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UPES Dehradun Placements : Highest & Average Package, Top Companies

  • Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Private University

Saurav Anand

Salary Package & Top Recruiters for UPES Placements 2022

UPES Dehradun 2022– Candidates who are interested in getting admission to UPES Dehradun should be aware of its placement status. After the university releases information about UPES placement in 2021/2022, we will update the data. If desired, candidates can check the UPES Placement Data for the past year. UPES placements allow applicants to learn about UPES placements, placement trends, the number of candidates applying, and UPES salaries.

UPES Dehradun Placement 2022 Recap: 

  1. UPES Dehradun Placement 2022 highest package offered was INR 50 LPA with more than 3800 students placed in the UPES Placement drive. 
  2. UPES Dehradun Placement also showed up with 100% Placement in in departments including School of Computer Science & School of Health Sciences and Technology

UPES Dehradun is well-known for having a strong and excellent career services department. Its industry connections guarantee that students have enough experience and are quickly incorporated into professional employment upon completion of their studies. The goal of UPES is to create a world-class pool of young and bright professionals who are ready to hit the ground running in their respective disciplines. The learning atmosphere and hands-on approach assist students in forging forward on their chosen professional paths with a positive attitude, the necessary skill set, and practical know-how. The industry-readiness of UPES students has been one of the primary differentiators due to relevant and real world' education and 'on-the-job' experience.

UPES Placements 2022

UPES' placement and career services department has left no stone unturned in providing students with the best opportunities in enhancing their education, careers, and lives. UPES Placements 2022 has witnessed unprecedented placements, with over 3800 recruiter offers totaling a stunning 20+ offers each day! With employment in over 20 industries, the largest compensation awarded this year is INR 50 lakh per year to two students from the School of Computer Science.

  • Some companies including Airbus, Boeing, Deloitte USI, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC, LTI-Larsen & Toubro InfoTech Ltd, Wipro Limited, and many more have made proposals, demonstrating their confidence in UPES.
  • UPES focuses on industry-aligned training, UPES has also cleared the path for unparalleled internship possibilities at Amazon, with a monthly salary of INR 1.5 lakh.
  • So far, UPES offers 63 courses out of a total of 80 that have a 100% placement record. So far, 2480 of the total offers made in 2022 are unique, with many students getting several offers.
YearTotal No. of RecruitersAverage PackageHighest Package LPA: Lakhs Per AnnumPlacement Achieved %Students Placed
2020560+5.25 LPA45 LPA94%2318
2021690+5.70 LPA50 LPA96.07%2570
2022INR 8.37 LPA INR 50.09 LPA100% 

UPES Dehradun Placement 2022 Across Schools

UPES Dehradun Placement: School of Engineering

  1. Number Of Students Placed - 781
  2. Highest Salary - 21.17 Lacs
  3. Average Salary - 5.42 Lacs

UPES Dehradun Placement: School of Design 

  1. Number Of Students Placed - 109
  2. Highest Salary - 15.17 Lacs
  3. Average Salary - 6.53 Lacs

UPES Dehradun Placement: School of CS (Computer Science) 

  1. Number Of Students Placed - 909
  2. Highest Salary - 50.09 Lacs
  3. Average Salary - 8.36 Lacs

UPES Dehradun Placement: School of Business

  1. Number Of Students Placed - 465
  2. Highest Salary - 30.00 Lacs
  3. Average Salary - 6.47 Lacs

UPES Dehradun Placement: School of Law

  1. Number Of Students Placed - 287
  2. Highest Salary - 13
  3. Average Salary - 4.22 Lacs

UPES Dehradun Placement: School of Health Sciences & Tech 

  1. Number Of Students Placed - 19
  2. Highest Salary - 4.76 Lacs
  3. Average Salary - 3.25 Lacs

UPES Dehradun Placement Highest & Average Salary Package, Top Companies

UPES School of Business Placement 2021: Key Highlights

  • 92% of the 2019-21 batch has been placed.
  • The highest salary at UPES Dehradun Placement is Rs.27 Lakhs per annum.
  • The average UPES Dehradun placement salary is 7.78 lakhs per annum.
  • Among the top recruiters are Nestle India, ITC Ltd, Decathlon Sport India, Amazon, Accenture, Hilti India, Mount Meru, Deloitte, ICF Consulting, TCS, Infosys, and Intech.

