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VIT Vellore Scholarships

  • Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  • Deemed To Be University

Saurav Anand

Scholarships are like golden tickets to the land of dreams and opportunities. They have the power to transform lives and unlock doors that were once firmly shut and scholarships provided by VIT Vellore pave the way for those who couldn’t afford to buy that key. They level the playing field, giving a fighting chance to talented individuals from all walks of life. With this scholarship, you can soar beyond the confines of financial constraints and dive headfirst into the realm of endless possibilities. 

VIT Vellore, also known as Vellore Institute of Technology, offers various scholarships to its students. These scholarships are provided in the form of tuition fee waivers, financial assistance, and other benefits. Here is the information regarding VIT Vellore scholarships: 

VIT Vellore Scholarship Types: 

  • VITEEE Scholarship: VIT Vellore offers merit scholarships to students who excel academically. These scholarships are awarded to class toppers and students who perform well in the VITEEE (VIT Engineering Entrance Examination). The scholarships are provided under the “GV School Development Programme” (GVSDP) and offer different levels of tuition fee waivers based on merit. The number of students provided with this scholarship is 570, out of which 113 are females and 457 are males. 
  • Smt. Rajeswari Viswanathan Memorial Scholarship: VIT Vellore provides need-based financial assistance to economically challenged students. These scholarships aim to support students who require financial help to pursue their education. The total number of students provided with this scholarship is 159. 52 females and 107 males.  
  • Scholarships for NRI and Foreign Students: Meritorious NRI and foreign students are eligible for scholarships at VIT Vellore. These scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic performance and achievements.  
  • Scholarships for Rural Students: VIT Vellore offers scholarships to students from rural backgrounds who secure top ranks in the VITEEE at the district level in Tamil Nadu. These students receive free education at the institute. 
  • Scholarships for MTech Students: VIT Vellore provides scholarships to students pursuing MTech programs, provided they score well in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam.  
  •  Sports Scholarships: VIT Vellore awards scholarships to students who excel in sports and games. These scholarships recognize and support talented sportspeople  
  • Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) Scholarships: VIT Vellore offers financial assistance to students who wish to pursue their project work in partner universities and institutions abroad under the Semester Abroad Programme.  
  • Research Associateships: VIT Vellore awards research associateships to meritorious and needy students to encourage active research within the institute.  
  • Cent percent Attendance Awards: Cent percent attendance awards are recognition or prizes given to individuals who have achieved perfect attendance, meaning they have not missed a single day of school, work, or any other designated activities within a specific period. These awards are typically given to students, employees, or participants who have shown exceptional dedication and commitment by being present every day. 

Scholarship Details: 

  • GV School Development Programme (GVSDP): Under this program, students who are toppers of State/Central boards or rank holders in the VITEEE are eligible for tuition fee waivers ranging from 100% to 25% for up to four years, based on their merit.  
  • STARS (Support the Advancement of Rural Students) Scholarship: The top 10 students from rural government schools, eligible for admission and with a family income of INR 1.5 LPA, receive a 100% fee waiver for their academic and hostel facilities, including basic. 

Frequently Asked Questions about VIT Vellore Scholarship 

Q. Are scholarships available for international students in VIT Vellore? 

Ans. Yes, scholarships are available for international students at VIT Vellore. VIT Vellore offers scholarships in the form of tuition waivers and freeships to both merit-based and economically challenged students. 

Q. How will the scholarship funds be disbursed in VIT Vellore? 

Ans. The scholarship funds at VIT Vellore are disbursed through various scholarships and awards such as GVSDP, Smt. Rajeswari Viswanathan Memorial Scholarship, Endowment Awards, and Government scholarships.