and sports and games

XISS  faculty:Yes, the teachers are very helpful always there for their students they help not only in studies but other things also like internship. You can rely on them. The curriculum is good here as with the subjects you can explore many variety of subject lines.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

I am very satisfied with the faculty, the teachers are very helpful and gets keen interest in us.

XISS  placements: About 80 percentage of the students have been placed, which usually crosses 95% by the time of graduation ceremony. The highest domestic package was about 15.3 LPA, average about 8 LPA, and the lowest around 5 LPA, given for management trainee roles, which will be revised in 3 months or so. Top recruiting firms include Infosys, Wipro, VMware, Arcesium, KPMG, Mahindra etc. 100% of students got internships last summer from various firms such as Dell, KPMG, Federal Bank, L&T, ITC etc.

XISS  infrastructure: However, the infrastructure at Kochi and Chennai are top class. We’ve 24×7 Wi-Fi, a fully functional Computer lab. Spacious classrooms and a classic Library. We have nice mess facility, with varying cuisines, indoor gym, TT, 2 badminton courts, one tennis court, basketball court and a playground. First aid is a part of hostels.

XISS  faculty: Extremely knowledgeable faculty. That’s the best thing about XISS. It does not compromise on quality when it comes to Academics. Perhaps, the best among tier 2 colleges in this regard. The course curriculum is consists about 45 courses adding upto 130 credits, divided into 6 trimesters.

Aanand Sinha

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

I am very satisfied with the college as the faculty and facilities provided are good here.

XISS  placements: Placements are decent in this college. Average salary package offered was 7.2 LPA and the highest salary package offered was 14 LPA. Companies like Infosys, Wipro, KPMG are the regular recruiters from the college. Last year almost 90% of the students got placed from college. Roles offered were like area sales manager, management trainee assistant manager to the students.

XISS infrastructure: The college has a good infrastructure. It has two big auditoriums along with a vast library where you will find many books, journals and papers. College campus enabled with Wi-Fi both in the hostel as well as campus. It has a small playground, one basketball court, and two badminton court.

XISS  faculty:We have very experienced faculty members with industry experience. They use HBR cases for teaching students. Along with the case study approach, they use intense curriculum for two years. There is a continuous evaluation of performance in class as well as in exams. They use 8 point grading scale for evaluation.

Silpi Sinha

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

A college is a nice place with decent placement.

XISS  placements: Placements are nice. The average CTC offered last year was 7.2 LPA and the highest CTC was 14 LPA. Companies like kpmg, ey, hungerbox, hdfc etc. Came for final placements. The roles offered were also nice some of them were marketing analyst finance analyst etc. Regarding sip almost everyone got a sip from college only

XISS  infrastructure: College has a decent infrastructure. Campus is Wi-Fi embedded. College has two huge auditorium for guest lectures and seminars along with it college has a huge library wherein you can find n number of management journals to read. Coming to hostel college hostel is decent rooms are alloted in triple sharing. Food is above average. You will find one small playground along with one basketball court and two badminton court.

XISS  faculty: Faculty members are very much experienced. They bring industry experience of almost 15 years to relate to management jargons. They will help you in every way you want br it cv developing or be it your academics. Course curriculum is bit hectic here but you will get use to it after sometime.

Aaradhya Agarwal

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2020

Nice place to start your journey.

XISS  placements: XISS provides 100% placements. The highest salary package offered was up to 13 LPA to 14 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered was 4 LPA, and the average salary package offered is approximately 6 LPA to 7 LPA. Majority of the companies visit here for marketing students. Our college provides 80% of internships to the students, while the rest of the students need to find on their own.

XISS  infrastructure: Our college provides 24 hours Wi-Fi facilities. Labs are updated with the latest technologies, and the library is opened 12 hours a day, i.e., from 8 AM to 8 PM. It has all the books, newspapers and business magazines. Printout and photocopy facility is available on the campus.

XISS faculty: Teachers in our college are extremely helpful and qualified. Some of them have industry experience, which helps a lot, and they are knowledgeable. The course curriculum is updated every year, according to the latest industry needs. It makes the students industry-ready.

Sachin Dubey

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is XISS worth joining?

Ans. Yes, XISS is worth joining. It has a pretty nice placement record, curriculum, and faculty.

Q. Is XISS Ranchi MBA Good HR?

Ans. Yes, the XISS Ranchi MBA in HR is good. The course is formulated with industry-relevant structure.

Q. Does XISS accepts CAT scores?

Ans. Yes, XISS accepts CAT scores for admission.

Q. Does XISS have management quota?

Ans. No, XISS does not have management quota.

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