UPES Dehradun

In the 2021 placement drive, more than 3,000 students were placed in various MNCs. More than 27 LPA were placed with six students in the UPES Dehradun campus recruitment drive, and students from the School of Engineering and School of Computer Science were shortlisted.

  • There was a 29% increase in UPES Dehradun Placement in 2021 when compared to 2020
  • Both the Engineering and Computer Science schools offered a 100% placement rate at UPES Dehradun
  • A 43% increase in recruiters was recorded in 2021 compared to the previous year

People Also Ask

Q. Does UPES offer good placements?

Ans. To date, 2,311 placements and 2,844 offers have been made from top-notch companies for the year 2019-2020. A leading gaming company in the Netherlands has so far offered us the highest compensation package of INR 45 LPA.

Q. Is UPES worth the money?

Ans. The global exposure at UPES is the best part that adds more value to academics and experience at UPES, making it the perfect example of value for money in the education sector.

Q. Can I get direct admission in UPES?

Ans. The UPES Admission will be provided to candidates who meet the UPESEAT 2021 eligibility criteria. According to the admission authority, 80% of the seats are reserved for admission through UPESEAT 2021, while 20% are reserved for admission through JEE Main or Board merit (Direct Admission).

Q. Which among these colleges will be a better option to pursue law, UPES Dehradun or NMIMS Mumbai?

Ans. In addition to being one of the best law schools in the country, UPES has a broad Law program that gives students an advantage when it comes to learning real law. Having a friend who studied there may be able to help you. For a better understanding of how lawyers should argue in court, UPES Dehradun holds regular moot court competitions. Participants are rewarded accordingly. Besides providing knowledge, it's also enjoyable and contributes to the overall healthy development of the student's personality. The placement rate at UPES is also high, making it one of the best schools in the country for students. You should definitely apply. UPES Dehradun NMIMS Mumbai Course Fee 17.95 lakh 5-10 lakh Highest CTC 12 LPA 16 LPA Average CTC 4 LPA 6 LPA Everything about the instructors, the infrastructure, and the placement prospects are excellent at UPES Dehradun.

Q. What is the highest package of UPES?

Ans. 45 LPA at INR

Over 2318 students were placed by 560+ companies during the institute’s 2019-2020 placement drive, resulting in an overall placement record of 94%.

Report on UPES Dehradun Placements 2020

ParticularsPlacement Statistics
No. of Students Placed2318
Highest CTCINR. 45 LPA (B.Tech)
Average CTCINR. 5.25 LPA

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies [UPES] Dehradun Reviews

Review 1. Maximum 95 percent students are placed.

UPES Placements:- UPES Dehradun placements has an average of 92% percent placements every year. The highest package offered for UPES students is 45 LPA. The average package is 4 LPA from the last two years.

UPES Infrastructure:- UPES college is located amidst lush green mountains which give a good vibe about being there. UPES Dehradun has all facilities like wifi, a library, labs, a hostel, four meals a day, sports, etc.

UPES Faculty:- UPES faculty is good and they are available 24/7 if we want to clear our doubts. A maximum of UPES faculty are PhD graduates and are good at teaching the subjects.

John Doe Codetic

Review 2. I am satisfied with teachers, good placements in 2020, good infrastructure and facilities.

UPES Placements:- UPES Dehradun has 95% placements with the highest package 45 LPA. The avg package is 5.25 LPA. We can participate in placements if we have requirements according to the companies. Many people are being placed in big MNCs like Wipro.

UPES Infrastructure:- UPES college is located far away from the main city on 50 acres of land and has all facilities like wifi, a library, labs, a walk-in store, a salon, food stalls, sports, etc. 

