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VIT Vellore Placement: Highest & Average Salary, Trends, Top Companies

  • Vellore, Tamil Nadu
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Saurav Anand

VIT Vellore Placement

As of July 3, 2023, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) Vellore has concluded its placements for the year 2023. The placement process saw the participation of 924 recruiters, and a total of 14,345 offers were made to the students across various courses. These include 4,461 super dream offers, 3,453 dream offers, 624 marque offers, and 6,431 regular offers. 

The highest package that was offered during the 2023 placements at VIT Vellore was INR 1.02 crore per annum, while the average package stood at INR 9.23 LPA. It is noteworthy that TCS emerged as the top recruiter, creating a national record by making 3,719 offers on its own. Other major recruiters included Microsoft, Airbnb, Qualcomm, Adobe, Uber, and Intuit, among others. 

The trend of placements at VIT Vellore has been positive, with the average salary increasing from INR 8.19 LPA in 2022 to INR 9.23 LPA in 2023. This indicates a growing demand for VIT Vellore graduates in the job market and reflects the university's commitment to providing quality education and producing skilled professionals. 

Apart from the regular placements, VIT Vellore also conducts summer internship placements. In the summer internship placement drive, around 912 students were recruited and 118 companies participated. A total of 709 internship offers were made, including 347 super dream internships, 318 dream internships, and 44 regular internships. Additionally, 129 students received Pre-placement offers (PPOs) during the internship placements. 

VIT Vellore offers a variety of programs in different fields. In the life sciences domain, it offers programs such as B.Tech Biotechnology, M.Tech Biotechnology, M.Sc in Applied Microbiology, M.Sc in Biotechnology, M.Sc Biomedical Genetics, M.Sc Biotechnology (5 years Integrated), and M.Sc Food Science and Technology (5 years Integrated). The university also offers an MBA program designed to groom students to become successful business leaders. The curriculum covers various management subjects, and students are provided with ample industry exposure to understand real-world business scenarios. 

In addition to the regular 4-year UG programs, VIT University also offers some 3-year undergraduate programs. These include B.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Fashion Design, and B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration. 

The positive trends in placements and the presence of reputable recruiters indicate that VIT Vellore continues to maintain a strong reputation for producing competent professionals across various fields. 

VIT Vellore Placement record year-wise

The placement record of VIT Vellore for the year is as follows: 

  • Total number of companies visited: 904   
  • Total number of students placed: 14,345  
  • Number of super dream offers: 4,461  
  • Number of dream offers: 3,453  
  • The highest package offered: INR 1.02 crore per annum. 
  • The average package offered: INR 9.23 LPA (Lakh per Annum).  


Here is the placement record of VIT Vellore for the year 2022: 

  • Total number of companies visited: 863   
  • Number of students placed: 7,462   
  • Number of super dream offers: 2,939  
  • Number of dream offers: 2,907  
  • Highest package: INR 1.02 crore per annum   
  • Average package: INR 8.19 LPA (Lakh Per Annum)   

Top Recruiting Companies at VIT Vellore: 

  1. Microsoft 
  2. Amazon 
  3. Deloitte 
  4. KPMG 
  5. Standard Chartered 
  6. Cognizant 
  7. Infosys 
  8. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) 
  9. Bank of America 
  10. Intel 

And many more....

Frequently Asked Questions about VIT Vellore Placement

Q. What is the 2023 placement of the VIT Vellore University? 

Ans. VIT Vellore's placement for the year 2023 concluded with a total of 14,345 offers, which included 4,461 super dream offers, 3,453 dream offers, 624 marque offers, and 6,431 regular offers. The highest package offered at VIT Vellore in 2023 stood at INR 1.02 CPA (Crore Per Annum), and the average package was INR 9.23 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum). A total of 924 recruiters participated in the placement process. 

Q. Can I change my university placement once I have been selected? 

Ans. Once you have been selected for a Placement at VIT Vellore, it is generally not possible to change your placement. Once the placement process is completed and you have accepted an offer from a company, you are expected to honor that commitment. Changing your placement after selection can disrupt the recruitment process and affect the reputation of both the university and the company. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully consider your options and make an informed decision before accepting a placement offer.