UPES Faculty:-  UPES faculty are good and teach subjects in an understandable way. They also help students with doubts and are available at any time. Most faculty have published research papers in various magazines.

Review 3. Satisfied with the college infrastructure and facilities.

UPES Placements:- 70% of students got placed. The highest package offered is 7 LPA, and the lowest package is 2 LPA. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is the top recruiter. 100% of students got internships in NGOs. Flight engineer roles are offered. The college provides good placement opportunities, but you need to work hard for it. The university is supportive and helpful.

UPES Infrastructure:- Boys and Girls have separate hostels and hostels are located in two locations. We can select hostels(girls only) according to our choices. Most of the hostels are three-equipped. The hostels have with or without attached washrooms. The fee will be different for both and we can get air-conditioned rooms with a 2LPA fee. The security deposit is 10k.

UPES Faculty:- Half of the UPES faculty is good and the remaining half is average. some of the faculty are low than below-average students but they can manage. Most of the faculty may show off but don’t have a subject at all. the labs are also avg when compared to the fee we pay for our studies.

Review 4. It has the best facilities, a good placement record, and helpful faculty members.

UPES Placements:-UPES Dehradun has a good placement record. The highest package offered to UPES students is 45 LPA. Avg package offered to UPES students is 4.5 LPA. You can’t really get job unless u are above average and don’t have any backlogs. UPES infrastructure is good but the buildings are a little congested. There would be nearly no shops and we would get all get in the nearby market area. UPES hostels are goodput not as good according to the fees. UPES Dehradun btech costs 13.5-16.5 LPA. The MSc and BSC would cost around 3-4 LPA. I think it was a little pricy. 

UPES Infrastructure:- UPES Dehradun has skill labs like oracle, Python, SAP, to increase our opportunities for securing jobs. The faculty also encourages students who want to publish their journals in magazines under their guidance. Most of the faculty have done their PhD program.

UPES Faculty:-  The faculty members here are well-skilled, experienced, and very helpful. You can ask for help at any time, no matter what the problem is. They will surely guide you and help you to solve the problem easily. They conduct lots of exams and assessment tests for the benefit of students.

Review 5. Absolutely satisfied because of faculty and good placements every year.

UPES Placements:-According to the placement records, around 94%-95% of the students got placed from our college. The highest salary package offered here is 36 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is 5 LPA. Many companies like Microsoft, Google, etc., visit here for placements. The maximum number of students got internships in good companies. In summer breaks also, students are allowed to join social internships in 1st year.

UPES Infrastructure:-The infrastructure is very good here. There are separate labs for all the courses, and they are well-equipped. You will gain practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The hostel facility is amazing. You have two choices in campus hostels as well as there are a lot of hostels outside the campus with much better facilities than college hostels.

UPES Faculty:-  The teachers are very helpful throughout the sessions, and the teaching quality is average. The course curriculum is relevant, and it will make you ready for the industry. The papers are average, and you need to study to get good marks. The pass percentage is aver

Review 6. The infrastructure of our college is good.

UPES Placements:-According to me, about 70% of students were placed in my course. The highest package is 43 Lakh and the average package is 7.95 Lakh. Top recruiting companies for my course are Shell, Halliburton, Infosys, Reliance, etc. 90% of students got internships from my course in ONGC and many other companies. The top roles offered in our course is reservoir engineer, drilling engineer, and production engineer.

UPES Infrastructure:-Our college has a great infrastructure and is situated in the beautiful mountains of Dehradun. It has a beautiful building and campus. Best facilities are available on the campus for students. A high-speed Wi-Fi facility is available. There are well-maintained labs and a library for students. There are the best sports facilities, a huge playground, and delicious food.

UPES Faculty:-  There are the best, most helpful, and highly qualified faculty members. They have extremely good teaching quality. The course curriculum is awesome, and it has interesting subjects to learn, which will be helpful in the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience adjust to new inputs and perform tasks like a human.

Review 7.

UPES Placements:-The top role offered here was a product manager, and it was provided by Amazon. In 2020, the highest salary package offered in School of Computer Science was 45 LPA. There are very good placements in the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. I will give a very good rating to placements here.

UPES Infrastructure:-The infrastructure of our college is very good. Wi-Fi is available in all the classrooms of the college, and its speed is very good. All the classrooms are air-conditioned and also have heaters. The library is huge and provides an ocean of books for students. The canteen is pretty huge and provides all the variety of food. The hostel is also very nice.

UPES Faculty:-  The teachers are very helpful and try to help in every possible way. The quality of teaching is very good. The teachers are well qualified in their respective subjects and are knowledgeable. They helped us during online classes also. The curriculum is very relevant for the further studies of the students.

Review 8. The college has absolutely lovely environment, good placements and enjoyable campus.

UPES Placements:-I am in 2nd year, and I have heard from my teachers that the graphics and gaming students have 100% placements almost every year. We have very less strength, so getting placement will be easy. It depends on your capability of getting a higher package as you can get up to 10-18 LPA.

UPES Infrastructure:-You will get a sharing room with 2 other students. There is unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi. For laundry, you have to pay separately, as there isn't free laundry. The quality of food is good compared to other hostels. Medical facilities are available on the campus, so you can go there anytime in case of an emergency. The college provides us with a medical card which is useful.

UPES Faculty:-  The teachers are highly knowledgeable. You can get some good teachers who can support you when you are depressed, and you can talk to them. The teaching quality always depends on the teaching techniques of the teachers. 

Review 9. It is a beautiful campus with a very soothing scenic view.

UPES Placements:- UPES Dehradun has good score in placing students in big companies like Wipro, nestle, google, Haldiram, etc. the avg package offered is 4.75 LPA and highest package of all time is 45 LPA.

UPES Infrastructure:-  UPES campus has many facilities like library, labs, sports, hostel, etc. the labs are well equipped with skill development techniques. there are separate hostels for both boys and girls in two locations and most of the rooms are three equipped. The average fee id 1.2 LPA and with 10k security deposit. The fee includes with mess fee and meals are provided four times a

UPES Faculty:-  Teachers are really helpful here. The curriculum is relevant, and it makes students ready for the industry. All exams are tough if we don't study, so after studying, we can solve any problem. So, it varies from student to student. But papers are of the average type here.

Review 10.

UPES Placements:-The highest salary package offered here is 44 LPA, and the average salary package offered is around 4 LPA-5 LPA. About 99% of the students got recruitment in our college. All kinds of roles were offered in every course. In every course, various specializations are offered to every student studying in the college. There are top recruiting companies for every course.

UPES Infrastructure:- UPES labs are well equipped with the best machinery and are always up to date. The teachers also encourage children who want to publish their journal papers under their guidance. The campus life is very vibrant with events clubs and sports. The faculty are excellent and some of them did their phd from IITs.

UPES Faculty:-  Very helpful and educated faculty members are available. Their teaching quality is good. They are good and provide a motivating environment for students. Semester exams are okay, but focus on internal examination equally, otherwise you might lose a lot of marks.

UPES Placement 2022/2021 Highlights

Campus placements in 2021 resulted in more than 800 students receiving multiple job offers. UPES Dehradun placements 2021 highlights include:

Highest SalaryINR 27 LPA
No. of placements3,000+
No. of students with multiple offers800+
No. of recruiters499
Placement percentage (BTech)100%
Top recruitersDeloitte USI, L&T Infotech, Wipro Ltd, Accenture and Mount Meru, among others

UPES Dehradun Placement Trends: 2020 Vs 2021

Below is a comparison of the placement trends for the last two years:

Students Placed425+
Highest SalaryINR 29 LPA
Students Placed97%

UPES Dehradun Placement 2019

Interested candidates can also view the UPES 2019 placement statistics. UPES placement 2019 includes important details such as placement percentage, students who opted for placements, students placed, total recruiters, the highest and average package offered.

UPES 2019 Placement

Placement percentage94%
Opted for placements2,361
Students placed2223
Highest package23 LPA
Average package4.35 LPA

UPES Dehradun Internship & Placement 2022/2021

UPES placements 2021 have been started under all programs at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. In addition to placements, it also offers summer internships. Over 800 students received multiple job offers during campus placements in 2021. UPES Dehradun placements 2021 offers the following highlights: All UPES graduates and postgraduates are required to take up an internship for at least 8 weeks and up to 6 months. The Career Service Team and faculty from the respective domains play a crucial role in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to do an internship for the corporate experience. Sectors in which internships were available include:

AviationPowerBusiness Analytics
Oil and GasLogistics & Supply ChainTransportation
ParticularsStatistics (2021)
Highest SalaryINR 27 LPA
No. of placements3,000+
No. of students with multiple offers800+
No. of recruiters499
Placement percentage (BTech)100%
Top recruitersDeloitte USI, L&T Infotech, Wipro Ltd, Accenture and Mount Meru, among others

UPES International Placement offers

Students who are eager to learn about the placement trends in UPES from the past few years can take a look. The tabular representation of UPES placements shows the total number of students who were placed out of the total eligible students.

UPES Course-wise Placements 2022

Which department bagged the highest salary package at UPES Dehradun?

The department of CSE bagged the highest CTC worth INR. 45 LPA, which was offered by a leading gaming company in the Netherlands.

School of Engineering

The UPES B.Tech placements grabbed the highest package offered of INR 17 LPA and 97% of the students being placed in 2020. The key highlights of UPES placements 2021 for its School of Engineering are mentioned below.

No. of Students Placed700+
Students Placed100%

School of Design

UPES 2020, School of Design placement details are provided in the table below.

Highest Salary OfferedINR 7.5 LPA
Average Salary OfferedINR 6.3 LPA
Students Placed100%

School of Computer Science

The computer science placements at UPES Dehradun were 100% in 2021 and 2020. UPES’s School of Computer Science placement details can be found in the tables below.

No. of Students Placed800+
Percentage of Students Placed100%
Total No. of Recruiters180+
No. of Students Placed833
Highest Salary Offered (in INR)45 LPA
Average Salary Offered (in INR)5.36 LPA
Percentage of Students Placed100%
Total No. of Recruiters190+

School of Business

UPES Dehradun MBA packages averaged INR 5.2 LPA. Below you will find the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies MBA placements for 2021.

Students Placed425+
Highest SalaryINR 29 LPA
Students Placed97%

School of Law

The following table provides details about placement in UPES 2020 for the School of Law.

Students Placed200+
Highest Salary OfferedINR 15 LPA
Average Salary OfferedINR 4.79 LPA
Students Placed74%
The following table summarizes the placement statistics for the last five years:
Total Recruiters560+500+445+325+310+
Highest PackageINR 45 LPAINR 23 LPAINR 17.81 LPAINR 29.76 LPAINR 15 LPA
Average PackageINR 5.25 LPAINR 4.35 LPAINR 4.12 LPAINR 4.20 LPAINR 3.87 LPA
No. of Students Placed23182223180714671258
Students Placed94%94%94%92%91%

UPES Placements 2022/2021

Placements & Recruiters:

  1. INR 45 LPA – highest package in 2020.
  2. 3000+ students already placed for 2022.
  3. 100% Placement in Computer Science & Engineering

UPES Dehradun Alumni Placements

UPES Top Recruiters 2022 & 2019-20

Over 2300 recruiters attended the UPES placement event for 2019-20. The top recruiters participating in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun placements are listed below.

AccentureCaterpillarRoyal Enfield
Amarchand MangaldasAirbusAdobe
AmazonAshok LeylandCRISIL
Blue StarBoston AnalyticsCairn
CommvaultAdani GroupCapgemini
Bajaj AutoCummins India LtdDB Schenker
DelphiDeloitteDell India
DensoDHLDr Reddy's
EYExxon MobilEscorts

UPES Placements 2018 - Some of the Top Recruiters

UPES Placements 2018 – Some of the Top Recruiters

AccentureIBMDell R&D
GATI KWEAmazonAditya Birla
MarutiFlipkartGeneral Motors
Vodafone IndiaHonda CarsDenso
Royal EnfieldBombardier CapgeminiCarbon Black
UPES Placement Trends over the past few years

UPES Dehradun has rendered the highest package ever at INR 45 LPA. Below are the placement packages for UPES Dehradun in the last five years.

UPES Placement Highest PackageINR 45 LPAINR 23 LPAINR 17.81 LPAINR 29.76 LPAINR 15 LPA
UPES Placement Average PackageINR 5.25 LPAINR 4.35 LPAINR 4.12 LPAINR 4.2 LPAINR 3.87 LPA

UPES Dehradun Placements 2022

UPES Dehradun 2022/2021 has a robust and successful UPES Dehradun Placement 2022/2021. UPES College Dehradun and its collaborations with industry guarantee that students get sufficient experience and are organically and quickly integrated into professional positions upon completion of their studies. 

UPES Dehradun aims to produce an elite pool of young and bright individuals prepared to enter their respective professions immediately after graduation. Because UPES University Dehradun Students possess a good attitude, an appropriate skill set, and practical knowledge, students who succeed in their chosen careers benefit from the learning environment and practical hands-on approach. The industry-readiness of UPES students has been one of the most important differentiators in obtaining UPES Dehradun placements Drive 2022 in reputable organizations, thanks to their relevant and real-world’ education and ‘on the job’ exposure, among other factors.

With its successful UPES Dehradun Placement program (UPES Placement), the career services department at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES Dehradun) is thriving. Students are exposed to a range of industries through the school’s partnerships with UPES Dehradun Placement, which enable them to get naturally and quickly incorporated into professional positions upon graduation. Our vision at UPES Dehradun Placement Drive UPES Dehradun Placement is to develop young, talented professionals who are ready to take charge of their fields as soon as they graduate. Through the hands-on approach and supportive atmosphere at UPES Dehradun and UPES Dehradun Placement Drive (UPES Placement), students find success in building the right set of skills, developing the right attitude, and gaining practical experience (UPES Dehradun Placement). The industry-readiness of UPES Dehradun students at UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) has been a key differentiator due to the quality and relevance of their education and on-the-job exposure.

UPES Dehradun Placement 2022 data is yet to be released: Here is the UPESPlacements 2021

UPES Dehradun has always strived to provide world-class, forward-looking education for students with an industry focus. UPES Dehradun Placement Drive (UPES Placement) has turned crisis into opportunities and emerged triumphantly because of our philosophy. at UPES Dehradun Placement Drive (UPES Placement) over 2,000 students have already received over 2,650 offers for UPES Dehradun Placement season (UPES Placement) in 2021 is a testament to our ethos. UPES Dehradun placement  (UPES Placement) has Top recruiters who hired a record number of students during the first weeks of UPES Dehradun Placement season (UPES Placement), including Deloitte USI, Larsen & Toubro InfoTech Ltd, Wipro, ESRI, Accenture, ICF International, and GEP Worldwide, among others (UPES Placement).  

  • UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement): Six students from the School of Business were also placed internationally at the Mount Meru Group, with an annual salary package worth 27 Lacs (UPES Placement).
  • For UPES Dehradun B.Tech programs, the UPES Placement rate is 100%.

UPES Dehradun Placements for 2019-2020

  • The UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) process ended on a positive note with 2,311 UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) offers in 2019-2020 and 2844 UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) offers to date.
  • The Netherlands-based gaming company has offered a high UPES Dehradun Placement package (UPES Placement) to a B. Tech student in Computer Science at UPES Dehradun. UPES Placement highest Package is INR 45 LPs. UPES Dehradun is delighted to announce that our Computer Science students have each landed an INR 30 lakh placement package (UPES Placement).
  • UPES Dehradun School of Design and UPES Dehradun School of Computer Science, respectively, closed 100 % UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) in record time, with respective CTCs of 6.30 and 5.36 LPA (UPES Placement).

UPES Dehradun Placement

There is a placement cell (UPES Placement) at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES Dehradun) that provides training for students for successful placements. UPES Dehradun builds strong leaders through consistently growing placements. 

(UPES Placement) UPES Dehradun Placement Office of Career Services works closely with the industry to develop and support UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) and internships. In 2021, 

Over 2,650 offers were made to students through the UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement). UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) was 100 % in B.Tech programs at UPES Dehradun, however in 2020, 94% of students were placed at UPES Dehradun Placement Drive (UPES Placement).

UPES Dehradun Placements 2021 Report

During the UPES Dehradun Placement drive of 2021 (UPES Placement), more than 2100 students received more than 2800 offers from 500+ companies.

At the UPES Dehradun Placement drive (UPES Placement) in 2021, the highest CTC was INR 45 LPA.

Wipro, LTI, Deloitte, ESRI, Accenture, among others, are some of the top recruiters at UPES Dehradun Placement.

UPES Dehradun Placements 2020 Report

Five of the disciplines that UPES Dehradun Placement (UPES Placement) offers are engineering, design, business, computer science, and law.

The 2019-2020 UPES Dehradun Placement drive (UPES Placement) saw 2318 students get placed under 560+ companies with an overall placement record of 94%

The Highest placement package worth INR. 45 LPA was offered by a leading gaming company in Netherlands. The package was bagged by a B.Tech. CSE student. Furthermore, three other students, also from the School of Computer Science, landed a package of INR. 30 LPA.

The Average Placement Package stood at INR. 5.25 LPA. The School of Design and the School of Computer Science concluded their placement drive with a 100 % placement record, with an average CTC of INR 6.30 and 5.36 LPA, respectively.

Some of the top recruiters who participated in the 2020 placement drive were- Genpact, HCL, Honeywell, Jindal Steel & Power, Maruti Suzuki, TATA Power, CISCO, HP, IBM, and etc.

UPES Dehradun Placements 2020 Course-wise

UPES has registered almost 3101 total students to appear for placement interviews in the year 2019-2020. Almost 2318 got placed under different recruiters. The institute achieved a 94% placement record. The following tabulation is represented the school-wise placement statistics: [UPES Dehradun Placement 2022 is not be available until later]

UPES Dehradun Placements 2020 Recruiters Profile

Let’s take a look at the companies visiting the UPES Dehradun for all the schools. These are the names of top recruiters of the college.

UPES Dehradun Summer Internship 2020

Every graduate and post-graduate student should participate in a summer internship. In summer internships, the minimum session time is 6 weeks and the maximum is 8 weeks. 

2150 students got internship opportunities at different sectors of the industry during the 2020 Summer Placement Drive, including Aviation, Power, Business Analytics, Design, Infrastructure, and Transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How good are UPES Dehradun placements?

Ans. The UPES Dehradun offers placements and six-month internships through an active training and placement cell. In 2021, 100% of UPES students were placed on campus in two of the schools.

Q. How many students received PPOs during UPES Dehradun placements 2021?

Ans. During the 2021 placement drive, more than 1,400 students received PPOs and were placed for the year 2022.

Q. What was the highest package offered during UPES Dehradun placements 2021?

Ans. During UPES Dehradun placements 2021, six students were placed with packages of INR 27 LPA, while the highest package offered at UPES Dehradun placements 2020 was INR 45 LPA.

Q. How many students were selected during UPES Dehradun placements 2021?

Ans. UPES Dehradun placements 2021 drive selected more than 3,000 students, of whom more than 800 received more than one job offer.

Q. What was the highest package offered by the UPES Dehradun School of Engineering?

Ans. During the 2020 placement drive, the School of Engineering offered a CTC of INR 17 LPA.

Q. What are the top recruiters at UPES Dehradun?

Ans. The top recruiting companies among the 499 recruiters that participated in the 2021 placements drive included ICF International, GEP Worldwide, Bosch, NYK and Nestle Group, among others.